Scott Caan to host live Q&A session on Openfilm Live


“Openfilm Live” is an online interview series featuring guest celebrities and film industry experts who take and answer questions from online viewers in real time.

Any Openfilm member may submit a question to an Advisory Board Member or special webcam chat guest, Openfilm Pro member questions will be given priority regardless of their community vote count. To get your Pro Account. Any Openfilm registered user can view and vote on the webcam chat questions. We will notify the community of the upcoming webcam chats schedule.

Submit a question to Scott and learn more about the live online interview at the Openfilm webpage.

Scroll down the question list to the middle, under “Officer808”, I asked: “Danny Williams’ dialogs come so naturally to you, how much of your personality/mannerisms creep into Danny’s personality?”

Do you see the “+” and “-” signs to the left of the question?  You can bump up the question on the question list by clicking the “+” button to move the question closer to the top of the line.  If you think that’s a good question to ask Scott, click the “+”.  If you got an even better question, you can submit your own too!


About officer808

Investigating Hawaii Five-0 from the inside.
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2 Responses to Scott Caan to host live Q&A session on Openfilm Live

  1. dizzylucy says:

    Yay, Scott answered one of my questions!
    If you happen to come across the full interview posted at some point, can you link to it? I was late getting to it and then missed a big chunk because their video kept freezing up on me.

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