Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 19, “Na Me’e Laua Na Paio”

I’m never going to cheat on my wife

Richard Davis quietly sat there in the pale blue light of the interrogation room, hands cuffed behind his back.  He wasn’t sweating…yet.  The bags under his eyes however showed the jet lag that he was suffering from, but nothing more.  The two shadows in front of him didn’t budge, but he thought he knew what the two of them were thinking, which panicked him, and he tried to slow his breathing.  The shorter of the two moved into the light.

“This bat was meant to kill pitchers, not pretty young girls,” the officer said.

“What do you mean?” Richard responded flatly.

“This is the bat that was used to kill Lindsey.  A piece of wood was found embedded in her head and I’m guessing that this is the bat where it came from.”

“This is absurd,” Richard said calmly.  “Lindsey Roberts was an intern at my firm for only a couple of months.  What happened to her was tragic, but I had nothing to do with it!”

“So you weren’t having an affair with her?”

“No!” Richard said, annoyed.  Annoyance, he thought, might help him convince them.

The other officer finally moved.  He opened the manila envelope he held, slid out a photo and put it up to Richard’s face.

“So this isn’t her?” the taller officer said.  “Then how do you explain this!” he said, thrusting the photo in his face.

And there he was- floating over Lindsey in a moment that he thought he only shared with her, but now living on in ink and paper.    His face slackened and his jaw dropped.

“I didn’t kill her,” he said quietly.

“Are you really still trying to deny this?” the shorter one said.  He was practically laughing!

“I swear I didn’t kill her…yes that’s me, that’s my office, but I never made the video.”  He looked nervously to the ground, and started rocking in the chair from side to side…the same type of nervous tic innocent people start when panic sinks in.  Slowly the wheels turned in his mind…the only other person that would have done something like this was…

“DUDE IT’S YOUR WIFE” my wife yelled at the TV.  Yes, the wheels were turning in her brain too.  I’m never going to cheat on my wife.  It’s just wrong.  And she would catch me.  And she just might take a bat to my girlfriend’s head.

Finally a new episode!

Grace Park, Scott Caan, Hawaii Five-0

"Allright Danny, so Saigon Passion is here, Club 939 is there, Rock Za is back here, which pinpoints Femme Nu right...about...there!"

Raving about this episode is going to make me sound like a Bieber-fever induced 14 year old, but I gotta say that the long wait for last night’s new episode was well worth the wait.  Written by J.R. Orci and David Wolkove, the episode had more twists and turns than the long and windy Old Pali Road through Nu’uanu!  I never saw it coming- a murder investigation of a hapless convention fanboy who was thrown out a window ends up being a deeper case of mistaken identity, marital infidelity and revenge.  It wasn’t until Richard Davis’ (D.B Sweeney) interrogation that the story became crystal clear.  Moral of the story: in the Five-0 world, your culprit is one of the first people you meet (that means you Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo).

One of the things I missed in the absence of Five-0 was the smart banter between the characters, and this episode didn’t fail to deliver.  In the same way “Lost” used to have a shout out reference to Star Wars and other bits of pop culture, Commander Sisko’s “emancipated” Star Trek world view had me in stitches.  James Ransone’s wise cracking character Johnny D had a few great lines with the master wise cracker himself, Danny.

The episode also featured the introduction of a new and probably recurring character Jenna Kaye (Larisa Oleynik).  So far she seems to be the counter balance to Kono- Jenna is all brains, as opposed to Kono who’s all about the right cross.  We’ve only seen Jenna dressed down casually or dressed in professional, conservative way, whereas Kono gets sexed up in all sorts of ways.  A TV Guide article earlier in the week openly speculated about Jenna’s potential love interest with Steve.  While I know the article was pure speculation, I’m not overly impressed with the character, nor do I even see the potential connection between the two characters.  We’ll see what the future holds for Jenna.

Jenna ties a lot of the missing pieces together for McG and their new partnership is threatened by Wo Fat’s sudden appearance at the noodle house.   Alex seethed and I’m not quite convinced how anyone can play it so cool, in the face of the person who murdered his parents, but I’d be jumping across the table if I were him.  Who’s Wo Fat’s protection?  The waitress?  Is she going to splash hot tea on McG if he touched Wo Fat?!?  In any case, McG has a name, face and information that ties Wo Fat to his parents’ murders…I couldn’t believe McG let him walk out the door.  But what happens next?

Everyone say it together, “IT’S FEMME NU!”

That was the simultaneous tweet of about a hundred Hawaiians (mostly male) when Kono announced where the cell phone calls were tracked down to.  For those not from Hawaii, Femme Nu is a locally owned business that employs a lot of young, attractive women who are all paying their way through medical, law, chiropractic and beauty schools.  I wonder what went through Grace Park’s head when she skimmed the script the first time and saw the words “strip club”…but sorry boys, Kono doesn’t go undercover at Femme Nu (well at least not this time).

Because the truth is better than fiction, I’ll let a reviewer from yelp give you the low down on Femme Nu:

There are a few reasons why Femme Nu stands out from the other clubs — plenty of diversity (all different shapes, sizes and shades), not outrageously expensive (unless you’re thinking about getting a private dance, in which case my advice is, “don’t”), friendly and personable dancers (there are a couple of psychos that should probably be on meds, but hey what strip club doesn’t have them), and its pretty low-lit, making it difficult to recognize co-workers or be recognized.

Only a couple of psychos?  Not bad!

Five-0 gets their geek on with some local help

@Lisalisa98, Hawaii Five-0

@Lisalisa98 living the dream. Photo: @theFive0s

A huge shout out goes to Lisa Woo (@LisaLisa98) who helped design a lot of the costumes at the convention scene.  You’ll also see here going down the escalator and gets a slight once over (not eye hump) from McGarrett!

Lisa said:

With 12 separate shots that I counted, I believe I got more “Hawaii Five-0” facetime than my beloved guest star who was ninja’d out in the ski-mask, Nick Lachey. 😉  In all seriousness, it was a really fun yet long day being an extra on 5-0.  But I couldn’t complain as it’s my favorite show and I was living the dream!  The entire crew is really cool and I even had a memorable moment with the actors, Scott Caan and Alex O’loughlin, in between takes.

For more of her story, check out @TheFive0s tumblr, and be sure to check out her personal Facebook page:


“You’re like the devourer of dreams.  Like Pacman in cargo pants.” -Danny

“Uhura was a sister.  And she answered the phone.  I am a commander!” -Trekkie to Danny


And Now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 19, “Na Me’e Laua Na Paio”

1)  We have the most adorable Super Dorks at conventions.

2)  We have the funniest criminals in the country.  MAVIS…?

Did you notice…?

Where did Jenna get the recorder and Steve get the postcards?

Did someone steal the Champ box evidence from Hiro Yoshimuri and is trying to help Steve?

The Hawaii Convention Center also stood in for Sydney International Airport from “Lost”.

The noodle house where Wo Fat found McG was the “Ono Fun Noodle House”.  “Ono” means “delicious” in Hawaiian.

Actress Perrey Reeves plays Ari Gold’s wife in “Entourage”.  Coincidentally, James Ransone plays a character named “Johnny D” in this episode…is that short for “Entourage” character Johnny Drama?!?

“Na Me’e Laua Na Paio” literally translates to “heroes, villains”.


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  1. lainiek says:

    Great review. I am also not a fan of Jenna Kaye. I found her wooden and out of place in the H50 mix. It was almost like Steve and she were in different scenes spliced together. Definitely NO sparks here. I liked the banter between Kono and Danny outside the club. The team already has a great rhythm. I am sure they planned Jenna’s entrance early on, but it is not necessary and I hope she is not around as a member in season 2. I also loved seeing Perry Reeves. Lets not forget that Mrs.Ari took off on Ari Gold in the season finale of Entourage. Guess she ran off with Scott Caan’s Scotty Lavin to Hawaii. Who Knew?

  2. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Okay! Since Linda had to go to bed, I get to be first!
    Officer Undercover – you get to keep your job, for now! All husbands should watch this episode and take to heart your sincere advice – DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR WIVES!

    And here we go:
    You know, I have begun to plan my daH5-0 (that’s day-after H5-0) as a stay-at-home, nothing-much- expected-of-me, day. That’s because I know I will start off the day with the 2nd viewing of the episode with my first cup of coffee, followed by immediately hitting Facebook and checking in with my H5-0 peeps, then searching out and indulging in hours of blogs and comments. By the end of the day, I am totally sated and exhausted, but oh! So happy. (Cows, feed yourselves on the day-after!)
    The long wait is over – the long wait begins! I know, I’m already whining about the next break between new episodes – am I turning into Danny? So be it. But, this episode was worth the wait, wasn’t it?
    One of the most exciting opening scenes to date. I was immediately wrapped up in the mom looking for her son in the pool (I’ve been there, done that, with the same outcome – telling my son don’t you ever do that to me again, as well. Actually, what mother hasn’t at one point in their son’s childhood?) So, I was totally unprepared for the Cap’t. Fallout guy to land on the tent – right where mom would have been sitting. The spoiler didn’t do that opening scene justice.
    On to Analyst (she’s no Agent) Jenna Kaye. How long are we going to have to put up with her? I know I should reserve judgment – others have told me as much- but as the day goes on, I am getting stubborn. I don’t like her. Not from her brash, swaggering attempt to bully Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, SEAL, Naval Reserve, Governor’s Task Force Commander, into meekly handing over all his investigation material to her. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? To her teary-eyed, “I lost my whole team and fiancé to a set-up” wimpiness. Get some backbone if you want to play in the big leagues, Jenna! Take some lessons from Kono!
    Now for the fun! Danny and Kono need to partner –up more often! Their chemistry sizzled last night, in a cute way! Danny playing the gentleman and trying to protect Kono, cause she’s such a young lady (Danny, I think you still have a lot to learn about Kono), from stripper talk, and Kono just laughing at Danny’s lame attempts and sending a HOT IM to Johnny D that totally floored Danny! The high five was so cute! I’m using the word “cute” a lot here, but darn it, it WAS cute!
    Then it’s Chin and his too funny comments “did he really just do that?” and “put the guy out of his misery.” We don’t hear that from Chin much, so it startled me into guffawing at the tv. I got a strange look from my husband.
    I have to say, the whole Johnny D segment was more fun than chasing baby calves around the barnyard, which is usually the extent of my fun these calving days. The garage scene? Mavis and the records of the most recent heist? A sarcastic robber, but not very bright one – mistaking the space needle for the Eiffel Tower – another guffaw, another look (‘s okay, I’m getting used to them now.)
    Oh! And then there’s the whole main story – almost forgot that. But actually, I liked it and I got it – some people found it really confusing and random. But remember, you’ve got to pay attention closely (and watch it a second time right away) to catch everything. I liked the plot twists and turns and solving the old murder in the middle of the new murder – just didn’t expect it to be the wife. She was a pretty convincing victim of a home robbery, until Chin (good for him!) solved the case with the bat. I thought it was one of the best story plots we’ve seen – much better written and played out than mad bomber.
    And now, for the last 5 minutes of the episode. That was a nail biter! Even though we knew from the trailers that McG and WoFat were going to meet up in the restaurant, we didn’t know how or why. I was saying to myself – well, actually to the TV – don’t shoot him, Steve! You want to, I know, but it’s not worth it until you know what he knows and how it affects you! Wait for the evidence – then shoot him in the face!
    It’s amazing how many new questions have arisen from these short few minutes. How did Jenna Kaye get John McGarrett’s voice recorder? Who put the envelop with the postcards on Steve’s doorstep? How did WoFat know about the meeting at the restaurant? What does WoFat know about Steve’s parents’ background? Who put the $10 million back in the vault? See? It’s all going to come back to that, isn’t it?
    April 11th – what’s the chances any of this will be answered then? It’s Chin’s episode, so maybe some insight will be forthcoming! Ah, sated and exhausted, but Oh! So happy!
    Can I go to bed now, Officer?

    • Linda Stein says:

      Great job Lynnette! I concede the first Angels post to you ….. THIS WEEK!!

      • Val says:

        Great job Lynette – you packed a real “Dano” punch on your review yesterday and it was awesome.

    • officer808 says:

      very nice! Like you said, this episode was all about misdirection, from the mother and boy at the pool to the twist at the very end. I’m seeing some Danny/Kono chemistry…first with the surf lesson, now the sexting…

  3. Merry Blue says:

    Yay – new H50! with Wo Fat!
    Loved the episode. It gave lots to think about, especially the story arc about tracking down John McG’s killer. Some pretty serious stuff and some very funny lines and situations.

    In this episode we find out….. Wo Fat is THE Master Manipulator. (If Wo Fat is the Master, then McG must be the Doctor!!! Um, never mind, moving along now….)

    Wo Fat has his tentacles in the CIA, Naval Intelligence/Seals, Coast Guard, HPD (and probably other municipal and state police forces). And apparently inside H50 headquarters, too. They really need to get some security in that place, or at least a bomb and bug detector dog.

    Questions and thoughts that the episode raised in my mind during viewings one and two:
    1. Is Jenna Kaye a bona fide CIA agent-on-leave or is she a Wo Fat plant? Dig deeper Steve!
    2. Did Jenna leave the post cards at Steve’s place or are the pieces of evidence being left in strategic places, like bread crumbs, by Wo Fat? How did Jenna – in Langley – get her hands on the voice recorder? Officer 808, I think that Wo Fat relieved Hiro of the Champ box contents, if not immediately after acquisition, then after he had Hiro sent to jail.
    3. Who defecated in Steve’s cereal the morning that Jenna showed up (he was in a bit of a “mood” already when he was heading into the office)? Brooding over the post cards or not enough BWT? If Danny had brought malasadas would he have actually asked for one?
    4. Max is sooo cute. 🙂 Give us more Max!!! “You need to brush up on your classics!” He’s almost to the point where he is as funny as Jeff the coroner in Bon Cop, Bad Cop. (Jeff is my favourite fictional coroner so far.)
    5. Well, from the promo pictures, I was expecting Jenna to have a superhero alter ego, based on her Clark Kent – disguise at Headquarters. She is sure living up to the Clark Kent silly bumble-head act, too. Be interesting to see what happens when she’s cornered: Damsel in Distress or kick-ass Atomic Analyst? I think there is more to her than she is letting anyone see.
    6. Why is Wo Fat making contact with Steve? How would it benefit Wo Fat to have that face-to-face in order to learn more about Steve? Is it possible that Wo Fat is interested in recruiting Steve? Or just eliminating him by compromising him and making him “disappear”, so that an investigation is not stirred up? (Imagine pictures of Steve and Wo Fat having a meeting showing up at Langley – where is Steve’s cred going to head?)
    Officer 808, Jenna was Wo Fat’s protection. He knew exactly where she was, in what vehicle. If anything happened to him, Jenna would probably have had a car “accident”.
    7. Why is it ok for Steve to head a state task force with immunity and means to hunt down his father’s killer, while the CIA takes Jenna off an investigation in which her fiancée was murdered because of conflict of interest?
    8. Johnny D: A ridiculously funny criminal. He has made my list of favourite bad guys. He provides us with another twist on the entitlement attitude theme.
    9. Steve is truly scary when he is taking down Jenna. His changes of manner kept her (and me) off balance the whole time. I sometimes think that Steve tends to show too much of what he is feeling in his face when he is on the job, but after seeing the performance (and I do mean Steve’s, not Alex’s) at Jenna’s hotel room, it seems he can adopt whatever “mood” or persona he needs for a situation. (Awesome acting on Alex’s part.)
    10. Pac Man in cargo pants. Hahahahahaha thump hahahahahaha! Danny wins.

    Officer, I love your blogs and this one is no exception, but – don’t you think you are being a teeny bit hard on Kono? Right hook and kick ass for sure, but she has come up with some pretty fine detecting, too. She’s got brains!!! And her scene with Danny as they set up the sting for Johnny D was hilarious. I think she taught Danny a few things. 😀

    • officer808 says:

      Interesting point…why does Wo Fat feel the need to reveal himself unless it’s part of his master plan?

      Regarding Kono, I think Jenna’s SAT scores were higher, but Kono would beat her in arm wrestling anytime. 😉

  4. Melissa says:

    Finally ,there was a new episode, and it didn’t disappoint. There were several aspects that I really liked it. One of the things that I noticed was that the dialogue went full circle throughout the episode. Danny and McGarrett both asked, “ do you really need to know every detail of my life?”. Kaye and McG both commented on “it’s above your pay grade” as well as the “are we going to get along?”. As long as I am on the dialogue, I really liked how Max, the ME, was essentially speaking a different language when he went on about the comic book characters. The car dialogue was good too with Danny saying that Steve must have the CIA interrogation techniques book on his bedside table as well as the fact that he is “PacMan in cargo pants” destroying dreams. My husband and I both laughed at Danny asking McGarrett if he needed a ride as they were chasing the guy on the beach. I do wonder why writers always have bad guys run away when we always know they will be caught?

    I was impressed with the emotionality portrayed by McGarrett in regards to the information about the death of his parents. You could see that there was shock at the information as well as confusion; that what was a seemingly clear cut case (Mom was killed “accidently” or so he had thought, and Dad was killed by Hess because McG had his brother) has no gotten much more complicated. Wo Fat’s comment, “ Don’t dig too deeply into your family’s past, you might not like what you find,” also solidified the confusion and the desire to find out the truth.

    Kono showed her skills when she and Danny were trying to get in touch with Johnny D. I enjoyed the fact that Danny was way too polite in his attempt at the text and so Kono took over. The shock on Danny’s face over what she wrote was priceless. She does have game.

    My thoughts on Special Agent Kaye are not solidified one way or the other. She could be a nice addition, but how they are portraying her right now makes her seem really weak and mousey. I realize she is just a “lowly analyst”, but so was Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy books, and he was NOT weak or mousey. The gum scene, just drove me nuts. I do wonder who Steve contacted to get that information on Agent Kaye. I must say though, I did enjoy it when Agent Kaye told Steve that he should have knocked, and he said, “I did…twice.”

    Johnny D’s garage scene was one I did enjoy. He is one very neat crook with how his “treasures” are shelved in the garage. I loved it when he called for Mavis to bring him the inventory from last month’s robberies eventhough there isn’t a Mavis. Then there was the snowglobe…Johnny D said he always wanted to go to Paris and of course the snowglobe was of Seattle. Now, as a former world cultures and languages teacher as well as the daughter of a geography teacher, I know firsthand that many people are clueless in basic geography so it was a sad, but true statement by Johnny D.

    I noticed that Chin was very emotionally invested with the Lindsey aspect of the episode. He was furious with Davis and the thought that he killed Lindsey with the bat. I started wondering if Chin was involved with the investigation of her death 2 years ago (I’m not sure how long he had been out of the department prior to H50, so I’m not sure if that is even a possibility).

    There were a few things that I wondered about. First of all, why did they decide to do “blue” scenes for the interrogation room? I was distracted by that. Max seemed to imply that the former chief ME covered up the evidence (the wood) from Lindsey’s murder. Hmmmm? Was he the ME during the time when McG’s mom was killed and did he do any cover-up then? We have talked about product placement before, and for the most part it doesn’t bother me, but since when did Coral Prince make computers?

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and the ending of it makes me even more excited about the upcoming episodes and how McGarrett will unravel the factors in the deaths of his parents.

  5. lainiek says:

    Jenna as Wo Fat’s plant. Interesting theory. Maybe he has something on her that is forcing her to spy on his behalf. Maybe the fiance is not dead- yet. I don’t like her either way.

  6. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Too long in between episodes!! Ugh! Alex was looking mighty fine in this one!

    I loved the Johnny D character, would love to see him again. He gave Danno a run for his comedic money! I laughed out loud when Danno called him a shmuck because he didn’t know from Eiffel tower.

    Loved when Danno called Steve a pacman in cargo pants. I missed them so much!

    Yeah, where did Agent Kaye get the voice recorder and who sent Steve the postcards and why.

    Wo Fat is hot and scary!! I loved that scene. It almost felt like we had been eating grilled cheese and then got a bite of filet mignon with that scene! Not that I didn’t like the episode, I did. They make us wait so long how could we not?!

    How did the trainer killer guy know that Johnny D was the one who stole the snow globe?

  7. lainiek66 says:

    Great review. I am also not a fan of Jenna Kaye. I found her wooden and out of place in the H50 mix. It was almost like Steve and she were in different scenes spliced together. Definitely NO sparks here. I liked the banter between Kono and Danny outside the club. The team already has a great rhythm. I am sure they planned Jenna’s entrance early on, but it is not necessary and I hope she is not around as a member in season 2. I also loved seeing Perry Reeves. Lets not forget that Mrs.Ari took off on Ari Gold in the season finale of Entourage. Guess she ran off with Scott Caan’s Scotty Lavin to Hawaii. Who Knew?

    btw- like the comment about how did Jenna know about Wo Fat and get all the info she had. how did Wo Fat know where to meet Steve. Maybe Wo Fat has info on Jenna that is forcing her to cooperate with him. Maybe her fiance is still alive- for now.

  8. Ichi says:

    I’m no essay writer, so I’ll keep my comments short, LOL!

    I really liked this episode, and BOOOO we have to wait more for the next episode! It IS like Lost, where the seasons were chopped up in bits and scattered around across the year.

    There was so much humor in this episode!! Did anyone else immediately think of the line “Frrying man!!!” from Heroes when Max was talking about that comic book character? And that “What up, dog?” from Danny was hilarious! Chin had some really great lines as well.

    And a big shout out to the cute little penguins from the Hilton Hawaiian in the beginning of the episode!! I always look forward to seeing them when I visit, haha!

  9. Corrie Howe says:

    @hawaiiobsessed – I agree Wo Fat is both hot and scary. I think I could enjoy more scenes between him and Steve.

    I didn’t like Jenna Kaye….I hate the idea that there could even remotely be a love interest between her and Steve. She is so not what would attract him. I loved how Steve caught on to her right away. I didn’t think about her being a Wo Fat plant, but I like that plan…which means she can’t be a serious love interest.

    I’m wondering about the recorder and postcards. I’m intrigued about Wo Fat’s statement about McGarrett’s parents.

  10. norriski says:

    Great review OfficerBob! (as always)

    I’m with some of the previous reviews here in a way… I’m currently on the fence about the Kaye character. I did NOT like the way she introduced herself with the bold face lie to Steve, that right there throws red flags up to me that she may not be trust worthy. Honestly I want to like the Kaye character, I want the team to have their version of a “Garcia” or “Abby” or “Eric” back at the office that can help them from afar. They need a tech but I just don’t know if she’s the right fit or not. We really only saw her play opposite Alex so I want to know how she will click on screen with Scott, Daniel and Grace. I’ve read elsewhere that people liked the the “on screen chemistry” (NOT romantic) she and Alex had.. I did NOT see it, I said elsewhere that I felt she came across like every other guest star of the week, just average and if they are going to add a 5th member to the team that person needs to be above average. Right now I’m in the didn’t like her didn’t hate her, just indifferent boat… hopefully in her subsequent episodes I’ll be able to come to a better conclusion on my true feeling on the character…

    As for the other stuff in the episode, loved the crime! I didn’t figure out it was the wife they were talking to Davis in the interrogation room and I liked that!

    There was some great stuff going one with the one liners and reactions in this episode starting from the “what’s in the bag” between Steve and Danny to Max’s rambling on about Hitler’s radioactive dogs, to Kono teaching Danny how to text like a stripper. (Does anyone else want to know what she typed to get that reaction from Danny?) There there was Johnny D now that is one funny bad guy.

    To the serious stuff… WoFat – there is so much mystery there! How does he know what he knows? If you think about it isn’t he too young to really have had anything to do with Momma McG’s death 16 years ago??? His comments to Steve and not digging to deep into his family background, what’s that mean? I know there are people thinking that it’s John McG that was a dirty cop but I just don’t see that not with what we’ve seen… I have a feeling that there is something in Momma background that Steve may not like…. I find that more believable than John being dirty…. How did Kaye get the recorder? (Hiro had it thus WoFat would have had it, so how did Kaye get it??? Same thing about the post cards, who sent them to Steve??? ) Is WoFat just that arrogant that he wants to give them evidence just up toss it in their face that they can’t get to him? So many questions!!!

    • officer808 says:

      Mahalo for your kind words! The writers are really pacing the Wo Fat story line out for the long haul, and while it was awesome to see Mark Dacascos, the episode just raised more questions than it answered.

  11. Stevo says:

    I have to say, I love this new ep, big love!!
    Been waiting for that long, finally!!
    It’s a great ep indeed,The team works just as great as usual.
    Danno’s still very adorable, brings us a lot of laugh! Chin’s always very logical And i’m really glad to see that Kono’s like a big sister now!She’s good,Bravo!not to mention that Steve is the best as always, we all know.^.^

    But one thing is that I don’t like Jenna Kaye, either.
    She doesn’t seem like a CIA analyst with highly degree.
    I mean how could a CIA agent think a chair is useful to keep a door close?
    I don’t know, everything about her is just not right.

    Another thing is that finally WO FAT showed up again!!
    I’m really exciting cause he’s the big boss behind everything, his appearance brought it back on the main storyline of the show.
    Can’t wait to watch the new ep on Apr. 11st already~~

    whatever they have for us, we will wait and see!

  12. Val says:

    I know I miss Five-0 when I see the sights and sounds of water splashing, bikini babes, familiar opening theme music making me realize how much I miss having the sun on my skin and a bathing suit, signs of a terribly long winter wait for Hawaii-Five-0!!

    The opening scene was great, seemed like a fun normal day for everyone until the body dressed in a costume comes flying down on to the canopy where mom was busy relaxing, reading a magazine. Cool distraction to get her out of that said canopy with her son missing from the swimming pool nothing gets a mom faster out of a canopy tent and hitting panic mode over a missing child – initial thought oh no not another kidnapping until I heard the familiar cries of a child’s voice calling mom!!

    Opening credit – know it sounds cheesy but I missed seeing that familiar theme almost made me want to get up and dance, that’s how much I missed the show and our “Fab Four”.

    So since it was a really ordinary day, it was fun seeing Danny walking with Steve on their way to the office with Danny carrying a large oversize brown paperbag – kind of does look the shape and size of a donut box hidden in the bag which calls into question, what’s in the bag? That little scene there brought quite a chuckle to me. They know way too much about each other but fondly they are like brothers now not just friends.

    However we all know from all the articles that this is not going to be another ordinary day for Steve so the suddenness of having someone standing in his office waiting for him I knew that this is the moment we all were expecting, the newbie ex-cia agent, Jenna Kaye.

    Wow when she whipped out her badge, I wasn’t sure what to expect but Steve never identified himself so how the heck was she so sure that the man walking into the office was Steve McGarrett? – Stupid question. What really surprised me was the recorder in her hand, how the heck did she get it?

    Anyway I needed to calm down, waited for Steve to handle the situation. But what struck a nerve in me was when she ordered Steve to hand over his father’s private files to her and would even go so far as to tell him that she would call the director and have the director compel the govenor to force him to do her bidding like he was some lower paid ranking officer.

    Oh my God the look on Steve’s face, I swear it’s a miracle that he didn’t toss her bodily out of his office because the look on his face – if looks could kill that would be it. Good thing I had dinner beforehand because I swear I froze on my couch mentally slapping her wanting her to apologize to Steve because I knew Steve would never do it, and the Danny interruption was well timed because it gave Steve a chance to calm down and tell her that he would have the file ready for her at the end of the day – too bad he didn’t snatch the recorder from her hand on his way out.

    The crime story at the comic con was a huge distraction, think at the back of my mind I was trying to think about what happened in Steve’s office but got distracted like everyone else by the confusion of all these people dressed up in these colorful elaborate costumes that looked to me quite ridiculous on adults but hey I’ve never been to a comic con convention and its never been my thing but still it looked colorful and distracting, just the breather I needed and followed the investigation anyway which as everyone knows had lots of twists and turns, totally confusing especially with two unrelated cases rolled into one. Should have known the writers would find a way to trick us all and feed us fodder until we got to all the meaty bits of the show.

    Somehow in all that confusion I eventually figured out that the baseball bat was the murder weapon but what strikes me as ironic is the two bachelor partners must have really wondered why women get sooo darn ballistic when it comes to men who cheat – let it be a warning fellas don’t cheat on your girlfriends or wives, and as for women…which we always have a hard time dealing with, its best to walk away while the going is good!! Instead of beating on the competition its far wiser to get a good crack on the men who cheat but not to kill but I guess in tv land it never quite works out that way ever and who would’ve thought evidence could be found in a simple little snow globe, but the murder weapon I guessed right. Chin & Kono were fantastic.

    Continuing on, I always watch the clock on my cable recorder to see how much time we have to spare and it was edgy because there was only four minutes to go before we see the “big showdown” – almost disappointed that there wasn’t any high drama going on but just Steve sitting quitely with a glass of beer looking at a menu trying to decide what to eat, after such a long stressful day made me glad that there wasn’t any big action going on. I noticed how nice and quiet it was not too many people around just a nice quite place to enjoy a nice quiet dinner. Noticed too the back wall had all the lettering in Chinese characters but looking at the menu, wondered if Steve could read some of the words, until, Wofat walks in and sits on the opposite side of the table.

    Since when did any of us think that Wofat and Steve had a dinner date but there they were face to face, only this time Steve faced the man who murdered his parents and almost had his baby sister killed, just in time to ruin dinner.

    The mere fact that Wofat showed up under the shadow of darkness to politely tell Steve that he was there to meet the man who wanted to know him, showed nerve of steel and a very dangerous predator.

    Wofat knows a lot, he is watching them like a hawk, is he bugging Steve’s office, hell I think he has bugs and spies all over the place and he knows far more about Steve’s father’s investigation. That warning shot of the bow from Steve with his little friend under the table, is clearly what we all want Steve to do but we all know that Wofat wouldn’t have walked into the restaurant without protection and the warning to Steve from Wofat was like a knife stabbed in his heart warning him not to dig deep into his family’s past “he might not like what he’d find”. Fishing out a crisp dollar bill from his pocket “dinner’s on me”…just had to twist the knife didn’t you Wofat? …

    Sorry for the long blog but it has been a very stressful night!! Wonderful, exhilerating stressful night!! Can’t wait to see what’s next. Aloha everyone.

    • Linda Stein says:

      I agree with missing the familiar theme after weeks and weeks of waiting. I have taken to plugging in my IPod into my car radio to “listen” to the shows I have downloaded on it. I really jack up the volume with the song plays. People in the cars around me must think I am nuts.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Great job, Val. You brought out some good points about Steve – he reined in his emotions very well in his office, you could almost see the effort it took. I’m wondering why he got so trusting of her later, I don’t think he’s that gullible to just believe her story – maybe he has more intel on her than we know.

    • officer808 says:

      Well said as always, Val. 🙂 Again, I really wonder why Wo Fat went fce to face with Steve…

  13. McPhee says:

    Great episode also worth the wait. My withdrawal for 4 months is over yeah!

    I have to agree on Merry Blue on #1 I’m thinking that same thing with Kaye as well. Because it has me questioning how she got the tape. Because we heard the last time that the people who work for Wo Fat had it the last time. And she also says that she has some other stuff as well that McGarrett may want back. And also she mentions that she is getting paid more than what McGarrett is receiving from the Governor. Meaning that she has something that McGarrett may not want to see like what Wo Fat says in the end ‘You don’t want to get too close, because there is something in there you don’t really want to see.’ Purely it would mention that Kaye has ties to Wo Fat.

    Good to see that Hesse was mentioned in the episode again. I’m a fan of James Marsters due to Buffy & Angel I hope we get to see him more really soon.

    Also more trivia Dark Horse comics was shown a few times in the episode. Dark Horse Comics does the Angel comic books in which Daniel played Gavin Park in the show.

  14. Cécile says:

    Did you notice : some of the writers have been traumatised by a secret box or bag they weren’t allowed to open 😉 :

    – Pilot : “Yeah when you tell me what’s in the box” (about the champ box)
    – Ep. 2 : “Depends, what’s in the bag ?” (malasadas)
    – Ep. 3 : “What do they deliver in these boxes is what I’m saying” (in the auto shop, with the pizza boxes)
    – (Ep. 7 : What’s in the safe deposit box ? Secret Russian identity)
    – Ep. 14 : “What’s in the box ?” (not a master cylinder for the Mercury Marquis ; the head, duh ! ; a master cylinder for the Mercury Marquis)
    – (Ep. 15 what’s in the sandbags. 28 mil $)
    – Ep. 19 “What’s in the bag, just, what’s in the bag ?” (not dip fried sandwich flown from NJ, just salad)

    • Merry Blue says:

      Cecile, I grovel at your feet. You are the deity of detail. Love it! 😀

    • Kimmer says:

      And don’t forget “Jack” in the box!!!!

    • Merry Blue says:

      Or Ep. 14 – the real master cylinder in the box. (Loved that there were 3 What’s in the box moments in that show.

    • Cécile says:

      Yes, the Ep. 14 I mentionned is the big “What’s in the box” episode, with Danny’s cascade of jokes about the Jack in the box, and how they should head over to the ME ^^

      • Kimmer says:

        Ah yes, (regarding your Ep #14 reference) must stop speed reading these posts (so excited!) because I am missing things!

    • MyMcG says:

      I LOVE this kind of stuff you do, Cecile!!

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Cecile – you ARE the best! And you know what? I’ve missed EVERBODY so much! It’s like Homecoming around here today!

    • Val says:

      Wow good catch Cecile, its very funny!! I hadn’t thought of that until you brought it up….hmmm remember too there was a scene with the box of co-co puffs that Chin brought to work to share with Danny. It was on the hood of the comaro and Danny was devouring them and licking his fingers because they were soo sugar coated and yummy…

      • Cécile says:

        Oh yeah, damn, I forgot that one, though there was no actual question or suspens, Chin revealed everything immediately ! But good catch.

        Thanks everyone ! I had noticed it a couple of months ago, and it just jumped at me in this one !

        @Lynette et MyMcG : it has been a very long time, it’s nice to have everyone project new theories !

  15. nomada240876 says:

    As always a great review! Thanks
    I did not like watching Larisa Oleynik, it is definitely not a good actress (sorry, it’s my opinion).

  16. Linda Stein says:

    You know…sometimes I think the writers of this show have taken a page out of the book of LOST. First there is the interminable amount of re-runs to drive everyone crazy. Then there is the frustrating habit of answering one question while posing 3 more to make everyone want to alternate between wanting to scream and just wanting more!

    We have finally met Jenna Kaye, CIA Agent, who’s not an agent at all but an analyst with a vendetta. She and Steve should get along well together. Vendetta is something Steve understands completely. I was sure, in the first few minutes that I was going to greatly dislike this person. She was rude, pushy and rather obnoxious to Steve after barging into his office. But, later, she showed her vulnerable side when she opened up to Steve about what she was really after. I still don’t know about her, whether she’s got what it takes to be part of the 5-0 team. I’m going to reserve judgment on this one because when I jumped to the conclusion that I didn’t like MaryAnn I was dead wrong. I’m going to keep my options open for the time being on Jenna. She is obviously not like Steve, sticking her gum under the neat freaks computer console. If she sticks around, between her and Danny, Steve’s forehead will be in a permanent crease!

    Like I said…One question answered: Hess DOES work FOR WoFat. WoFat was responsible for the hit on John McGarrett and possibly Steve’s mother as well. The Yakuza do not make a move without WoFat’s approval. That’s major!

    New questions to ponder: How did Jenna get her hands on John’s voice recorder? Who sent the postcards from the Champ box back to Steve? Was it the same person? How did WoFat know Steve was in the noodle house alone at that time? Who is watching Jenna to know exactly where she was in her car at that same time? I am reminded of the pilot episode. In the humvee Anton said to Steve “you’ve been chasing my brother and me around the world for 5 years….don’t you think we’d do our homework on you?” Is WoFat doing his homework on Jenna and Steve? “Know the man who is trying to know you”. Is it possible somebody bugged the 5-0 office?

    I’m not sure we’ll get all the answers we want before the end of the season. Peter Lenkov said that this WoFat was going to be like the WoFat in the original series, an ongoing nemesis to McGarrett for the entire series. I can’t see every loose end wrapped up by the end of this season if that’s the case. Like I said, like LOST, some mysteries may take a long time so enjoy the ride!

    The last scene between Steve and WoFat was mesmerizing. Both Mark and Alex played it with marked intensity. WoFat, calm, menacing and cool. Steve, smoldering anger and vengeance tightly under control. The electricity between the two of them was palpable. And WoFat telling Steve not to dig too deep into the past of his family because he may not like what he finds. Oh, yeah…sure….like that’s gonna work for Steve!

    There was also the crime of the week story, the ComicCon murder. It was an interesting diversion and there were several really good moments throughout the episode which is what makes this show so much damn fun to watch. As usual the trail is convoluted and complex leading in several different directions with different victims and different suspects and, whew, I’m dizzy and exhilerated at the same time.

    Favorite moments:

    Steve demanding to know what Danny had in the brown paper bag. He just could not stand that Danny was keeping something from him, even if it was something as silly as some “deep fried sandwich from New Jersey”. Then telling Danny how “incredibly sweet” it is that he’s eating salad because Grace is concerned for his health.

    Danny checking out girls all over the place tonight. He quickly changes his opinion about ComicCon when he sees a hot chick in a skimpy costume. He also had no hesitation to check out Jenna (although I personally don’t see THAT at all). I loved how he called Steve “Pac-Man in cargo pants” when Steve “devoured” that little dream.

    Danny and Kono are absolutely adorable together. I don’t mean as a couple, but as partners they are as entertaining as Danny and Steve sometimes. Danny pushing aside Kono so he can write the text because he didn’t want Kono to have to write something filthy, Kono being totally embarrassed for Danny because his text was so lame and then Danny being very impressed that Kono not only wrote something shockingly smutty but got an instant reply was hilarious. The high five sealed the deal..these two are awesome together.

    The beach scene when Steve and Danny corner Trevor was H50 at its action/comedy best! Steve’s yelling at Trevor “don’t make me run” was really funny. I wonder if that was an Alex ad-lib that they kept in there after he probably had to do 15 takes or something. Alex is just so damned physical. Scott is very athletic too and he can do all the physical stuff but with his bad knee and short legs there is no way he can keep up with Alex so they stick him on ATV’s or he takes short cuts to arrive at the same place at the same time. I love it because it doesn’t make Danny look weak next to Steve’s super seal it makes him smart and savvy and ingenious. They are the perfect pair and the writers make them equals not “hero and side kick” which would be a huge disservice to Scott.

    And while the use of the iconic line “say hello to my little friend” could have sounded incredibly cheesy I think Alex pulled it off very well. I’m surprised the writers had the courage to use it but it seemed to really work. And, of course, one iconic line deserves another and after weeks and weeks we got an official “Book ‘em Danno” even if it was a HER.

    All in all an enjoyable episode. I would suggest, however, that maybe they should, if not stop, at least begin to limit the 2 stories in 1 episodes for a bit. But, I saw the synopsis for the next new episode on April 11 and it looks like the team will be split again. I hope it’s the last time for a while. There are major stories that deserve entire episodes all to themselves

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Linda, I may have got on first, but I concede a victory to you – you’ve got the writing chops, girl! I’ll just have to worker harder next time!

      • Linda Stein says:

        LOL… I loved your review. More fun than chasing a pig through mud…or whatever it is you guys do on that farm of yours LOL

    • officer808 says:

      Excellent recap Linda! I know you were eager to get that up 🙂

      • Linda Stein says:

        WOW – 87 replies so far to your blog Bob. See, we TOLD you that you would be swamped once the new episode aired! Now we have to wait 3 more week…..Wordpress hell, the next blog could crash the entire internet!!!

    • Val says:

      Oh shoot Linda – thought I responded to your blog. Loved it like everyone else. And I especially love the early morning scene with Steve eyeing the brown paperbag. “Did you stop by for masalades”, NO!! “You’re carrying evidence of a case”, NO!! – you simply can’t leave it alone can you Steve? So funny!! – you captured that scene perfectly!!

      The second best noticably good scene is the run on the beach… have to wonder if that just came out on a spur of a moment….but that familiar chase down guy, leaping, jumping, dodging obstacles, ducking them…this guy can do it all…and we are always amazed by his athletism so to hear him complain about is, just priceless…very very funny. Danny on the ATV hysterical….with Steve running and almost glaring at his partner…so funny!!! But the swan dive onto the already exhausted guy they were both chasing….well just put an end to all the fun!!! LOL!!! I’m really amazed that he is not even huffing or puffing or breathing heavily at least a little to show us that he is getting tired fo the chase…hmmm nope…no sign of that at all. He could probably do that 14 times and still look that good…well actually by then I think if he had to do it 14 times, the camera and crew would have to go running for their lives. Don’t think Alex would appreciate doing that running scene 14 times….lol!!

      All in all a great read….love it Linda!!

      • Linda Stein says:

        I was thinking the same thing…”geez Alex, at least BREATH hard!” But then I realized that was probably shot seperately and edited in. There is no way they weren’t all huffing and puffing after that run. Well, maybe not Scott LOL

  17. joey says:

    oh man this is intimidating i feel like i need a writing degree to do the blog any justice after all these posts. lol
    jenna is cool. i didnt like her at first but the more i think about it , i think she will bring a whole new perspective to the team. i like the fact that steve is taking her under his wing. steves not so tough as people think , he has a heart of gold. with her in the ‘control room’ maby more action for the 4. loved loved loved the kono danny pairing they are a hoot together! chin and steve are very natural together so it didnt feel awkward. ive been saying for months they needed to integrate the different team members better becasue it was becoming the steve/danny show. not that i dont like that! pac man in cargo pants will be one of the all time best lines of the show along with ‘say hello to my little friend’ although i wonder if he got ripped behind camera for that as the camera panned down to his crotch??!! the comic con mystery really annoyed me becasue i wanted more of steve/jenna/wofat. they want to tease us with this and if a new episode aired weekly i could handle it but once a month is torture. on my second viewing i enjoyed the murder mystery much more and really got into all the banter and comedy going on. it was well blended and fun to watch. heres hoping we dont break apart and cry like little girls on the chin backstory coming up. and as much as i was shocked that they thought rick springfield was a big announcement its funny becasue 3 cousins and 2 sisters who have never seen our show plan to tune in just for him. so maby the higher ups at cbs are not as stupid as i thought.
    thanks braddah for a great review, it was worth the wait! joey

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Great comment, Joey! You brought up some new points! But I still don’t like Jenna Kaye!

    • Val says:

      Nice to see you here blogging with the rest of us Joey. Great stuff. Isn’t it funny that you are one of very very few that likes Jenna, hmm must be a guy thing but who knows its funny and a great blog, but you are right about Steve tho, he does have a big heart, which for the most part has served him well and maybe kept him going after all the years in combat and navy intelligence. He always comes across as someone who has good instincts about people too.

      Sadly tho I think Wofat studied McGarrett awfully well and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a file in his secret office that is full of valuable info that a man like Wofat would pay a great deal of money for.

      Wofat is turning out to be a formidable foe and a man who has the nerve to show up at the restaurant to offer some free advice is not someone that Steve can take very lightly. The parting shot that Wofat made about Steve’s family is enough to make Steve sleep with both eyes open for the remainder of the series since Wofat is not going to be dying any time soon. Poor Steve.

      I do have some questions to ponder too – it really is annoying when the most interesting piece of the puzzle comes to light so suddenly, a weird deja vu moment with the sudden appearance of evidence thought lost or destroyed suddenly showing up in the oddest moments like the tape recorder, postcards and bringing back the awful reminder of how $28 mil suddenly appeared back in the forfeiture locker.

      Sounds like someone’s playing a nasty game of cat and mouse and not playing by fair rules. So it all comes down to my little theory screaming at me that Wofat knows about the money that Steve borrowed to save Chin and I’m sure he was behind the bomb brace on Chin.

      I think Wofat came back to the island to see how much Steve knew about what was going on after his father’s death and Wofat would be very curious to know how much interest will the son have in following up on his father’s investigation. Remember that was the first question he asked Hesse about.

      Wofat must have known what Steve’s father was investigating and when he became so close to identifying the yakuza boss, Hiro, it was time to order a hit which sadly got Steve’s mom killed and a wanted bounty on Steve’s Dad ensued and having eliminated the threat, he now has a new one which is Steve the son, the sole surviving sibling.

      I also think that if Steve didn’t get to his sister on time the yakuza would have been ordered to kill her. If they are that ruthless I’m sure they would have killed MaryAnn so glad she was saved.

      I truly think that the evidence and the money is all Wofat’s doing and I’m sure that whatever evidence Steve has is not enough to be too troubling for Wofat so he returned the evidence from the toolbox to confuse Steve and the rest of us even more as well as the money, thereby leaving the trail cold.

      Whatever Wofat is planning…its not funny people!!! lol!!!

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha Joey 🙂 Rick, Nick, Diddy, all these guest starts are to draw in viewers who’d never waatch Five-0 otherwise. And it seems to be working in your family LOL.

      • joey says:

        ok, well they need to start being fair to us guys with guest stars. katie sakkoff, gwyneth, sandra bullok, the list could go on for miles. can you imagine demi moore emerging from the ocean in a bikini in an opening scene and having a cool trade wind hit her just at the rite camera angle as the scene cuts to the opening credits. oh, im sorry did i say that out loud?

  18. Linda Stein says:

    Oh yeah…. I almost forgot….AWESOME

  19. Linda Stein says:

    Stupid computer! AWESOME review Officer Bob! You nailed it as usual. It was worth the wait for WordPress to come out and play! You rock!

  20. Cécile says:

    Pretty much everything has been covered, so just a few remarks here :
    – I’m a little bewildered by how easily Steve trusts Jenna Kaye. Why wasn’t Steve more concerned about where she got the recording ? Same with the postcards : why isn’t he more intrigued as to who’s been helping him anonymously ? I’m also wondering if he’s talked about it to the rest of the team. It looks like he’s still playing a bit solo about his parents’ investigation. So right now, I’m in team ‘Kaye in cahoots with Wo Fat’, but maybe not willingly. By the way CBS introduced her a few weeks back, it looks more like she’s one of the good guys.

    – While I like any use of the ‘Book’em Danno’ line, this one was a little cold. They were all moved by Mrs Gold’s story. It felt like Steve was discharging himself from the responsability and the moral distress of arresting her.

    – Loved Kono and Danny teaming up, loved Johnny D, and from now on, for me, Steve’s a ‘little pacman with cargo pants’ ;).

    • Ichi says:

      Perhaps it’s just a farce? I don’t know if he /easily/ trusts her, but right now, she has new information and new leads— not to mention his father’s tape recorder. Makes me wonder what else she has found, right? I’m sure Steve feels the same way too!

      • Corrie Howe says:

        Kinda like when he played along so well with Susan, until he says in her ear piece, “You didn’t think I’d let you bring in the money, did you Susan?” (Or something to this effect.)

        Not to mention he played along with Jenna in the first scene by agreeing to bring her his dad’s investigation.

        I read a long article about SEALS recently. I did not realize that they are not recruited because of their physical abilities (apparently many potential recruits have them), but because of their high intelligence and mental discipline. It seems like an oxymoron. Intelligent people shouldn’t run toward gun fire. 🙂

        Anyway, it is good to see Steve being true to character by being so smart.

      • lainiek66 says:

        you know they say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer….I think we will find out Jenna is playing both sides or that Wo Fat has something on her that is making her “cozy” up to Steve. Steve seems to trust her based on his comment about them getting along just fine, but I hope that is “with a shadow of a doubt”. She needs to go though. Not a fan.

      • Cécile says:

        You know what was missing in this ep ? A real conversation between Danny and Steve, or even the whole team, after Steve gave the postcards to Jenna. Right now, we have no idea how he actually feels about finally trusting (or pretending to trust) her. I guess it was done on purpose, but I wanna know !

  21. lainiek66 says:

    I agree- Steve seemed almost reluctant to say it this week. Like they were moved by her story and understood what it was like to be so hurt and betrayed by someone you love, that you snap and do something you regret later on. It was tragic that the young intern died, but you can see how a woman who loves and trusts her husband could snap that way. We already know Danny has been hurt by love, and we saw that a bit with Chin as well……maybe we will find out about someone who broke Steve’s heart too in a later storyline.

  22. jujubee19 says:

    Enjoyed the episode thoroughly….not a fan of Kaye either. One thing that bothered me; in her hotel room she says she’s a neat freak because she unpacked, but then stuck her gum under the computer! Inconsistent at best!

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha jujubee 🙂 Good catch…probably the clean freak comment was just sarcasm?

      • lainiek66 says:

        I agree. I think Jenna’s comment in the hotel room was sarcastic. She had stuff strewn all over. Or, is she just trying out different personas to see which one endears her to Steve. I love that theory. Still don’t like her though.

      • jujubee19 says:

        Thanks! So glad I found you…this place is GREAT!! It’s so good to find a place where people are actually talking about the show and the story instead of “Alex is so hot!”. Don’t get me wrong…he is…but there is so much more to this show than that. You guys have taken me into corners I never noticed before (sounds creepy, but isn’t); I can’t wait for more!!

      • officer808 says:

        Don’t worry, they’re very well lit and frequently patrolled corners 😉

  23. sockie says:

    wow- ton of replies already!

    great review, bob- I also loved the “uhura was a sister. and she answered the phone.” made me laugh just as much as the space needle snow globe, season 4 (?) of cheers, and kono’s awesome texting abilities.

    I think almost everything has been covered by posters above, but did not see this (forgive me if it is there). I think wo fat’s main protection at the noodle place was the fact that he knew where jenna was and (obviously) had people watching her. he knew steve would not do anything the put her life in danger. and if steve kills wo fat, jenna is dead. if wo fat’s only protection was goons in the parking lot (or kitchen, etc.), I think steve would have had no problems shooting wo fat and taking his chances. but he would never intentionally jeopardize someone else’s life.

    and I do find it interesting that wo fat “wants to know the man that wants to know me” (maybe not an exact quote), but that wo fat already obviously know a lot about mcg. otherwise, he would not know 1) where steve was 2) who steve had been working with 3) where jenna was and 4) the perfect leverage to use so that steve would not shoot him.

    on another topic, I am interested to see how the whole “heese was sent to kill daddy mcg before steve captured anton” thing plays out. was it just a coincidence, and hesse thought “let’s see if I can get my brother released, since I’m going to kill this guy anyway?” was wo fat alreay tracking steve at that point (since steve had been tracking heese for 5 years, and hesse worked for wo fat?) and will any of this help release steve of his “guilt” over his father being killed, since wo fat was going to have daddy mcg killed regardless?

    last thing… where did the tape recorder and post cards come from? I would have though hiro & co. would have destroyed them. keeping them really makes no sense. I can’t help thinking that since they all mysteriously reappeared (tape to jenna, post cards to steve), that maybe this is all a trap. is wo fat trying to round up everyone looking into him by dangling the evidence out there, and seeing who bites? then, he knows his enemies, who he is dealing with, and who he needs to eliminate. just a thought.

  24. Kimmer says:

    Officer Bob and the rest of you undercover agents – great reviews and observations!

    While watching, I didn’t suspect Jenna Kaye of being a Wo Fat plant, but that’s probably because I spent the whole time thinking “She’s awful! Make her go away!”. Seriously – she is so not a potential love interest for Steve – I think that comment in the TV Guide article was wishful thinking on her part, and a way to stir up interest in the character. She comes across as waaay to young and immature.

  25. Kimmer says:

    Hit enter too soon!

    I thought it was a bit of foreshadowing/irony/whatever that Wo Fat took out a $100 bill to pay for dinner after he made the “you might not like what you find out about your family” comment. It seems like it all goes back to the impounded money!

    I also got a bit of a feeling about upcoming conflict when they showed Chin Ho watching the press conference with the dead interns parents. His facial expression showed a lot – proud that they helped, sadness about the death, but I though I saw a bit of something else… like regret? Maybe he knows that what he is hiding can potentially end the good things he is doing as part of the 5-0 task force.

    “Paris is beautiful – you should go there. But this is Seattle” – LOVED THAT! Also – Steve calling Danny “D” in that same scene. They are definitely getting to be closer.

    I thought it was Danny that yelled “Don’t make me run” at the beach scene – I’ll have to watch that again – But I did love the look on Steves face after Danny asks if he wants a ride – and then Steve starts running even faster. Competitive much?

    OK, so who sent the postcards back… and why? I’m not convinced it’s Jenna. Could it be the ubiquitous 5-0 Benefactor? Can’t wait to find out!

    • Cécile says:

      Haha yes, I forgot to mention Steve calling Danny D. Officer mentionned the Entourage connexion with the bad girl being Mrs Gold, and the name Johnny D sounding like Johnny Drama, and of course Scott Cann having a recurring role in season 7. That was a big wink wink at Entourage’s E !

      I also forgot to talk about Chin. Indeed he looks very emotionnal during the main investigation : he run the whole thing, interrogating the wife at home, then the husband with the bat (I twitched at the same time as Steve when Chin swung the bat on his soulder), explaining the intern girl murder affair, and yeah, watching the press conference. He might have been involved on the original affair.

    • officer808 says:

      Hm…there may be another character we haven’t met that’s helping the team?

      • Cécile says:

        Let’s meet him then ! It’s not fun for us if magical things happen like that, it’s too easy ! 😉

  26. Diana says:

    Okay, I just wanted to chime in with my thoughts on this episode too.

    All in all, I really enjoyed the B storyline and it kept me guessing for most the show as to who the real killer was and honestly I wasn’t expecting the twist about the missing girl. Some of the best parts of the B storyline was the interplay between Danny and Kono when they were trying to write the text message for the stripper and then when Chin told McGarrett to put robber out of his misery when he blew out all four of his tires, and finally the the scene with Danny and McGarrett at the garage going through robbers loot, as all of those scenes gave me a good chuckle. Also, I loved the end when they showed the family thanking the Five-0 team for bring them some closure in their daughters death, even though I was also sympathetic to the wife as it didn’t appear that she meant to kill the girl, she was just really upset with her husband cheating on her.

    I also liked the return of WoFat and the fact that we are really starting to get to the meat of what I am sure will be the ongoing battle between McGarrett and WoFat. I have to say the best scene of the whole night (Or as my mother called the most important scene of the scene of the season so far) was the little tête-à-tête between McGarrett and WoFat. I have to say that Alex and Mark blew me away in that scene and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us on that front.

    Now for the one thing that I was not all that impressed with was the introduction of the new character Jenna Kaye. My biggest problem with her is that they don’t seem to know what they want her to be. They have her acting as a comic relief intel dispensing computer tech nerd whose purpose will be to hang around the office and never go out in the field, so that Chin can do more work in the field, and yet they label her a CIA analyst and drop her in the biggest most serious storyline on the show.

    I personally (and yes I know I am not writing the show which is why I am not getting paid the big bucks ) wouldn’t have used the WoFat storyline to introduce her into the show, I would have used the Comic Con death. The WoFat storyline is just too serious for this character to be involved with especially if you are going to have her get all weepy at mention of the lost of her team and finance. Not that I am saying that most people would not be upset and rightfully so, but does any one here really thinks that this girl would actually have the fortitude to do the same thing McGarrett would do if he got his hands on WoFat. I don’t think so.

    And while the actress they have playing her is good choice for the comic relief intel dispensing computer tech nerd type, if you absolutely felt the need to interject the new character in to the WoFat storyline I would have gotten a stronger actress and made them a CIA Field Agent, (though that would have been a stretch since the CIA doesn’t operate in the US) or even better a NCIS/FBI/ATF Agent that had been working in Hawaii for a while. Plus, it would have made more sense since this type of person could have had undercover assets working within the Yazuka, which could have explained how they not only knew about Steve and his family but also how the heck they got their hands on his Dad’s tape recorder, since we know that at one point it had to have been in Hiro’s possession since his fingerprints were all over the inside of the toolbox. And since Hiro is in jail and Koji is dead it means whoever sent the post cards and cause Agent Kaye to obtain the tape recorder had to be someone close to Hiro and/or WoFat or even possibly WoFat himself, as part of some master scheme we don’t know about yet.

    Oh and on a lighter note, more than ever I’m sticking with my initial opinion that Jenna Kaye would be the perfect date for Max as I could just see them sharing their comic book collections with each other. ::)

  27. MyMcG says:

    The long awaited new episode did not disappoint! Yay!! The last couple of new ones had not been on my list of favorites, so I was feeling particularly good at the end of this one. Monday was my birthday, too, so new McGarrett was a great present (after orchids from my husband and sloppy kisses from my toddler!)

    AND as much as I missed new episodes, I was missing the “Things we Learned” posts, too, so I was also very excited to read the new entry! Great stuff! I loved the cold open, Officer Bob! I am also a big fan of Mrs. Bob. Don’t you go messing up a good thing, Officer!

    Most of my favorite moments and my many many questions have already bee recounted by the able & eloquent previous posters, so I won’t rehash, but I do have just a few additional thoughts.

    Jenna Kaye. What can I say about Jenna, I have been very good trying to wait and see before making any judgments, but she was just lukewarm to me last night, and you can’t be lukewarm and keep up with our four. I too am not opposed to the idea of an analyst type character. Yes, all of our four are plenty smart and do some fine detecting on their own, but like norriski mentioned, it could be a good add to the team to have an Abby or Garcia for help.

    I’m also a little conflicted about Jenna’s characterization because on one hand, I’m glad they kept her more realistic as an analyst, looking mousy and bookish, with the nerdy but borderline cool glasses. I would’ve scoffed if she showed up slick, super-styled and sizzling hot. But on the other hand, I feel like she needs a little polish and her personality needs to be amped up a little. While I was watching, the thoughts never crossed my mind, but it’s making a lot of sense what yall have been saying about her possibly being a Wo Fat plant and how come Steve trusts her so easily.

    And if my birthday wasn’t enough to remind me I’m getting older, H50 often seems to drive home the fact. As much as we had been hearing about Larissa coming on the show and the promo stills floating around, I was still shocked to actually see on screen how old she had gotten. Wow, Alex Mack is already a soccer mom?? Maybe it’s the haircut. And D.B. Sweeney – I had no idea he was going to be on the episode so imagine my surprise when I saw him on screen… the years have not been kind. When did we all get so old?

    And wow, the last scene at the noodle house was IN-TENSE. This was the first time I actually got chills when I saw Wo Fat and could take him seriously as a villain – up until that point, all I could see was “Allez Cuisine!” when he was on screen. So, he was plenty creepy evil, but he also looked very strange to me on screen the other night, like someone who has had too much plastic surgery (his nose was looking a little Joan Rivers to me). And yes I agree that Steve pulled off the “American proverb” nicely in what could’ve been a cheesy moment. American proverb, ha! He should have it cross-stitched on a pillow!

    I too have so many questions! After taking a break from the ongoing Family McGarrett mystery over the past few episodes, I like that the mind-bending questions are back – mostly because I love all the theories and ideas that get thrown around here… Looking forward to all the speculation & hypothesizing!

    • Corrie Howe says:

      @MyMcG…I agree with ALL your comments on D.B. Sweeney. I was pretty sure it was him, but I missed the opening credits. So I had my husband go back and look at them before he deleted. (I hate the fact my husband insists that we delete…so I bought all episodes on itunes so I can watch them again and again.)

      Forgive me for being lazy and not going back to find who commented about Wo Fat being too young to kill Mom McGarrett. I looked up Mark Dacascoc’s age and compared to rest of cast. If the writer’s have their real ages in mind, I can see Wo Fat killing Mom early in his career.

      Okay, I can take Jenna Kaye if she is a Garcia or Abby…but only if she rises up to their personalities. So far I’m not seeing it.

    • officer808 says:

      Hey belated Happy Birthday 🙂 I can see you’re not a fan of Jenna either… You’re right about D.B. he’s getting older. Wait till Rick Springfield is on screen though 😉

  28. Sammie says:

    I just wanted to pop out of lurk mode and say how much I enjoy your blog/website; I anticipate your “Things We Learned About Hawaii” about as much as I do an episode, and a good number of times – like this week; sorry, found the episode and Jenna Kaye to be real snoozers – the review’s better than the episode. And your wife’s interjections during the episode are great. 🙂

  29. Awesomefan says:

    I have been a loyal and ardent fan of this series since the pilot and am THRILLED to find this website. I just love having my obsession with this series validated! You guys are great and I really enjoyed reading all of your comment and reviews.

    I too am not a big Jenna fan. Like most of you, I thought her performance was stiff and wooden. The scene with the gum was so contrived that I just rolled my eyes. I hope they do NOT include her as a love interest for Steve. I really like Steve and Victoria and would like to see more of that side of Steve’s personality, however, I understand that actress has signed for a new series and may not be around next season. I always love the banter between Steve and Danny they are quite a dynamic duo! Danny definitely needs a love interest. The writers could have a lot of fun with that. The way I see it he can’t back get together with his ex because then he would get Grace back and have no reason to stay on the “pineapple infested island”. Also, his story always has to have the possibility that Rachel may move again and he may have to follow. Sorry if that was a little off topic.

    The scene between Danny and Kono was terrific for all the reasons you all previously stated. More Danny and Kono! The scene between McG and Wo Fat was epic. I too was surprised that the “Say hello to my little friend. That’s an American proverb” line was NOT corny and added to the tension in the scene. I HATE that Wo Fat! I can’t wait, wait, wait for the next episode.

    There’s a spring blizzard here in Northern Illinois. I think I will rewatch Monday’s episode and dream of a trip to Hawaii!

  30. Merry Blue says:

    Who is Jenna Kaye and what is her agenda?

    Obsessing again. Please skip if you really don’t give a hoot about Jenna. On the other hand, comments and alternate conspiracy theories are welcome.
    I really don’t know what to make of Jenna Kay, yet. She has very effectively obscured her true personality and objectives with her entrance into the H50 playing field.

    So far, we have seen 3 different Jennas.
    1. Hard-assed special agent Kaye who out-ranks Steve and demands his files (but not his help) and threatens to have the CIA Director pull rank with Governor Jamieson to compel him to cooperate. Bad choice, Jenna. Steve does not react well when people pull his own tactics on him; you really pissed him off. Jenna has the suit and the id – it says Jenna Kaye, Special Agent. Is this typical for CIA personnel? Do even low-level analysts get a badge and a card that says Special Agent? (Somebody help me out here, if you know.) Steve agrees to co-operate (by the end of the day) and calls up a contact for Jenna’s CIA file. The files, delivered by Mystery Man in Grey Suit, indicate that Jenna is:
    a. An f-22 analyst, whatever that ranking implies. Apparently something incredibly low-ranking and poorly paid, according to Steve’s reaction.
    b. On leave, so obviously not in charge of any task force directed by the CIA.
    c. An expert in underworld money-laundering who has been tracking Wo Fat.

    2. Harvard Grad in a hotel room dressed up as an incident room. Apparently has no notion of security or special agent tactics. Acts like she wouldn’t know which end of a gun to hold. Claims to be a clean freak. Squeals like a girl, spouts inappropriate outraged indignation and plays the “flirty girl-wouldn’t you like to know “ card. (This also really pisses off Steve.) Yet, she also manages to regain composure quickly and tries to readjust her tactics as Steve deals with her.

    3. Low-level CIA analyst crossed with a know-it-all teen geek. Dressed like a professional desk jockey, but chewing gum like a kid. The self-proclaimed clean freak sticks the chewed wad under the computer table. Plays the “I’ve suffered a crushing personal loss and I want vengeance card” with Steve. Answers Steve’s question of what she would do if she caught Wo Fat with the ambiguous and arrogant, “I would do the same thing that you would do.” Does she really think she knows Steve well enough to know what he would do? She’s trying to reinforce that they are on the same page. I don’t think that worked with Steve, either. The current story:
    a. The CIA has been tracking Wo Fat for a decade.
    b. Jenna started at the central agent desk at Langley 3 years ago.
    c. Jenna followed illegal arms deals in China and claims to be the first to put a name on Wo Fat – who was “not on the Agency’s radar at that point”.
    d. Jenna tracked Wo Fat to a deal in Macau and the Agency sent in a team to capture Wo Fat. Epic Fail – all were killed in a trap. Including Jenna’s fiancée.
    e. Jenna was removed from the Wo Fat investigation, due to conflict of interest (or the fact that there was a security leak to Wo Fat?).
    f. Jenna somehow kept searching for Wo Fat, the implication being that she used the Agency’s resources (without them knowing or condoning?) for 3 years, hitting dead ends.
    g. Jenna discovers a solid lead to Wo Fat in Hawaii (footage from the prison visit to Victor Hesse) and asks to take a leave of absence so she can hunt him down.

    So, who is the real Jenna Kaye?

    I don’t think we’ve met her yet. In every scene she has played a different character trying to find the one that will get her what she wants from Steve, which is basically information. I’m not even sure, based on Jenna1, that she even wanted to work with him, initially. She may have agreed to it because she’s found just how hard it is to manipulate him. I’ll give this to Jenna1 – she has guts. If Steve had looked at me the way he looked at Jenna1 while he asked if she was threatening him, I would have turned and run. I would’ve jumped out of one of the windows to get away from him. Jenna 1 stared him down.

    Jenna2 also recovered pretty quickly after Steve kicked in her hotel room door. Was she expecting Steve to show up at the hotel room? She sure went into her new role pretty quickly. And once she found out that Steve wasn’t buying it, she decided to haul out the Jenna3 personality.

    Frankly, I don’t think Jenna3 is the real Jenna either. There are too many inconsistencies in her behaviour and story. Especially the part about the CIA tracking Wo Fat for a decade but she was the first to put a name on him 3 years ago when he was under their radar. Hmmmm. How did she manage to continue the search – for 3 years – without her bosses noticing? How did she get access to security footage from a Hawaiian prison? How did she get her hands on John McG’s voice recorder? How does she afford, on a low-level analyst’s salary, to go on leave and fund a trip to Hawaii to follow her vendetta? How does Wo Fat manage to keep such close tabs on her? And why is a self-confessed clean freak sticking gum under someone else’s computer table? Jenna3 is also a mystery.

    I see 3 possibilities for Jenna:
    1. She is who she claims to be (i.e, Jenna3), including inconsistencies. She wants access to Steve’s information, and resources in order to achieve her goal.
    2. She is working for someone else.
    a. Wo Fat is using her, by whatever means, either voluntary or involuntary, to infiltrate H50 and eliminate the threat posed by Steve and his team to Wo Fat’s operations. In this capacity, she could be one of his moles in the CIA who has been given a special assignment and a cover story that would resonate with Steve. She has obviously been on Wo Fat’s radar for at least 3 years, since he set her up with the information for the Macau trap. In this scenario, she is funded by Wo Fat and has inside CIA support from other moles.
    b. The CIA has set her up with an assignment and cover story to piggy-back on Steve’s investigation (or to investigate Steve himself?) in order to get to Wo Fat. This could mean that she is in fact a special agent as her ID states but her file has been altered by the CIA to support a story of “going rogue”.

    I don’t have a favoured theory at this point of who Jenna really is. I’m disturbed by the fact that she represents a clear intelligence leak to Wo Fat, though. As some have pointed out, how did Wo Fat learn of the dinner meeting? Is her laptop compromised so that it can act as a listening device, and a GPS device as well as providing instant access to her computer files? Apparently her car is also bugged and GPS tagged. BTW, did anybody else think that that weird move with the chewing gum was an attempt to plant a bug or a wireless computer link device thingy?

    A couple of last things. Jenna made an odd comment when Steve brought out the envelope (which has his name in very nice handwriting on the front) with the postcards that were returned to him. She says, “maybe somebody was sending you a message that you missed something”. Now, who would do that? Wo Fat? Perhaps, if he felt that by looking through the post cards Steve would find something incriminating about his father. (How do we know that those are the real post cards, anyway, and have not been altered with misinformation? Were Mary Anne’s photos clear enough to verify them all?) Or Jenna, from part of the stash she apparently liberated from the CIA (or wherever)? I wouldn’t put it past Jenna to try and play this game with Steve. And, I don’t in any way think that Steve trusts Jenna, even if he has given her free run of his office. We all know Steve better than that. He’s empathic, but not gullible.

    • Cécile says:

      Wow, you put quite some thinking into this, didn’t you ! That’s impressive !
      I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one thinking it’s weird Steve trusted her a little too easily.

      About the postcards : for a minute, I had the twisted thought that Steve had sombody fake them, from Mary-Ann’s photographs just to trick Jenna. But I couldn’t come up with a valid argument to sustain this idea !

      My other twisted idea of the day was that Wo Fat actually was not a bad guy. Pretended he went rogue for some reason, play Japaneses mob big boss to net a bigger fish. Once again, there’s not much to sustain this thinking either : what bigger fish than the Yakuzas ? What kind of sting last for 10 years ?

      I’ve already said that, for now, it looks like she’s in on it with Wo Fat, but CBS introduced her as a possible 5th member of the team, so a good girl. If she’d really had a hidden agenda, CBS would have taunted us with a “But is she really on the right side of the force ?” kind of line. Unless promos have gone intelligent and decided not to spoil anymore, which has yet to be proven.

      Actually, I like your theory about the CIA faking her rogue status to investigate on Steve or his investigation. That’s an interesting one, and it would certainly explain the succession of personnalities, adaptating w/ Steve’s reactions.

    • Melissa says:

      I am impressed with your details on Jenna Kaye. You definitely bring out a lot of things that we all need to consider. I too noticed that the envelope had very neat writing (not to stereotype, but it looked like a female’s writing.) I wondered why that envelope just came out of the blue, it seemed like we should have seen it in a previous episode (or did we and I just don’t remember?). The gum to plant a bug…I hadn’t thought of that, but it would explain that very awkward scene. I like the idea that she is undercover and the CIA planted the story that she is rogue. It would help explain why she was acting the way she was. As usual, we now have more food for thought and without a new episode for a few weeks, we also have time to digest it.

    • Val says:

      @Merry Blue – wow good work. I think we all should get a couple of special agent badges with all our theories but I too have been pondering on why Steve was so eager to be nice to her after the whole cry face scene. It just bugged me so much that he would hand over the postcards to her from that envelope and you guys are right it was in very neat handwriting that only could come from a woman, more than probable could it be Jenna herself….well she has the tape recorder and she never explained how she got it. Steve why didn’t you question her more – there are times that I do worry about Steve a lot but I think you guys are right, he’s not stupid or gullible so maybe he could be on to her that’s why he said use my office after seeing that disgusting gum under the computer console…that really surprised me and that smile he gave her, I thought it was soo sweet because he’s so darn Alex cute but that smile reminds me of the smile that he gave to the pirate wife once he knew she was in on the ransome money…that smile seemed very forced at the time…so I’m wondering if that blinding smile was intended to be the same.

      Maybe its just my imagination working over time and and I got it all wrong but these questions you girls are asking about Jenna just driving me crazy – her behavior has been very weird as well….but being cia – you can never truly know who they are and Danny’s hint about the cia hand book….I betcha that might be true so if Steve really knows how these people operate then I hope you guys are right that he doesn’t trust her at all.

      Seemed also really odd that he was sitting all alone at the restaurant for a good few minutes and no sign of Jenna showing up…almost as though she deliberately kept away so that Wofat could have his meet first. Even if she was his insurance that Steve wouldn’t kill him at the restaurant, what’s to prevent him from killing Jenna anyway…. urgh!!! As Wofat I wouldn’t want Steve to be sharing intel with anyone….especially an analyst from the CIA….

      As for the gum incident under the computer console…if you guys are right and she is working for the cia or the wrong side…I need to sleep on that I just can’t wrap my head around on that possibility that she could be so obvious as a mole, or she lied about her fiance to get McG to share intel. Maybe he doesn’t even exist either!! Even worse that McG really believed her.

      • Diana says:

        Just wanted to add that I rewatched the episode last night and noticed that when Steve went to get the postcards of his desk to show Jenna, that he held them in his hands and looked at them for a second, as if he was try to decide if he truly wanted to show her or not. So my guess is that, he does have some distrust of her or he wouldn’t have hesitated.

    • officer808 says:

      This is an excellent, excellent theory 🙂 Of course there’s a lot more we need o learn about Jenna. If she really does work for Wo Fat would be an interesting twist.

    • MyMcG says:

      Awesome stuff, Merry, I love this. I’m gonna have to re-read more carefully when I’m not at work – just don’t have the time to linger on each point w/ the relish it deserves!

  31. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Merry Blue? You win the grand prize this week! How did you come up with all those great points about Jenna Kaye and formalize your thoughts in such a coherent style? I love great writing and intelligent thinking and you have it all! Love how you categorize Jenna 1,2, and 3! I wonder if the H5-0 writers put this much thought and effort into their characters? I’m not sure which number the real Jenna is either! But I won’t be thinking of her without a #1,2 or 3 after her name!

  32. Merry Blue says:

    Thanks Lynnette.

    I have waaaaay too much time on my hands – I’ve been off sick for over a week. And I loved the new episode.

  33. Linda Stein says:

    My mind is spinning with all the theories about Jenna. You guys really nailed it this week. Thanks for putting in the brain power I lacked this week (busy..busy…week). I wrote my review then got wrapped up in the nonsense of life and couldn’t really devote the thought I would have liked.

    Things have calmed down a bit here and my mind keeps going back to the notion that Jenna could (I’m hoping not) be a regular part of the team in Season 2. Why would the powers that be say that? If she is a plant, if she is a spy, if she is a WoFat lacky, all really GOOD theories, how could she ever be considered to possibly be part of the team? Where they putting out a deliberate misdirection to fool us?

    It could be that she’s being used, unknowingly in some way by WoFat or, possibly by the CIA itself. I mean, she was removed from the case by her superiors but she still worked the case on her own for 3 years. Someone else mentioned that she could have hardly used the CIAs resources to conduct her investigation without the CIA knowing about it. And now she’s “on leave” in Hawaii chasing after the one person her bosses TOLD her to leave alone. Either the big wigs at the CIA are incredibly blind (which I suppose IS possible) or they know exactly what she is up to and are using that to their advantage. Doing what she is doing, against direct orders, should get her fired. But she’s not fired, is she? Is she?

    Either way, if it’s WoFat or the CIA using her eventually the team and Jenna herself will figure that out. If TPTB really want her to be part of the team she could be recruited at the end of that part of the storyline. The WoFat story is going to be a long one. She could be part of that for the run. But, again, I hope not. I , like mostly everyone else, don’t see her as a permanant part of the team. Unless there is something totally unexpected up the sleave of these writers. And THAT is entirely possible.

  34. Kristin says:

    Wow is right, after seeing the new episode i came up with more questions then anything else. I think that everyone above already touched base on all my issues with Jenna Kaye. I will say though that I don’t like her name; Jenna is fine but her last name should be longer in my opinion. When she introduced herself, it was like she was giving us a nickname. Anyway all in all it was a good episode and I can only hope that our questions get answered soon but I have a feeling that it won’t be this season as they only have 3 episodes left.

    • Diana says:

      They actually have 5 episode left as they were given 24 episodes instead of the standard 22. This means we are having two new episodes in April — the 11th and the 18th. Then the last three leading up to the season finale should air sometime in May. Then of of course we don’t get any new ones until the primere of season 2 at then end of September.

      • Kristin says:

        Thanks Diana, I was not sure when I wrote that about the seaosn total but just figured that they got the normal 22. Thanks for letting me know. Yay for 5 more new ones.

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha Kristin 🙂 I think “Kaye” is short for Kayemehameha 😉

      We actually have a 24 episode season, so we have 5 more episodes.

  35. luvinao'l says:

    I’m back…with a very basic question about the series in general… How can the arc and character writing be so good — and the procedural stuff SO BAD…? Is it just me — or is the crime-of-the-week stuff written so rudimentarily as to be insulting…? It actually distracted me this week — “OK, now I’m doing a keyword search…” — “Oh, look — the incriminating video is time/date stamped…” Seems like this kind of detail could be delivered more artfully… and in a way that expects a little more intelligence of the audience…

    As to the other issues of the week — Danny and Kono? Nice. Jenna…? no, no, no…

  36. Cécile says:

    I think it’s the first time we hit 100+ comments, isn’t it ? Celebrations are in order !

  37. Merry Blue says:

    Some thought on Wo Fat

    If you have the access, watch the original H50 2nd season episode “40 Feet High and It Kills”. It is the episode in which a fake tsunami warning is generated in order to capture a top level genetic engineering scientist and the plot was orchestrated by Wo Fat. The episode gives some great face time between Wo Fat and Steve McGarrett. There are no guns, just some verbal chess play and mutual respect along with the antagonism.

    Some thoughts about the current Wo Fat were stimulated by a Reuters news article on how the Yakuza in Japan is distributing tons of food and aid material to the tsunami devastated regions. In some areas they were the first on the ground. The article gives some interesting views of the Yakuza, who they are, what some of their “philosophy” is, and their interaction with Japanese police.

  38. Merry Blue says:

    Um… hit the wrong button… Wo Fat continued:

    Wo Fat achieved his position in part by knowing his enemies. He is not afraid to approach Steve in the restaurant because he knows that Steve has the self-restraint to keep from killing him. He is certain of this because Steve did not kill Victor Hesse when he captured him, even though he was in an isolated area with only a rookie subordinate as witness.

    If Wo Fat values the alleged Yakuza code of justice and duty (which is debatable as he is a rogue Chinese Intelligence officer), then he has a great deal of respect for Steve
    on this basis, as well for Steve’s obvious intelligence talents.

    So why approach Steve personally? Steve has probably become enough of a threat to Yakuza operations in Hawaii that Wo Fat is taking preemptive action. By providing verbal warnings and hints and possibly by leaking contents of the Champ box back into Steve’s hands, he is controlling at least in part the direction of Steve’s investigation. He now has the opportunity to place misleading leads and falsified evidence in Steve’s way. He may be hoping eventually to neutralize Steve’s investigation by either discouraging further research or possibly even to blackmail Steve into turning a blind eye to some Yakuza activities.

    Just one theory….

  39. @Websouffle says:

    Fantastic reviews, analysis and theories by everyone! I love the deep thinking about Wo Fat using Jenna Kaye and her different character permutations to perhaps control the path that Steve follows.

    I want to give the writers credit for that and I hope that’s what they were doing with her uneven presentation in this episode. Remember these are the people that gave us 24, Fringe, Alias & the Star Trek reboot etc. so it’s possible, right?

    I’m recording a podcast about it this weekend and will bring that up with
    my cohost for discussion!

    Dana In Vermont
    ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ podcast & blog

  40. Pippin says:

    Excellent review, officer808.

    I’m neutral on the new character, Jenna Kaye. I didn’t care for the way that she was introduced, coming on too strong in her first scene, then bumbling and dorky in later scenes. I can’t tell if it was awkward writing and/or awkward execution by the actress but either way… awkward. Since there is so much about McGarrett’s family history that isn’t what it appears to be at first glance, and she appears with links to McGarrett’s family and Wo Fat, I’m going to hope that there is also more to her than appears at first glance. If we’re supposed to take her at face vaule then… meh. I’m not impressed. Perhaps she’s far more capable than she appears. Perhaps she’s working for Wo Fat (against her will or not).

    Speaking of Wo Fat, I loved the scene between him and McGarrett. Brilliant move to cast Mark Dacascos in this role. He’s a very good actor and scary martial artist too, so they could set up some terrific fight scenes with him if they ever wanted to. I’m really looking forward to see where the show goes with this character. He has the potential to be a great recurring villain. It would be an awesome twist on the original show if it turned out somewhere down the line that this version of Wo Fat was actually still working deep undercover on behalf of the good guys, but I doubt the show will go that route because the character is so fantastic as a straight-up villain. But if he is just a villain and he realizes that McGarrett is such a threat to him, why allow McGarrett to live? He could easily have McGarrett killed. But no, instead he sits down to chat with him over tea. Why? Since Wo Fat hasn’t just had McGarrett killed, that implies to me that he wants something from McGarrett, but what? Time will tell (I hope).

    I loved the scenes set in the comicbook convention and, as usual, Danny had all the best, wittiest lines.

  41. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    Well, I’ve long since missed the boat on this episode blog, but now that I’m catching up, I thought I toss my two cents out there. First, regarding Jenna Kaye, her first scene as the “tough” CIA agent in McG’s office immediately turned me off. She was completely rude and unpleasant. Then with that set up, she’s later reveals her true motivations and gets all weepy which I didn’t buy. I honestly didn’t feel sorry for her. If that gum thing was supposed to be cute–it really didn’t work. Odd side note: I wish they would’ve picked a better last name–I only say that because every time I heard “Agent Kaye” I kept thinking of Men in Black. Stupid, I know, but still it was distracting me.

    Anyway, despite my immediate dislike for JK, the rest of the episode was wonderful. I loved Steve’s curiosity about what Danny had in the paperbag. One of my favorite new lines is the “You’re like a little PacMan in cargo pants.”

    I go to conventions for the TV show, Supernatural, and during the convention scene(s) in this episode, I was laughing a bit AND saying “Hey, at least we’re not quite that bad.” (as in we don’t dress in costume LOL).

    There was great partner-ish chemistry between Danny and Kono. Chin had some great lines too. The scene between Steve and Wo Fat at the end was fantastic!

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s theories in regard to Wo Fat/Jenna Kaye, etc.

    • Cécile says:

      Lol don’t worry about the MIB thing, you’re not the only one ! As soon as I heard her name, I thought ‘OK, so, when is Will Smith coming in ?’ And it was agravated by the fact that she was all suited up. It felt wrong from the begining !

  42. lainiek says:

    big news about Jenna Kaye and Chin Ho at the attached link:
    spoiler alert- so read at your own risk . I am reading between line and saying this means there will be a season 2 of Hawaii Five 0

    • Awesomefan says:

      Oh my…the fans are not going to like this one bit! Seems like everyone is turned off by Jenna Kaye. I can’t imagine they would permanently break up the team, but it will make for a great storyline where we all learn more about Chin. I want to see more Chin and Malia. Are you with me?

    • luvinao'l says:

      see my comments above about the writing… and DDK hasn’t gotten as much juicy screen time as Alex and Scott… if he went home every night saying “I’m better than this…” I can’t say I’d blame him…

    • officer808 says:

      Hey lainie, thanks for the link. I decided not to run the story, because their speculation sounded so insanely ridiculous…

  43. lainiek says:

    No worries…DDK will be back on Hawaii 5-0 in the fall for season 2. There will just be some shuffling with where each teammate ends up when we get there.

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