Life on the Set with Blkdrgn, and Ke Kinohi revisited

Life on the Set with Blkdrgn and Ke Kinohi Revisited

Tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-o is one of my favorites, “Ke Kinohi”, featuring the return of actress Taryn Manning from a considerable absence in the first stretch of the season.  One scene featured a group of Yakuza thugs and their motorcycles outside the Pipeline Café in Honolulu.  Undercover Special Agent Blkdrgn was there and gave me a run down on the filming of that scene back in November of last year.  After you read the post, check out the photos on Facebook.

How’d you guys get involved in the scene?
A group of us motorcycle enthusiasts and the owners of Revtek were invited to bring our motorcycles in front of Pipeline Café to be used as props for the scene.  There were about seven to eight bikes that we brought, and we waited there in front of the café waiting for instructions from the crew.

I heard you had a run in with someone famous…
Yeah, while we were waiting, this guy walks up to us and starts checking out our bikes.  He looked at mine and asked if he could check it out…I realized right there that it was the main guy himself, Alex O’Loughlin.  We talked for a bit, he said he was a bike fanatic and used to have a Ducati with a dry clutch.  He tried to get on my bike, but it’s a racing Suzuki, modified with a lower seat and higher foot pegs, and he was so tall he couldn’t get on it!

What was your impression of the cast?
Alex was really friendly, he approached us himself, checked out our bikes and was cracking jokes.  Daniel Dae Kim said “hi” to us…Scott Caan was always on his phone.

Your bikes got some camera time, did you?
They chose two of us to be extras in the scene, but I didn’t want to…

Thanks for sharing your story and photos with the fans!


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8 Responses to Life on the Set with Blkdrgn, and Ke Kinohi revisited

  1. hawaiiobsessed says:

    loved the interview and pics, nice to hear the back story!

  2. Val says:

    Hi Bob – Wonderful video clips and interviews!! Interesting backstory about the bikes – wondered where they came from and you answered them for me. Just want to say that this was definitely one of my favorites but it was also the worst nailbiting moment since I was half dreading and half expecting her to get “snuffed out”!! For me MaryAnn was the most focal point of the story, and the way it played was all that I could ever hope for brother Steve to the rescue. It was precisely what I had hoped for – never been so relieved and so delighted to see the outcome as for the rest of the show, moving on it was very interesting to finally learn more about the “mystery” inside that toolbox and how it finally gave us an answer to what really happened to Steve’s mom but even more exciting Steve has a first “meet” with Wofat!! We have all been dying to see that moment and it was on the “golf course”!! – Just really looking forward to seeing Taryn back on the show for season 2. She really did a great job on this episode. Looking forward to seeing it again for the “gazillion” time.

  3. cherish4 says:

    Nice to get some info about this episode and the bikes, thanks!

  4. jadore says:

    Not my favorite episode. So not a fan of Mary! They could have done a better job with casting the part.

  5. BigBraddah says:

    Fun to see my old haunt, the late great Pipeline Club. funny to see how they altered it for the scene interior and exterior and with that breakaway door rig.

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