Vague teasers from tvfanatic and TVGuide (SPOILERY)


Someone will die on the Hawaii Five-O season finale. This much we know.

But executive producer Peter Lenkov teases to TV Guide that Steve McGarrett might play a key role in the demise of this unnamed character. Could the detective’s obsession with Wo Fat prove costly?

“McGarrett is a guy who goes to extremes,” Lenkov says. “I think he’s going to go further than he’s gone all season and he’s going to be very reckless.”


Look for McGarrett to finally get some closure related to his father’s death. “I think fans will be really surprised at how deep we go and how much they’ll learn by the end of the season,” co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski says. “There’s definitely more stuff to milk in Season 2, but some of those ‘Champ Box’ mysteries, we will be wrapping those up at seasons end.” That, of course means more Wo Fat, who brings a full-on assault against the team, which can no longer count on the governor for protection.


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One Response to Vague teasers from tvfanatic and TVGuide (SPOILERY)

  1. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    I just hope they don’t tarnish the hero too much.

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