Scott Caan interview with Michael Buckley on, with AUDIO PODCAST

Update:  Somehow I don’t think I made it clear the link to the podcast is at the bottom of this post.

Earlier today on Scott Caan gave an online interactive interview led by entertainment blogger Michael Buckley (@buckhollywood).  The format was simple and straightforward, with questions coming largely from the twitter, youtube and website.  Michael asked great follow up questions to Scott at points, but at one point his “research staff” (yeah I put that in quotes ;)) failed him.  Near the end, the interview faltered for a bit as the internet questions slowed…possibly a list of back up questions would have been a good thing to have on hand.  To his credit, Michael had to stay on top of the feed *and* interview Scott at the same time, which I’m sure was difficult.  Questions covered a wide variety of topics, including his acting techniques and career, his aspirations as a actor, writer, producer, and photographer, and of course many questions regarding his current hit Hawaii Five-0.

Here are some excerpts from the interview.  Link to the podcast below.

On banter: Danny and Steve’s banter is a mixture of ad-libbing and script…the most ad-libbing is done with the carguments, where one take is done scripted, and others ad-libbed.  “I try to use babe as much as possible.”

On public attention: “I don’t notice a ton more attention.  Being in Hawaii, it’s a big show there, so I get a lot of attention being out there.  I hope I get just enough attention that I can get some money and freedom to do the things I want to do.”

On career aspirations as a boy: “I wanted to be a fireman, I wanted to be a baseball player, I wanted to be a rapper. I still don’t want to be when I grow up.”

On film projects:  “My goal is to finish a movie every two years.”  He plans nothing this year due to his commitment to Entourage, which he is currently filming in L.A. right now.

On his biggest achievement: He doesn’t think he’s hit his peak or had his biggest role yet.

Answering my question about how much of Scott’s mannerisms creep up into Danny’s portrayal: “I hope all of them, that’s kind of the idea, especially doing a TV show, the first couple [episodes]  you’re getting with the writers, and by the time it’s over, hopefully  they’re writing for you.  I don’t have Danny mannerisms or Scott mannerisms; hopefully they’re the same thing.  …If I feel like I can put a lot of myself into it then I think I have an idea it might be ok.

On taking the role of Danny:  Scott’s first instinct was not to do a TV show (Five-0) but changed his mind after reading the script.  “…You got to take the wave when it comes.”  He didn’t audition for Five-0 or Entourage, and was casted.

On remakes: “If something is really good to begin with, there’s no reason to do it exactly the way it was…  I don’t think could be more different from the old one.  I’ve never even seen the old one, but from what I hear it’s very different.  When people do straight remakes…I don’t love that.”

On acting: “You have to rely on your instincts to know whether you’re doing something good or not.  I think what’s really important is to work with a director you really trust so you can just do whatever you’re doing and not think about whatever you’re doing…”

On lead parts he almost got: U-Turn and Boogie Nights.

On his future with Five-0:  Possibly write for the show, but not directing.

Actor’s he’d like to work with: Sean Penn, Leo DiCaprio, Kate Winslett, Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix.

On his idol:  Cites his dad as his big inspiration, also Robert Duvall, Sean Penn.

The next guest star? James Caan only if he plays Danny’s father.

On the season finale: “The final episode is not about a case, it’s more about us, and what happens to us.”

His pets: “Two dogs…a blue heeler and my girlfriend has a puggle.”

On tattoos:  “I think I’m gonna get another tattoo.  I wanna get one on my hand.  But can’t do it cause I’d have to cover it.”

Answering my other question about balancing Five-0 filming with his personal projects: “I have to do what they tell me to do…maybe that’ll change in a couple of years, they’ll give me more time.”

But I think the biggest thing that I got a kick out of was Michael’s personal fascination with Scott himself and the non-bromantic, and possibly romantic banter (one sided of course) between the two.

MB:  Do you have a muse…

SC: I have a lot of muses [laughing].

MB:  Can I be one after today?


MB:  Do you know when I google you, it’s all handsome, shirtless, pecs.  I was like, “Ooo, I like it.”  Do you ever google yourself? You must…

SC: No! [laughing]

MB: You’ve never googled yourself?  It’s all shirtless pecs!

SC:  I’ve never taken a shirtless pec, have you?

MB:  Aw man, I don’t know where these came from then, I’m gonna sue somebody…

SC: You mean like…

MB: …there’s pictures with your shirt off.

SC:  Oh….I like to be nude.  ..I’m not sitting there posing, but I don’t like to have clothes on.


SC: [I have] two dogs…a blue heeler and my girlfriend has a puggle.

MB: I love puggles.

SC: I imagine you would.

(later) SC:  … I meant that as a compliment, by the way.

Well Buck Hollywood will probably have to wait in a line, since a lot of ladies are already lined up and swooned over the fact that he mentioned he wanted to have kids one day.

Enjoy the podcast!
Scott Caan interview with Michael Buckley on


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22 Responses to Scott Caan interview with Michael Buckley on, with AUDIO PODCAST

  1. Cécile says:

    That was fast ! Thanks a lot Officer ! I was too busy partying, I couldn’t get it live !

  2. lainiek says:

    Really enjoyed the interview. I loved having my questions answered- got 2 shout-outs/questions answered as I AM KAYE 66 instead of lmk66 , but its all good. The 3rd question, they asked without using my name (I think it was the one about chances of him returning for season2). What a fun hour! 😉 Now being told by my tweetiepies that I need to change my name to KAYE.

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  4. Val says:

    Thanks Bob for posting this up. I finally had a chance to listen to it. Must say and its my view only the interviewer seemed very nervous and unprepared. I wasn’t too impressed with him but the questions that were brought forward by you Joey and some of our other undercover friends were really good but I have to admit to being a bit surprised that there werent’ a lot of questions from people who signed up at Open Film. It would have been more interesting to hear from young actors or young film makers about how they feel about Open Film and what they would like to know from Scott that could help them with their careers for the future. We seemd to hear more from the H50 fans so I’m just thinking that its a bit of a let down for Scott and i would have liked to learn more about the concept of Open Film and what they hoped to see it do for the future of the new industry for young film makers.

    All in all it seemed like an average everyday interview that could have been a bit more interesting and of course it didn’t help when the interviewer was so uncomfortable with the material he had, some of the personal questions that were asked seemed to take everything away from what he was trying to do for Open Film but it was interesting to hear what he had to say about the final episode of H50. He at least told us a little that the episode was primarly more about them and what happens to all of them in that episode which would be vastly different from all the ones we have seen so far. So maybe the arc of the episode will see us through what happens in the second season. Would be interesting to see what they will have in store and prepared for all of us and the Five-0’s in season 2.

    Finally your discussion with Mike Buck on the radio is remarkably far more fun and more interesting listening to than unfortunately what we had to listen to in the podcast!! So Kudos to you officer 808 and Mike Buck for doing such a great job each week for all of us!!

  5. Cécile says:

    It was really interesting, but the interviewer was really annoying, no preparation and always interrupting.

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  7. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Thanks Bob! Enjoyed Scott. I thought he was more open than I have heard him in other things. Thought he was actually really good. The interviewer… not so much. Could have been better prepared, wish he wouldn’t have interrupted and talked over Scott so much. Many times Scott would say he would answer or start to answer and the interviewer would cut him off and move on. Sheesh.
    Thank you for posting this and glad you got a couple questions in there, they were good!

  8. Ichi says:

    James Caan playing Danny’s father!! That would be awesome! I can only imagine the banter that would go on between the two of them. It’s great that Scott thinks so highly of his old man. I’m definitely feeling the love vibes!

  9. BigBraddah says:

    yep. I concur; hated the interviewer. can not stand her or his voice. And to commit the cardinal sin of interviewing; to interrupt an answer that was asked of the interviewee?! aaaah c’mon!
    best scenario: officer808 and Scott Caan on radio interview with Mike Buck. Sans Buck’s heavy metal musical interludes.

  10. Thanks for posting this Officer! I saw half of it and concur with others about the interviewer. Scott actually shared a lot, but I thought there should have been a bit more about the actual reason that OpenFilm existed for young filmmakers. I will be talking a bit with @WendieJoy about this on our next podcast and will mention your great recap and podcast! Hope to post it before Monday Night’s new episode!

    Dana In Vermont
    Host of the “Hawaii In Vermont” podcast review of the new CBS reboot of Hawaii Five-0 found at and iTunes

  11. sockie says:

    thanks for the podcast and the recap, bob! I was expecting just a few questions, but that was a nice, long interview.

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  13. dizzylucy says:

    Thank you so much! I was watching live and my video kept cutting, including when he answered a question of mine so I’m very grateful for the audio link.
    Agree about the interviewer, I wish he would have been a bit more prepared with questions for when the viewer questions slowed down, or engaged in more of a conversation too, but I still enjoyed the interview.

    • officer808 says:

      There were times that he did cut in, and like I said he should have had some back up questions. The system relied to heavily on the streaming questions off twitter, and watching the feed was hard.

      Glad to hear you and the others got to hear your questions asked!

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