Were you paying attention to the last recap…?

Contest, yay!

In the last recap for “Ho’opa’i” I buried five references to Diddy or Diddy produced tracks in the “Ho’opa’i” recap described through the collected works of Puffy/Puff Daddy/P.Diddy section.  Find them and you might win a prize…I’m giving away the April issue of Honolulu Magazine with Alex O’Loughlin on the cover, five issues to five lucky winners.

Honolulu Magazine, hawaii five-0, Alex O'Loughlin

April Honolulu Magazine, Hawaii Five-0, Alex O'Loughlin


Identify the songs, and email them to officer808(at)yahoo.com.  Obviously substitute the (at) with @.  Those who submit the correct answers will win.  If there are more than five correct entries, I’ll select five randomly of all correct entries.  The winners will be selected after the Five-0 episode on Monday, April 25th after the Hawaii airing, at 10 PM HST.  If winners are international, I’ll ship the magazine, but I don’t know how long it’ll take.

If you want to work cooperatively and post here, be my guest. 😉


There are five songs.

Some of them are lyrics, not titles, and have been edited to fit the sentence.

They are songs or songs produced by Diddy.


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Investigating Hawaii Five-0 from the inside.
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21 Responses to Were you paying attention to the last recap…?

  1. hawaiiobsessed says:

    aren’t you the clever one!

  2. officer808 says:

    CB is the first entrant, and got 4 out of 5, so close! Try again. 🙂

    CDCL got it all right! And to answer your question, 17 years ago everyone was a Puff Daddy fan, including me. 😉

    MR got it all right!

    LE is playing darts in the dark, but got lucky on four of them…try again. 😉

    KS got it all right. WITH featured singers. Biggy would be proud.

    another KS got it all right.

    SM got it right too! I think I made this *way* too easy.

    • hawaiiobsessed says:

      Not a Diddy fan but pretty sure I have three right away. Then I googled Diddy songs and lyrics. Let’s just say I won’t be downloading those songs! My delicate sensibilities were offended, so decided “never mind” :>) Already subscribe to the mag, I just like to win! ha ha. Will be curious to see if my guesses were correct when all is said and done.
      I did notice Officer, that your writing style had changed a little, now we know why! ha ha.

  3. popoahi says:

    I hate all re-runs…… they got to do more shows next season???
    why can’t they use real names of stuff like hwy’s and schools or locations.. the real 5-0 pretty much did….kukui high school??? man,,,but i guess this has been discussed before?

    I wanna know who is that girl in the white bikini coming out of the water in the watchmacallit part before the begining of the show U know when the theme song starts playing and steve ends up on top of the ilikai??? they shud have made that segment longer ha,,………….

    never thought I’d be writing to this blog……….. at first I didn’t care for the show but the photography is magnificent…. oh,,, the pidgeon sucks why don’t they get a local to edit the pidgeon?? in one show (sniper at da pipe) one local just said “dakine” that was just negative……

  4. popoahi says:

    oops,,,,i mean pidgin sorry u birds..

  5. popoahi says:

    forgot the spam,,,,,,,,,,they all got to eat local food regularly !!!!!
    incldng poi !!!!

    saw the vdo dan-0 n Mcg’s relationship is getting a little to comical,,, overdone they need to tone it down just a bit after all it’s not a comedy…..does the network read this blog????

    how does one get on the show??? now that I like it I want to get on the show…:)

    this is getting to much I’d never thought I’d be here…

  6. jujubee19 says:

    Cool contest, but I would not stand a chance. Never been a big Diddy fan. Good luck all!!

  7. Kimmer says:

    Easy, hard – either way, it was a lot of fun! Now, could you do one trivia a week from the finale until the season 2 premier? Just to keep us from going crazy?

  8. officer808 says:

    Agents- I’m loving your guesses… I can tell who’s googling answers and it’s making me smile. 🙂

    CL got ’em all right.

    So did EB.

    HW gave me six answers, but only 2 were right…try again 🙂

  9. gaile says:

    I would try if I did not all ready own the mag. . Now if you gave away something of yours. 🙂
    If you are shipping to USA address it takes less then a week. I got mine a few days after ordering it..I do not know if I would know all the songs. Not a bid Diddy fan. Though I know they were playing his lastest song throughout the show

  10. Elissa Barnes says:

    Oh this was so much fun! I had 3/5 on my iPod. Ah, high school memories!

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  12. cherish4 says:

    Ooooh I’ll have a go!

  13. officer808 says:

    LS got it all right!

    FW missed one. 😦

  14. officer808 says:

    CB got it right! 🙂

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