Crazy weather in Hawaii…

Tonight we had a huge thunderstorm sweep over the entire state.  Half the island of Oahu had no power in the early evening, and locals were gripped with fear about potentially missing tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 episode (and by locals, I just mean five of us locals on Facebook).  Thankfully, Hawaiian Electric restored our power.

People caught some of nature’s sound and light show.   Check out this apparent lightning  strike in Honolulu.

Lightning, 5/2/11 in Downtown Honolulu, Photo: Aaron Yoshino

caught waterspouts forming off of the beaches of Honolulu:


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3 Responses to Crazy weather in Hawaii…

  1. wow that is some amazing weather. Wonder what it must have been like down in Kakaako.

    That lightning strike photo is stunning. Looks like it hit a few blocks behind the Hongwanji Mission on Pali Hwy.

  2. hawaiiobsessed says:

    crazy! Glad you didn’t miss the show. Saw the flash flood warnings for the leeward side and thought huh? Must be a big storm if the dry side is going to get flooded!

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