Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 22, “Ho’ohuli Na’au”

Update: “Did you notice…” updated Tuesday morning because a thunderstorm at 3am is not conducive to the creative process.

Hawaii Five-0 hit its stride, now switching gears

I had mixed feelings about this episode for a lot of different reasons.  Rick Springfield had a smaller role than I and a lot of the female followers of the blog would like to have seen (you ladies recited to me every single hit that Rick had yesterday!), there was none of the usual banter between McG and Danno, and we saw a lot more of Kono (in every sense of the word).  I think the biggest shift in this story is the heavy serialization of the episode.

Rick Springfield

I heard he was great in General Hospital, and he’s had a bigger body of work in Australian media, but if you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that my pitiful frame of reference was his glorious ten minutes of the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica pilot, where his crippled Viper limped home, but fell short of making it when Cylons shot him down and finished him off in a fiery blaze of glory.  Likewise, we see a few brief minutes of Rick in love with his model girlfriend before writer/executive producer Peter Lenkov finishes him off in another fiery blaze of glory.  I’m wondering what the decision making process is in casting guest starts for the show… actors such as Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Kelly Hu, Jason Scott Lee, and Rick Springfield have the ability, but the roles they landed seemed to under utilize their talent.   I supposed that’s the nature of Hollywood.  But I’m sure there are many a Springfield fan wishing there was more of him.

Jessie finally found out about his girl and Rick and took matters into his own hands. Photo: CBS

Who’s the funny one?

Aside from the “Ramboette” dialog, Danny and McG didn’t have any of the usual banter.  Instead, Lenkov wrote the best lines in this episode for Kamekona, played by Taylor Wily.  In the latter half of the season, Taylor finally seemed to be a lot more at ease with the character, and the lines written for him come out a lot more naturally now than they were early on, especially with the pidgin.  “Feel da shave ice. Be da shave ice.”  Classic.

Speaking of funny, I thought it was a little awkward the Alana gets into a hissy with the other model, accusing blondie of killing Renny.  Alana finally confesses in front of everyone that she’s pregnant by whipping out the ultrasound photo of her baby.  Awkward!  Who carries that in their robe?  What was supposed to happen next?  She whips out a crib and says, “And this is the crib that we picked out from Babies-R-Us!!! And these are the matching bumpers and mattress covers!!!”

"Steve, Kono, Chin, you guys go that way. Me and the bikini models will go this way." Photo: CBS

A lot more Kono and tying it all together

The episode balanced attention to all the team members, but I noticed that this is the probably the most attention we’ve seen on Kono since “Ko’olauloa”.  She had great scenes with Chin, and more importantly, she seems to be developing a love interest with Charlie Fong.  And to the delight of many, Kono finally gets some bikini surfing time for the first time since “Kai E’e”.  Peter Lenkov, I believe mentioned at some point an “unconventional” romantic interest for Kono, and I think Charlie’s it, though I’m not sure what where the unconventional aspect of it is…

This episode definitely was not a stand alone episode.  McG finds another mystery envelope on his car, which should lead him to a locker where more of his dad’s evidence may be.  Also, Chin’s storyline is starting to come around even more.  His uncle confessed to HPD internal affairs that he took the money, but Chin steps up to take the fall.  The big twist is that Chin has to seek the help of a criminal in the current investigation to borrow money.  The story telling is definitely becoming a lot more convoluted as we come to the season finale.

By the way, I’m not sure if Chevy is cutting back on advertising, or Bing has stopped paying its bills, but is it a conincidence that Daniel Dae Kim sold his house and his stake in his burger restaurant, while his character is looking to borrow money?  I think not!  What does it mean?  I have no idea!

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0. Episode 22, “Ho’ohuli Na’au”:

Dropping school names

Viewers got a glimpse of the importance of high school connections first in “Malama Ka Aina” where the three alums (McG, Chin and Kono) enjoy a football game of their home team versus Pi’ikoi High School.  For us locals, finding out the high school that someone attended can be a good predictor of where he/she grew up, potentially what sports they played, ethnic background, and sometimes the level of affluence the person comes from.  The question “What school did you graduate from” (or in pidgin “Eh, what school you went?”) opens a lot of conversations with people you just met, and can also connect you to a stranger with fewer degrees of separation as both will most likely know the same people, since Hawaii is so small.

That being said, Kono at one point grills Charlie Fong if he went to Kukui High School…he responds by saying, Punahou School.

Simultaneously all across Hawaii, people smiled and/or rolled their eyes.  “Punahou School?  That boy doesn’t look like he’s from Punahou!” multiple people tweeted across the Hawaiian viewing of Five-0.  And because I’m from Hawaii, I can stereotype ;).  No he doesn’t look like he’s from Punahou, he looks more like a Mid Pacific Institute kid, and maybe smart enough for I’olani 😉 (unfortunately, only locals will appreciate this analysis).  By the way Punahou School is the alma mater of a certain President of the United States who recently released his birth certificate for public perusal.  But you, Mr. Fong, I *do not* believe you went to Punahou School, and I demand that you immediately release your high school diploma so that you could prove that you did indeed go to Punahou School.  Furthermore, I do not believe that you kissed Kono Kalakaua at your cousin’s tenth birthday party.  She probably did it out of pity cause you had braces, or you rigged the bottle spinning.

Did you notice…?

Mauoli Ola is a great charity that introduces surfing as a natural treatment to people with genetics disorders.

Danny picks on the thug about the word “lickings”.  “Lickings” is commonly used pidgin term, meaning to “beat up”.  To beat one up severely would be “dirty lickings”.

“Ho’ohuli na’au” has been translated to “close to heart” by CBS which was also last episode’s translation.  According to fellow blogger Wendie Burbridge (Five-0 Redux), last week’s title “Ho’opa’i” [punish, revenge] was mistranslated.

Update:  Did you notice that the shave ice guy had some pretty fit legs, but the nerdiest voice?  Contrary to popular belief, that was not my on screen debut.

Update:  Lex Brodie’s Tire Company is a family owned business here on Oahu.  Unfortunately, they don’t have twelve stations across Oahu, only five, but they have the reputation of being one of the cheapest places in town for gas.  The gas station they filmed at is one block away from the Keola La’i condo, where a lot of filming happens, which is also one block away from the CBS production HQ.


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114 Responses to Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 22, “Ho’ohuli Na’au”

  1. Kimmer says:

    I too, have mixed feelings about the episode. I haven’t had time to watch it a 2nd(or 3rd, 4th) time yet – too tired last night to re-watch, so I don’t have many specific comments right now, but it felt…. like a letdown (gasp!).

    OK, so Rick Springfield obviously wanted a vacation in Hawaii, so in exchange for airfare and a place to stay, he appeared in…. 4 minutes of the show. I laughed when he died before the opening credits!
    I did a double take when I saw Kawika with Kono at the charity event – could that be the “unusual love interest” and not Charlie Fong? And may I just say – Kala Alexander looked mighty fine.

    Great commentary about the high school stereotyping, Officer. That happens here too, although sometimes the rumor mills blow it out of proportion. Imagine my suprise when someone said to me “you went to ***? With all the guns and knives?????” Now, I couldn’t have gone to a more ho-hum white bread suburban school if I tried, but our image with the neighboring schools must not have been so good! LOL.

  2. joey says:

    I cant believe I am saying this but i was disappointed last nite. I guess all the excitement, blogging, and promos for the final two episodes left me expecting something more than an episode that probroally should have been aired mid season. It was a run of the mill who done it (I guessed who done it about five minutes into the show). Definetly not one of Peters best but comparitavely speaking I’d rather watch an average episode of Five-0 thann a “good” episode of anything else on TV. The Chin story has me confused–how is this going to play out and what in the world is he thinking? It just makes no sense to me why a man of such professed ethics would go to a loan shark. none of it makes sense–let the old man go to the pokey- it just doesnt play well. Kono as usual looks great in the bikini- nice babes this week! Taylor Wily (just cant spell his charachters name!) was funny as sh@# last nite– hes really come far as you have stated Officer. The best scenes were at shave ice–funny!!! Rick Springfield (sorry wendie-dont unfriend me) looked like an 80 year old man with a bad die job- what a waste of time with all the hype sorrounding his apearance-definetly wanted to bring in more viewers with it but was a cheap shot considering he was gone before the theme song rolled out-good riddens! Heres hoping our team gives us everything we want and more in the next two episodes because they just didnt deliver o this one.

    • joey says:

      oh and a big ps- im not done complaining— they really shouldnt have died alex’s hair he looked distinguished with the gray—died hair on guys just looks unnatural. ok im done (:

      • Linda Stein says:

        I’m thinking that with all the hard work and long hours they have been putting in that Alex’s hair may have gone a little past “cute little gray at the temples” into “oh wow…look how gray he’s getting” territory. Can’t think of any other reason they would do it.

        But I agree, I like the gray but it may be too much for the Navy Seal image they are trying to project.

      • Cécile says:

        After what the Navy Seals pulled off this week end, I don’t think they have to worry for their image ! 😉

      • Linda Stein says:

        Very True! They totally ROCK!!!

      • Kimmer says:

        I think he looked more badass with the big-o-gray. Plus, his hair is getting pretty long.

  3. lainiek says:

    Great review, as usual. Things I noticed, in no particular order:
    1-McG always ends up with the girls/boys/person who have daddy issues- in this case, it is the model who just lost her baby daddy
    2-Danny ends up with people who are dealing with failed relationships, which he of course can relate to…who else, btw, thinks that Rachel met Stan at work, and that Danno was left behind. Also, foreshadowing to Rachel getting pregnant, anyone?
    3-Chin Chin Chin- what is going to happen man? I’m a little worried.
    4-Kono getting more storyline is fine. Gives everyone a chance to develop their characters a bit. Plus, on 2nd and 3rd showings on TIVO, I can fast forward to the Danno scenes, cause that’s how I roll. 😉
    5-I agree this was another week without a lot of witty banter- Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin looked tired and sounded horse this week. So, not sure if the dialogue was flat, or they just didn’t deliver it with the same punch/slant/looks this week. I forgive them.
    6-Kamekona is such a big teddy bear. Can he come over for a playdate? Nice that they have this comic relief to break the tension in the show.
    7-Steve seemed so happy and carefree during his run- and then to find the key- poor thing was brought back to earth.
    8-Danno is only allowed to wear blue shirts with rolled up sleeves- I must write waredrobe again about this detail.
    9-Love your inside info on Hawaii- much Mahalo!
    10-I am booking a flight right now to Honolulu, so I can be there next week for Danno. No Spoilers here though. ;p


    • officer808 says:

      Dear I AM KAYE 66, I think Danno will be fine. He told you himself 😉

      • lainiek says:

        lol- yeah, plus I saw pics of him looking mighty fine in the finale 😉 . But, it couldn’t hurt to fly out and be by Danno’s side while he recoups. Call me,Danno! 😀

  4. Linda Stein says:

    Wow..Bob…didn’t you go to bed last night at all? You’re so early today. And I thought you guys had no electricity. I’m impressed.

    I liked your explanation of the high schools on the island. Here in Philly it’s like that with the Catholic Parishes. You know where someone is from if they say they were in St. Michael’s Parish or St. Vincent’s Parish, etc. I guess it’s the same everywhere. There is always a connection between the people and their church or school. Kinda makes us all the same no matter how different we are.

    As for the episode I have to say it’s not one of my favorites either. After the Rick Springfield hype I thought it would have a bit more substance. Not that I expected all that much from Springfield because we knew from the previews he was going to be the victim. Some of us were joking last week that he’d probably be toast before the wave crashed and, of course, he was. What was the point? Anyone could have played the role why the hype?

    Whatever, the crime of the week surrounding Renny Sinclair’s murder was routine and rather mundane. I knew who the killer was while Chin was interviewing her (although I didn’t know why she’d want to kill him at that time) so other than some H50 classic investigative moments the case was pretty dull. But, as always, those classic H50 moments were fun and, honestly, I think this is probably the last time we have any fun for the rest of the season.

    This episode’s real story was Chin. This is something I never expected. I thought, now that Kono (and apparently the entire team) knows about the stolen money that would be it. I figured once Auntie passed, Uncle would tell IA what happened and whatever fallout there was would be off camera. Chin would be cleared and that would be it. It never occurred to me that all of Uncle’s police cases could be questioned, that criminals could walk if those cases were overturned.

    I knew Chin was loyal to a fault but to openly admit that he took the money was something that really floored me. What the hell are the writer’s thinking??? There is a big difference between being “accused” of something and “confessing” to it! He’ll not get off simply by resigning this time. He will go to jail!!! And going to a bookie/loan shark to get the money to cover himself?!?!?!? WTF??? I assumed we were done with this story. Obviously the writers want to put absolutely EVERYONE in peril by the finale. Oh, I hope Steve calls the Governor and puts a stop to this Chin business. I can’t stand the thought of everyone in harms way!!

    Some of my favorite moments:

    Steve running along the ridge trail, enjoying the view of the island, while we enjoy the view of him (LOL) then finding another envelope of evidence on his car. So, whoever is doing this is following him, not just leaving stuff at the house. It is soooooo creepy. I wonder where the locker is that the key belongs to. Looks like the kind you’d get at a gym or airport, doesn’t it? Locker #103 probably holds a lot of the other missing evidence!

    There was a nice scene at the beach with Kono and Kawika surfing with the kids from the cystic fibrosis charity. Nice shout out to a very good cause! I couldn’t place Kawika at first. I knew he looked familiar but just couldn’t put my finger on it. It took me a few minutes to realize it was him. He didn’t look menacing or angry or frightening like he did before. And, excuse me, but does this show know how to pick hot guys or what!?!?!

    And hot girls too?!?!? There is always plenty of eye candy for us girls every week so maybe the writer’s felt like they should throw a bone 😉 to the boys. The super models on the beach, not to mention Kono in a bikini were HOT!!! It was really funny how Steve reminded Danny to stick to questions regarding the case when he volunteered to question the models. Steve has said it numerous times throughout the season – “will you just focus”. Danny telling Chin that he had no idea that the models were “insanely hot and make millions of dollars” was priceless as well as Kono’s “you’re so busted”. These are the fun moments we probably won’t get to see in the last two episodes. And aren’t super models usually really tall? I thought it was interesting that Steve stood to interview one model while Danny was sitting down interviewing the other one!

    It’s always fun whenever Kamekona is on the screen. He has some of the best one liners aside from Danny. “Haole brothers from another mother”!! LOL And trying to coach the shave ice “muppet” on how to BE the shave ice. Every time I think I can’t love Kamekona more, I DO!

    The love interest for Kono was cute. Another light storyline. It’s cute that she was his first kiss playing spin the bottle and how she couldn’t remember him. I hope they bring him back. Nice to see some story of their personal lives outside of the job.

    You’re right Bob, there wasn’t much banter between Danny and Steve tonight but the scene with Renny’s gambling texts was extremely cute. I liked Steve’s “check you out” as Danny read off what the texts were saying. Danny telling Steve they didn’t need his “little Ramboette” to decode the texts was classic.

    Nice to see Danny involved in a foot chase for once where he is actually running, not taking short cuts on ATV’s. His leap over the car reminded me of the one Steve took in the Pilot. But Danny fights dirty. Throwing a burning Hibachi into someone’s face is bad ass. I LOVE IT!!!

    The little girl asking Danny if he surfs and telling him he has a surfer’s haircut was adorable. And did anyone notice that the cover of Renny’s photography book looks remarkably like the cover of Scott’s book?

    And then there was the promo for next week’s episode! Holy Sh!t!!! I hope Danny lovers (are you listening Lynnette??) have stocked up on tissues! It’s like a car accident. You don’t want to see but you can’t tear your eyes away. 7 days can not go by fast enough!!!

    • Kimmer says:

      Linda – I’m with you on the not immediately recognizing Kawika at first – wow, that first episode with him did not do him justice – he is really good looking!
      And I agree – airport locker key, although, do they still have them? Maybe a beach locker?

    • Val says:

      Hey Linda – that book definitely reminded me of the cover of Scott’s photography book – that’s the first thing I thought of as well 🙂 I enjoyed reading your review – so upbeat and fun. I’m surprised that everyone was so disappointed that there weren’t funny carguments when there were so many other humorous moments on the episode as in the discussion over the text messages!! I loved that!! I’ve grown so used to them all that even if we missed a cargument here and there my heart is still the same.

      Oh I also remembered officer Bob that there was a short video clip of the scene outside the hotel of a girl running away from Five-0 and we were jokingly saying who would run away from them? I remembered seeing that on one of your on set location clips!! Nice to be able to link those scenes to the episodes when we remember them.

      I wasn’t disappointed as everyone else was and I totally seemed to be amongst a few that understand the dilemma that Chin is faced with and he’s too proud a guy to turn to Steve for help…I could kick him for that but I understand why he did what he did!! Nope this one did not disappoint me at all. If you were all disappointed wait unil the other two come along we are in for more shocking moments. Even tho this looks really bad for Chin, I’m eager to see how Peter will get them all out of this mess….and that’s going to be really hopefully something worth waiting for. The cast appears to be happy with the direction of the show…so I’m really going to put my faith and trust in them that we will get our “family” back again and we’ll all be in happy land again? 🙂

      • Linda Stein says:

        Actually, I think that’s exactly what this one was…wait for the next two. I think the Chin parts were set and they had to figure out what to wrap around it. I also think they are putting sooooo much into the last two, especially, the finale, they took a little break on this one.

        Did that make sense?

      • Cécile says:

        I understand the dilemma, but the resolution just seems wrong. It’s like he painted an even bigger target on the back of his head.

      • Kimmer says:

        “the cast seems to be happy with the show”

        And that is what I am pinning my hopes on RE: the shocking finale.

      • BigBraddah says:

        I am never disappointed in any H50 ep. I love em all. je’like the original series. love each and every single ep from all the years. (dunno how people can do things like rate them one star “an episode to avoid” as we have seen in the past… Weird.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Nice review, Val! You almost changed my mine about this episode! Still, I’m unhappy with Chin, I simply cannot understand the reason behind him taking all the blame – unless there is something we still do not know about this story.

        I’m banking on the cast’s happiness with the direction of the show as well – if they’re happy then the show must be good, but sometimes actors do enjoy the hard, gritty, “in a dark place” characterizations a lot more than their fans do!

      • officer808 says:

        I think the simple answer is that Chin’s loyalty to the family will tragically take him down a darker path he wasn’t planning on going down.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      I don’t miss much on this subject, you know that Linda!

    • officer808 says:

      Kawika’s hair was cut, and of course he was shirtless. Don’t worry I’m sure a lot of women were distracted. Thanks for the review!

  5. joey says:

    linda- do you recall one of our bruddas from the island had a post on his page that they were filming a scene at the airport for episode 24? maby the key does fit a locker at the airport? hmmmm some undercover work may be in order here! u r dead on and i think the promo for episode 23 was the best part of the hour. With the exception of the eye cande and the shave ice scene i felt let down. hey in 22 episodes this is the first time i was disappointed. i think the stunt casting (with the notable diddy exception) is getting old too. they need to do some episodes with no case just about the 4 leads. (i think well get our wish in the next two) peace out my sister from another motha

    • Linda Stein says:

      Oh yeah…I forgot about that post about filming at the airport. Interesting! And Scott said in his interview over the weekend that the finale has no case. So we’re gonna get our wish for an all team episode. I’m just afraid of what that’s going to mean!

      Yes…much alcohol will be in order!

      • joey says:

        well all be there for u. were a team
        oh, thats rite youll be on a cruise–lol
        well save u a seat at the table anyway!

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Just keep that life jacket on while you’re watching, Linda! You team will not be there to pull you out of the drink!

    • Linda Stein says:

      OMG Lynnette, that’s probably a good idea. Anything serious happens to Steve and I may just jump overboard!!!

  6. Dee says:

    WOW alot to cover here..
    I agree with much that has been said- Soo looking forward the the radio commentary – can’t wait to hear that!!

    I agree that the last scene where the little girl ask Danny if he is a surfer – great!
    Plus it is one of the organizations Scott is involved- kudos!!!!

    I’ll have to tell you I am worried about the finale more than the next episode. LainieK I hate to say we see eye to eye with Rachel being pregnant- (makes me ill just to type it!!!- yeah I am still hoping they will kill Stan off and put Danny and Rachel together..really does EVER member of the team need to be single??? Hello !!there are plenty of married cops with families doing very dangerous jobs!!! PETER are you listening??? ok off soap box) The whole thing with Chin- wow just really perplexed to how that will play out.
    But we have yet to see who has “repayed” the money- and how Chin going to the bookie is very big twist…. I think the one giving evidence to Steve is also the one who payed back the money to HPD?? IMHO

    I hate to say that it will be Kono’s car- there was just too much of the “car” in this episode and then PeterL twitters those pics of the car sometime ago….not saying Kono has to be in it but…….she could escape???
    Just too much to think about….

    the episode itself- raised more questions than laying plans for how stories will play out.

    • lainiek says:

      you know, Dee, are we even certain the person who dies in finale blows up? you just raised a great point. 🙂

      • Kimmer says:

        I hear what you are both saying, but I think P. Lenkov might just be a sneaky monkey with all of those “spoilers”.

  7. lainiek says:

    One more observation- watch the scene with the bookie again and check out Scott Caan’s arms- I am a fan of them, so watch them very carefully. I think the continuity editor needs to stop drinking on the job- just sayin’. :O
    First his arms are folded-very nice
    Then on table- huh, when did that happen, but still lookin’ good
    Then I think folded again.
    Then he was doing the cute hand gesture thing.
    Unless he was doing Macarana, I don’t get it.
    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    • Kimmer says:

      LOL, There was also some “hokey pokey” going on with Rick Springfields arms in the “lets get married” scene. Arms around models shoulders, then not, then around shoulders, then not.

      • c3ellen says:

        Not to mention Rick Springfield’s quick drying pants. I am pretty sure he got out of the ocean after shooting the pics, and the next scene his pants were dry. Who knows, maybe hours were supposed to have gone by.

      • Froggie23 says:

        My father has a saying about things like that it’s “the girl/guy with the clipboard wasn’t doing their job”. I will have to go back and check it out.

    • officer808 says:

      I’m so proud of my super observant Agents 😉

  8. Cécile says:

    @Lainiek : white shirts work fine too 😉

    I too was let down by the serialization of the show, with yet another enveloppe but nothing else, and the complete absence of sparks between the four leads, except the 20 sec. in the beginning where they all tease Danny. Danny was totally transparent, but as there has been a bunch of Danny-centric episodes, I won’t hold a grudge.

    They do look totally tired, just look at the final run : they should have catched the girl wearing flip-flops and a skirt in 2 secs…I guess the arrest on the beach is more glamorous…
    But I loved that they brought Kawika back, he’s a cool and interesting character.

    Julie Mayer killed her daddy ! I too knew it was her as soon as I recognized her. The production mostly hires known guest stars for the victim and the killer…Except for Diddy, but he was promoting his album…It really looks like they’re just here for the two weeks Hawaiian vacation they’ll get out of it…(They’re not all useless ! Dane Cook was really good !)

    About Chin, now. I’m not sure what to think. It’s all very foggy in my head ! I understand why he doesn’t want his uncle to go to jail, but even if he gives IA 200k $, they’ll keep investigating him afterwards and realise he’s paying someone back. And admitting he took the money will get him kicked off Five-0 too. So it could definitely fit in the fracture thing we’re being promessed. You’re right Officer, DDK selling his properties sure doesn’t look good.

    Now, a wild thought just ran through my foggy mind : what if Chin is axed (:(), and newcomer Charlie Fong was introduced to replace him ? He’s now linked with Kono (potentially romantically and professionnally), so they have a good reason to bring him back…And he is a tech guy.
    I’m actually running out of hypothesis about everything ! So I’m just going to stop, and wait patiently the last two episodes !

    And did you notice : the Renny’s photographs book actually has the cover of Scott Caan’s book. They just changed the name.

    • Cécile says:

      Wow, by the time I finished writing my thing, 10 more comments were published. Sorry if there are any repetitions !

      And I forgot :
      No Danny, but I liked seeing more of Kono !
      And Danny is now officially king of the “OUCH” taking out. First the girl with the boom, now the big guy with the mini barbecue. Really cool 😉

    • BigBraddah says:

      “girl wearing flip-flops” when seen in Hawai’i, they are referred to as rubbah slippahz.

      • Cécile says:

        And I call them claquettes ! I already feel like a fool writing in English and pretending I master this language well enough to share a few of my thoughts with you all. I’d like not to sound ridiculous by using Hawai’ian words like I know what I’m talking about when I clearly don’t !
        So I’ll stick to butchering one language at a time, while being totally amazed, charmed and intrigued by the beauty and cultural diversity of Hawai’i !

      • Kimmer says:

        Cecile – no worries about butchering English – if you hadn’t given yourself away, I would never have known!

      • Cécile says:

        Thanks Kimmer 🙂

      • officer808 says:

        Je vais boucher la langue française si je la parle. 😉 Ne vous inquiétez pas des mots pidgin.

      • cecile says:

        You’re a sweetheart officer !
        To tell you the truth, Daniel Dae Kim pushed me to use slippah, but my old continental brain thought I might not understand myself, so flip-flops won 😉

  9. Linda Stein says:

    Wait…I just re-read the blog Bob. DDK sold his house? I know he sold his stake in the burger joint but that was, like, last September or something. When did he sell his house? Didn’t he buy another one? He has always said he loves Hawaii. He wouldn’t leave the island, would he? Aren’t his kids in school there?

    Ohhhhhh I don’t like where this train of thought is leading me…..

    • Kimmer says:

      Yeah, me either – I started to come to that conclusion last night too. It really can’t be, can it?

      I thought I read that he bought a bigger house after selling the 1st.

    • BigBraddah says:

      “DDK sold his house?” that is a typical trend here. buy a house, sell the house a while later, try to realize some profit. trade up, sometimes trade down, depending on the economy and your personal needs… sometimes it is no reflection on one’s emotional bond to the islands or lack thereof.

  10. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Dayyum! How did you get this up so quick Officer? Must not have slept last night/this morning! I already told myself not to get up and check your blog 50,000 times today and just wait til later.
    on Chin…. WHA?!?!? Why?!?! Is the reason to not let his uncle’s cases get thrown out and all those bad guys to go free? If so, wow. What a sacrifice because he won’t be on Five 0 anymore and I guess he won’t need his house cuz he will be in jail. Crazy. No wonder he wanted uncle to leave everything alone.
    Someone on facebook said they hated the story arc with the loan shark but clearly we needed the loan shark so that Chin could have a way to come up with the 200 k. However, even if he comes up with the money, why would he have stolen that money and then just sat on it for however many years….. I know he didn’t but he is sayin he did.
    Missed the bantering, loved Kamekona!! He is so cool. I am worried about the actor’s health tho. He is really very large.
    There were comments about a car ( possibly Kono’s) blowing up in the last episode. Maybe that is the cliff hanger. The car blows up, we think Kono ( or someone else) is in it. Then next season we find out they weren’t.
    Steve getting another envelope! Wow. Who is doing that and they are obviously following him ( maybe he installed the cameras at his house finally so they couldn’t leave it there!) Why are they doing it?
    Loved the re-cap Officer. Can’t believe how quickly you got it up! Yippee!

    • BigBraddah says:

      “loved Kamekona!! I am worried about the actor’s health tho. He is really very large.” ‘a’ole pilikia. Not to worry. he is gradually slimming down from all the running around surreptitiously planting envelopes for Steveo to discover. (as some would have it.)

    • officer808 says:

      Let’s just say I didn’t get a lot of sleep. The thunderstorm didn’t help either…
      One thing to consider is that Chin is borrowing money from a loan shark. If he can’t pay him back for whatever reason, the irony is that Chin eventually is on the take for a criminal.

  11. Val says:

    Wow last night’s episode took the “wind out of my sails” – just when I thought that this episode would be the last fun, relaxing to watch, I couldn’t have been more wrong or surprised, I should have known better to believe Linda because what started off as really funny and straight forward very soon had me fretting and feeling anxious again but first the funny moments – let me keep that refreshed in my memory. Officer Bob we are going to leave all the background details to you and Redux, you are best at it.

    Kamekona, oh we need to have him back for season 2 and see more of him because no one brings a smile to my face as much as he does, the dancing shave-ice cone was so hysterically funny, not to mention that our two partners once again had to pay Kamekona another one of those visits only with a little arm twisting to get him to draw out the loan sharks in the open since they know all about his fondness for gambling – ah did u have to take it that far fellah’s? Kamekona would have helped brah if you asked nicely!!

    When Danny used his phone to prove that a call was traced back to the loan sharkies, we all know that Kamekona is the proud owner of Steve’s former cell and to further illicit his help, they had him read word for word what he had to say, reluctantly that he wouldn’t pay the “loan sharkies” back, lol!! The two meanies eventually showed up, yep they were big and mean. Somehow Steve and Danny weren’t terribly scared or worried, they both walked right into a trap – ha ha suckers!!

    Danny, wow, wow, Lynette I was thinking of you when I saw that brilliant leap over the car, did he really do that? He has been hanging around Steve way too much because that leap and the BBQ pan in the face was just the nasty thing that Steve would do so bad ass but then all of them have been hanging around Steve too much because they are all brilliant bad asses!! 🙂

    Steve was super ninja as always when he took the swan dive off the picnic table and body slammed his guy so easily into the trash can this time no flying glass but the loud crash did ruin someone’s peaceful picnic gathering. 🙂

    Kono was adorably funny and so naturally sweet and oh she has an admirer who’s a cop that was fun watching her try to figure out where she’d seen this guy before since she didn’t recognize him at all – seeing Kavito(sp) Kapu leader on the beach, hmm almost didn’t recognize him but did wow he looked a lot more interesting to look at than the last time. Nice to see him more at ease with our two super heroes compared to when they first met and ooh Joey and officer Bob did you both enjoy seeing her in her sexy bikini again, probably for the last time for this season L

    Okay onto the serious stuff, Steve on a jog at the beginning oooh la la, sorry he looked so sexy hot when he’s all sweaty, sigh, he always does but seeing one of those other envelopes took my smile away again – what was in it this time? The missing key but I swear that did not look like the same key from the toolbox – the key that he had before was a lot more smaller, and didn’t have the lock at the end of it – there was a faded number on it as well. I’m so confused by this, I can scream because we are no closer to why? – The who? – WOFAT???

    Now Chin, oh my God, consequences, when it comes to family obligation did you really have to take it to the limit? I love Chin too and I never expected him to take the drastic measures he took although I’m not surprised that he would be the hero who’d fall on his sword to protect those he loves. Speaking about our family on the force, so glad that he confided in Steve and Danny about what really happened that day of their aunt’s illness and to know that Steve and Danny stood by him without turning their uncle in, speaks volumes how much they care about each other and their secrets.

    They remind me of the 3 ‘muskuteers’ except there are four who will keep their secrets and take it to the grave before they share with the world, except now their secrets are going to take them down. They aren’t fighting a revolution but they sure are fighting ghosts and destiny. I’m not liking the destiny guys!! They all have such big hearts and good honorable intentions – its just not fair that they have to be brought down like this.

    As for Chin what choice did he have? He couldn’t bear to see his uncle get punished for it and he knows what the IA did to his life!! Would his uncle be able to handle the scrutiny and investigation?

    Their uncle too had suffered knowing he had to live with a terrrible burden which put his nephew in jeopardy and now his uncle’s cause of action to do the right thing further puts Chin in jeopardy when it should be clearing his name. 😦

    Will Chin ever be able to clear his name now? This is unbearable….Peter Lenkov and the other executive producers are torturing us but they are also adding new arcs for Season 2 which is done brilliantly if that was their intention because now we have to wait and see what consequences await Steve and I know I’m going to be even more miserable than I am already.

    I “heart” #H50 so much because of the characters and to see them go down like this is UNBEARABLE!!! Will our beloved Five-0’s ever be the same again? They will never be the same, their paths have been altered but they will be back – they have to be back stronger and I am going to love them even more when they are back for Season 2 – have to believe it and trust what the executive producers have in store for us. I’m already excited for season 2. I just have to recover from the big SHOCK that’s waiting at the end of season 1. Executive Producers, I hate being SHOCKED more than I like being surprised. 🙂 Oh and I guess I must be one of a few who truly liked last night’s episode.

    Sorry about Rick Springfield guys – not everyone lands the great role but the crime story still had its usual twists which wasn’t surprising that it will lead us on different paths until we homed into the right one. Very sneaky of Peter Lenkov to rope Chin’s back story which led him to pay a visit to the very same loan shark to borrow money. What a strange twist of fate!! But like everything else, fate has an ugly way of showing its face when u least expect it. And we did not expect that!! Remember the SHOCK is still coming!!

    • Val says:

      Sorry – in the first sentence I was referring to the earlier discussion we had Linda about the episode being the last fun one. Not suggesting that u misled me. I should have worded that better. lol!!

      • Linda Stein says: sweat babe! I usually re-read everything you write a couple of times to get the true meaning anyway 😉

    • officer808 says:

      I agree that Kamekona’s scenes was one of the best in this episode.

  12. Dee says:

    Yes I realized in reading the remainder of the comments here I didn’t compliment out fav officer- always love your recaps!!! *bows*

    lainieK, yeah in the discussions on SCF facebook page, one of the girls reminded us that (well those of us that grew up before cell phones!) MAgum PI (Tom Selleck played Tv role for those he don’t know) was left as “dead” in a car bomb and we learned later that he “survived/escaped”?? So I am keeping that idea. Peter L is being way too sneaky!!! and I wouldn’t pull it pass him!!!

    I loved that we saw as much of Kono as we did- yes her possible romance did not seem so “questionable”(adorable is better description) but then does HPD have a rule with romance between co-workers??? is that the questionable part?? Or (if Kono makes it thru finale..) will the questionable part be due to a case and evidence is “changed”hmmmmmmm- but that is next season!!!!
    I also find it a twist of fate???? Rick Springfield is arrested the same day he “airs” on a cop show??? kinda amusing?????- well I think Danno character would see humor in it- he did the with the Jack in the Box jokes???

  13. Bert Hayling says:

    I have to say I found Chin’s approach to the whole “Uncle’s gonna fess up” situation to be… annoying and perplexing, at the very least.

    For starters, Chin’s dishonoring his uncle by going before IA and (1) calling his uncle’s mental state into question, and (2) essentially calling him a liar. Chin did the honorable thing while Auntie Mele was alive; if he honors his Aunt and Uncle, then he should let his Uncle do what he needs to do to satisfy *his* sense of honor — admit his guilt and clear Chin.

    (I also find the “every case he worked will be overturned!” schtick to be a bit wearing — yes, Uncle’s cases may be reviewed — especially any after the theft of the $200K — but solid cases and convictions are based on solid evidence, and it’s not like Uncle consorted with drug dealers, whoremongers, slave-dealers or assassins — he nicked money out of long-term evidence lockup to get his wife the medical treatment she needed to survive. (Though I’ll admit that “script said so” often drives actions that leave you going o_O ))

    We’re told IA has been following Chin’s every financial move for three years; what, they’re not going to notice where he suddenly gets $200K from? Or that his house all of a sudden has a lien on it? Also, IA should be able to substantiate Uncle’s claims easily enough — he suddenly finds a kidney for Auntie Mele, and the money for the surgery and treatment? Or are these people so incompetent and dirty that they’re quite happy to let Chin hang himself without really looking into the claims and counter-claims?

    Being *suspected* of a crime is a lot different, too, than pleading guilty to it — saying “yes, I took the money.” It’s not like returning the $200K he didn’t steal to begin with will get Chin off the hook! This is a felony we’re talking — jail-time, more than likely — and as a convicted felon, no way in hell will Chin be eligible to serve on the Governor’s elite task force. Either he, Uncle and IA finally get to the bottom of this whole morass and clear his name, or he’s out of the game.

    • Val says:

      Oh God Bert!! You are so depressing me but you wrote a strong review!! You’ve put in some excellent points – this plan that Chin is taking is a bad plan especially if it leads to jail time for not just one – for all four. You reminded me of those dreaded spoilers where one of them states that “consequences” await them in the final outcome. All of them are in trouble not just Chin!! 😦

      Well that being the case, Peter Lenkov and his team of writers must surely have their ace up their sleeve to bail our heroes out of the “crap hole” they all landed in!!

      Why when it comes to cliff hangers do they all have to be so bad and make all of us soo miserable? Why couldn’t there be a happy one – there are so many zingers which no one expected from this season not to mention the BIG SHOCK that’s still coming for episode 24!!

      So just for once a plea to the writers to show MERCY and let us enjoy a happy reunion for Season 2. Is that too much to ask for?

    • officer808 says:

      It’s not so far fetched that every opportunistic criminal will want his case reviewed, and with the length of time Kaeko’s on the force, we could be talking of hundreds of cases.

      I do agree that Chin is going into a darker place…

  14. Ichi says:

    This episode also was a bit disappointing for me, mostly because it was just so damn confusing! We had FOUR, count ’em, FOUR different story lines going on in this episode. First, another envelope given to Steve McGarrett (although the sweaty running Steve was pretty great on the eyes), second, the Rick Springfield plot, third, Kono’s “flirty girl fitness” interactions with oil scientist dude, which was pretty pointless for the plot, and fourth, Chin’s storyline, which was the most confusing in that he’s going to HUGE lengths to save his uncle and resorting to near criminal acts in order to keep OTHER criminals behind bars. Kind of ironic, if you ask me! They really need to lay up on the story and stick to two or one story at a time.

    I like how Kamekona was involved in the gambling business. It shows us that he’s not a criminal informant for nothing. He’s got a little bit of a dark side in him too, albeit adorable, especially when reading off of the sticky note to the gambling guys. I’d like to see more of his story explained and the reasons why he knows just so much about the illegal businesses going down in Hawaii.

    Danny, what a wild child! Anyone else cringe when he threw the hot, burning coals into the guys face? Where in the world did that come from! I was hoping for a classic splash down tackle, since he was headed for the beach, so this was a surprise. I liked the girl with cystic fibrosis who said to him “you have a surfers haircut”, which made me laugh because Scott himself is a surfing fanatic. Still, not enough banter, not enough, not enough! I was craving carguments all episode. They really cut back on McDanno’s screen time this episode, but I’m sure this is in preparation for the final two episodes where I’m sure s***’s going down!

    Rick Springfield? Meh, and he didn’t have a prominent role, similar to Vanessa and Nick whats their faces in that college kidnapping episode. Plus he had a DUI yesterday.

    I’ll write some more later, but I’m in school 😛

    • Ichi says:

      Also, forgot to add my boast.

      TOTALLY called the plain girl for being behind the murder. (Anyone recognize here from Desparate Housewives?). It’s pretty tragic though that her dad was just finally coming to accept her, and that he loved her, but she ends up killing him without knowing that he, in the end, really did love her. Tragedy!

      No book ’em danno in this episode too. And the arrest was kind of lame.

      • Cécile says:

        I guess (and hope) we’ll have a nice ‘Book’em Danny’ next week, as it seems the team might be the one getting booked in the finale…
        (no spoiler, just a conjecture !)

      • lainiek says:

        don’t think we will get book ’em danno again next week either, unless I am pleasantly surprised. 😦

      • Linda Stein says:

        I doubt we’ll hear another “book ’em Danno” for the rest of this season. Next week Danny is down, poisoned and hospitalized so I doubt he’s going to be in on the bust for him to “book ’em”.

        There isn’t supposed to be a crime of the week in the finale, just a charactor story about the four of them. If there is no crime there is no one to book.

        I fear you will have to wait until S2 and whenever this “rift” within the team is settled before you hear another “book ’em Danno”. Sorry, just how I see it!

      • Kimmer says:

        ” (Anyone recognize here from Desparate Housewives?)”

        I recognized the face, but couldn’t place where I knew her. Julie!

      • Cécile says:

        I had forgotten about Danny being hospitalized next week. Too bad, I’d have liked a final one before the summer !

      • Linda Stein says:

        Actually it might be a nice dialog device in whatever S2 episode the “rift” between the team is mended.

        After much angst and division, the team comes together, having to rely on each other like they have in the past, come to realize what they mean to each other. As the bust reaches it’s conclusion, Steve with a look of realization on his face, looks to the partner he has come to think of as a brother and says “Book ’em Danno”. The team has been reunited…..

        Ok…I’m awake now…did I say anything as I dozed off???

      • Cécile says:

        Lol nothing we wouldn’t agree with !

    • officer808 says:

      The writers seem to poke fun at Danny at every chance, reminding him that he hates water and he’s a surfer…it’s pretty funny.

      I never looked at Kamekona that way…he’s lovable and funny, but yeah, he has intimate knowledge of the criminal world.

      • hawaiiobsessed says:

        Yes, because Kamekona is so lovable and funny I completely lost sight of “why” he is an informant and knows so much about the bad guys. Another ” don’t judge a book by its cover” I guess. :>)

  15. Froggie23 says:

    I am beginning to wonder if a women is involved with the messages left for Steve, the handwritting looks femanine. Wouldnt it be something if it was the governor and she had other motives for bring him back.

    • Melissa says:

      I agree, it definitely looks like a woman’s handwriting.

    • Beth says:

      McG had Renny Sinclair’s contract with Derek Marcum analysed to see if the signature was forged or signed under duress. Why not take the envelopes in for handwriting analysis as well to determine whether all were written by the same person, and maybe work up some kind of profile as to the gender and personality traits of the person addressing the envelope to McG. Maybe the person addressing the envelope isn’t the person who is delivering them.
      I don’t think TPTB want us to know much about who might be sending the clues back to McG until there can be a BIG reveal in the season finale or in season 2. That is why there is no mention of McG installing secruity cameras as was suggested. We aren’t supposed to know who the culprit is yet JMO.

  16. WendieJoy says:

    Great review Bob:) Wish my blog was up so you all could comment as well. I *did* discuss different stuffs! Which is good. But i loved your points and humor:) Mahalo for the mention! XO~WJ

  17. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    Wonderful review of the episode as always. 🙂

    I had some mixed feelings while watching. I honestly wish there had been more Steve and Danny interaction. Without it, it gave the show a bit of a rudderless feeling.

    I loved seeing McGarrett out on his run. (And yeah, Alex’s hair IS getting a bit long–at least from what we’re used to. I much prefer the SEAL military haircut.) But I digress…

    Way to go Danny! You’ve been hanging around McG enough to learn some of his SuperSeal techniques. When he slid over that trunk and then tossed the grill (hibachi?) into the bad guy’s face, I think I whooped a little.

    I enjoyed Kono and Fong. Loved how he remembered her but she couldn’t remember him and spent a lot of time trying to guess. It was cute.

    Totally loved Kamekona. He just brings a smile to my face every time I see him.

    I felt bad for Chin. I can understand WHY he wanted to do what he did but I don’t agree with it.

    Really looking forward to these two coming episodes!

  18. BigBraddah says:

    Ah, so good to hang with da ohana once a week… kamekona and danno are my faves. and kono and chin and steveo…. The first lower third flashed by much too quickly. “Puaena point” is near Haleiwa harbor. But of course it wasn’t shot near Haleiwa. It was Waimanalo, I bet. We see three islets. Dunno why they tossed those in there.
    hey let’s get married in Hawaii. to which she responds underwhelmingly. “eh heheh! you make me so happy.” Can you imagine someone tossing a multithousand dollar camera across the sand? That round light the assistant holds is usually used as a lenslight (is affixed around the lens) to create a great shot with no direct shadows. So he is in a trailer that suddenly is on fire. and he can’t break a window to escape? maybe grab an idol with a golden head and smash the glass with it? something to save yer life? (cue The Coasters) Second lower third says Lower Makapu’u. now what could that mean. good to see Kala Alexander again. Glad he’s getting alotta screentime. more than the reality shows. I mean in addition to them. I like the concurrent, overlapping subplots. instills a degree of reality to the thang. Kamekona was classic; “How much you like bet?” Danno’s car jump was not as athletic in reality. It was created from a few cuts, it’s all done in editing. Holy kukae, Danno coulda blinded the dude with that hibachi toss there. maybe he assumed or hoped the coals were cooled. “yer wearing a tie. In Hawaii.” hahaaa! I dunno about the envelope handwriting. Looks generic. male or female. “These are big scary guys” ah. minah haoles. small kine. Not as big as some of da blalahs they usually have for that. Kono sez I think I will be a town girl. Nope. here she would say “I think I’ll be a townie” If I were one of the guys in the Kahala home at the terminals, I woulda jumped up and hollered ” who da hell you guys, hah!?” I mean no one even sneezes. as if it happens every other day there. Why would Renny borrow such a specific amount of kala? I mean he coulda rounded it up to the nearest. Love the helo shots. The Waikikian/Hilton lagoon looks cool from above. Steveo on Waiks beach is near the Boat launch pier, straight out from da barefoot Bar, Ft DeRussy. part of Hale Koa hotel, Military and guests only. But you can prolly grab a maita’i if yer in the area there. I love when they collar a murderer; “OK, ya just killed someone, ya evil cretin. uh careful, ya might bump yer head getting in the car! Here., I will caress it gently to prevent even a hair getting out of place, while you get in the car, something apparently we cops assume ya don’t do often.

  19. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    I had no idea everyone was going to get their acts together so early today and have such well written comments, to boot! Officer 808, thanks for getting the ball rolling so quickly, and so well. My excuse for being late? I think I was actually living H5-0 today instead of writing about it! I know exactly how Danny felt pushing that big Merc up the highway – I was pushing an immobilized Jimmy truck up a non-existant dirt path in the hills 3 miles from home. I had a real, honest to goodness “cargument” with my husband about what in the world was he thinking dragging me and the dog into the hills to fix fence in a rundown jlopie (oops, jalopy!) and finally, I was recalling the last time I had “puked” when we were making a mad, careening dash down the hillside narrowly avoiding deep ruts and small trees on our way to a semi-visible dirt road (we couldn’t cut the engine – loose starter wire). I have only now returned to the land of the living and I am exhausted!! As such, I have very little to say about last night’s episode. My escapades started so early this morning, that I haven’t even had a chance to watch it a second time yet!

    So, I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, after a long nap and relaxing bath -oh, wait, there’s a lot more fence to fix, so I better say what I can now before I’m pressed into service again.

    I’m not going to say I was disappointed last night, because I’ve never been disappointed with H5-0 – I was just confused, as most people seem to have been. I was telling some friends this past week that I really just wanted to skip this ep and go right on to the 2 final ones – I just didn’t have an interest in fashion models and world famous photographers! Rick Springfield was such a joke! I’m sorry if I’ve offended some Springfield fans, but honestly, anybody could have played that part just as well – and why is CBS spending big bucks to bring these “name”guest stars onto the show? It’s not working for you, CBS – I suggest you discontinue the practice for Season 2! Save it for your 4 real stars, give them a raise!

    Kamekona should get a raise, too! He truly stole the show last night! Someone has already stated that he had all the funny lines in this ep., and he did! Hat’s off to you, Taylor Wily, for a fun performance!

    And why does everyone keep thinking about me when Danny does something, says something, or gets laid up in the hospital? Hmmm? I just don’t understand – whatever is it you mean? *Bat’s eyes coyly!*

    I just have one thing to say to Chin – grow up and get off that holier-than-thou soapbox you are currently balancing on! I’m sorry, Chin fans, but I am just a little ticked off with our Chin right now. What exactly does he think he is going to accomplish by taking the fall for his uncle! Bert says it quite well – he is taking away the chance for Uncle to regain his own dignity by admitting to what he did himself and taking the blame himself. Chin’s not going to solve anybody’s problems this way and Kono is going to disown him for not telling the truth! Also, one little question – correct me if I’m wrong, but at the end of the the tsunami episode, didn’t McGarrett come out of the Governor’s office and tell everyone that ALL of the money was accounted for? So, what’s going to happen when Chin replaces $200,000 that was already there? Just a question.

    I don’t know if it’s because we’ve talked about the family theme running through each and every episode, but it’s becoming a lot more obvious and blatant each week. This week, we have a man killed just as he asks his girlfriend to marry him, and then we find out the murderer not only took her man away from his fiance, the murderer also took her baby’s father away. Oh, horrors. Then, we find out the gambling and loan shark angle was the red herring of the week, and the photographer’s long, lost malcontent daughter blew up her father because he wouldn’t return her phone calls, only to find out after she’s arrested that her father had borrowed exactly, down to the dollar, the amount it would cost to raise a child through the first 18 years of life! (OMG! If I had only known then what I now know, I would not have had these 3 kids of mine! I would have taken the money and bought a new pickup and tractor and fencing materials!)

    There can’t be much stuff left from the Champ box to return to Steve. I haven’t seen anything to change my mind that it isn’t Sang Min doing the returning. We will get to see who’s side he’s really on next week. Looking forward to that episode big time. Oh, Lainie? Can you save me a seat on the plane headed for Honolulu next week? We’ll keep Danny company together at the hospital!

    I think my ramblings are done for now. I was confused about the direction this episode took, but it had a lot of good parts to it. Kawila and the charity surfing was awesome, Kono’s flirtatious arc, Danny’s new-found ability to take down “baddies” in McGarrett fashion – all fun, just not an altogether convincing episode.

    • lainiek says:

      Ok, but I get his right side. I have to sleep on the right side. oh,my poor Danno. 😮

      • Linda Stein says:

        Oh Lynnette….even when you’re totally annoyed you have the ability to make me laugh. I can just see it…”do I want to steer? No I don’t want to steer! I want to continue to push this 2 thousand pound hunk of junk up this dirt road for the next 3 miles!!!”” What a horrible way to spend the day!!! I feel for you!

        And I agree with being confused. This Chin thing is really perplexing. What the hell is he thinking? There is no way for this to end well for him OR his uncle. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it. I hope to hell the writers know what they are doing. I guess we just have to have faith.

        What’s the Hawaiian word for that? Faith?

    • BigBraddah says:

      “My excuse for being late?” ‘a’ole pilikia. no worry, beef curry, we not late, we steh on Hawaiian time.

    • officer808 says:

      Yeehaw that’s some fine ranch living! 😉

      Very strong opinions, and I totally see where you’re coming from. But I really don’t see Chin’s storyline being that far fetched…he wants to preserve the status quo. His aunt was sick and died, he doesn’t want his uncle to die sick and alone in jail…

      Sang Min returning the evidence…that’s interesting!

  20. says:

    Some Facebook friends are campaigning for Brian Yang’s return. “Punahou” guy was a hit with the ladies. 😉

    • officer808 says:

      Check out my “Who is Charlie Fong”.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Just saw some promo shots for Ep24 on and Charlie is in a couple of the shots with Steve and Kono in his lab. So he is in the finale too. Nice. He’s cute. The one thing this show lacks is good looking guys…nice to see they added one. 😉

      • Merry Blue says:

        Linda – “glad to see they added one”
        *gasp* *choke* Hahahahahahahaha!

    • Diana says:

      I with them on wanting Brian Yang’s character Brian Fong to return. I would be perfectly happy if they dump Jenna Kaye and let Brian Fong be the “fifth” member of the team, especially since I think that Brian would actually bring more talents to the team in that he has a forensic background and could also do a lot of the computer background investigative work in the lab/office freeing the Fab Four to be out in the field more, much like what Abby does on NCIS.

      I mean think about it, other than computer intel analysis what other skills would Jenna actually add to the team? And, if they need someone to provide high level intel on WoFat, they could have one of Steve’s contact at the CIA from his Navy SEAL days be a recurring character that pops up on the phone or by video conference when needed to handle that aspect of the storyline.

      • Diana says:

        I should have said pseudo “fifth” member of the team, as if you keep Brian as a official member of the HPD, you could still have the romance between him and Kono, as they would be in totally different reporting lines.

        Plus, TPTB could take a play out of NCIS’s handbook in the way that they have handled Abby and McGee’s relationship, in that they dated, they had a friendly breakup and remained supportive friends with each other while dating others and now after several years apart they are starting to get close again. I mean why does every relationship have to be a drama fest, especially since Danny and Rachel’s and Chin and Malia’s provide plenty of drama for everybody right now and I sure will be providing quite a bit more in the future as both Danny and Chin’s storylines play out.

      • officer808 says:

        I think you mean Charlie Fong 😉

        Interesting thought with Jenna. I have a feeling she won’t ever be the fifth member of the team, though I see Charlie Fong quickly taking on the role…like the lab guy from CSI early on in the series.

  21. Kimmer says:

    OK, I have now watched a 2nd time and I have a few comments:

    I was perplexed as to what Renny was rummaging around the trailer for. His keys? His youth? More mascara? I have now surmised that he was looking for his missing lighter. That took 2 watchings and serious thought – otherwise it just looks like he is wasting time waiting for the trailer to catch fire.

    Hubby watched this one with me – he is not a fan, and to be honest he “watched” while reading a book or something (and yet I remain married to him…) But, he did show signs of life twice – once to yell “Catfight!” when the two models went at it, and once when Kamekona answered Danny’s phone call with “Gramma?” and Danny said “Hi, dear” he laughed out loud. Maybe I don’t need to file for divorce yet…maybe he can come into the light for season 2 – LOL.

    Chin, Chin, Chin. So disappointed in you, you are not thinking clearly. Is there more to the relationship that we don’t know? Why does Chin “owe EVERYTHING to Uncle Keiko?” I hope there is a good reason, cuz so far I’m coming up with nada.

    Someone else (sorry – forgot who) mentioned that IA will be investigating Uncle’s finances and situations and will probably find out the truth. I agree – so how is this going to play out? He won’t be guilty of stealing the money, but he will be guilty of perjuring himself before the IA panel. What would the punishment be for that? Chin’s actions to protect Uncle have made him a dishonest man.

    Amy/Pauline/Julie Mayer runs away from McG and Danno. Why do these thieves keep running away towards the OCEAN? It’s like the people in horror movies running UPSTAIRS when the killer is after them.

    Kawika and McG do some sort of special handshake when they are at the charity event?

    I know that there wasn’t enough interplay between the characters this week, but there was the sense of a close-knit family. They got across the point that there is no secrets between them – they all knew about Chin/Uncle and the $200k. I think that this was done to lead up to the fracture – breaking the trust and comraderie within the team.

    I liked the serial storyline, but the weekly procedural this time was in the way. I am looking forward to the next two weeks for some serious character interplay and hopefully some more McGarrett mystery unravelling.

    • Kimmer says:

      OK, maybe hubby was paying more attention than he let on because he JUST said to me “OK, I have to know – how did the Evidence Guy know the Surfer Chick?” There may be hope for him!

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        My hubby has been slow to come around, too! But he actually told me that he thought that was a good episode last night, and asked if I wanted to watch it again tonight! Well, of course I said sure!

    • BigBraddah says:

      “Hubby watched this one with me – he is not a fan, and to be honest he “watched” while reading a book or something (and yet I remain married to him…) ”
      I noticed on another blog he commented:
      Wifey doesn’t even notice or care what it is I am doing while she sits next to me watching TV (and yet I remain married to her…)

    • officer808 says:

      I think every single male watching that night yelled ‘catfight’ at that scene. 😉

      Looking for the lighter…good catch. 🙂

  22. sam says:

    What I find most amazing about this episode is the fact that this was already the twenty second episode of a great first season. I can still remember how amazed I was (and still am) by the great pilot in September 2010. Can’t believe that there are only two episodes left.

    Even if this was not my favorite one of the season it was by far not my least one (that honor still belongs to the surfing ep 1×06). I still truly enjoyed it for various reasons.

    First the total trivial one and yes I am a woman, how great was it to see McGarrett on his run with that stunning background! One of the most amazing shots so far and I do mean the man and Hawaii.

    I liked their investigation at the beach; it was great to see how easy going they are with each other. Loved how McGarrett had to remind Danny to focus, again. He seems to need to do that at least every other episode. LOL

    OK, there was not the usual banter and there was no cargument, but we had the great scenes with Steve and Danny out front of HQ while they were trying to read the “code”, that was fun.
    We had great scenes with Steve and Chin, where Steve showed great concern and support. Very nice.

    I really like the new guy, the one from the lab. I think there was real chemistry. But there was also good chemistry between her and Kawik (sorry if that is spelled wrong), I would be happy with both of them as a love interest for Kono. Actually I’ll be happy with anyone who is not Five-0.

    You just have to love Kamekona, I would be really sad if he would be the one to bite the dust.

    I really had to laugh about the running after the suspects. That was so much fun to see Danny sprinting after the suspect and “jumping” over the car. And after the chase he looked like he only was out for a walk in the park. I don’t think his shirt even had a crinkle in it after. Where on the other hand McGarrett looked after his chase like he crawled through a dumpster, dirty and sweaty. LOL

    The whole Chin plot was really intense and kind of heartbreaking. That was a pretty dumb move to confess to stealing the money. OK I understand why he did it, but it is the wrong move. His uncle needs to pay the consequences of his actions. Even if it means the potential devastating consequences concerning all the cases going into review of the board. That is something he should have thought before he took the money. I really hope that Chin will be cleared and will not get into trouble with the loan shark. BTW this is the second flaw about the “money business”; if they will not know that the produced money by Chin is the wrong one. Shouldn’t the numbers of the bills be written down somewhere? I mean they should have known that the 10 Million were exchanged. The numbers are different. I’m sure that the evidence would have been catalogued with the numbers. But hey I thought that McGarrett would monitor all visitors for Victor Hesse or that he would have a security camera at his place. Both assumptions I was wrong about. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this stuff or the writers are thinking too less of it. 🙂

    To tell the truth I didn’t care that much about who killed the photographer. I think he was very poorly cast. What supermodel (ok none of them were actually supermodel material) would fall for that old guy? Couldn’t they find a hot middle aged guy who would give the whole beach scenes some nice touch? Not this skinny old guy with too long hair. OK, OK I know some women seem to be blind if it helps their career, but please. I found it distracting and really didn’t care that he is some kind of celebrity even if I never heard of him before.

    Anyway, I liked the episode, not the best but not too bad either. I think we are just spoilt with the high overall quality of the show. So that an average one really stands out, but it is still better than most good episodes of other shows.

    I really meant to write just some words about it, but again it’s a bit longer. Ah well.

    • Cécile says:

      “Shouldn’t the numbers of the bills be written down somewhere? I mean they should have known that the 10 Million were exchanged. The numbers are different. ”

      I thought about that too, but I don’t know if they would do it for 28 mil $, that’s an awful lot of bills ! I suppose it depends if they were brand new bills, going from number N to number N+279 999 (assuming it was all in 100$ bills !) or if they were used bills, with random numbers. In the first case, they would have a register with the numbers of the missing 200k and of the rest. But in the second case, I’m not sure noting 280k numbers would have been of any assistance, unless there is a machine allowing to numerically check the numbers. By hand, it would be very long and very unsuccessful.

      Either the writers thought about that and there is a number register and that’s actually how Chin is going to be busted, or there’s no register and we are indeed thinking too much of it !

      About Danny jumping over the car trunk, there are videos here and on FB showing different takes of this chase.There is one where Scott jumps more or less successfully, then finishes the run and walks back saying “well, that was a little ridiculous”. Priceless^^. It’s always cool to see Danny getting some action !

      • sam says:

        I thought the money was brand new, at least the money in Steve’s backpack was. So I thought that it would be easy to catalogue them with the numbers. Aren’t all numbers of new bills registered somewhere so you can follow a money trail?
        I don’t know for sure but I just thought that they would be very thorough with evidence. But of course you are right it would be a lot of probably useless work if they were single used bills.

      • Cécile says:

        Lol we are overthinking this way too much ! By the way, I’m absolutely not trying to deconstruct your ideas, I have the same ! One of the first things I thought when I saw Chin at the loan shark’s (after yelling ‘Don’t do that, you idiot !’), was that IA would bust him immediately because of the numbers. I’m trying to see if these are indeed plotholes, or if there is a way through it all !

        I think banks have a machine that flatten bills, to facilitate the counting and the making of bundles, so maybe they weren’t new bills, but just flattened ? It would make more sense to me if they weren’t new ones. It was a drug catch, so the money probably came from various different places.

        As for the money trail, a registration of the bank the bills are send, and how they dispose of them (safe, cash till at the desk, ATM…) probably happens, but once it’s out, they can’t know where it goes. Unless HPD did it when they put their hand on it, which would have made sense, but I don’t know if they have the ressources (time and personnel) to do it.

      • Beth says:

        All good points. I also found it preposterous that Chin would now admit to stealing the 200K after vehemently denying it for all those years. If IA ‘s investigation hadn’t found any irregularities in Chin’s bank accounts or spending habits why did they still accuse him of the theft? What other evidence might they have had to go forward with their investigation? Why wasn’t Chin’s uncle investigated? Wasn’t anyone suspicious as to how he came up with the money for his wife’s organ transplant? Just curious.

    • BigBraddah says:

      “What supermodel would fall for that old guy? Couldn’t they find a hot middle aged guy ” hahaaa. ok, what age should he have been? curious. Geez. Now i wish I were younger and I’m getting a hair cut. yer right they weren’t supermodels. they were plain jane goofy looking angry shrews.

      • sam says:

        LOL, nothing wrong with being an older guy, I’m not exactly young myself, almost at the big 5-0. Just meant that he didn’t strike me as a guy worth fighting over. 🙂 Middle aged? Well everything from 30 to 50 would have fit better for the role in my opinion.

    • officer808 says:

      Kamehame Ridge in Hawaii Kai where McG was running overlooks Makapu’u beach where the surfing scene was, great view of two sides of the island from there.

      IA telling Chin to bring back the $200,000 by that afternoon was them calling Chin’s bluff. I don’t think they expect him to do it, but Chin’s got his mind made up as to how he’s going to settle this.

  23. Kimmer says:

    “I was perplexed as to what Renny was rummaging around the trailer for. – it just looks like he is wasting time waiting for the trailer to catch fire.”
    and that concludes this week’s lesson as to what a McGuffin/plot device is.

    Yeah, I know what a McGuffin/plot device is. What I was stating was that it was’nt done well.

    • BigBraddah says:

      ah yea. yer right it wasn’t. Some things in this show are like that I noticed need a little polishing. The scene with Kono and the bottle spinning kisser, they should have had them smiling laughing and gesturing as the camera pulls away rather than an awkward silent moment just after he tells them “I still am a good kisser.”

    • Beth says:

      I was wondering what he was fumbling around for also. I also wondered why he didn’t try to break any windows with heavy objects like the golden statue he is seen moving from one place to another. I found it incredible that the framed picture of the “Worship Me” magazine cover survived the explosion and inferno, not very likely. Just a plot device, they needed to refer to the quote later in the ep.

  24. sockie says:

    love the recap, as always. esp. liked the high school info. very interesting.

    however, I’m not sure you watched the show closely enough. chevy and microsoft are still paying the bills. when kono and charlie were in the cruze, I was having a hard time finding the H50 show inside the commercial. 😉

  25. BigBraddah says:

    Things we learn from da show. Don’t learn how to get around Honolulu, nor how fo speak pisin. (archaic word for pidgin english) –
    In the lab with Kono, Fong sez: “purchased on Meahi avenue near Kokapu.” But there is no Meahi or Kokapu on Oahu. The map on his screen pinpoints “Lex Brodie Gas Station” but no, it is centering on a dense residential part of Kaimuki, main drag at 3717 Waialae ave. blocks from where the gas stations and business area is. And miles from Oahu’s only Lex Brodie gas station which is in Kaka’ako, near downtown.
    Locals when they are not around malihini, slip into pidgin. In H50, they can instill some of that and not alienate the mainland audience. In fact they should, as that is part of the uniqueness of Hawai’i that many find charming. I mean we have seen it in other shows. and in real life for example; “Eh you real akamai ah you! How you get so smaht?!” Viewer sez hey I learn some Hawaiian words and how to pronounce them on H50!
    Kono and Fong:
    Eh, were you wen grad?
    Naaaht! You never went Punahou!
    Sure. graduated nineteen eighty nine.

    • BigBraddah says:

      leaks from CBS:
      next season ep titles:
      Hulimakakakuli which translates to “close to heart”
      another ep title; Ehbrah,nomakeli’dat! means “close to heart”
      and still another ep: Me ke aloha umehana is translated to “close to heart”.

  26. BigBraddah says:

    (oddly enough, the phrase “close to heart” means nothing in English!)

  27. Dee says:

    Did I miss officer808 radio show on this episode???? Monday is so close and the upcoming episode will have alot to discuss I am sure!

  28. Pingback: Talking Story with Mike Buck on AM 830 KHVH Honolulu Talk Radio (Hawaii Five-0 podcast May 3) | Hawaii Five-0 UNDERCOVER

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