What’s the 411 on the Five-0 **H50?

Where does texting **H50 take you?

Viewers in the Unites States saw a short splash screen at the end of the last two new episodes (“Ho’opa’i” and “Ma Ke Kahakai”) that invited them to send a text message to **H50 (or **450) to join the Hawaii Five-0 Surf Club for exclusive content and special offers from local businesses.

Texting **H50 will result in a text from 96683 that reads “Aloha! Welcome to the SURF CLUB!  Click http://cbs.com/hwqr for exclusie H50 clips and CBS Local Offers!”

Clicking the link on your phone will bring you to the “Hawaii Five-0 Surf Club”, where you’ll see a short behind the scenes video clip, an opportunity to opt-in to a mailing list to receive offers from local retailers, a twitter feed for Daniel Dae Kim, and a link to the Facebook Five-0 page.

The clip from two weeks ago featured Daniel Dae Kim.  Last week’s clip showed Alex O’Loughlin talking about the shows stunts.  They were fairly short twenty second clips, and while cool to see, didn’t add too much to the BTS experience…but it may still be worth it for the die hard fan.  After tonight’s “Ke Kinohi”, there was no “Surf Club” splash screen or new mobile content added.

We’ll see next week if CBS adds anything new!


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6 Responses to What’s the 411 on the Five-0 **H50?

  1. Kristin says:

    I have tried a few time to text this from my droid and keep getting error messages; it’s like the number isn’t long enough. Any suggestions out there?

  2. kelly says:

    i have a droid as well and i am getting the same invalid recipient error message… carrier is sprint..

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