Sunday’s news: Local actor Joji Yoshida hopes to make an impression in new Five-0 episode; catch Daniel Dae Kim’s live tweet up; Chef Morimoto to host Five-0 party

Mike Gordon’s entertainment report

From today’s Star Advertiser, reporter Mike Gordon got the scoop on local actor Joji Yoshida:

LOCAL ACTOR Joji Yoshida will be holding his breath when the curtain rises on tomorrow’s new episode of “Hawaii Five-0” at 9 p.m. on KGMB. He’s hoping his guest spot as fisherman Jack Leung won’t be cut from the episode, but he’s also pretty optimistic it will remain intact.

“Jack’s part is a very integral part of the story,” Yoshida said. “He’s the gist of the episode.”

Yoshida’s pretty excited these days. Even though he’s been in the business since the late 1990s, this is only his third speaking part, and it follows a major breakthrough: a large role on “Battleship,” a $200 million feature film that shot in Hawaii and Louisiana last year.

The actor is convinced “Five-0” will help in a big way, taking him “from being a completely unknown local actor to possibly being a working actor.”

Joji Yoshida, Daniel Dae Kim. Photo: Honolulu Star Advertiser

“It’s a hit TV show,” he said, “and a lot of people on the mainland will see it and it will be really good for this resurgence of my career.”

Mike also mentioned:

IF YOU’RE part of the Twitter universe, you will want to be sure and follow “Five-0” series regular Daniel Dae Kim (@DanielDaeKim), who will be tweeting live commentary and answering questions during tomorrow’s episode. He’ll start when the show airs on the East Coast, which is 4 p.m. Hawaii time.

Chef Morimoto to host episode viewing party at Morimoto’s Waikiki

Mike Gordon also wrote on Friday:

International restaurateur and karaoke fancier Masaharu Morimoto plays a guest role in the latest episode of “Hawaii Five-0,” and he’ll celebrate his appearance with a viewing party Monday at his restaurant, Morimoto Waikiki.

Morimoto, who plays himself in the episode, plans to prepare dishes, mingle and sing during the party. The chef, who lives in New York, will return to Hawaii for the event.

The new episode of “Five-0″ follows its lead characters, McGarrett and Danno, as they hike into a remote jungle to look at petroglyphs. But they find a homicide victim instead.

McGarrett and Danno visit Morimoto’s restaurant to search for a clue that might have been transported there.

During the scene with Morimoto, the Five-0 guys come upon the chef as he’s testing out some new karaoke gear; Morimoto is singing “Wonderful World.”

The chef is definitely not shy about singing. During a Sony Open gala dinner here in January (at which “Hawaii Five-0″ was also in the house), Morimoto prepared dishes, then took the microphone for a solo before Earth, Wind & Fire took the stage.

On Monday the restaurant in the Waikiki Edition will place several large TV screens to encourage viewing. Dinner seating will be at 8:30 p.m. — the episode starts at 9 p.m. on KGMB — and the chef will turn the lanai into a karaoke party after the credits roll.

To make reservations, call 943-5900.

Chef Morimoto, Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Hawaii Five-0

"ALLEZ CUISINE!!!" -Chef Morimoto, Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS


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