P. Diddy BTS on Access Hollywood

P. Diddy behind the scenes on Access Hollywood-check out the clip with Maria Menounos.


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4 Responses to P. Diddy BTS on Access Hollywood

  1. BigBraddah says:

    Re. P Diddy’s ep;
    Steveo says ‘iss you’ instead of ‘ish you’ when he says issue a warrant.

    Steveo enumerates all the crimes committed by cannon and his son just now in on ‘Oahu, describing them as resulting in the death penalty. They have the death penalty now in Hawai’i?!

    I like the weekly red herring. always fun. Even tho half way thru we should expect the red herring… as just that.
    We see Tantalus drive as a place P. diddy stops at and then with binocs, of course, 2nd level parking lot of Ala Moana center just makai of MaiTai bar between Needless Markup and Macy’s

    The distinctive white low fencing along the roadside they drive by sure looks like Kualoa ranch area.

    • norriski says:

      I believe the death penalty was in play as it was Federal charges that were being brought forth… an FBI agent was killed…making at least that part of the crime falling under Federal jurisdiction; so the fact that Hawaii doesn’t have the death penalty was a moot point.

  2. BigBraddah says:

    Oh and I loved this; Steveo yells back at Pdiddy; I answer to god and the governor only! hahaaa. just like they usta say back in the old five oh!

  3. BigBraddah says:

    I would have titled this ep “Makaia” because, while sounding more powerful, and easier to pronounce, also means revenge, vengeance, treachery, betrayal, traitor, betrayer, turncoat; treacherous. Depending on the context. And we saw just about all of these tonite.

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