And the winners for the Diddy song finding contest is…

The winners are:

Elissa B.

Cecile L.


Kim S.

and Shane M.

They got the songs right and were randomly selected by my cat from the list of correct entries.

The songs were:

Been Around the World
After he’s been around the world working undercover for the FBI, Officer Reggie Cole sneaks off to Oahu to visit his family for a short break.

Big Poppa
He tells her “I love it when you call me Big Poppa.”

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down
Reggie proves that ain’t nobody can hold him down and busts out of the hospital to go looking for the murderers himself.

All About The Benjamins
Reggie accuses Richard, telling Jimmy that in the end, it was all about the Benjamins that Richard was after.

I’ll Be Missing You
Kevin looks up into the clouds wondering to his mom, “Every move I make, every step I take, every single day, every night I pray, I’ll be missing you.”

I’ll be emailing the winners for their contact information so they can receive their April issue of Honolulu Magazine with Alex O’Loughlin on the cover.

Thanks to all who entered!


About officer808

Investigating Hawaii Five-0 from the inside.
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5 Responses to And the winners for the Diddy song finding contest is…

  1. Carrie says:

    Officer, But Bump, Bump, Bump is also a song…

  2. Terry says:

    Did they win knives that you won’t send them? LOL

  3. Elissa says:

    LOL! I am very glad knives weren’t involved. My husband wouldn’t have let me enter. Thanks Officer!

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