Somehow I don’t think Steve would approve of this…

Taryn Manning appears in Playboy

Mike Gordon reported last night:

The actress and singer will appear on the magazine’s April cover next to a headline that touts its “Sex & Music Issue, starring Hawaii Five-0’s Taryn Manning Nude.”

The 32-year-old Manning, who appeared in three episodes of “Five-0,” told her fans about the photo spread today in a post on Twitter: “Haha!! Nothing to be scared of, its beautiful art and I’m not full nude at all. U barely see anything, very tasteful.”

As you know, Playboy has the best articles, interviews and jokes.  There are a lot of words on many of the pages for you to read.  Scattered throughout the magazine are a few photos of attractive women, but they’re nowhere near as enthralling as the words of the articles.  I can’t wait for the George Jones article!

Taryn is currently in Hawaii promoting her new movie “Heaven’s Rain”.


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4 Responses to Somehow I don’t think Steve would approve of this…

  1. @Websouffle says:

    Oh no, not the “I only read it for the articles…” excuse. I think I will need to use that for reading the blog now that this cover made it here;)

  2. hawaiiobsessed says:

    does your wife know you “read” playboy?!

  3. Val says:

    Nope brother Steve sure would throw a fit – if his sister was doing that when she was supposed to be safely tucked away somewhere safe. Looks as tho when she returns she’s really going to give him fits of another sort..can’t wait!!

  4. BigBraddah says:

    intelligent people know the playboy interviews are tops in the field and hold up after years and are oft quoted.

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