EXCLUSIVE: Podcast up of Mike Buck’s interview of Peter Lenkov, Paul Z …HUGE spoiler ahead!

Spoiler is audio only, at the end of the audio clip, so read on.

Last night, co-executive producer Peter Lenkov and producer Paul Zbyszewski sat down to talk story with AM 830 KHVH radio host Mike Buck.  It was a full hour of production and behind the scenes insights, about character and storyline development, and a HUGE spoiler at the end.  Read the highlights below or click the link to start the podcast.

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, April 5, 2011, Mike’s  interview with Peter Lenkov and Paul Zbyszewski


-Peter talked about getting into the writing business.

-Paul Z talked about transitioning from working on Lost and discussed Daniel Dae Kim’s transition.

-Peter discussed how the network decides when new episodes will run.

-Peter and Paul discussed serialization versus procedurals, and how Five-0 balances between the two.

-Mike asked about how Five-0 cast and crew connects to the fans and social media, with @Amy_Bakari.  Peter:  “We have a very loyal fan base!”

-@LisaLisa98 sneakily asked about season 2’s Sunset on the Beach premiere on Waikiki Beach, but got no answer (nice try)!

Mike asked: What was the biggest obstacle you thought you had to over come, to bring the new show out of the old show, or did you say “forget about it” and we’re gonna bring in this brand new thing…?
-Peter: For me it was 12 years of a really great cutting edge procedural that existed.  At any given time in any place in the world that show is playing in reruns.  And I think If you’ve never seen the show, you at least know the theme song, you know sort of the iconic moments of the show, the book ’em danno… those things are iconic. …I don’t think we try to fill those shoes, I think we try to honor that original show…for us that was really the goal.
-Paul Z: For me, I just thought the material was great and I wanted to come aboard on the show because of Peter’s great pilot and the writing and the potential I saw in the characters and in the world.   It’s tough when you take on the mantle of an existing piece of work, someone else’s work.  There’s a segment of the audience that’s automatically going to want to kick you…you can’t think about that, you do the best that you can and you hope that people like it.  We hope that we’re telling good stories, and we’re creating characters that people like and can get behind, and we’re putting that expectation stuff aside.

-Discussion on the mechanics and scheduling of a show…shooting an episode in 8 days, minimum 12 hours a day.

Officer 808 asked: How far along are the characters now, from where they were originally envisioned?
Peter: I think for me when I first went to CBS and pitched the idea of the pilot I knew where the end game was for the end of the first season.  I knew where I wanted the characters to start, I knew where I wanted them to end. I did have some sort of mini arcs…through the course of the season but for the most part what you see week to week is built in the writers room… we’re getting to a place where we planned it that way…

Officer 808 asked: Being this far along the season, are there things that are unaccomplished, unfulfilled or things that could have possibly gone differently with the storylines or story arcs that you can talk about?
Paul Z: No I think things are kind of going as planned…when you sit down and map out the season, you plot out mile marker sort of episodes where characters are going to make some serious turns and you try and platform stuff that happens at the end so it makes sense and pieces fall together, like the way peter sort of laid out with the story of the champ box…it has a resolution in the finale that is pretty exciting and very cool.  So there’s a lot of calculation that goes into building arcs for the season, as opposed to creating a story for the week, and one of the things that we do well is we can do both.   We have a story that is opened and closed every week, a mystery they can follow, and yet we also give them a little bit of character that’s going to carry over from episode to episode, and we’re going to see these characters grow.

-A “special guest” asked how to develop a sexy radio voice like Peter and Paul…  He also talked about local references (food, restaurants) as nostalgia for the locals and travel brochures for those who haven’t been to Hawaii.

-Peter added: Part of our job is to really sell the fifth character of the show, and the fifth character is the island, and for us it’s a real pleasure for us to bring up these real businesses and locations and really sell this place.  Nobody pays us, nobody comes up to offer this stuff we actually aggressively go after these business or places that we frequent. Daniel actually introduced me to Sidestreet [Inn], and I enjoyed it and ended up going there a few times.  And I just felt like that’s a place McGarrett and Danny would go to also, and it made it into an episode.

-And of course, there’s a huge spoiler at the end.


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36 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Podcast up of Mike Buck’s interview of Peter Lenkov, Paul Z …HUGE spoiler ahead!

  1. Cécile says:

    Thanks officer ! That was interesting !

  2. SusieQ says:

    Thank you so much for providing the link so we international fans can hear the interview.

  3. carol says:

    Nice job of interrogation, Officer Bob! Glad you didn’t have to use the air horn on them.

  4. Linda Stein says:

    That was really cool. Great to hear LisaLisa98 on the air. It’s cute, even though she worked the ComicCon episode with them she still sounded so jittery. I suppose you don’t get used to it, although, Lisa, I’d love to give it a try LOL

    I liked the shout out to Sang Min and Kamakona. I agree, they are charactors that just screamed for more air time and I’m glad they got it, especially Kamakona. I can’t imagine it without him, he adds so much to the mix.

    Daniel calling in was a treat. I recognized his voice right away. It’s cute that he was listening in and “learning a lot”. I wonder if the others listened too.

    The finale is just going to be epic. Not only is there a resolution to the Champ box that is going to be “exciting and very cool” there’s going to be a major cliff hanger. I wonder who it will be?

    And I’m going to miss it!!!!!!!!! I won’t have access to a TV or a computer until a week later. How will I get through it?!?!?!? I’m counting on you, Officer, and all the undercover agents here to FILL THIS BLOG with everything so I can catch up. Son of a bitch…the finale would fall on THAT WEEK!!!!

  5. Kimmer says:

    Wow! What a great podcast – kudos to everyone who called in, especially you Officer – and LisaLisa98. It is so cool to hear how things go on behind the scenes. How funny to hear DDK call in – although I wish he had asked a real question, LOL. I am so glad that PLenkov & Co recognize the appeal of Kamekona and Sang Min – and that we will see them in many episodes to come.

    Holy Spoiler Batman!!! Now it is going to be even more painful to get through the next month until the finale. And I am so torn because while I want it to get here, I also don’t want it to get here because then we have to go months before the next season (c’mon CBS, announce it already!)

    Again, great job to all who participated, and thanks for posting the podcast Officer!

    • Linda Stein says:

      I know what you mean. And I wonder who it will be! There is speculation that it might be Rachel! The spoiler for the finale said that Danny was going to make a decision with regard to his relationship with Rachel. You don’t think he’d decide he wants her back only to have them bump her off?!?!? That would be just too cruel and it would KILL Danny!

      I suppose that could be the arc for Season 2 though. Season 1 was Steve trying to track down his parents killer and Season 2 could be Danny trying to track down Rachel’s! But I sooooo don’t want it to be Rachel! I really like her and what about Grace?!?!? Oh please, not Rachel!!!

      • Kmmer says:

        What if it’s not Rachael, but StepStan????

        I also toyed with the Catherine thing, since she just signed onto a pilot.

        Or the Gov!

      • Kimmer says:

        I’d be more inclined to think StepStan or Agent Kaye.

        Or… the Governor…

        Or, along that thinking (the actresses being on new shows next season….) maybe Catherine!

      • Ichi says:

        As much as I like Danny and Rachel, I really, really, REALLY he doesn’t end up sleeping with her or something. Hello, dude, she’s married! Besides, there’s dozens of women here who will gladly do the job!! I wonder if the spoiler means he’ll move on and meet someone new? NOT Jenna or Kono, please!

  6. textbook says:

    What fun! Never expected a long, first-person interview like that, and with DDK too! You can hear his huge grin in his voice.

    You do a great blog, Ossifer. And I’m not a blog fan. This is kinda like having a really cool friend – or a friend’s brother – that you don’t know very well, but you never pass up a chance to get there and hear his latest stories and news ‘cos it’s always fun.

  7. jujubee19 says:

    Maybe they will kill off Step-Stan and add to the friction between Rachel and Danny. OR a relative of Kono and Chin. OR Steve’s sister. OR Victor Hesse in prison. This is killing me!!!

  8. hawaiiobsessed says:

    So great! Thank you! Thanks for summarizing in print so I could read that until I had time to sit down and listen to the podcast. A big thank you to Peter and Paul for doing that, loved hearing their take on things and glad they seem so “into” Hawaii. You were great, as always bob, loved when DDK called in. I want to be his friend, he seems like such a cool, genuine guy. Can not wait until the new episodes!!! I almost don’t want to get to the end ( even tho I want to know what happens! ) because then it will be over for awhile. :>( I will make it through tho if you keep up the blog! It is all in your hands! ha ha!

  9. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Wow! So cool to hear the co-producers voices and put them to the faces we’ve seen floating around on the blogosphere and twitter! They seemed like genuine people – not Hollywood types- know what I mean? Anyway, enjoyed listening, although it took me 3 tries to get it downloaded. We now can stop wondering about why there is all the reruns- we knew it was the network’s fault all along! DDK sounded so cool on the radio!
    Now for that huge spoiler! They didn’t really tell us anything we don’t already know – someone always dies on each episode! They wouldn’t possibly kill off Rachel, would they? I for one would not want to see Steve having to sleep on Danny’s recliner for 6 months to keep him from falling off the ledge! So I’m just going to say what everyone else WANTS to say – go ahead and kill off Jenna Kaye! Thanks for posting the blog here, Officer! Love Texbook’s reference to the cool friend we tune in to everyday so’s not to miss anything!

    • Kimmer says:

      LOL – thanks for stating what most of us are hoping!!! (Agent Kaye getting KO’d)

    • Merry Blue says:

      Hey Lynnette – I think you nailed it! Has there been an episode without a dead body so far? When I listened to that “huge spoiler” I thought, Ha! They are pulling our chain again. I think it’s just another celebrity-of-the-week guest star or an Ensign Smith that’s gonna die. All our regular and semi-regular faves (and maybe not so faves) will survive. Yeah, even Jenna.

      They certainly better not kill off Gov. Jamieson – she is definitely an under utilized gem. I want more Jean Smart!!! *clenches fists and stamps feet petulantly*

      Officer Bob – great job once again. Thanks so much for providing the podcast. And if Mike Buck is reading – let our “Bob” talk some more! He’s got really good comments. 🙂

      And if DDK is reading, you already have a great radio voice! It’s a great voice period.

      Bob, if you have time for an additional undercover assignment, could you find out what the story is with Jean Smart? I thought I read that she also signed to another series and am wondering what effect that will have on her H50 role. I would gladly hurl Catherine into a crater and keep Gov Pat instead. (And I do like Catherine, I just like Gov Pat more.)

      • officer808 says:

        Oooo…I’m a LT Rollins fan, ya better watch out! 😉
        I appreciate all the “Let Bob talk more” comments, but until I get my own radio show, I think we’ll let Mike run it his way. 😉
        Oh and Merry, look for the guy in the Red Shirt to get off’ed.

      • Merry Blue says:

        Cecile… are you there Cecile? Do you just happen to have an episode-by-episode dead body compilation handy? Curious mind(s) want to know. If not, don’t worry about it – I’m not trying to make you watch all those episodes over again, that would be too much work. (Apologies for the lack of accent – some day I will figure out how to access the character set…)

        Awwww, Bob, I like Catherine, too. But really, that scene where the Gov storms into Steve’s office after he soured her lunch with Hiro…. that’s gotta be one of the very top scenes of Season 1. And I’m including the exchange between Steve and Danny immediately after: “I’ve never liked you more than at this moment.”
        Catherine is strong and a good match for Steve, but unfortunately, she’s been used more as prop.

  10. Ichi says:

    Hopefully it’s not Kamekona! He’s always risking his neck as an informant for 5-0. 😦

    • Cécile says:

      I’m with you on this one ! But I don’t think they’d kill Kamekona. Even though he was not originally supposed to be around that much, he ads too much fun to the show to write him off so soon. And as you said, he’s a good asset for the team.

  11. Pippin says:

    Thank you so much for supplying a link to this interview. It was great to listen it. The producers sounded like genuinely nice guys. As for the spoiler…dunno who it refers to. I can’t imagine that it’s anyone from the team. I hope it’s not Steve’s sister Mary, or Danny’s ex, Rachel. I like both of these characters quite a lot. I was unimpressed by the Jenna Kaye character so I wouldn’t mind at all if it’s her. Hope it’s not the governor.

  12. Linda Stein says:

    Lots of comments on a radio show that, honestly, while tons of fun really didn’t give out too much new information or information we couldn’t have figured out for ourselves. Dear Lord….we are sooooooo starved for new shows we’ll be dissecting Danny’s tie collection soon! LOL

    • hawaiiobsessed says:

      well, without any new episodes we are all desperate for something Hawaii Five-0 related to discuss!! ha ha. We can only go on about Officer Bob’s sexy radio voice so long… and his nice laugh and how we all wish Mike Buck would LET HIM TALK more…. hee hee. All in good fun, Officer! You are right, Danno’s tie collection, Steve’s different shades of cargo pants, why are they always putting Kono in plaid….. How much do they all work out and when do they find the time?! Not too much malasada eating and coco puff eating going on around there! I thought DDK suit in the pics at the legislature was just right. Cool and Hawaii looking but dressed up and classy…. sigh. Only a few more days til a new episode, then we will really have something to discuss!!!

    • officer808 says:

      I think the emphasis was on the production and behind the scenes aspects. Interviews like this are typically structured, with the guests going in knowing what they’ll be asked. I’ve never heard an interview (especially Lost) where the writers/producers will sit down and spill everything. Personally, I found the production aspect fun. They also covered things people were dying to know, such as why so many reruns. As far as I know, this was the first and only format where they’ve had direct interaction with the fans (other than twitter).

      The biggest thing I think was Peter personally thanking the fans for being a loyal bunch, and well, I gotta say it was pretty cool to get a personal shout out from the man himself. 🙂

      • Linda Stein says:

        Yeah Bob…I know…I was only joking. It was a really great, fun interview and having Peter thank us personally was way cool. It’s one thing when stars or producers say in a taped interview, “oh yeah, we appreciate our fans” but it is quite another to have him go out of his way to say it live on the air! Very cool, but then Peter IS very cool. Those of us who had the priviledge to talk to him before he shut down his Facebook page can vouch for that. He was always nice and friendly and didn’t come off as some hot shot hollywood type too busy to say hi and thanks. Unfortunetly he IS very busy and had to shut the page down but for a few weeks there it was a lot of fun talking to him. He is a really great guy.

      • Kimmer says:

        Not only the shout out to the fans, but I liked his shout out to bloggers like yourself Officer, for giving us fans a place to obsess and keep the momentum of the show going during the rerun season!

  13. norriski says:

    Just have to say Thanks for putting the this up so I could actually sit and listen to the whole thing instead of the 30 second pieces I go the night it was on live!

    As to the Danny / Rachel thing…. I hope it’s just them coming to an understanding to be more friendly with each other and Danny can move on… all for Grace’s benifit… I really don’t want to see them do something soap operay (is that a word) and have Danny and Rachel have some kind of affair! That would make me sick!

    I also don’t see how it could be able Rachel leaving, as Danny’s proven he’ll move where ever Grace is so if she and Grace leave Danny leaves and I just don’t think the show would do that.

    • officer808 says:

      I’m glad a lot of people who couldn’t tune in got a chance to listen to the podcast. 🙂
      Personally, I think Danny and Rachel reconcile, decide to give Gracie a little sister, and settle down in Hoboken. 😉

  14. Dan68 says:

    Hello to all you h5-0 fans! Thankyou for all the interesting info and facts you provide. But all this talk is making me so jealous and impatient. You see I am here in Australia and although we currently don’t have to watch any reruns (as yet) we are so far behind. The show only started airing here in January and we are only upto episode 13/14. I love the show and it’s great characters and fantastic scenery. (plus can’t forget about the Aussies in it!!!) It is great to know that I can expect some great episodes to come though. I loved being able to listen to the podcast too. Great job and thanks

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