Filming for the season finale begins this week; BTS photo flood on Facebook

Filming for the season finale began this past Monday in downtown Honolulu with fans and passers-by watching.  “Oia’i’o” [truth] is the title of the episode, in which Danny will make a decision about his future with Rachel, and Wo Fat meddles with the Five-0 team.  Read about what they saw and check out the behind the scenes photos captured by the awesomest Undercover Special Agents on the Facebook album.

The Agents reported back to me that they saw a scene with Danny and Steve having a heated discussion over a case folder, and a certain ex-wife says goodbye to Danny…

Scott Caan, Claire van der Boom, Hawaii Five-0

Scott Caan and Claire van der Boom in a scene for Hawaii Five-0. Photo: Undercover Special Agent Foo


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34 Responses to Filming for the season finale begins this week; BTS photo flood on Facebook

  1. alavenia says:

    I can’t believe they started filming the last episode, sounds very intriguing, thanks!

  2. lmk66 says:

    still going with my gut on this one- Stan and Rachel are leaving Hawaii and Danny has to decide if he is going to move to follow them again.

  3. lainiek says:

    thanks for making waiting for H50 episodes fun in between as well 😉

  4. lainiek says:

    Can’t wait to see if my theories about Danny and Rachel pan out. I think Stan and she will be moving on again, and Danny will have to decide to follow or not. Could be part of the cliffhanger…. Guess 1/2 the fun is waiting. 🙂

  5. norriski says:

    Hum… what is up with that stuff between Danny and Rachel. I for one and totally against a Danny / Rachel reunion.. but am all for them finding a way to have a more amicable relationship for Grace’s sake. I’m confused as this is being promoted as Danny makes a decision… I don’t see how TPTB can have this be about Rachel and Stan moving because it they’d have to have Danny move (as we’ve already seen a huge part of what Danny is and who he is Grace’s Dad… he’s already moved 5000 miles to be with her, what were stop her from doing it again??) to not do that would be totally against his character. This stuff is going to be driving me crazy!!!!

  6. Traci M says:

    Does this mean they’ll be done filming soon? I arrive there Next Saturday and I was hoping to see some filming 😦 Oh well…I hope maybe they’ll stick around 🙂 Thanks for the updates!

  7. Dee says:

    I am sick!!!
    yes I am of the few that want a reunion between Danny and Rachel (not right away but..) I always thought from the time that the producers discussed a spilt in team was that Stan was taking Rachel and Grace somewhere (“that deal that would pan out” discussion in car with Danny?) And Danny would have to move yet again.
    Now with the possiblity of a cast memeber not returning— I hope it is not Rachel! I think that would be so tramatic- and horrible. Take Stan!! Have Rachel leave for London in mourning and Danny decide to follow her or not? I think I am going to develop an ulcer over this!!!!

  8. Ichi says:

    When Danny is exiting the car, is that Daniel Dae Kim walking in the opposite direction to where he’s headed?

  9. Lynn says:

    Okay…DON’T let it be that Stan/Rachel are moving again! That would just destroy Danny, he can’t live without his monkey. And also I love Rachel and Grace, I don’t want them to leave the show 😦 Now Stan I could easily do without. Sorry Stan.

  10. Awesomefan says:

    Why are people assuming that she is leaving the island? Did I miss a spoiler somewhere about that? Maybe she and Stan are taking a trip. The way I see it, she and Danny can’t get back together permanently because then Danny has no reason to stay in Hawaii. If they were together Danny would move back to NJ to be near his parents and sisters and get his “normal” life back. I think it more likely that he has been working his way back into her good graces (no pun) and she is falling for him and she’s putting a stop to it. Don’t forget, she told McG that she couldn’t stand the uncertainty of maybe losing him everyday he went to work. She does not want to be a cop’s wife and he will NEVER give up being a cop.

    Next season, Danny needs a love interest other than Rachel. They could do some really funny stuff about Danny’s dating “style”. Maybe a new girlfriend every week for a few weeks. Hee-hee. I am giggling just thinking about it!

    • Overdamoon says:

      ITA, AwesomeFan! I think the back-and-forth drama between Rachel and Danny makes good TV show but the writers can’t put them together for the reasons you explained.

      Meanwhile, the Rachel character/actress seems to be well-liked and I haven’t heard of any rumor of her leaving the show. So settle down, DanRach fans, you’ll see more of their scenes in the future.

      Now, there may be some collateral damage from WoFat’s meddling with the 5-0 team so one character/actor/actress is exiting the show. I have a theory of who this may be–the gov’s assistant–but I hope I’m wrong. 😦

      • Awesomefan says:

        Actually, I like it better when Danny and Rachel argue. She sure doesn’t give him and inch!

  11. jadore says:

    I also do not want to see a Danny/Rachel reunion. I like Rachel, but I would rather see Danny as a single Dad. He definitely needs a girlfriend though. Would love to see him in the “dating” world.

    I have a gut feeling something may happen to Rachel in the finale. Have to wait and see.

  12. Awesomefan says:

    Wow, Danny as a single dad…I love it! Maybe Stan and Rachel will take a long trip so she can get some separation from Danny. Hmmm….can’t wait for Monday’s episode! I am going to be so bummed when this season is over. I love this show!

  13. Val says:

    Lots of interesting theories but I’m going with a “hunch” – going back to the night that Matt left the airfield and Danny drove to see Rachel after. Something happened between them that night. Stan once told Danny in confidence that their marriage has not been going well lately – what if things got worse after that near scare she and daughter Grace had when they were car jacked. What if Rachel got fed up with Stan’s business travel and decided to take some time out to think, especially when Danny lands up in hospital, that experience must have knocked some sense into her because the thought of losing him scares the crap out of her.

    So she decides to leave the island and Stan behind which might explain the picture of Danny standing there talking to Rachel. She may be leaving to think to have some space which is probably why Danny is thinking about the relationship with Rachel – the only thing that might make sense to why Danny would suddenly think about the future is if Stan is out of the picture.

    Rachel might need her space but she’s taking Grace with her which of course will upset Danny because he has no idea how long she intends to be away. What if she stubbornly insists on going anyway and Danny stays behind but realizes that he needs to go after her to persuade her to come back to him in season 2 and yes back to Hawaii not New Jersey!! At least they will give us something to look forward to because there is no way that Danny leaves for good. It just wouldn’t make sense. Without Dano, no “Five-0”.

    • Dee says:

      @Val I think alot of the fans of Danny/Rachel reunion are hoping fot that scenario! I’ll even accept (although it hurts to type it 🙂 If Danny “dates” while Rachel is away – but that somewhere in season 2 they work at getting back together. Are you listening/ reading Lenkov??????????

  14. lainiek says:

    I still feel Danny needs to heal and move on….still curious about what Matthew said about knowing that Danny is not perfect. Why did their marriage end? We know Danny was devistated, but did he mess up or was he too involved in his job? If it is the latter, and Rachel walked away , she doesn’t deserve a second chance. I for one want Danny to date and get his groove back.

    • Awesomefan says:

      What if she cheated on him?

    • Awesomefan says:

      Oh, oh, oh, forgot to say…I caught that comment that Matt made about Danny not being perfect. Here’s what I am wondering: Danny and Co. took $10 million out of the evidence lock-up to pay Chin’s ransom. However, wasn’t Matt laundering/transporting $10 million? Is there a connection? Hmmmm….. Maybe Matt knows and maybe it will turn out that Matt will end up helping his bro somehow (I hope!).

  15. McPhee says:

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo Rachel can’t leave poor Danno.

  16. Bobryk87 says:

    @Officer808 Can you PLEASE update the Champ Box page?

  17. BigBraddah says:

    Danno could get involved with a girlfriend and the writers could allow it to build slowly as if Danno and the wahine are trying to be careful about what may be developing… And Danno could say “well, i have some loose ends and it may not be good idea to have a relationship with a detective, know whatcher getting into…” and then a baddie who wants to get even with Danno, offs her. It is a crime drama after all, and now and again, the series will have a sacrificial lamb to keep the suspense and emotional rollercoaster going…

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