Hawaii Five-0 syndication rights sold to TNT

From Broadcasting and Cable:

CBS Television Distribution has sold rookie drama Hawaii Five-0 to cable net TNT.

The market for the show was opened by a preemptive bid by an unidentified cable network, which immediately set prices at $2-plus million per episode. In the end, Hawaii Five-0 sold in the mid-$2 million range, on par with what two of the last big dramas – Warner Bros’ The Mentalist and CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles – each received.

The off-net deal begins on TNT in fall 2014. The deal also includes digital rights so that TNT can provide the show on demand and online to its subscribers via Time Warner’s TV Everywhere initiative.

What does this mean?  Hawaii Five-0 is not leaving CBS, and we’ll continue to see new episodes on that network.  TNT bought the syndication rights to show repeat episodes and have exclusive rights to show Five-0 on demand to cable subscribers.  The deal begins in 2014, because theoretically by that time, CBS will have produced a hundred episodes of the show.  That’s the magic number that networks look at before sending a show off to another network for syndication.

This however, does not automatically guarantee the show for another three seasons (as much as we want it to), but it would be in CBS’s best interest for the continued success of the show in order to cash in on TNT’s huge offer.

A big mahalo to all those on twitter who helped make sense of this news!


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14 Responses to Hawaii Five-0 syndication rights sold to TNT

  1. lankyguy says:

    Thank you for breaking it down for folks, will RT. Seeing a LOT of misinformation out there. Mahalo.

    • officer808 says:

      Wait what??!?!?! Hawaii Five-0 sold to Oprah Winfrey for the Opran Network? Will feature only Kono, Jenna Kaye and Dr. Malia??!??!?!?!

      But seriously, it was made crystal clear to me by some smart people. 🙂

  2. Stevo says:

    The deal begins in 2014, because theoretically by that time, CBS will have produced a hundred episodes of the show.

    OMG!!!!best news ever!!!!

    love you officer, big mahalo!!!!!!

  3. 3DHawaii.com says:

    Everybody’s scrambling because it’s never happened like this before: Syndication in freshman year before 2nd season is even picked up? It’s wacko! Excellent clarification. Mahalo, offi-SIR!

    • officer808 says:

      Yes Ma’am! Thanks for also pointing that out…frosh show sells syndication big 🙂

    • Diana says:

      Actually it has once before with a show last year on CBS and that was NCIS:LA. It was actually sold into syndication to the USA channel (which also happens to be the same channel that has the rights to the mothership, NCIS) after only 7 episodes of the series had ever aired. It sold for around 2.9 million an episode whereas Hawaii Five-0 sold for about 2.5 million. Of course, did I mention that NCIS:LA is the second highest rated drama on TV right now behind the original NCIS. So does that tell you something about the company our show is keeping and how it is viewed by the TV industry?

  4. Cécile says:

    Mahalo officer for the explanation ! I was a little confused yesterday night when the news broke !

  5. Kimmer says:

    That’s great news! I can only imagine what other wild-@#% explanations were out there, LOL.

  6. awesomefan says:

    Yes, this is unheard of for a show to have a syndication deal after only one season. 100 shows is about 5 seasons and many shows that are on the bubble after season 4 (like “Chuck”) may only have a chance at a 5th season due to the possibility of syndication when it is completed. This show is sitting pretty and is guaranteed to be around for at least 5 seasons.

  7. sockie says:

    thanks, bob!

    this is awesome news. 😀

    although, it does appear that I will be very unproductive starting in 2014. only 3 years left to do all I need to do before daily showings of H50 suck up all my free time. 😉

  8. dizzylucy says:

    Really great news! It may not be a 100% guarantee of many seasons to come, but it’s about as close as you can get to saying it ain’t going anywhere! Very happy for everyone involved with the show, and for all of us fans too.
    I can’t remember the last time a show sold in its first season. Between this sale, the quick and expansive overseas sale, and how well it does online, the show must be doing very well for the network.

  9. Leni says:

    Likey, Likey, Likey
    This gives us some hope that we will get at least 4 more seasons.

  10. SuzieQ says:

    AloHA! Thanks for the clarification. So many people here speculating on how a frosh show could go into syndication next year. Now we know it won’t be until 2014.We keep hearing that the ratings on the show are dropping and that it would be cheaper to produce in L.A. Say What??? How do you move a show called “HAWAII” Five 0 to L.A.??!! People are also talking this: if Five 0 doesnt get renewed it could be like Moonlight for Alex O. That show got more popular after it was cancelled. Personally, I can’t believe CBS would cancell Five O – too much money from big sponsors like GM & Hilton hotels & stae of Hawaii & all its citizens love having the show there. Keep up the great reporting officer808!

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