Rick Springfiled arrested for DUI

Why does this news make the blog?  Because he’s on tonight’s Hawaii Five-0.   Rick failed a sobriety test Saturday night after being pulled over by police in Los Angeles. Want more news?  Dude’s 61 years old!  Oh man, where does the time go?  I want to be rocking like him at 61.   Some people on the net are already clamoring that this is a publicity stunt for his appearance tonight…but come on people, there are a hell of a lot of ways to accomplish that!

Rick Springfield in Los Angeles on May 1, 2011.
(Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images)

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2 Responses to Rick Springfiled arrested for DUI

  1. Janximarie says:

    What a shame! I just don’t get it. Drink all you want, your an adult…just don’t get behind the wheel. Call family or a friend or sleep it off. Call a cab. This is a no brainer…we shouldn’t even be having this conversation.
    On another note….it was fun watching Scott have a chasing the bad guy and sliding on the hood of a car moment! But did not like Chin’s storyline…it was too hard for me to believe that he would go that far to cover up the truth and to borrow from a bookie?

    • officer808 says:

      I watched it again, and I’m pretty sure tha was Scott that did the stunt…pretty cool. Chin’s storyline is starting to stretch the range of believability, but from a storytelling standpoint, it makes more sense that he’d try to protect his uncle and look for anyway out. He almost had it made when he said that he stole the money but didn’t spend it, but the IA trumped his play by telling him to bring the money back.

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