Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 21, “Ho’opa’i”

Update:  The correct title is “Ho’opa’i”, which can be translated “to punish” or “revenge”, depending on context.  Read more on the Hawaiian meaning of the word at Wendie’s blog, the Five-0 Redux.  Thanks to the eagle eyed speakers of Hawaiian for pointing that out. 🙂

“Ho’opa’i” recap described through the collected works of Puffy/Puff Daddy/P.Diddy

Alex and Diddy, Photo: CBS

After he’s been around the world working undercover for the FBI, Officer Reggie Cole sneaks off to Oahu to visit his family for a short break.  His own son doesn’t recognize him at first, but all becomes well after a father and son talk.  With Barry White music playing in the background we later see Reggie and his wife in a heart to heart, where she pleads with him to leave his undercover work and rejoin the family after two years of being away.  He tells her “I love it when you call me Big Poppa,” but that he has to finish the job he started to bring mob boss Jimmy Cannon to justice.

Early in the morning, the family reunion is interrupted when two masked thugs break in, kill the FBI escorts and murder his gorgeous wife.  The Five-0 team responds to the call, Reggie reveals who he’s after and the chase for the murderers begin.  The trail eventually leads to mob kingpin Jimmy Cannon, who is having some spam, eggs and rice with his son, Richard.  But, seriously how many of us would continue to sit at breakfast after cops go crashing through your beautiful solid wood gates of your compound?

Meanwhile, Reggie proves that ain’t nobody can hold him down and busts out of the hospital to go looking for the murderers himself.  McG and Danny realize Reggie didn’t do it and they team up.  The trail eventually leads to the Silent Librarian (Nelson Lee played by Zero Kazama) who confesses that Richard was the one pulling the strings.

Back to the Cannon compound, and Reggie accuses Richard, telling Jimmy that in the end, it was all about the Benjamins that Richard was after.

For hugs and fist bumps, the crew say good bye to Reggie, while young  Kevin looks up into the clouds wondering to his mom, “Every move I make, every step I take, every single day, every night I pray, I’ll be missing you.”


Were you paying attention?  Find out tomorrow why!

Did Diddy do it or didn’t do it for you?

Last night’s episode “Ho’opa’i” was penned by Shane Salerno and Peter Lenkov and featured guest star Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.  A lot of Five-0 fans were lukewarm to the news of Diddy becoming a guest star on the show, hesitant that a hip-hop star can be one of the few who can successfully cross over from their respective platform to the screen.  CBS promoted the episode heavily and featured his new song “Coming Home”.

I myself enjoyed the episode, it was well written and directed.  I liked Diddy’s portrayal of the character, and he had a great scene with McG in the interrogation room.  Generally speaking he was great throughout the whole episode but he did seem a little awkward in the interrogation of Nelson (Zero Kazama) and his “heaven and hell” lines.  I noticed how the Five-0 team took a step back to allow Officer Reggie (Diddy) navigate the episode.  Chin was barely visible, Danny bantered with Kono and McG for a bit, but not much.  McG had some great lines …”I WORK FOR GOD AND THE GOVERNOR” ranks up there with “YOU WANT THE TRUTH?” (Jack Nicholson, “Few Good Men”) and “I AM THE LAW!” (Sylvester Stallone, “Judge Dredd” just had to throw that in).

Though toned down in this episode, the banter between McGarrett and Danny is funny.  But the banter between Kono and Danny is cute.  Sometimes I wish I could banter with Kono.  I’ll do it all day long…but I digress.  Am I the only one to notice that there definitely is chemistry with Kono’s playfulness with Danny’s snarkiness?  We first saw it with the surfboard lesson in the tidal wave episode, and in front of the strip club with the fake texts in the superhero episode, and we saw them making out (acting) at the gambling house…  Typically I’m not a big fan of cast inbreeding, where characters hook up within a group as the series develops.  I mean really, is Rachel with Ross or with Joey?!?  Likewise I think Danny and Kono getting romantically linked in the future may make for an interesting story, but would be a huge distraction from the team dynamic, and would detract from the Danny/Rachel story.

Speaking of Grace Park, the last two episodes allowed for her to do a lot more with her acting ability.  Her character had notification duty to the survivors of the victim in last week’s episode, and this week she had to console Kevin after showing him the photo lineup.  Small scenes like this are critical for the development of Kono, and I’m happy that Peter and the writing crew are building a lot of this into the stories…I still would love to see a another Kono centric story.

Rounding out the story arc

Peter Lenkov mentioned that when he sketched out the season very early on in the inception of Hawaii Five-0, he had an idea of several story arcs that he wanted to see through, and fulfill important character development.  In this episode we finally see one of the unsung secondary characters shine (literally because of the glaze), and that character is…Spam.  Like Mary Ann McGarrett in the first half of the series, Spam has been largely missing from our favorite show.

For those of you who found my blog only recently, let me reacquaint you with Hawaii Five-0’s relationship with the Hawaii’s fine delicacy:

A reporter asked Alex O’Loughlin about Spam, with his reaction.

My delicate sensitivities are offended.

Further investigation reveals Grace Park’s and Masi Oka’s attitude towards Spam.

And my open letter of reconciliation for  crew of Hawaii Five-0 for their snubbing of Spam.

Kamekona didn’t surprise me when he fixed some ono [delicious] Spam fried rice with eggs for McGarrett, but what surprised me was how quick McG disowned our “Hawaiian steak”.  What kind of local boy is he?!?! I mean braddah dodged Kamekona’s fork the same way Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in the Matrix.  I think Alex was speaking for himself and McG when he said that he didn’t eat the stuff.  But like I said in an earlier post, the people of Hawaii don’t want to be responsible for Alex developing any Spam handles, so carry on.

So what happens to Spam next?  Will McG put it on a plane back for Los Angeles?  Will it meat (get it?) an untimely end in the season finale?  Stay tuned!

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 21, “Ho’opa’i”

1)       You can mix Spam with anything and it’ll taste good, eggs, fried rice, salad, ramen noodles.  It truly is the “nectar of the islands.”

2)      Hate to say it, but New York City officers got an edge over HPD, Reggie hog tied three of them!

…did you notice?

One of my Undercover Special Agents got a lot of BTS photos of the Cannon compound.  Check out the Facebook page “Right Place Right Time – Fan Photos 2011 album.  Also check out the youtube page for BTS on the gate crash.

Actor Zero Kazama (Nelson Lee, the second assassin) is the host of MTV’s Silent Library.  Set in a “library”, contestants win money by doing stunts without making too much noise.  If they exceed a certain decibel level, they lose.  If you enjoy pranks, then watch this show.

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, one of the major themes of the season is the father-son relationship.

“Ho’opa’i” means close to heart.


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156 Responses to Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 21, “Ho’opa’i”

  1. Val says:

    Oh I love your blog officer Bob – it was so nice to finally see it up!! Here’s my review of the show. Hey I’m the first to post!!

    “Coming Home” opening theme song, just loved it!! This episode wow undoubtedly one of the best well written episodes to date. This particular episode theme has “love & family, betrayal, and justice” all over it.

    Love & family – undoubtedly the opening when Reggie Cole returns home to be with his family, to his wife and a son who didn’t even recognize him, had it been that long since he’s been away?

    The next endearing moment was Steve when he walked into the house looking for Kevin who was still hiding somewhere in the house after mom was shot. That scene between Steve and Kevin was one of the “sweetest, gentlest we have ever seen Steve as he carried that terrified little boy in his arms shielding him away from the horrors of the day. Did we just glimpse a look of Mick St. John in this one too? (flashback memory).

    Betrayal – ah first moment for me was the hospital scene, when Reggie hugged his son, the look on his face, hid the burning anger for revenge and justice, but betrayal only comes if he was willing to cross the line to get it. He almost did until Steve stopped him.

    Betrayal – FBI agent, Allison Marsh – she had an emergency, custody issue to stop her husband from leaving the country with her daughter but instead of sending additional agent to cover her time she made a decision not to and two agents were sent instead which ultimately killed Reggie’s wife. Her actions had consequences which she would have to live with.

    The other betrayal of was the of the worst sort, greed. The FBI agent who took the big pay day in exchange for taking the life of an innocent woman and child and betrayed the FBI family.

    The third betrayal was Jimmy Cannon’s son Richie, what a spoilt brat who wanted to take over his father’s business operations. I get the feeling Jimmy wanted to turn his life to spend more time with his son, but it was too late to play daddy now since his son chose to betray him and set him up for the murder of Reggie Cole’s wife.

    Is there a moral to the story I would say yes because Five-0 understand betrayal very well, Steve was betrayed by Nick Taylor, a seal he trained under him, Dano betrayed by brother Matt who stole money from his investor clients and is now a fugitive, Chin betrayed by the “police” family who turned their backs on him and judged him harshly. He knew the truth.

    Kono betrayed by the “police family” and their uncle who stole the money to save their aunt but abandoned Chin who lost everything. She also felt betrayed by Chin who never told her the truth. Now that she knows his secret will she still want the truth to come out or will she continue to stand by Chin and keep the family secret a bit longer? – A promise he made to Auntie Mele to look after uncle.

    Justice – oh yes we had loads of action going on – the final scene, the chase through the houses diving in and out of windows….very fast, very exciting only this time its not Alex/Steve doing all the running and diving, it was Puff Diddy/Reggie who must have had the time of his life doing that scene as for Steve, he put his blue pick up to good use that day and drove around the house chasing the baddie down with his truck and hitting the open overhead garage which came crashing down slowing the baddie down and there we have it two incredibly tough guys with guns drawn – wow!!!

    Funny moments – Kamekona of course with the breakfast scene, so hilarious and of course Steve gets another gift from the “postman” again with crime scene photos of his mom’s car bomb, not so funny. Just have to wonder if all these things that are coming back is a way for us to learn what was really inside that toolbox not so much as someone playing a sick cat and mouse game with McGarrett. Will we see more of these little gifts arriving on his doorstep and will it just make him even more determined to get Wofat and “hunt him like a dog” – the words that Reggie used to Jimmy Cannon. It was pretty intimidating but not something Steve would say to someone like Wofat. Have to wonder if he’s feeling more vengeful everytime he gets a “home delivery” or will he stand by the code of honor, God and Governor and seek justice. Is this the test for Steve? What if he found out, the hidden secret that Wofat warned him about not to dig into his family’s affair, would he feel the same way about honor?

    To respond briefly to yours: I loved the Dano chemistry and Kono, they are so naturally funny together, in fact she and McG have a great deal in common both plenty of spunk and as for Chin he wasn’t overlooked by me, his quick tie in with the leak angle was great picking up that there were supposed to be only two fbi’s instead of three that showed up… he fingered the wrong one but he became pretty close. He’s a natural genius. I think he and Danny both have an understanding between the two that’s why these two never fight. Its the other two that they fuss and worry about the most. In a wierd sort of way they are “both” inexperienced cops!!

    • Linda Stein says:

      Great review Val! I like how we both think Steve and Kevin remind us of Mick. Me with little Beth and you with little Jacob!

      I was listening to Bob on Mike’s radio show. I didn’t realize that the “God and the Governor” line had been in the pilot of the original show. That is very cool. I thought at the time that the line was a bit odd, there was never any indication up until then that Steve had any religious convictions, seemed odd to just have it thrown in like that. Now I understand. Very cool connection to the original show.

      And we both managed a review without rehashing the entire episode again. There is hope for us yet, eh babe?!? Of course, we both talked to much again, but, what the hell, gotta be who we are, right? LOL

      • Cécile says:

        I was surprised by the God reference too, he didn’t strike me as the religious type either.
        Nice review Val 🙂

      • Val says:

        Thanks to Mike Buck for the tip – “God and Govenor” line – the writers really do a great deal of research when they wrote the script. I didn’t really think much of it other than the fact that he was soo pissed that a government agent could not just lie to his face but betray their “own kind”, so I thought he said the first thing that came to his!!

        Oh when you referenced Beth, of course there was a beth moment when he reached out to her but isn’t it strange Beth saw an angel who killed to save her, and Kevin’s own monster was the man who killed his mother.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Great job, Val! Concise and to the point! Um, what was the point? JUST KIDDING!

  2. Linda Stein says:

    As always Bob..your blog is fantastic. But, please, I have to go with Steve and Alex on this one. Spam? The only thing close to being as awful is scrapple. Living in Philadelphia, I know about scrapple like you know about spam. They both leave much to be desired…like real food! LOL

    Personally, I have to say that I have never seen any of Sean Combs work. I know who he is, of course, but I am not of an age to follow his work. Then I started to read online people going crazy at the thought of him on Five-0. People were going on and on about pop stars and rap stars not belonging on the show. I decided to keep an open mind. After all, the others who had been on really didn’t do too much. I mean, Nick Lachey only had about 2 minutes of actual face time. How much harm could be done with that? I figured Combs would be the same. Nothing to worry about.

    Well, I was right, there was nothing to worry about but I was wrong about the reason why. Combs was not a token cameo. He was the major character and he did an admirable job. OK, the man will never win an Academy Award. Some of his delivery was a bit forced but he handled the material well and was able to convey all the emotions of a man running on pure adrenalin. It was a pleasant surprise.

    Other than the fact that Steve found another envelope of evidence under his door there was no movement in the ongoing story of his parent’s deaths. This episode was a stand alone and a pretty good one. People who tuned in for the first time just to see Sean Combs got a good story with great writing and acting. Well, just the usual for the rest of us who watch every week. Hopefully some of those newbie’s will stick around for more!

    In usual Five-0 fashion there are twists and turns throughout. You start off thinking it’s only going to be a story about the team trying to stop a cop bent on revenge. Then you find out it was an inside job and we KNOW it’s the female FBI agent who sold him out to the crime boss (who’s in Hawaii to visit his son, who has no connection to his crime business). Then you find out it’s not the women but the guy who survived the shooting who told the crime boss. Then you find out it wasn’t the crime boss at all but his supposedly clean son who sold out the cop. Finally, you find out that not only did the son sell out the cop he was setting it all up to take his father, the crime boss, down too so he could take over the old man’s operation. Whew! What the hell do these writers eat before bedtime that promotes dreams with these storylines?!?!? Keep snacking on it, whatever it is guys!!

    Some of the best:

    Who does not LOVE Kamekona?!? From his “Kiss Me I’m Hawaiian” apron to his love of spam he is a joy every time he is on screen. A water park? Seriously? LOL But Danny would have a fit! Didn’t Danny tell Steve to put that alarm system in after the General Pak thing? But Steve goes out for his morning swim and apparently not only does he not set the alarm, he doesn’t even lock the doors. If Kamekona can just walk in, who else can??

    Steve’s arm is still in its cast but he went swimming anyway. Gotta love that man! Nice to see the writers are not making Steve a miraculous 1 week healer but I still don’t understand why that arm was broken in the first place. But that was last week’s discussion.

    Now tell me, who did not shed a tear or two when Steve found Kevin in the closet? This is one of the most touching scenes ever in this show. Steve, who did not know how to deal with kids when he first came home (remember the elevator ride with the family and the “blue hippo”?) has become an absolute softy with them now, especially when it involves the loss of a parent. He first showed it with little Ming-Wa and the broken action figure in the junk yard and now with Kevin Cole. The soft tone of his voice, his reassuring hand, the way he carried the boy outside and made sure he kept his eyes shut so he wouldn’t see his dead mother. For Moonlight fans, it reminded me of when Mick carried 4 year old Beth away from Coraline. He even held the boy’s head in the exact same way. Steve’s “watch me” when the FBI agent told him he could not go after Jimmy Cannon spoke volumes. Do not tell me I can’t find the man responsible for the death of someone’s mother! One little boy who lost his mother looking out for another little boy who lost his mother. Steve feels that boy’s pain and we can see it!

    There were some light/funny moments too or this wouldn’t be Five-0. We got another Danny and Kono scene and, as always, these two are so great together. Danny was truly worried when “Spiderwoman” was climbing that pole and I love how he told her that her destruction of government property meant she’d been hanging around McGarrett too long! Did you catch that he called her “Babe” but it sounded like “Baby” to me. Just saying!

    “Steve and Danno in the car!” Someone needs to put that phrase on a T-shirt because it’s so descriptive all on its own. H50 fans the world over would see it and just chuckle remembering all the good times and carguments. Tonight it’s trying to get in to see Jimmy Cannon. I just loved how the guard slipped cash into Steve’s shirt pocket. Oh man, brah … bad move! And Danny knowing nothing good can come from Steve putting both hands on the wheel and making sure his seat belt was on before Steve took off. Danny’s poor car!

    Ok..someone look it up. “Growing up in poverty and making something of yourself used to be a virtue in this country”. Was it Capone or John Gotti??? LOL

    And he took their shoes!!!!!! OMG ROFL

    Patriot Act for Dummies – War and Peace without the Peace part. If you do not love Danny Williams there is something seriously WRONG with you!!!

    I loved how Steve got the FBI guy to talk by threatening to leave him in the room alone with Reggie if he didn’t. I am wondering one thing though. When Reggie and Steve caught up with the last killer, why did Reggie need two guns? How does he even carry two guns? I think Reggie is a bad ass cop but Steve manages to be totally bad ass and he only finds in necessary to have one gun. Just seemed a little excessive to me.

    When Reggie was telling Jimmy Cannon how he was going to work to bring him down, how every time Jimmy heard the wind blow he’d think Reggie was coming after him…didn’t it remind you of Steve on the golf course telling Koji almost the exact same thing? Yes, these two are cut out of the same cloth!

    And once again, we are back to the theme of FAMILY. This show can not seem to go an episode without it. Reggie wanted a day to spend with his wife and son. Then everything he does is so his son will be safe. The FBI agent was absent from the house because she was trying to keep her ex from taking her daughter out of the country. Steve seeing himself in Kevin losing his mother. It always comes back to it…family!

    Steve offered Reggie a job if he ever decides to come back to Hawaii. I doubt in reality that would ever happen but it was a good way for the episode to end. Mutual respect rightfully earned between Reggie and the team. I loved how Danny warned Reggie that if he accepts a job from Steve that it would come with the added perks of “getting shot at and never being able to drive you own car”. LOL

    Of course we saw Reggie for an entire episode so the character was more fleshed out but if I had to choose right now on a 5th member of the team I’d take Reggie over Jenna in a heartbeat. Let’s hope the writers flesh her out as well if they intend for her to stay.

    Once again, a great episode! And now we wait, again! One more re-run before we sprint to the end. How sad that will be!

    • Val says:

      Great blog Linda – glad u also picked up that scene with Kevin in the closet. Oh that didn’t take me long to cry too, that little boy was so naturally petrified huddled under the blanket but instead of just removing it he spoke quitely to the boy and then removed once the boy understood that he wasn’t in danger and that he was safe, what child wouldn’t be safe when this man is around?

      It was such a great moment for all of us who have seen him in other roles see the softer gentler side which is soo rare. I’m glad that Alex now can find his space to be more than just super seal and he did all of us proud with that little scene with Kevin.

      Kono was the same she was wonderful and caring in her scene with Kevin. How often do we learn that parents get to tell their kids not to talk to cops, similar to the other scene remember that other younger girl (forgot her name for a moment) from the episode Ho’apono, ep 7th where she hid under the couch when her biological father murdered her mother, well similarly she had to find a way to coach both kids to trust her without scaring them any more than they already are and she has done both jobs really well. Both kids helped her id the “men” who killed their parent.

      • Linda Stein says:

        When the scene with Kono and Kevin first started I was a bit annoyed. AGAIN? Kono gets stuck babysitting the kid. Come on, she has proved she’s better than this. Then the scene progressed. OMG, Grace Park is a wonderful actress. I am seriously going to have to seek out her other works over the summer. Kono was not stuck with the kid, she was the best person to do it. Kevin felt so safe with her and she was able to get him to help her even though his dad told him not to. I have watched the episode 3 times and I can not make out what she is saying to him near the end of the scene but it really doesn’t matter. Kevin could hear her and whatever she was saying in comfort to him was obviously just what he needed to hear!

    • Merry Blue says:

      Linda sez:
      “I loved how Steve got the FBI guy to talk by threatening to leave him in the room alone with Reggie if he didn’t.”

      And then they left the FBI guy alone in the room with Allison Marsh. That may have been worse. 🙂

      • Val says:

        Oh way worse, its jail time and bye bye to the cushy job and hello in mates – all the people he busted before, betcha they are his room mates now…and that would be a very very unpleasant experience and oh bye bye also to the lovely money that went off to the cayman islands was it without him.

      • Linda Stein says:

        LOL Yeah..she was seriously pissed off. That little interview was not going to be fun for him!!!

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Great comment, Linda! Loved it all – you have such great insight into Steve’s character – or is it AOL that you understand so well? Oh! And can I be first in line to get the “Steve and Danno in the car” tee shirt? It would be like a private way to identify other H5-0ers! Just like when someone sees a Univ. of Mt. t-shirt or cap, the acceptable response is “Go Griz” – said loudly and fondly!

      • Linda Stein says:

        A “Steve and Danno in the car” shirt would only be understood by people like us, which is what would make it so cool. Instant solidarity (rah rah rah LOL).

        I have a T-shirt like that. Only people like me understand it and when I have worn it, no matter where, from Philadelphia to on cruise ships in the Caribbean I’ve had people look at me, laugh and say things like “I love it” because only they know what it means. I wonder how many on here will understand. The shirt has no picture, just 5 little words:

        WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!

      • Linda Stein says:

        No, it’s not Alex. I don’t presume to think that I know Alex at all. But I can only hope that part of his own personality comes through in the parts that he plays. The part of him that makes you feel like there is a connection even in the bad guys, like Vincent in Criminal Minds.

        There is also the fact that I, like everyone else, am watching and re-watching the shows constantly. It wouldn’t be natural after spending so much time with someone, even a fictional someone, that you wouldn’t feel like you know them. But it’s the charactors we come to know. Steve and Mick especially because we just spend sooooooo much time with them. But to think that makes anyone understand Alex, or ANY actor is just creepy. People like you and I and the rest of us here understand that. But there are people out there who take it too far. That’s why communities like this are fun. We’re safe here and so are the actors.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Linda, of course I didn’t mean that you “knew” Alex so well, just that you “understand” his acting style – since I know you have watched everything he’s been in, including the infamous “Feed”. You have seen him portray everything from our beloved SuperSeal and tortured vampire, to a sadistic “feeder”, OCD serial killer, overwhelmed boyfriend, oyster farmer, etc. I just meant that you have more insight that the casual fan about what Alex is capable of as an actor.

      • Linda Stein says:

        I know Lynnette, that’s why I said people like you and me understand that we don’t know the actors just the charactors they play. We are not in that crazy group who feel some sort of sick connection to the actors, like because they see them every week they somehow know THEM. Those people are just creepy. We on the other hand are perfectly normal 😉

    • Kimmer says:

      Linda – Sign me up for one of those t-shirts!

      Did anyone else catch Danny saying “I’m not hungry” in the car when Cannon’s guards told them to go get some lunch? The actual line is quite funny, but even better is the fact that it is uttered under his breath and barely audible.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        I heard it – another ad lib?

      • Linda Stein says:

        Probably. I’m beginning to think that most, of not all, of the little comments, especially those that he utters under his breath are Scott, not Danny. He is such a natural at it. DDK said in his tweets that a great deal of the back and forth between the actors is ad lib. How wonderful they are so relaxed and comfortable with each other after only 1 season to be able to do that!

  3. Ichi says:

    ( I’m typing this from my iPhone so I hope everything posts Okay haha )

    I really enjoyed this episode. Mcgarrett’s father/son complex emerged once again in the series, but I find it interesting how McDanno have mellowed each others extremes as the series has progressed. In the first episode, steve wholeheartedly obstructed a police investigation by entering a closed crime scene to solve his fathers murder, but now, hes wisened up and is playing by the rules (mostly). On the other hand, danno’s wild child has emerged, and last episode he jumped onto a moving boat!

    P Diddy was really great in the episode. Good acting on his part. He and his son reminded me greatly of Walt and Michael from Lost.

    Some things I noticed:
    – Sandrine the waitresses autograph on Steves cast, LOL!
    – I’m pretty convinced now that the person sending Steve those packages is a girl. The lettering looks pretty girlish to me, no?
    – Danny muttering “I’m not hungry” when the security dude shoves the wad of cash into Steves pocket. LOL.

    Can’t wait for the next episode, too bad we gotta wait again!

    • Cécile says:

      Yay I saw the Sandrine autograph too ! Actually, I only saw a S followed by a lot of letters, and assumed it was “Sandrine”.^^

      I hadn’t noticed Danny’s “I’m not hungry”. Some of the best lines are uttered by Danny, but in a very low tone, I miss half of them at the first viewing ! Nice catch !

  4. norriski says:

    Hi there Officer Bob… as alway great review! I really liked this episode and was blown away by Sean Combs (I’m not normally a fan of his so I was leery as to if he could pull this off) … I have to say that I’d love to see Combs come back and he was at least up to this point my favorite guest star. They (H50) really put him out there front and center a true guest STAR he had a ton of work to do…. in some ways I missed Danny in some of the scenes that just had Reggie and Steve but I’ll forgive them for that as this episode rocked.

    As to Danny and Kono… I love them working together, I think Danny brings a different vibe than Chin in her training… I like seeing Danny as the experienced cop that is dealing with the rookie… their banter is nearly (only nearly) as fun as the normal Steve and Danny banter… but please NO “relationship” between the two other than the sort of big brother/mentor/coworker vibe… I just think it would throw a weird dynamic into the show and make things too awkward.

  5. Merry Blue says:

    I find it harder to assess an episode after it has been heavily promoted, as this week’s episode was. I end up with overly high expectations, which often leads to lunch bag let-down. Fortunately, the episode was strong enough that I was very happy with it. It’s not one of my top favourites, but it’s a very satisfying episode. Sean Combs did a good job in my opinion. Sometimes I’m glad I normally live under a rock and don’t know much about the entertainment world, because I didn’t have a bias for or against Combs. Strongly written, and not predictable. I did get lost with the transition from Reggie interrogation scene to the examining the gunpowder charge scene, I missed the link between those scenes even on second viewing.

    This week’s bunch of random thoughts:

    1. The revenge of AOL ? Hawaiian steak/Nectar of the islands: Steve hates it, too. The first thing I thought of was Officer Bob’s Spamalot Contest and I wondered if it contributed to this scene. Kamekona is adorable: is face is so expressive and he is so big-hearted.
    2. Steve, what is with your security system? Did you leave it deactivated after the break-in? Did you not get security cameras when someone started leaving envelopes on your front porch? No wonder Danny gets so frustrated with you.
    3. Steve swims with his iPhone in his board shorts? He obviously has the SuperSEAL shock- and water-proof version.
    4. Danny and Kono have excellent bantering lines. These two actors and characters work very well with each other. And we got a glimpse into Kono’s background – “allegedly” drinking and night surfing in a restricted area when she was in high school. Was this before or after her Coral Prince days? Sounds like before, although if she joined up with Coral Prince at 15, she must’ve been a pretty wild grade 9-er.
    5. Colour tones, lighting. After all the previous discussion about the bumped up blues and greens in H50 (compared to the strong yellows in that other show), I really noticed that the yellow was very strong in this episode. Even in the typically bluish interrogation scenes, there was a more yellow tint and a grainy appearance, as if to imply low light levels. The use of the sunlight streaming through the window onto Reggie was really interesting. However,I found the green reflection from Kevin’s shirt onto his face very distracting during the mug shot scene. I hope they tone down the use of the altered tones.
    6. Steve’s face when Reggie asks him if he has children was wrenching. As Steve has been integrating back into civilian life (more or less) he seems to be torn, missing his former action packed navy intelligence/SEAL assignments, but realizing how much he is missing of family life. I also noticed this earlier when he carried Kevin out of the house. I think his biological clock has started ticking. The parent/child theme which has woven through the entire season was sledge-hammer subtle in this episode. As one Facebook poster noticed, it’s getting a bit, well, almost, over done. I’m looking forward to seeing how these theme plays into the finale.
    7. The Champ box evidence keeps dribbling back into Steve’s hands. First the postcards from Osaka (I suppose technically the voice recorder was first, but we know who returned that one), then the matchbook and now the car bomb photos. Is there significance to the order? I don’t see one yet, but would be interested if anyone else does.
    8. Whatever finish protection has been put on the Camaro and the pickup, I want that on my vehicle. Not that I drive through fences much, but it would be nice to know I could without incurring heavy body work or big end damage. And I wouldn’t have to get the paint touch-up bottle out for those pesky stone chips all the time either.
    9. Great lines (transcription not necessarily totally accurate).
    a. “Don’t put both hands on the wheel!” – *fastening seatbelt*.
    b. “As long as you don’t mind getting shot at or not driving your car.”
    c. “I answer to God and the governor, neither of whom is going to help you right now.”
    d. “I would go by the book” – followed by Danny editorial.
    e. “Oooo, you don’t have to use the big words to impress me, Williams”
    f. “You’ve been hanging out with McGarrett too much.”

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Merry Blue? I felt the overstatement of Steve’s angst, too, but since I have friends that might have hit me over the head with that sledge hammer if I had brought it up, I wimped out – but they will read this, and now there will be hell to pay tomorrow! Can I blame you for bringing it up?

    • Beth says:

      I enjoyed reading your random thoughts and I agree with your statements. I love Kamekona too, he always brings a smile to my face everytime he is onscreen. I thought the same thing about the iphone, does McG answer his (waterproof?)phone while swimming too? I also feel that the whole father/son theme is becoming a bit redundant, although I do realize that along with family, it is one of the main themes of the show. These themes are very important to Peter Lenkov. I’ve read that he used to watch the original H5-0 with his own father and that is why he not only wanted to “reboot” the show but pay homage to it as well.

    • MyMcG says:

      Hi Merry Blue!
      I love the usual blues and greens on screen, but yes I too noticed some yellows. In the aerial shot over the McGarrett home, I was taken aback by the overwhelming yellow/brown tone in that shot. I was afraid it was going to come back and bother me the rest of the episode, but actually, I didn’t notice it after that.

      As for Steve’s biological clock – what an interesting thought. I volunteer to help with him that!

      • Kimmer says:

        I agree about the yellows in the Steve/Kamekona morning scene – I think that they were trying for that bright early morning sunrise light and totally overdid it. I also started to wonder exactly how the back of Steve’s house could have both the sunrise over the water AND the sunset (as viewed by him and Catherine at the end of Nalowale).

    • Linda Stein says:

      I made a comment too about the fact that Steve doesn’t turn on the alarm or lock his door when he goes for his morning swim but I never thought of putting in a camera at the door. Good pick up! You would think, since he is so desperate to know who’s bring the evidence back that he, or at least Danny, would have thought of that.

      SuperSEAL shock- and water-proof version of the IPhone! I love it! That phone took a real beating when it was in his pocket when he fell down the cliff and now it goes swimming. I wonder if that comes free with the 2 year calling plan?

      And I agree, Steve looked almost sad when he was forced to answer “no” when Reggie asked if he had kids. Yeah, I think Steve is longing for a real family. Maybe someday.

    • officer808 says:

      I’d like to think my Spam scandal got their attention ;). Also I’ve always advocated more Grace Park scenes, and they’re rolling them in.

  6. lainiek says:

    Please, no Kanno. In some ways, I feel like it would just be too wrong, since she is supposed to be so much younger than him. I want no Danno/Kono in the same way I want no Danno/Rachel. For now, let this boy date!

    I believe Steve’s instinct to protect Kevin came from within- he too was a young boy who lost his mother due to his father’s role as a cop. I think Steve was protecting Kevin, and made it his mission to find his mother’s killer, because he can’t prove his own mother’s killer. So, he was definitely projecting.

    Danno’s role was minimal this week and Scott Caan seemed to play down his usual colorful portrayal of our favorite Garden State cop. Even his banter with Kono seemed quiet, and he seemed resolved in the cargument scene. BTW, Danno, why weren’t you wearing your seatbelt the whole time?

    I felt the episode was the most intense one in a while. Even all the banter and carguments were understated and subdued. Not sure if the crew was just tired or that was intentional. I felt almost exhausted and saturated at the end of the show. Not saying that is a bad thing- just had become accustomed to more of a roller coaster on the show – everytime Hawaii Five 0 episodes get too serious, we are usually given some comic relief. Not the case this week.

    I have a feeling we are in for more dark, serious episodes as we ramp up to the finale. Good thing we have some of the lighter eps on TIVO.

  7. BigBraddah says:

    The singer previously known as puff daddy, previously known as sean john, previously known as Sean Combs, heretofore known as p diddy, with henceforth be referred to by his new moniker; Big Poppa. Until further notice.

    “Ho’opa’i” means close to heart. ? where can we see this?
    “Ho’apa’i”? as in your title? or Ho’opa’i? which I thought meant revenge /vengeance, apropos for this ep.

    What’s with all these haoles dissing our local food? If they don’t like a major part of Hawaii’s local culture, then wanna tell us of their east coast food, they’s in da wrong place. We’re talking about Hawai’i, here.

    “who did not shed a tear or two when Steve found Kevin in the closet?” Present and accounted for. Raising my hand high enuff to adjust the weathervane.

    Steveo inviting this NY popolo cop back if he misses Hawai’i reminds me of when people say to an acquaintance ; “hey, let’s do lunch sometime!” “yea, you betchuuuh!” and nothing comes of it. Lipservice to cap the ep.

    “Not that I drive through fences much, but it would be nice to know I could without incurring heavy body work ” as long as it is breakaway fake and balsa wood as we have here, yer car is fine.

    “his biological clock has started ticking.’ whaaa!? “his”?! that is a chick thing!

    Sure hope they don’t develop some kinda thang between Danno and Kono. They have a kid, it’ll be called Donno.

    Yes, I do believe Danno has the best dialogue and the coolest lines . Rumors of them changing the show’s name to “Yo, Danno!” are circulating…

    • Val says:

      Oh I enjoy reading your comment brah. Obviously we Haoles’ have a different palate than your local diet…lol, I’m with Alex and Steve on the spam broh not to mean any disrespect but some of us have delicate taste buds…lol. My parents would say spoilt because I was soo picky about what I like to eat and still am picky I mean. But we truly don’t mean any disrespect, honestly.

      As for the “love child” between Dano and Kono….lol….its priceless ‘Dono” who would have thought, its really cute brah, I’m sure Steve would think it was very cute too. I think they would make a very cute couple, if, and I mean if later on much later we see relationships start developing for all four of them with other people. After all the theme brah is all about love and family, isn’t that what Hawaii is? The island of love?

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        I’m still holding out for Danny and Rachel getting back together – someday – I can be patient!

    • Beth says:

      “Donno” LOL!

    • Merry Blue says:

      BigBraddah sez:

      “his biological clock has started ticking.’ whaaa!? “his”?! that is a chick thing!

      Steve is one of the modern action heros. He is in touch with his feminine side. 😉

    • Kimmer says:

      “his biological clock has started ticking.’ whaaa!? “his”?! that is a chick thing!

      Now that you mention it maybe it is MY biological clock ticking for him.

  8. Diana says:

    Well, let me add my thoughts on the episode to the mix also!!!

    1.) First and foremost, let me admit my mistake. I was one of the people that wasn’t all that impressed when it was announced that Sean Combs was going to guest star, as I didn’t really think he would have the acting chops to hang in there and go toe to toe with our fab four in the acting department. I was wrong. Not only did he hang in there, he hit one out of the park in that he portrayed the emotion of a grieving husband and protective father perfectly. Way to go, Mr. Combs.

    2.) Okay, let me just say that I really didn’t see that ending coming. The twist with the mafia bosses son being the one to order the hit so he could take over the family business was just great. I really thought that Cannon Senior was going to be found to have been the one to order the hit and that they were going to use the son’s reaction to finding out his father had been knocked off the pedestal as foreshadowing to Steve’s father being knocked off Steve’s pedestal instead they reversed it on us, and had the son being knocked the father’s pedestal.

    3.) Can I be on record right now, that if Catherine isn’t coming back due to Michelle Borth having a new show that I vote for the female Fed agent in tonight show to be Steve’s new love interest. This is the girl I have been waiting for!!!! She is so much better than Jenna Kaye. I have to say not only is the actress better, but character is way way better.

    I loved that she wasn’t all that intimidated by Steve when he was interrogating her and that she was spunky enough to set up her deadbeat ex so that he couldn’t take off with their daughter. I can’t imagine that if it had been any other circumstances, other than Steve thinking that she had sold out her team, that he wouldn’t have been impressed with her sticking it to the ex, as that is something I could definitely see him doing for Danny, if he thought Rachel and Stan was trying to steal Grace away.

    I also loved that they didn’t portray her as a total rip, in that they as showed that she was also human and had a venerable side, in that she not only admitted that she screwed up but that she knew she was going to have to live with the guilt of innocent people dyeing because of her mistake. I think that her willingness to fess up to the mistake, impressed Steve and that is why he made sure to invite her along when Reggie and him were interrogating the other FBI agent.

    Also, did you notice that she was right in there with Steve and Reggie and hold her own in slapping the FBI agent down, for selling out the team, which was no small feat as both Alex and Sean Combs, did a fabulous job in that scene of portraying the high emotions. This is they type of girl that I always thought would be perfect for McGarrett, in that she is a strong professional women who can kick rear in her job, yet still has some vuenablity in her personal life, if the form of her daughter and whack job ex.

    4.) Which brings me to my next point, which is, after the scene with Steve finding the son in the closet, is there anyone who doesn’t think that Steve wouldn’t have great fathering instincts. That scene was just amazing, I just absolutely adored Steve’s interaction with the little boy and there was no doubt in my mind that Steve meant every last word that he would protect that little boy, come Hades or high water. Of course, this is another good reason why the FBI agent would be good for Steve, in that she has a daughter and it would be nice to be able to see Steve showing his softer side though his interactions with the girl. Also, it could also allow us to Steve protective side or maybe even Danny helping him out, especially if he thought that the FBI agent’s ex was jerking her or the child around, because I don’t think Steve would take to kindly to that sort of thing and would smack the ex down hard. Plus, who know we might even get some comical scenes where Steve has to go to Danny for fathering advice and perhaps Grace and the FBI agents daughter could even have play dates. Wouldn’t that just be cute, Danny and Steve, watching their girls play?

    5.) I really liked that Steve wasn’t afraid to rely on Danny experience not only as a cop but also as a husband and father, in that he kept ask Danny what Danny would do, and then they would follow up on what ever Danny said. It really shows how much Steve trust in Danny has grown since the beginning of the show when the pulled their guns on each other. He also turned to Danny for explanations of the things he didn’t understand, i.e., the crash bag and as to who Cannon was, which also shows his trust in Danny.

    6.) Glad to see the car argument back this week in the form of Danny knowing exactly what was going to happen after the guy tried to bribe McGarrett and Steve put both of his hands on the steering wheel. Glad to see that Danny has given up trying to get McGarrett to give up his “Neanderthal” ways and instead just asks for time to put his seatbelt on before the ride starts.

    I also found their other car discussion interesting in that Danny saying that he would want to kill everyone, but wouldn’t do it because he would never risk going to prison because of Grace. I could help but wonder if this wasn’t some foreshadowing to the upcoming fracture of the team. Could his upcoming exposure to a chemical agent, be a catalyst for him wanting to quit Five-0, because he just can’t risk something happening to himself, because of Grace?? Of course, if that is the case, I sure that early in the second season that something dramatic will happen that will cause Danny to rethink his decision. Maybe Steve being in some kind of trouble for his unique work style, which would then make Steve’s response that he would handle things by the book some foreshadowing on his part also.

    7.) Always love seeing Kamekona and how he brightens any scene he is in. Really hope they keep him around for many seasons to come. I am also glad to see that Kamekona also knows what is going on with the toolbox evidence, because I am pretty sure that Steve is going to need all the friends he can get when things hit the fan on that front and I positive that Kamekona along with the rest of the crew will not let him down. Plus, Why doesn’t surprise me that Super Seal Steve would be swimming in a cast??

    8.) Was it just me or did it appear that Kono and Danny were in the beginning stages of flirting at the crime scene??? Gotta say to that Danny’s concern when Kono climbed the tree was adorable, as Kono non-admission to him that she might have been caught drinking at the beach as a teenager, instead of surfing like she was suppose to be.

    7.) Finally, I have say that hands down beyond any shadow of a doubt in my mind Reggie would definitely be a better fit for the team, instead of Jenna Kaye. And, just for the record this coming from a person who didn’t really think they were going to like Sean Combs in this role. Like I said earlier I was wrong.

    Well, now that I have wrote a thesis, what does everyone else think. You agree with me, disagree with me or just think I went plain off my rocker??

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Hmmm, Di, well lets just say I agree with a lot of it (the development of Steve and Danny’s relationship) , disagree with a little (love interest for Steve with the FBI agent? Really? Play dates for Gracie and FBI agents daughter? Did you have too much spam for dinner? SORRY, PEOPLE! I just couldn’t resist!!! And your rocking chair is just slightly tipping! LOL!

    • officer808 says:

      Corrected the typo on ho’opa’i. For some reason I got tit right the last time, but misspelled it everywhere else. “Close to heart” was given in the CBS press release at I read Wendie’s blog and spoke to her about the actual translation (see the update above). Thanks for the heads up.

      • BigBraddah says:

        ” I got tit right the last time” huhuuh huhuuuuh! Officer Bob said tit!

      • BigBraddah says:

        “misspelled it everywhere else. “Close to heart” was given in the CBS press release at” hoooo boy! Do they need to hire me as a lingustic/promo whatevahz consultant!

    • officer808 says:

      Great run down, everyone seems to like the FBI agent here more than Jenna Kaye.

      I noticed the flirty banter between Danny and Kono as well.

      I don’t know if Diddy would fare well as a fifth member tho…

      • BigBraddah says:

        I think it unlikely they would hire a new yawkuh to work here in Hawai’i. Anything near this position reguires a (gettin’ tired of that word) kama’aina. Ya gotta know the islands. and the people and the ways and means of Hawai’i. Can ya see it? “Uh Kono, can you translate what those guys just said? Uh Danno, can ya draw me a map to get there? I’ll be there in three hours at the crime scene guys, I got lost. Hey Chin, pick me up from the hospital, three big local guys beat da crap outta me cuz I was tailgating and I thought tailgating was ok, but I flipped them off cuz everybody does that where I come from and now I am hurting so come pick me up” Nope. Would not work.

  9. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Great blog, Officer Undercover! But then, it’s just what we come to expect from you, and you never disappoint.

    I, for one, would love to learn the history of spam! How did the great state of Hawaii become addicted to this fine delicacy? I remember my mom fixing it for breakfast – she just fried it in the pan along with some eggs. It didn’t leave much of an impression – certainly wasn’t “nectar of the bay” (SF girl, here!)

    Kamekona and spam were really the only light-hearted aspects of this episode. Let’s face it, this episode was “heavy, man!” The story was very well written, no doubt about it, the writers nailed it. The theme of “coming home” was so beautifully interwoven into the story line, I kind of had chills. Even though I had seen all the promos and P. Diddy’s video, the reconnecting of Reggie with his wife and young son in the opening scene was so poignant, I teared up. The rest of the episode dealt with Reggie facing the horror of what his “homecoming” meant to his family and how he was going to wrestle his life back from the brink of destruction. Finally, when everything was wrapped up, and the Five-0’s turned back into their office building, Reggie and his son look at the seashell –shaped clouds and wonder if mother and wife can see them, too – well there I was in tears again. This hits a little close to home, as last month I was at a memorial service for an 8 – year old girl. After the service, we released 350 balloons skyward, and together those balloons drifted up into the clouds. I can’t believe how realistic that last scene became for me. Great, great job Peter, et al! Homecoming complete…

    Moving on, the relationship between Steve and Reggie – well, pretty much two peas in a pod, don’t you think? They bonded, and quickly,too! Steve could predict exactly what Reggie would do next because he would do the same. The rage and revenge that Reggie felt is exactly the way Steve felt when his father was killed and when Mary Ann was kidnapped. We haven’t seen this much intensity in Steve since the pilot episode. He completely connected with Reggie and his anger. Of course, quite a few people pushed his buttons this time, too, and only God and the Governor were going to have any control over Steve! BTW, I certainly hope our Camaro did not sustain any life-threatening injuries by connecting in such a manner with that solid wooden gate! Reggie and Steve worked together well, but let’s not make a team out of them, please! I think they would be too over the top for our favorite task force! Sean Combs did a good job emoting rage and vengeance, but I wasn’t convinced with the more tender moments, he seemed to lack stress in his voice, or sadness – in other words, kind of one dimensional? He had a great script to work with, which I think is why he did well.

    I’m not going to go into any detail about Steve’s compassion for Reggie’s son, as I am sure others will take care of this, and yes, Val, I did see Mick St. John in that scene!
    Most everyone here knows my favorite character happens to be Danny. I admit to being partial to cute, smart aleck, tightly wound up NJ cops! So, sue me! I can’t help it if I worship the ground Scott Caan walks on in this series (I guess that means I like Hawaii! Worship the ground? Hawaii? Never mind…) He played Danny with such restraint this week – I mean, the guy can do anything. (Sorry to be gushing here. Imagine that I am changing the font color to pink– for those of you unfamiliar with this, changing the font color to pink means “gentlemen beware – female sighing going on!”) The moments with Kono are becoming a staple, and most welcome, too. Kono is loosening up around Danny, playing with him more and he’s starting to banter with her, now, too! The “I’m not impressed” comment and the whole security camera scene were fun! But for the most part, Danny was all business, and that was as it should be.

    This episode did keep me guessing, right up to the end. Took me quite a while to figure out the gangster’s son was behind it all. Loved the whole tungsten bullet and gun powder lesson, and Steve giving Reggie the shot at the second assassin.

    – lots of action, angst, betrayal and redemption in this one. In other words, something for everyone! Did I like it? Of course I did – you needed to ask?

    • Linda Stein says:

      Lynnette, we’re like Beatle people. Who’s your favorite, John or Paul? LOL You know I am an Alex girl but I totally get your love for Danny. I think the reason this team works, and I have said it before, is because it is not written like a traditional team whereas there is the leader and then there is the sidekick.

      It has always bothered me in shows when the leader is, hmmmm, how do I say this right…..engrossed in himself? When he is so convinced that he is right, so convinced that his is the only way, that even though he will ask for advice or opinions, never really takes them into consideration and does it his way anyway. When he’s not willing to even consider that he may not know something or that there may be another way of doing things. Of course, he IS always right because that’s the way the shows are written. The best shows do not do this. In Star Trek Captain Picard wouldn’t think twice about changing a course of action of Riker or Data recommended something else. He trusted his people, PERIOD.

      Trying to write H50 that way would be a huge disservice to Scott and his ability as an actor. We’ve known it all along but the last episode when Steve was out of commission for a bit showed that Danny has just as much ability to be a leader. And Steve KNOWS it too. He does not hesitate to listen to Danny, ask him questions, follow his leads and his instincts. He also does it with Chin and Kono. Steve knows his people, knows their strengths and follows their lead as much as he leads them.

      THAT’s what makes this team work. Oh and BTW, I may be an Alex girl but if I had a shot at Scott….get out of my way girl! LOL

    • officer808 says:

      Agree with you on Diddy. Reggie, come back for a couple days vacation next season.

  10. BigBraddah says:

    Good point with the Blond FBI agent. mehtinks they wrote her as a single mom for a major purpose. yep. better than that friggin haole chick who stuck her gum under the computer edge. jezussss! they want us to hate a character right away hah? Then the two can have a cat fight over Steveo.

    I tellya, I eat spam about once or twice a month. But i sure as heck don’t comment on it like some who wanna alienate. ya just keep it to yerself if ya don’t like heine. Or saimin. or poke. or loco moco or spam. It’s not polite. “Avoid at all costs disparaging the host country’s culture.”

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      There is no disrepect intended, Braddah – just an honest desire for enlightenment. If you could give us a little history about how spam came to the island and why it has become so ingrained in your diet, you would be helping the poor dumb haoles learn something about your culture without blasting our ignorance. We only have our own backgrounds to base our comparisons on.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Well, now that I read down through all the comments, I see where you have answered my request for “history of spam.” Thank you! I might have to eat all my words that I just posted! LOL

      • BigBraddah says:

        I don’t blast ignorance. Only insults, dissing and disrespect, (intended or unintended) towards our culture.

  11. BigBraddah says:

    Ya know who I miss. Steveo’s sister. She was Cherry (Taryn Manning) Jax teller’s brief girlfriend on Sons of Anarchy. Why they haveta write her out? or did they?

    • Cécile says:

      She’s coming back for the finale or the one before. I miss her too, she really liked her scenes with Steve, especially the “Dad was a cop, you’re like a freaking ninja, the least I could do was pick up the phone”.

      • Cécile says:

        Lol *I* really liked her scenes…I should stop talking about myself in third person, it might be misinterpreted !^^

      • Ichi says:

        Uh oh. If she’s coming back for the finale, and Manning pissed off the show’s writers a couple months ago, and someone’s going to die… :s

      • Cécile says:

        Lol no I don’t think that’s connected. Her twitter meltdown happened in December I think, and the finale wasn’t written at that time. I think she was pissed off because Mary was originally written in for half a dozen episodes (if I remember correctly), and then the producers decided to go in another direction, maybe focusing more on Steve himself and on Danny, which left Manning only appearing in a couple episodes.

        She could still be the one killed, though as pointed by various people, it would leave Steve with no relative alive, and that’s be really harsh !!

  12. BigBraddah says:

    What I don’t understand is why they wrote Steveo’s character as such; he is, ostensibly, kama’aina. Raised here. But he acts more eff oh bee than most others. He has no residual pidgin from small keed time and he is repulsed by spam like a lifelong new yawkuh that just got off the tarmac. I don’t understand any of that. And he doesn’t warm up to da locals at all as a local would. Remember that scene when he first met shave ice? He had that typical haole face all frowny scrunched up looking like he ewas weaned on a pickle. We see that alot with the toruons round here. (not al of course) scrunched up faces, ready to complain. Not open or friendly. That was Steveo in that scene. Sup wi dat?!

    • MyMcG says:

      Interesting thought here, Big Braddah.
      I whole-heartedly agree on the Spam observation. About him warming up to the locals, I didn’t notice that – I guess I just assumed that was part of his stoic military nature. Or as a mainlander, not something I’m sensitive to.

      But there have also been times during the season I’ve felt the flip-side of your point here. Steve was raised on the island, but left as a teenager and hasn’t been back much at all in his adult life – I’ve thought at times it was curious how the character would know the island so well after being back such a short time. All the roads, the hang outs, etc.

    • Linda Stein says:

      Kama’aina = Raised here? Is that what that means? That you are not native Hawaiian, born somewhere else, but raised there?

      I have been wondering what that word meant ever since Ben Bass said it ages ago! Thanks Brah!

      • BigBraddah says:

        “Kama’aina = Raised here? Is that what that means? That you are not native Hawaiian, born somewhere else, but raised there?”
        No. Kama’aina is one who has been here a very long time, whether born here or born elsewhere. Of course, as with all Hawaiian words, depends entirely on the context. There is never a definitive: “Is that what that means?” answer. Many say kama’aina as meaning born and raised here. If you were born here but raised in say, las vegas, ya ain’t kama’aina. If you were born in cali but spent decades here you are kama’aina, epecially if you have taken on the local culture as your own, just cuz ya can’t help it. Someone who moved here from Cali say, oh, about 15 years ago is most emphatically not kama’aina. Even thirty years don’t do it most of the time, especially if that person acts all mainland and still mispronounces local words wrong and did not, all that time, become “local” just by assimilation. Some people never leave their roots. “You can take the haole outta the mainland, but ya can’t take the mainland outta the haole” Some people remain malihini fo’evah.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Thanks brah! It is so great to have you guys here to help us haoles learn proper Hawaiian! Philadelphia is a LONG way from Hawaii, I may never get there. You guys make it seem a lot closer and give us a greater connection to the show we love. You guys should make a seperate blog entry on here each week with “This week’s words and what they mean” for the rest of us. Would be such fun! 😉

      • Linda Stein says:

        Let me see if I have this right. Danny, by his very nature of wanting to look like an outsider will probably never be Kama’aina even if he spends the rest of his life in Hawaii.

        Is Steve Kama’aina? He was born there and raised there. But (tell me if I’m wrong about this) he doesn’t seem very local to me. Is he Kama’aina?

    • Kimmer says:

      I think his aversion to SPAM has more to do with his health-conscious lifestyle – not eating the malasadas “without a bypass” and choosing the “surf” over the surf and turf.

      I also think he is coming around (loosening up) and getting back to kama’aina. He had to be so regimented in the SEALS I am sure that lingers for a while when going back to civilian life. I laugh when I read comments from people who say that AOL is a ‘wooden’ actor – because that is the character.

      • BigBraddah says:

        “You guys should make a seperate blog entry on here each week with “This week’s words and what they mean” for the rest of us. ”
        Oh, we should, should we?

        “Is Steve Kama’aina? He was born there and raised there. But he doesn’t seem very local to me. Is he Kama’aina?”
        No. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck you are pretty well justified in calling it a duck.
        Je’like Steve McGarrett in the ’68 to 80 H50. Very east coast. It was a bone of contention to many of us and still is, someone so haole coming over here and suddenly being placed as the head of an elite crime fighting task force. VERY unlikely. (One of the worst instances was when McGarrett said “kahuna?! people still believe in that superstitious stuff?!” Eh haole. Go back mainland!

        “I think his aversion to SPAM has more to do with his health-conscious”
        His aversion to spam and the manner expressed is that of a FOB east coaster.
        We get planny health-conscious types here that do not diss Spam or express such revulsion to it. Dass soooo haole, braddah!

        “comments from people who say that AOL is a ‘wooden’ actor”
        I think AOL is doing a perfectly fine acting job here. Some people just need to complain.

      • officer808 says:

        Steve is born and raised in Hawaii. He’s kama’aina.

      • BigBraddah says:

        I just don’t see Steve mcGarrett as kama’aina. He does not act like a child of the land… I don’t remember the exact backstory but I remember he didn’t spend too much of his formative years here. Plus he acts (and sounds) all tarantaran and stuck up and so mainland haole.

  13. BigBraddah says:

    “I, for one, would love to learn the history of spam! How did the great state of Hawaii become addicted to this fine delicacy? ”
    Compliments of Mister Cut and Mr. Paste. =
    Spam worked its way into the hearts—and arteries—of Hawaiians during World War II. Fresh meat was scarce at the time, so civilians loaded up on the brand-name C ration well known to GIs. Needing no refrigeration, the proletarian pork product soon became one of three items islanders stock up on (along with toilet paper and rice) during threats of hurricanes, tsunamis, or dockworkers’ strikes.
    More recently, McDonald’s added Spam to its Hawaiian breakfast menu, while island chefs toy with it. Hawaii’s Spam Cookbook lists recipes for Spam omelets, Spam and beans, and Spam with Japanese radish fermented in a syrupy sauce.
    But it’s Spam musubi, introduced in the 1980s, that reigns supreme in delis and 7-Elevens statewide and in Hawaiian eateries on the mainland. Foodies insist the Tamashiro Market in Honolulu serves the absolute best Spam musubi, its sticky rice flecked with furikake, a blend of seaweed, sesame, and other seasonings.
    The principle explanation for why SPAM® is popular in Hawaii is that is portable, durable meat that does not require any type of refrigeration. It was first introduced during WWII by American soldiers to Hawaiian natives, who quickly adopted it as an important part of their diet. In the Hawaiian islands where the weather quickly changes, and especially during wartime, the ability to have portable meat products that can be used in case of emergency was especially desirable.
    With Asian influence on Hawaiian cuisine, SPAM® is popular in Hawaii also because it goes well with numerous Asian foods. A quick stir-fry of SPAM® and veggies, or SPAM® sushi is relatively standard. It’s not that much different than the salted pork used in many Asian foods, since it is in fact pork shoulder and ham combined. Therefore it works as a good substitute for fresher and non-canned alternatives. This at least explains in part why SPAM® is popular in Hawaii.
    Having worked its way into a variety of Hawaiian cuisine, it remains a mainstay of the Hawaiian culture. Early Hawaiians in the WWII era remarked on its usefulness and quickly developed recipes incorporating it. This resulted in kids who were raised eating lots of SPAM®. We all see foods in different cultures that we might not be fond of, unless we were raised eating it. If you introduce a food to a child early, chances are they’ll remain fond of it, though not every Hawaiian eats SPAM®.
It’s because it is cheap. Groceries are very expensive in Hawaii because most product prices reflect the high cost of shipping. Spam is cheap and has a long shelf life.

It doesn’t have to be refrigerated and has a multitude of uses. Meat is rather on the expensive side having to be flown in so it’s true they are cost conscience. Also, I think they just plain love the flavor of it. My kids grew up on it and they are in their 20’s now and they STILL ask to have it made when we get together (and we live in Nevada now!) Go figure.
It’s a hold over from WWII when meat was difficult to get. Plus local folks love salty food. I’m not buying the it’s ’cause locals “don’t want to cook” theory, since no one just pops open a can of Spam & serves it cold. No, if you are making Spam musubi, you fry the Spam slices with some shoyu & sugar, Spam ‘n cabbage, you cook it, etc.

    • Don’t knock Spam till you’ve had a Spam musubi. I will never be a huge Spam fan, but you just can’t beat an occasional Spam musubi.

    • Yes, there is a lack of animals in Hawaii. We are islands there for there is a lack of land. Animals need land. Animals don’t make enough money. But houses, hotels and resorts do. Construction is one of the leading industries in Hawaii. In fact 95% of EVERYTHING is shipped in food, cars, gas, construction materials…
    • Yes, there is a choice and we choose to eat Spam. We cook our Spam.
    • The only way to prove it is for you come to and try some Spam
LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! its so hot that we dont want to cook?!!

    • we cook all the time….spam is just ******* awesome!
    • best **** you can ever eat! idk whats in your spam wherever you live that makes you ppl hate it so much, but here its the ****!
    • we spam fo breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no joke
    • im not saying everyone here likes it…..mostly ppl who cant afford like all the other stuffs. and broke teens such as myself. and also we’re always like outside, and its just easier i guess….

    • MyMcG says:

      I have never had a Spam Masubi but I am so looking forward to the day. The one thing about Spam that grosses me out is when you don’t use the whole can and you have to refrigerate the rest, the gelatinous stuff that forms. Gack. That’s why you have to make it a point to slice up and fry the whole can in one go – even if you don’t eat it all, at least the fried spam in the fridge won’t form the gel.

      Officer Bob, you are at your funniest when on the topic of Spam. You would think Kamekona was coming at Steve with a hot poker the way he dodged the Spam (like Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in the Matrix as you put it! Hilarious!!) To avoid Spamhandles, Steve should try Spam Lite – that is what I actually buy & love. And I swear, it’s like Diet Dr Pepper – it tastes just like regular.

      Also, I miss the days when you had to open Spam with that little key you turned all the way around the can. Now they have that pop-open tab like a soda can, and I just find that not as gratifying.

      • BigBraddah says:

        “The one thing about Spam that grosses me out is the gelatinous stuff that forms. Gack.” then I hope no one introduces you to a thing called “Jello”.

      • Kimmer says:

        Yeah, but I have to say that the pork flavored jello is the lowest selling one.

      • BigBraddah says:

        ” that the pork flavored jello is the lowest selling one.” Not here. we scrape dat stuff off and repackage it and seullum at da swap meet.

      • officer808 says:

        Hmm… more Spam silliness…?

      • BigBraddah says:

        Chree dalla a pound. chance ‘um! Ono, you know! Not too sweet, not too rancid but jezz right, ah?!

  14. Cécile says:

    As I said on FB, I rather liked this episode, but it is definitely not one of my favorites. I liked the twist, and how they investigated it. It wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was ok.

    I love the fact that 5-0 is about family, blood family and close friends family, the disappointments or good surprises you can have with both groups. But I’m seriously getting tired of the kid in distress theme. We’ve had it like 5 or 6 times in 21 episodes….

    As for Sean Combs, well, he was fine, sometimes a little over the top, but not worst than some people claiming to be professionnal actors, so no hard feelings here…That said, I do have a hard time accepting the fact that this particular episode was, in fact, one giant commercial for his newly released song…I don’t mind seeing the team step back to have an interesting guest character do his/her thing, but here it was just giving screen time to Puff Daddy to promote himself. Please, Show, don’t do it again !

    About Kono and Danny : I definitely agree with you Officer, it’s different from Steve and Danny’s banter, but it’s still good and funny. I was one of the first to talk about a possible relationship between Kono and Danny, and I’ll stick to it : the possibility is intersting. I’m not one of the “shippers” who absolutely want their characters to hook up, and would rip off anyone who think differently. But, I’m not hostile to the idea. Maybe not now though, let’s finish the deal with Rachel, whether with a happy or an unhappy ending.
    Like Linda, I noticed Danny calling her “baby” and not “babe”. I’m going to totally contradict myself by saying that the tone was more fatherly than romantically worried. Lol. But still, their chemistry is great, and I love every time they team up.

    @MerryBlue : colors where a bit different this week, it looked less bright, and kind of “heavier”, probably because it looks like it had been raining a lot when this episode was filmed.

    One last thing : I’m thinking Jenna Kay was introduced a little early. It was 2 episodes ago, and we have nothing new about the Champ box investigation, other than new elements given back to Steve. And why hasn’t he (discretely) installed a security camera facing his door yet ?? I think he’s being a little slow there !

    And another extremely important issue : how the hell did Steve manage to put on the extra tight swimming shirt with his cast ? 😉

    • lainiek says:

      Re: Danny called Kono “baby” instead of “babe”- totally was done in a big bro way rather than as a bf way. Look at a few weeks ago with the “sexting”. He looks at Kono like a little sis. How she looks at him is another question. Crush, perhaps? Could you blame the girl? Don’t we all have a crush on Scott Caan? 😉

      • Cécile says:

        Little sis works for me too ;). There’s still room for evolution^^.

        Danny said he had a bunch of sisters (to Matt “think about our parents, our sisters). I hope we get to meet them, see how he behaves with them !

      • Cécile says:

        Or maybe I’m transferring my own crush on Scott on Kono : Come on girl, he’s all yours !! lol

      • lainiek says:

        all mine? why thank you. don’t mind if I do. 😉

  15. MyMcG says:

    To answer Officer Bob’s call, No Diddy Didn’t. Didn’t do it for me, that is. Seems like I’m the only one, though? I thought I would be posting a simple, “me, too” after 30 people ahead of me who had already kvetched about Sean Combs. I liked the episode okay. It would’ve been much better without the distraction of Diddy. I, too, went in with an open mind. But of all the “celebrity” guest appearances so far, this one didn’t work so well in my opinion and it distracted me from what was going on in the story.

    I didn’t like the open. It was heavy and clunky with P.Diddy in it. Several times throughout the episode, I was just painfully aware that he was on screen, all awkward and over-act-y and distracting me from what was going on. And he got major screen time, too. Contrast that to what poor Nick Lachey got when he wasn’t in the ski mask!

    The ending itself had a cool interesting twist, but “… every time the wind blows, know that I’m coming…” Dramatic much? Maybe it was just in the delivery. I didn’t get the same groan instinct when Steve said he answered to God and the Governor. And the idea of P.Diddy as the fifth Five-O? Aaahhh!! I hope this was as Big Braddah said, just a parting platitude and not for real. I’m sure Steve the character meant it – he doesn’t seem like someone who would say something – especially something like this, offering a spot on his team – and not mean it. But I’m hoping Reggie and Kevin LOVE it in DC and stay firmly put.

    Here are my other random bits:

    Seeing the Camaro drive up to Reggie’s house – after not seeing it last week – I got all excited; I don’t remember if someone mentioned it here on this blog, but with the status the silver Camaro has, it really should have a name. Probably in part because it shows up far less often on the show, I also get all excited whenever I see Steve’s truck, which we also go to see again later in the episode. I don’t know why, but every time I see Steve’s truck, I feel like I’ve caught a glimpse of an old friend on TV.

    Something funny I noticed last week, Kamekona signed Steve’s cast, “Waiola Shave Ice. Best…” I thought it was going to say Best wishes or something like that but it says Best on the Island! Instead of a get well wish, he basically put advertising on Steve cast!

    I will close with one last thought: Spam, the Hawaiian steak. I personally love Spam. I guess that’s from the Asian in my background. And I’m more than a little surprised at Steve’s reaction to it, seeing as he was born and raised there. I mean, I can see how a daily diet of it would not be friendly to the SEAL physique, but “No – I don’t want to taste” ? I would think someone whose family is at least 2 generations living in Hawaii would at least appreciate it for the treat that it is now and then. (And LINDA – I’ve also tried scrapple – but THAT did not do it for me.)

    That’s it from me. I’ll keep it short-ish and have the rest of my fun responding to others’ comments.

    • Cécile says:

      Lol you know what, the Camaro definitely is the fifth member^^. I was really disappointed last week for not seeing it. Ok maybe not disappointed, but still, I wondered where the hell it was !

      I actually have a different feeling when they use Steve’s struck. It’s more “Hey, why are they taking his struck, what about the Camaro ? She’s gonna get jealous !” I wish Danny would drive more though, it would balance the dynamic a little more. I know that Steve is the one with the authority, but as we pointed out last week, Danny can be as much a leader as Steve.

      • lainiek says:

        that’s why his comment at the end about not minding never being able to drive his car was so funny. subtle, but funny.

      • Cécile says:

        Sure, and I am definitely aware of Steve’s controle issues (stated by Danny some time ago), and Danny’s lack of interest in cars and driving. I like that he doesn’t care much, and lets Steve be The Man who drives around.

        But it’s a different dynamic when Danny drives. I’ve noticed (and written somewhere here before) that Danny only gets to drive his car when he’s extremely pissed off, and when he has some personal issues (most of the time he’s pissed off because of personal issues). It puts the two of them in a reversed situation that’s very interesting. The driver usually has the ideas, and the passenger tempers them.

        The first half of the season was a bit more balanced than the second half (Danny drove 4 times in 12 ep. vs once in 8 ep. ).

        Or maybe I’m just throwing in my own dislike of being a passenger, and as I favor Danny, I’d like to see more of him behind the wheel ? Not always, but at least once in a while, and not only when he’s pissed of or when Grace is in danger.

    • Kimmer says:

      Name – Danno’s Cammo?

      I got all excited about seeing the Camaro zoom up to Reggies house too – great camera angle (slamming to door shut on my thinking of getting a Camaro – anything THAT low to the ground just acts as a big plow in the snow)

    • Ichi says:

      The McDannomobile? teehee!

      • lainiek says:

        my first car was silver…used to call it the Little Silver Bullet. kinda fits the camaro too, especially since they use it as a weapon.

    • BigBraddah says:

      yea, he shoulda said. “No i know what it tastes like. And my feminine side dun wanna injest that seal unfriendly fude”.

      wait… we’re naming the automobiles now? aaaah c’mon now!

    • officer808 says:

      Totally agree with your assessment of Diddy. And I stand in solidarity with you in Spamunity.

  16. Froggie23 says:

    I really love your blog but have to point out that the great line spoken was I ANSWER TO GOD AND THE GOVERNOR. Sorry but it is a great line and should be quoted correctly. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  17. joey says:

    you crack me up- i was hoping the spam ordeal was ancient history but…. i wouldnt touch that stuff if you paid me. lol this was a great episode. i was pretty vocal about all the guest stars but i was way wrong about diddy! (i still stand on my soap box over nick and venessa thought what a joke) steve is da man as usual and his scene with the little boy in the closet and carrying him out was heart wrenching. i really thought fbi girl was the mole but the twist was fun–still think she was in on it in my little fantasy sequel i play in my head–you knwo the one where kono and the fbi lady duke it out in the mud in bikinis! anyway kono is finally starting to get a better opportunity to show her stuff. if anyone has seen BSG you know how well she can act! i almost forgot about our bromance with diddy on screen he played off steve perfectly and i wouldnt mind seeing him again in the future. the song was great maby i need to check out the dudes music. naaa ill stick with daughtry and james taylor! great chemistry in this episode. now the countdown begins to see who bites the big one at the end. my money is still on rachael! well written funny stuff officer 808!

  18. Melissa says:

    As ususal, the posts have made me go back and watch the episode again (I know, tough duty there). One thing that I caught was at the end when Reggie was told that the team would have a place for him if he wanted to stay in Hawaii. Is that a bit of foreshadowing that someone is leaving (which we have heard) and someone new will be joining the team? Hmmmm…

    • lainiek says:

      Someone said something about the team going to visit Reggie in NY, but he is actually going to DC. Just wanted to point that out. Maybe he can star in a CSI spin-off. CSI-DC. Oh, wait, we have Bones for that.

  19. Benito says:

    hey i’m goin to say what an awesome episode. I have say danny always entertains me with his antic and bantering skills. The whole dynamics of the team is really good now their chemistry with each other. They are now mixing up the team, like if Danny and Kono. the bit where she is climbing the tree and danny having concerned about her falling off the tree. Pure entertainment. (Kono looks like a monkey trying to break the cage thingy with the rock. which is cute) One thing i really have to say even though you guys know already, that H5O’s theme is family. it a major theme from the pliot to til this episode.

    BTW this the first time for me. i’m going to miss the last 3 episode because i am going to taiwan for the army. See you all on may 19, that is when i will be back at my country then. thanks again Bob for your review n for this wonderful site

  20. Benito says:

    hey i’m going to say what an awesome episode. I have to say Danny always entertains me with his antic and banter with Steve or Kono. The whole dynamics of the team is really good and hav great chemistry with each other. They are now mixing up the teams instead of the usual pairing Steve/Danno or Chin/Kono like with Danny and Kono. The bit where she is climbing the tree while Danny is having concerned and bantering over it. Truly pure entertainment. ( Kono looks like a monkey trying to break the cage thingy with the rock which is really cute.) One thing i have to say even though you guys know already, that H5O’s theme is family. This is a very major theme in the show since the pliot until this episode.

    BTW this is my first time. so it a bit sucky but such is life. I’m going to miss the last 3 episode because i am going to taiwan for the army. See you on the 19 of may, i’ll be back at my country then. thanks again Bob for your review and your blog. once again awesome review

  21. hawaiiobsessed says:

    You are the best Bob! Like I said, can’t rush perfection!
    Diddy wasn’t as bad as I thought but he was too much in the episode.
    Barely saw Chin, loved Danno and Kono together, Kamekona is so great. Loved the carguement, “I would go by the book” No, he would not!
    Spam…. nectar of the islands. Oh goodness!!
    Why did they have characters named so similarly, Reggie and Richie. Too much.
    Why did Reggie have two guns and why did Steve say “take the shot!”, did it matter who shot the guy? Did Steve not want to shoot him, thought that was a little weird.
    Why did the kid not recognize his dad? No family pics I guess?

    • Kimmer says:

      I thought it was odd that Kevin didn’t recognize his Dad too – you would think the mom would have some pictures or something – but then again I suppose that would be too risky with Reggies cover being blown?

      I think that Steve wanted Reggie to take the shot to get his revenge.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Agreed, Kimmer – that was my immediate take on why Steve held off and let Reggie take the shot. Kind of thought the two guns of Reggie’s blazing away was a bit of overkill, though. Thought to myself any of the Five-0s would only need 1 shot to take down the suspect. And maybe Steve realized that he has a bit of a problem with keeping suspects alive long enough to cough up the secrets he needs! Steve and Danny both need to work on not taking “kill” shots, but I’d rather have them covering my back any day!

      • Kimmer says:

        Lynette – RE 2 guns=overkill? That’s just how we roll here in NY!

  22. Kimmer says:

    Great comments from everyone as usual. A few from me:

    1) Check me off as someone who was not thrilled to hear that Sean Combs was guest starring. Now erase that check – I think he did a really good job. I’m not sure if it was the writing or his acting (LOL – probably was the writing!) but the character really fell into place with the rest of the team – unlike the Jenna character that totally rubbed me the wrong way. Also – I think having Diddy on, and so heavily publicized – reached another level of viewership tuning in to see him. I am all for anything that ups the ratings for H50! “Coming Home” is now one of my favorite songs and will be on my iPod by the end of the week. I think playing the song added to the show – the opening scene is similar to when Steve flew home.

    2)Kamekona – we need more of him! Who else among us wished that McKinley high won the bball game so that we could see them all at the waterpark? Priceless. Seriously though, I would like to see Kamakona with a little bit more to do.

    3)The envelopes are definitely coming with a girls handwriting. If not Jenna, then who? Could they be coming from Laura or the Gov? Also – if that big envelope fit under Steve’s door, he needs some weatherstripping.

    4) Pause for some serious Alex-in-a-rashguard oogling. Sigh. Moving on….

    5)Steve’s scene with Keving in the closet was amazing. Yes, I teared up. Yup, I’m a chick. I also noticed that Steve called himself a police officer – a departure from those times that he defined himself as “I’m not a cop, I’m a SEAL”. He protects Kevin from seeing the bodies – how sweet – but I don’t think he should have done that with the casted arm… Ow.

    6) Steve turns to Danny to explain who Jimmy Cannon is – not asking the FBI agent. Love the trust they have built, and love that McG can admit when he doesn’t know something. Also tells Reggie that “Our people – HPD” have Kevin, he really got across to me an us(5-0 and HPD) vs. them(FBI) comraderie.

    7) Steve telling Reggie that his team is good at going through walls – and then he and Danny do just that by driving through the wooden gate. Loved the look on McG’s face when the goon put the money in his pocket, and Danny’s “I’m not hungry” mumble.

    8)Now I will venture into my wild-@## guess area. Steve asking Danny what he would do in Reggies place, and then Danno saying he wouldn’t risk jail and asking that back to Steve. “By the book” “What book? Patriot Act for Dummies?” “War and Peace w/o the peace part” – classic cargument. It brought me back to Alex stating that we “Won’t believe where Steve ends up in the finale” What if the governor is murdered and the rules change for 5-0, and Steve ends up getting arrested and put in jail for the cliffhanger?

    9) “tangential gunshot wound to the liver” – methinks Danno has been hanging around Max too much! As for the relationship between Danny and Kono – I totally see it as big bro/little sis much more than romantic. Let’s keep it that way. PS – is it that east to climb a palm tree? Cuz that trunk looks pretty smooth!

    10)”I answer to God and the Governor”! Great nod to the original show – keep them coming! And really – what an awesome line.

    11)FBI agent Marsh – her remorse that she should have been there since people she loved died – that parallels how Steve feels about his father’s death.

    12)Reggie going to work at FBI organized crime unit. While I don’t see him physically being on the show, I do see the opportunity to “call” Reggie for help in the future.

    13)Danny “If you don’t mind getting shot at and never driving your own car” – I laughed out loud at this one. This past weekend my hubby went out of town and I took the opportunity to watch the whole series in order on DVR. For some reason I took note of who drove what, when – and I noticed that Steve has driven every car except Kono’s (what, Steve, you don’t like the ALL NEW CHEVY CRUZE?). He drove Chin’s car in Nalowale. Hearing Danny’s comment after my H50 marathon was just hysterical for me. Note to Lenkov- get Steve behind the Cruze’s wheel soon.

    I had no intention of going on so long – but I did!

    • Ichi says:

      Interesting theory about Steve going to jail. We know there’s going to be a murder, perhaps Steve’s our murderer? GASP! Now THAT would be a serious plot twist! Unlikely though 😦

      • Cécile says:

        Unlikely and unlikable !
        It would fit a lot of clues we’ve heard/read, as Kimmer pointed out. That’d work ! Season 2 would begin as the team is trying to bail him out OR Danny likes being in charge so much he lets Steve enjoy the opportunity for new meaningful tattoos ! ^^

      • Cécile says:

        @ Ichy : Unlikely and unlikable !

        Kimmer’s theory is interesting, it would indeed fit a lot of clues we’ve heard/read. That’d work ! Season 2 would begin as the team is trying to bail him out OR Danny likes being in charge so much he lets Steve enjoy the opportunity for new meaningful tattoos ! ^^

      • Cécile says:

        Damn, sorry for the duplicate, hit ‘post’ before rereading…

      • Ichi says:

        Hehe, I know, I’m just fantasizing. Don’t go pac-maning my dreams too! 😛

    • Beth says:

      Kimmer, I totally agree with point #3 and #8 is very interesting and thought provoking.

    • officer808 says:

      Awesome Kimmer, thx!

  23. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Hey, Kimmer – great review! You brought out some new points that the rest of us didn’t see! Danny is definitely getting a little more vocal about not getting to drive his own car, and I can’t believe he quietly sits in the passenger seat while his car get driven through wooden gates and down dirt roads at high speeds! He must have darn good insurance! I’m also one who gets all tingly when the Camaro appears on screen!

    And maybe a little foreshadowing is going on with the “discussion” between Danny and Steve about what they would do in similar circumstances. Is Danny going to have to decide, in the finale, not to follow Steve’s lead because he doesn’t want to end up in jail, and is Steve going to go ahead and do whatever, and end up in jail? Is this part of the “fracture?” Time will tell!

    • Kimmer says:

      A lot of what makes this series work is the “suspension of disbelief” and one of those blanks that I have filled in for myself is that all of their cars are provided as part of the 5-0 benefit package (maybe not Chin’s Harley though) and that Hawaii has a state contract with Chevy. (a nod to my municipal finance background – LOL) I have to stop there though, because then I start thinking about all sorts of IRS regulations, etc….(financial geek humor)

      I don’t like the theory that Rachel is killed, but if it is, (or StepStan) and Grace is in danger, I see Danny walking a thin line, but Steve crossing it for him and ending up in jail. I don’t love that theory – but I do think that Steve ends up in jail.

    • Val says:

      Steve go to jail? I don’t think its possible because it would tarnish his record with the seals and the navy intelligence. Unless he’s there to go for a different reason because of one particular the in mates and to go under cover to talk to either Hiro or Hesse to get information but I would hate to imagine him sharing a bunk with either of those two men especially Victor Hesse. I would hate to see him in that awful “setting” .

      The one time where I really thought that he would end up in jail would be because of the money – but all of it got returned and he was ready to face the consequences of his actions when they realized that the forfeiture locker was raided and that the missing money would be uncovered – I thought at that moment they were in serious “doo doos” and I really hoped the Govenor would figure a way to help Steve out – just the thought of him going jail is just unthinkable!! Lynette I know you adore Danny and he’s the apple of your eye but I’m very fond of Steve and he definitely has become my favorite character on the show…lol…hence the big panic attack at where he might end up!!

      However not to say that I don’t share the same affection for Danny, Chin and Kono… I love them like “family” – I really don’t want another team member to become a fifth!!! The chemistry between all four actors is at its best and now what remains is what new challenges our favorite heroes are going to face in the last two episodes which will alter their paths…hopefully for just one episode and not several more before we have our team again.

      One more thing I do not for a moment believe that MaryAnn is the next “vic” – have it on good authoriy that its unlikely. Also an article came out that she will be coming back for season 2!! Its just too much for Steve to lose everyone in his household.

  24. says:

    A little bit of SPAM handles would look good on him. I bet Mrs. Officer 808 would agree…

  25. BigBraddah says:

    As far as Danno and Steveo’s conversations lately, they are mostly all toned down much more now that they know each other, as opposed to when they just met and were initially working together. Their ambulatory arguments are more like how we gonna do this bust? more than; “what? You like surfing? I hate surf. Big waves, a nono. Just on TV in titles, is ok! I don’t like the outdoors. The outdoors is where you keep the car.”

    • Kimmer says:

      Braddah, you are right – the carguments are less explosive now that they know one another. As I said earlier – I had my H50 marathon last weekend and got to re-visit some classic encounters:
      Steve: “Where there is smoke there is fire”
      Danno: “What? Where there’s smoke there’s fire? What is THAT? Your honor, he is guilty. Why? Well, there’s SMOKE”

    • Cécile says:

      They still have different methods, so hopefully, they’ll keep arguing !

      I hope someday some youtube afficionado will compile them ^^

  26. spotted reptile says:

    I’m actually betting it’s Danny who ends up in jail, since there’s all that talk about raising a kid from there.

    Steve disappears. No one knows where. How’s that?

    • lainiek says:

      Wondering why everyone thinks someone is going to jail- did I miss a spoiler? I think the fraction in team is going to come from Danny having to decide if he is staying on the island or not. It could be very directly related to someone close to the team blowing up in a red car.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Sometime back Alex said in an interview something like “you won’t believe where Steve ends up” so everyone is speculating where that may be. Jail is one of the options. No spoiler…just lots of speculation!

  27. Ichi says:

    Huh, I just noticed something else that has me laughing out loud now after another viewing of the episode. Steve boldly says they’re going to knock down all the walls that Cannon puts up, and it appears now that this is not just metaphorical, as he drives Danny’s car through Cannon’s security gate!! LMAO!

  28. lainiek says:

    Very interesting that some people are looking at Steve’s scenes with Kevin in the beginning as paternal instincts kicking in. For me, it was able one little boy who lost his mother projecting on another one. He was looking to protect Kevin from what he went thru. At many times during the shows, I feel that Danny is the adult in their partnership and Steve acts like a kid.

    • lainiek says:

      Hit comment too soon- I think Steve acts like a kid because he technically lost both parents at 16. One because she was murdered and one because he sent him away. So, he is like an akward little boy with no social skills sometimes.

      In contrast, Danny is a father, who is always doing the right thing to be a role model for his daughter. This is also why he is protective of Kono. Whether she has a crush on him or not, I can’t see him acting on it.

    • Merry Blue says:

      Really interesting perspecitve, Lainiek. I’m going to spend some time thinking this over. There have been a number of times when Danny has reminded me of the sturdy stable pony that keeps the high-strung performance horse calmed. But the relationship seems to flip back and forth; there have been several occasions when Steve has taken on the calming role when Danny has been ready to go over the top.

      Steve admitted to Danny that the loss of him mother and being sent into exile influenced him to become the person he currently is. His choice of profession has allowed him to channel his distress and anger into a controlled outlet. When we first met Steve, for the first few episodes I thought – is this guy a sociopath? It soon became clear that he wasn’t, but he sure appeared poorly socialized. Danny’s right: he really does need some therapy.

    • MyMcG says:

      Good point, lainiek, something to chew on. As Danny has pointed out in the past, Steve has projected before and has gotten goofy when it comes to father/son situations – but the twist this time on the mother/son thing… you’re right, I can definitely see it here.

      The paternal instincts or yearning coming to the surface that others have commented on – for me, that is coming through from a combination of this scene and the emotion on he obviously feels when he answers that no, he doesn’t have kids.

      Merry Blue, I also liked your response. Poor Steve, he is really such a damaged soul. Yes, maybe poorly socialized, but it’s a wonder that all of it hasn’t broken him and that he isn’t a sociopath. But I think you’re right the Navy probably did wonders for him at just the right time in his life?

      • Linda Stein says:

        I think they are both true! The longing for the family he lost as well as for a new family of his own but also the knowledge that it’s probably not going to happen or if it does, not for a very long time.

        Steve would never risk it. He would never want to do what his father had to do to protect his kids. Steve would never put himself into the position of having to protect his kids like his father did. He already had to do it when he sent Maryann away again.

        As long as he’s still in the middle of all the craziness he will not risk it. And since he has no idea if it will ever end, that’s what makes him look sad when he answers Reggie. No I don’t have kids and I probably never will.

    • BigBraddah says:

      “Very interesting that some people are looking at Steve’s scenes with Kevin in the beginning as paternal instincts kicking in.”
      That is reading too much into it. Je’like “oh family and ‘ohana is a real theme they are pushing here”. No, it is a basic plot device to move the story along. They are not Mormon proselytisers here. They care not about conveying philosophical, moral or societal messages, just create an intriguing well done weekly show.

  29. Merry Blue says:

    While sitting at work doing something that required attention but not a lot of brain power, the absurd thought popped into my mind: What if Kamekona is delivering the Champ box contents? He has the trust of the team and the access to do it without suspicion (especially since Steve does not have a truly functional security system!!!). He has connections to the criminal element and could be doing it to help Steve or he could be doing it under duress. I can’t see him having the hand-writing, but who knows. Perhaps calligraphy is a hobby or he was just really good at penmanship in school. Or his girl friend is helping. He was actually in Steve’s house when the latest delivery showed up: yeah, it wasn’t there on the floor when he got there, because he was carrying it. And, hey, he’s just so adorable who would ever suspect him? It’s absurd but…..

    • MyMcG says:

      Hmmmmmm… Yes, there have been comments about the swirly girly handwriting on the envelopes. It wouldn’t surprise me too if Kamekona had pretty girly script or could fake a good girly handwriting. He makes cute hand puppets, it’s believable he has other artistic abilities?

      But beyond the handwriting, this is fascinating theory.

    • Kimmer says:

      Hmmm – interesting theory – I’ll have to let this one play out in my head.

    • BigBraddah says:

      No. Kamekona would not do that. It is too underhanded and circuitous and weasily of a thing for this local boy to do.

  30. MyMcG says:

    By the way, according to Danny, Steve is Aquaman and Kono is Spiderwoman. What super hero will be dub Chin Ho?

    • Val says:

      For Chin Ho – “Geek Squad” comes to mind because of the magic table and his ability to think so fast and get the case moving forward much quicker.

  31. lainiek says:

    Lol…sounds similiar to twetfest last nite in regards to seperating character from star. I for one have a mad crush on Danno (like our girl Kono does) – CALL ME DANNO, but know that he is not Scott Caan and visa versa. Of course, they are equally adorable 😉 . However, I do respect SC and the body of work and charities that he is involved in. Should he call me, I would not hang up the phone.

  32. Kimmer says:

    OOOh – Finale press release just came out – maybe my Wild-A$%# guess theory is right!!! (that never happens, LOL)
    From CBS:


    When Five-0 gets too close to the truth about Wo Fat and his associates, the criminal mastermind retaliates by trying to destroy the team. They’ve always played by their own rules, but when the Governor can no longer protect them, it’s time for Five-0 to pay the consequences of their actions, on the first season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, May 16 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. *”Oia’i’o*” is Hawaiian for “Trust.”

    • Linda Stein says:

      “but when the Governor can no longer protect them”

      Why can she no longer protect them? This is the key, I think. They cross lines constantly because they have the full ammunity given to them by Jamison. There are only 3 reasons why she would no longer be able to protect them:

      1) Somehow she has lost her authority. This seems highly unlikely. The only way for that to happen would be for someone higher up than her to take it away. She’s the governor so that won’t happen.

      2) The team crosses a line so huge that she simply CAN’T protect them. Jamison told Steve as much when he informed her about Hiro. She said if he went after someone as well connected as Hiro she might not be able to protect him. Perhaps as they get closer to WoFat the lines become blurred and her hands are tied.

      3) Jamison is the person in the red convertabe that blows up. Every time we’ve seen Jamison getting out of a car it’s the black official government car. But I can totally see her driving a red convertable. The lady who sat in Steve’s office and demanded a beer without a glass would be very comfortable in that car in her off time.

      If Jamison were to die she would, obviously, not be able to protect the team any longer. There would be an interim governor (does Hawaii have a Lt. Gov to take over?). That person may not like the idea of the team, of them having absolute power in their cases. There is also the fact that we’re supposed to meet the new Chief of Police in the finale. Why do we all of a sudden need to meet the Chief in the very last episode of the season? There has to be a reason for his sudden appearance. Also, the Chief, especially if he’s one of those hard nosed bastards, can’t be happy with this hot shot squad of rule breakers thrust upon HPD that he has no control over and gets all the best cases.

      I think that is the “fracture” in the group. The new governor, along with the Chief takes away their ammunity and therefore they are now vulnerable when they cross lines so can’t cross them and get the job done or they cross them anyway and pay the consequences. Could that be jail for someone? Could it just be the new governor breaks up the team?

      This finale is going to be brutal to watch!

      • Kimmer says:

        ^^^ what she said! 🙂

      • Beth says:

        I read somewhere that the elderly Hawaiian woman who questioned Kono when she and McG were “borrowing” the $10 mil. from the forfeiture locker is also going to be in the finale. She had mentioned that she was going to look into what they were doing there as Kono’s answers were less than convincing. Maybe an investigation is opened up into 5-0’s dealings when this woman starts asking questions or files a complaint. Or, maybe, HPD was already working on a covert investigation into 5-0 and this woman’s testimony helps them build a case.

      • Kimmer says:

        Beth – I saw her listed in the cast list for the finale – and thought “uh oh”

      • BigBraddah says:

        “I saw her listed in the cast list for the finale” could be a bit part playing another separate character…

  33. BigBraddah says:

    *”Oia’i’o*” is Hawaiian for “Trust.”
    No. That is wrongo, Boyo.
    trust, the verb is hilina’i. Pronounced hee lee nah ee.
    Or kalele. (to trust or to have faith in or to depend on)

    oia’i’o is a noun. a thing. = a fact. a truth. a genuine real thing. See? noun. a thing. Not a verb or action. Which is a wholly different word; trust… which is oai’i’o.

  34. BigBraddah says:

    I meant “Which is a wholly different word; trust… which is not; oai’i’o.”
    Trust me on that.

    • Kimmer says:

      I hilina’i you, Braddah!

      It is a gray area because the theme isn’t “I trust you”, but “I GIVE you my trust” or “My trust in you has been taken away” – thereby not using the word trust as a verb, but as a noun.

      • Kimmer says:

        Not really a gray area, but a misinterpretation of the use of the word, I guess.

        We need to get you on the editing team to clear up such issues!

  35. Pingback: Honolulu Magazine con Alex in copertina, in palio per voi « The Alex Lovers

  36. PUSPA says:

    Some really random stuff i’ve come to appreciate on H5O reboot (hm is that the right thing to say?:) – Scott Caan has great looking hair lol (he loved the Outsiders – that’s the influence!) O-Kay, Scott Caan is too much of a talent to ever, E-VER come on as a *sidekick* here on this series, especially… “They” need(ed) a character actor with “a deep reservoir of emotions” (AOL ‘s quote/admiration for Scott Caan 🙂 Scott Caan delivers his lines like he’s “living the moment” cos’ that’s the only way he knows how! AOL coming off two 1 season shows has never got a co star of Scott Caan’s stature to elevate his own acting skills – the way AOL just livens (?) up in those “carguments” is proof of that, hm? Can’t imagine seeing 4 people just may be scowling with furrowed brows and clenched jaws going after those dastardly criminals, week in and week out – or worse some piece of information being conveyed in a drone/lifeless tone ;D To me, Scott Caan’s Danny is at *the* heart of which the action/verbal banters have the edge over other shows currently, in this genre. I’ve also noticed that @PLenkov has said good things in separate interviews, about AOL – he said that CBS had a “huge investment in him.” As for SC, he has deep admiration for what he brings as Det Danny Williams. @PLenkov -particularly picked out a distinct style, a similarity with that of SC’s dad (James Caan) during that scene in the Pilot at McG’s home. Better still @PLenkov qualified this by saying he didn’t think SC “studied” his father lol It was just DNA! The producers agree without doubt that the chemistry between this 2 made the Pilot “work.” As for Ep 21 with Mr Diddy.. I was watching SC (1st hospital room scene) & from then on he was kinda “low-key.” I thunk , being a pro, he knew Diddy was going Intense, Loud and (Melo)dramatic in his role as a grieving Dad and husband who’s just lost his beautiful wife to a mobster – therefore being more quiet and subdued (notice Danny lowered eyes when questioning Reggie Cole?) would work better…Anyway, I liked all the small details in Danny’s mannerism in Ep 21 -very subtle but endearing, like mumbling under his breath, licking his lips studying the info on monitor lol closing the car door with the dead suspect nside, was that preserving the crime scene? IMO Surfing, Art, Baseball and being a great Father -(like James Caan is to SC) – all of these and some is a part of what makes SC & H5O reboot worth watching 🙂

  37. PUSPA says:

    McG carrying the boy out the way he did was good – better, it wasn’t done in slow motion ! Cos’ with Diddy on, would have come off like a music vid lol

  38. PUSPA says:

    Hah old “Auntie” is back ?? IMO, she’ll be fine, but her “nosiness” (like in Ep 12?) may make her a valuable witness to whatever “people” went into the tunnel – her condominium is facing the Tunnel, which leads to the Vault/HPD.. (D: “Why is there a tunnel?”)… aah did I just come up with a horrible, horrible *scenario* for the S1 Finale?

  39. BigBraddah says:

    “Why is there a tunnel?”) Corp of army engineers way back when created it. (they explain in the ep.) and in the ep, they ostensibly used it to gain access to the Police department way up on Beretania. But that is a long distance away. They should have popped down into da tunnel via a manhole cover nearby. NOT a couple miles away.

  40. PUSPA says:

    Okay, so Hi and thanks for explaining the distance ! That blueprint Chin was “saving for someone” (the uncle?) I did see McG point out the 2 options they had in getting there. The first one being thru the main entrance of HPD itself – Danno’s frantic gesturing at why that wouldn’t work, was too funny! Second was walk thru the tunnel. i think McG went down a manhole, Kono was “ambushed” by the auntie lol

  41. BigBraddah says:

    “i think McG went down a manhole,” Nah, he did that later on that night when his girlfriend came by.

  42. PUSPA says:

    BigBraddah you said -“They should have popped down into da tunnel via a manhole cover” OOps I didn’t say that right !! I MUST be careful with being too descriptive and getting “caught” hahaha – Sorry again, I know I must have goofy…oh never mind…I must end now before I make “some other” error !:)

  43. PUSPA says:

    Hello Linda Stein ! Regarding your comment “There is also the fact that we’re supposed to meet the new Chief of Police in the finale. Why do we all of a sudden need to meet the Chief in the very last episode of the season? There has to be a reason for his sudden appearance.” Well my 2 Cents Worth, when I first read that, somewhere can’t remember where, anyhoo – 1st thought – Daniel Day Kim could *possibly be* the NEW Chief of Police lol ! I could be mistaken, but that info (yes, new actor’s name in Cast List) didn’t say anything about his character having been on the force all this time, could be he’s onto retirement? *Justice* for Chin Ho Kelly, p’haps?

  44. PUSPA says:

    With Ep 23 and Season Finale Ep 24 coming up..I’d like to be a little silly and go back to Ep 20 and give “input” (Lol!) on Why? Why and for What reason did McG : a) Fall off the, mm, cliff side b) What was the purpose of McG fracturing his left arm? Imo – 1. A quickie way to get Danny w/out a tie 😉 Yes!! 2. A neat way to show Danny being “crisp” w/out the tie but in a White Tee – for a hike! Seriously, to show the difference(s) between him and McG.. to a point 3. A nice excuse to show those biceps and never forget Danny’s *muscle* by being McG’s capable/dependable backup is without parallel (yeah, connecting the real muscles with what he’s dependable for – deep! hahaha) 4. A way to bring out McG’s “sentimental” side – he hangs on to places/things (eg the Marquis) that keeps his memory of family/father alive. 5. A way to bring on those brotherly concerns. Through their verbal exchange, neither one wanted the other to do something risky in order to save the other off that hill. 6. That final, final scene facing the wrath of a deranged father was very telling too. McG had only one good arm to work with, yet, when he sensed that Danny was in danger of being shot, he still has to manage and save the situation. On a lighter note (!) SC was positively just glowing (his hair was glistening..) with that deep lush, green valley backdrop:D

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