Who is Charlie Fong?

Well if you watched Hawaii Five-0 last night, you’ll know that Charlie is Punahou School’s fifth grade kissing champion, crime lab super star for the HPD, and potential love interest for Kono.  Charlie is played by actor Brian Yang who has a long and extensive list of credits to his resume:

Raised in the Bay Area, where he attended the University of California, at Berkeley, Brian Yang splits his time between the United States and China and has his hands in many different things.  He works as an actor, producer, host, model, and occasional event planner. Last summer, he produced Frexh Shanghai, a showcase of innovators in the fields of fashion, music, art, and food. He will look to do it again in late 2011. He was the host of Shanghai Rush – soon be available online at Dramafever.com – which ultimately gave way to what is now The Amazing Race China.  Recent acting credits include Universal Pictures’ The Man With the Iron Fists and the CBS series Hawaii Five-0 where he will be in two of the first season’s last three episodes as the character Charlie Fong on CBS.  Brian is a partner in 408 Films, a film production company that produced The People I’ve Slept With (now out on Netflix) and is currently in production on a video project about NBA player Jeremy Lin.

Talking about Hawaii Five-0:

The story of how I landed on the show is amazing in and of itself.  It was a right place at the right time kind of thing. I was vacationing in Hawaii when they just happened to be casting the part. What was supposed to be a one week trip turned into nearly a month extension after I was booked. I’ve shot two episodes so far and now the show is on hiatus. It’s been a pretty successful show in its first season so I’ve just been completely lucky and in awe to be a part of that. The crew was a joy to work with and I will be the first to say that Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim are not only crazy talented, but so down to earth and kind. I’m pinching myself all the time. I hope you guys will be watching May 2nd when Charlie Fong is introduced!

Read the rest of the article from Privy.

Charlie Fong has a Facebook page!  Can state of Hawaii employees check Facebook while on the clock? 😉   Join Charlie on Facebook.

Brian Yang with Grace Park and Melanie Laenani Lewis, photo: Brian Yang, magazine.privy.net


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15 Responses to Who is Charlie Fong?

  1. officer808 says:

    You can also follow Brian on twitter: @briflys

  2. Val says:

    He’s put two appearances on before the finale!! Very cool!! Hope he’ll be back for season 2!! Thanks undercover – interesting read and what great luck to be vacationing and landing a role to be with Grace Park as an admirer…who wouldn’t want that role? He seems like a great guy too!!! He did a great job as the HPD crime lab – technician!! It was fun watching him tease Kono while she tried to remember where she’d met him before. So cute!!

  3. Beth says:

    Charlie Fong was called Che Fong in the original 5-0, the character was also a lab tech.

  4. Cécile says:

    Or he didn’t work with them ? 😉

  5. hawaiiobsessed says:

    you are da best Officer! Love the back stories. If I come there for a week I would love to get cast in Hawaii Five-0 and stay for a month! Very cool!

  6. Caitlyn says:

    I think the Charlie Fong was awesome and a very interesting development! Who doesn’t love the mystery of a potential love interest?? (who by the way is not to shabby looking if I must say so myself…)

    • BigBraddah says:

      although as a guy, to me, Fong just looks like a plain local japanese dude.
      I concur, Kono needs some spark. and Kawika and Fong will have it goin on for da wahine! In fact they can throw in anodda love interest, some wealthy club/restaurant owner or even a semi baddie someone obliquely affiliated with the local underworld., Someone who will make her batlle with her inner moral compass a little. That will cause some plot tangents. Think about it. she can be torn between two regular guys and one millionaire. hoohaaa. what fun.

    • BigBraddah says:

      “Who doesn’t love the mystery of a potential love interest?”
      Here is a partial list.
      marie doesn’t love it.
      paul doesn’t love it.
      fred doesn’t love it.
      Charles doesn’t love it.
      Steven doesn’t love it.
      Vick doesn’t love it.
      My bartenders don’t love it.
      The mayor doesn’t love it.
      The janitor too.

  7. sockie says:

    thanks! who knew? (besides you, that is) 😉

    I’m glad he’ll be back- I really liked him.

    • BigBraddah says:

      Here is a partial list.
      marie knew.
      paul knew.
      fred knew.
      Charles knew.
      Steven knew.
      Vick knew.
      My bartenders knew.
      The mayor knew.
      The janitor too.

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