I <3 u

Undercover Agents- Yesterday on the podcast, Mike Buck gave me a second to acknowledge the fact that my 50undercover.com blog has grown immensely over the past few weeks, and I just wanted to repeat what I said on the air, that you all are the greatest fans in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom, and this blog wouldn’t be what it is without your thoughtful comments and your incredible enthusiasm.  I couldn’t name you all, but thought about everyone of you. 🙂

Thanks also to Peter Lenkov, Paul Z, and Erika for taking the time to chat to the fans last week.  Also a big thanks to all the writers, actors and crew who take time out of their schedule to connect with the fans!

I ❤ u


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17 Responses to I <3 u

  1. Linda Stein says:

    Thanks Bob. I heard you say that on the radio and it was really nice to hear. You’re right, there is no way you could name everyone but we all love the blog, love having a place where we can be our crazy show loving selves. What would we do without you? Probably be driving the people in our everyday lives totally bonkers!

  2. Cécile says:

    awww so cute ! Thank you for giving us a place to work our most twisted theories and swoon over Danny’s witty sarcasm (amongst other things…), for sharing your knowledge on these beautiful islands you live on, and on the production of our new favorite show ! And thank you for doing so with your humorous writing ! Coming here is half the pleasure in watching H50 !

  3. Danielle says:

    Congrats on the success of the blog! You know I love your blog and respect it immensely as a fellow H50 site!
    BTW ~ You have a very sexy voice on the radio!!!

  4. Val says:

    Hi Bob – likewise – keep up the great work and I think all those who have contributed largely especially the on set locations and photos – they really deserve a huge hand of applause – honestly it has been incredible fun seeing this from such a long distance. You truly have brought Hawaii home to all of us!! Mahalo♥

  5. spotted reptile says:

    I’ll fourth that. You work hard at this and you love it, and it shows. This is one of the blogs I check daily when I get out of bed, and there is always something interesting to read about our beloved show and Hawaii.

    Great work. Nice to know you are appreciated.

  6. hawaiiobsessed says:

    We ❤ you more!!

  7. Katie says:

    I check your blog a couple of times a day. I ❤ you for working so hard to bring us news and keeping us updated on what's happening in the H 5-0 world! Thanks so very much!

  8. lainiek says:

    sending you a Danno heart mime back ♥

  9. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Mr. Undercover, you must know I feel exactly the same as everyone else here. You, and your blog, are the glue that binds us all together with our love of H5-0. But also, you have brought the reality of life on the beautiful island of Oahu into a special place in the hearts of all us mainlanders and continentals. I don’t think there is a one of us watching this show or reading this blog, or the other sites you recommend, who is not trying to plan a trip to the islands sometime in the future! Hey! You know you’re doing well when you have a very impressive bovine free ranging it in the “wilds” of Montana affectionately named after you! Or at least one of your alias! Thanks for a wonderful season – ❤ u too!

  10. McPhee says:

    Danno giving the sign really says everything Bob like I said on Facebook you made my day with that post.

    I have made soo many fans online with Five-0 and it’s amazing how nice everyone is I hope this will continue on for another year or so.

    Thanks for the lovely shoutout Bob I’m listening to it at the moment great interview and well done

  11. Kimmer says:

    We ❤ you too! Thanks for the shout out on the radio show – it was nice to hear, but really, it wouldn't be anything without our dear Officer. Thanks for this site, I'm sure it takes a LOT of work – I check it all the time (can't get to FB at work) it gives me my much needed doses of H50.

  12. WendieJoy says:

    Awww! Does that include me? YAY! Great job on the radio:) XO~WJ

  13. sockie says:

    like everyone else said, we ❤ you, too, bob. 🙂 thanks for all you do. we really do appreciate it.

    and hey, the podcast gave me an idea for a busniess venture for you. you could sell color saturation glasses to the tourists. make hawaii really look like it does on H50. I know I'd buy a pair. 😉

  14. MyMcG says:

    Group hug!! We heart you back!! I’m so glad to have found this little piece of Hawaii on the internet! The time and the heart you put into your blog is really amazing. Across all the different kinds/categories of blogs I read (cooking, design, etc) this one is honestly the most fun & entertaining. THANK YOU!!!!

  15. lankyguy says:

    D’aw, we less than three you, too!

  16. norriski says:

    Little late to the party here… but sending love back to you… you’re blog has made this California girl have a much better understanding of Hawaii and our beloved show!

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