Interesting stuff…like I wrote in my Champ box discussion back in January, I figured the key probably had figurative meaning, and didn’t actually open a physical lock.  Back then I thought it had to do with the cypher, but the cypher mystery has already been solved.

What’s really piqued my interest is the character’s 180 that the producers and writers have in store for them.

You guys have any ideas?

From Sandra Gonzalez,


The impression I get from exec producer Peter Lenkov, co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski, and the rest of the team at H 5-0 is that they are adamant about one thing as they close out their freshman season: They have no interested in toying with viewers. This season’s major mysteries will have resolution, and they have so much more up their sleeves for season 2. Specifically, McGarrett’s storyline will come to a major head during the season opener, they say. “He finally gets the answers to the rest of the clues in his father’s box,” Lenkov says. “He finally figures out what those were and why his father was investigating them when he died. If you remember the pilot, he hears that the answer to everything was the key. If he could figure out what the key meant — literally and figuratively — he could solve this investigation he was on. We definitely pay this stuff off. Obviously, when you start answering things, new questions come up, but in terms of the box and the mystery of the box, that pays off. I think the people who were very loyal deserve those answers.”

Also on tap to be solved? The mystery behind the envelopes. “We answer that question as well. That ties into the mystery,” Zbyszewski says.

But why all this resolution? Lenkov says it was necessary, as the end of the season will bring about incredible changes. “I think what we’re really proud of is how each one of our characters does a complete 180 from where you saw them in the beginning of the season,” he says. “They really go through some major changes in the finale — life changes.”


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21 Responses to More SPOILERY from EW

  1. spotted reptile says:

    why do I feel very nervous about this?

    • Laurie aka Froggie23 says:

      you are not alone spotted reptile… I’d like to add that I really LOVE this blog and get excited when I get notified of an update. I have even taken the 17th off from work so I can stay up late after the finale and see what everyone has to say about it :-).

  2. gaile says:

    I am very curious to see these changes. If they go 180 does that mean Danny will now be like Steve( shoot now ask later) and Steve be like Danny( use more level headed ways)..Glad to hear what the KEY has to do with anything. I am really curious to know who Dad McGarrett was investigating and why he was killed to have it not get out. I think it will be an explosive find….

  3. Pippin says:

    This sounds very promising! I’m really looking forward the season finale. The long wait until S2 will be torture though.

  4. Linda Stein says:

    Well Danny’s 180 could be how he feels about Hawaii and he stays no matter what happens or doesn’t happen with Rachel.

    Chin’s life change could be that he’s now a criminal. If IA believes him he will be a felon and NOT on 5-0 anymore and possibly even in jail.

    Kono started out an idealistic child, loyal to her family and the truth. Now she’s matured into a seasoned cop. Maybe she turns her uncle in and that causes a big breakup between her and Chin who is still in trouble because he lied and is charged with obstruction.

    Steve…perhaps he has to learn, as Chin put it months ago, that his way isn’t the only way as he comes to terms with the outcome of whatever his reckless actions caused.

    • Kimmer says:

      I agree about Danny – I think his 180 is that he realizes that he likes being in Hawaii and that he is there for more reasons than just Grace (what if Rachel and Stan move to Indonesia or wherever Stan’s newest endeavour is – Danny wouldn’t be moving there)

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Linda! Where have I heard these theories before? I’m pretty much in agreement with you – especially about Danny. His 180 will certainly be that he has decided Hawaii ain’t so bad after all! He could find out he’s a natural on the surfboard, and wouldn’t it be awesome if we actually got to see him surfing next season? Why, he might even become a happy person in Season 2!

      Steve is going to have to face some demons, I think that’s a given. If he is truly responsible for someone’s death in the finale, he will have to come to terms with that and whatever reckless behavior that caused the death. His 180 will possibly entail his realization that his tunnel vision concerning his parents deaths and WoFat will not necessarily bring him happiness, and maybe it’s time to let things go.

      Chin – everyone seems to think he is going to end up a felon and in jail, or at least no longer a team member. Well, that’s very possible, but positive thinker that I am, I think his 180 could mean he is totally exonerated of all charges and allegations. He will be reinstated on HPD. Now, looking at last week’s episode, I’m not quite sure how this is going to happen, just that it does! Eternal optimist, here!

      Last but not least, Kono! Our idealistic rookie, has spent nine months learning from the best of the best! She’s found almost every dead body (or body part) and she’s seen the dark side of humanity. She will also probably see, in the finale, that her idols, Steve and Chin, are not perfect, and that being a cop is not black and white. Her 180 might be the loss of her innocence and idealism. Or she could end up in front of an IA board for her part in the $10 mil. fiasco! That would be a 180, for sure!

      • Kimmer says:

        Lynnette –

        LOL – well, I’d say we are all on the same page with our ideas.

        I’m with you in thinking (hoping) that Chin is exonerated.

      • Linda Stein says:

        LOL well those WERE my best ideas and I tried to reword it but I couldn’t make is sound any better so a simple cut and paste seemed in order LOL

        I like the idea that Chin be totally exonerated. I WANT him to be so bad. You’re right though, I’m not sure how that can happen with the corner he’s painted himself into but it would be great if it does. He is SUCH a good man, it’s just not fair that he’s treated so bad by everyone (outside the team) including himself.

  5. Kimmer says:

    Steve started out the season focused on finding his father’s killer and bringing him to justice no matter what – things were very black and white with him. What if the events in the finale make him question that – his father’s actions, his mother may not have been a completely innocent victim, Wo Fat might not be 100% evil. He has always respected family, but it has also always been about the job – maybe that changes too.

    I still have a hard time thinking that Chin will go to jail. I think he gets out of it somehow, and I think his family welcomes him back, but Kono becomes very disenchanted by what he has allowed to happen to him, and she doesn’t idolize him as much as she has in the past.

    • jujubee19 says:

      I think you may be on to something. I found it very disturbing when WoFat told Steve not to dig too deep or he might not like what he finds. Maybe his dad wasn’t the man he thought he was.

      • luvinao'l says:

        what stands out for me from the pilot is father McG apologizing to his son — “I’m sorry I lied to you…” That sounds to me like McG senior was not the man Steve has idolized in his mind…

  6. c3ellen says:

    I think maybe Mommy McG. wasn’t who they thought she was. But who knows. I just hope they don’t change Steve too much, or it won’t be as believable. Often these ‘spoilers’ are more hype than anything….guess time will tell.

    • spotted reptile says:

      There was one particular thing Steve said during one of the carguments – forget which one – where he told Danny: My mother’s death made me who I am. Everything I did – leave Hawaii, join the Navy, become a SEAL – was because of what happened to her.

      So what if he finds out that she was dirty? Doesn’t that completely turn his life and his motivations upside down? Why is he a SEAL? Why is he doing what he is now? What’s the point? Who is he now?

      Maybe that’s Steve’s 180.

      • luvinao'l says:

        agreed — they made quite a big deal about mom’s death making Steve what he is today…

  7. Laurie aka Froggie23 says:

    Great comments all, as always.

  8. Linda Stein says:

    The more I think about Chin the more I think he must be exonerated sooner rather than later. First of all, more people know the truth now. It’s not just Chin and Uncle but Kono, Steve and Danny also know. While I don’t really expect Steve or Danny to say anything to IA (they’d never interfere in what is, essentially, a family matter) Kono IS family and so is Uncle. If they both go to IA with not only their word but with logic Chin must be exonerated.

    What I mean is, IA has been checking Chin’s financials all this time and never saw anything irregular. Chin covered this up by saying he never spent/saved/invested the money which right off the bat makes no sense. What, you took it just to stare at it for 3 years?!?!? IA never checked Uncle’s financials because there was no reason, he was not a consideration to them. But, now, if they check him out they will see that a moderately paid, middle level cop with no great assets all of a sudden somehow came up with $200K to buy his sick wife a kidney off the black market? They would see that Uncle’s bank accounts remained stable. No $200K withdrawal to anyone legit to get her that kidney. No financials from anyone else in the family to show that he borrowed the money from them to get it done.

    Chin might totally off the hook if the IA panel understand he lied to protect his Uncle and his family. The head guy on that panel had a Hawaiian name. If he is from that same culture and generation, he would understand why Chin did what he did and chose to close the case at that point. Uncle would be in trouble but Chin would be free. A division could then be there betweeen Chin and Kono because she went with Uncle to tell the truth when Chin told her to stay out of it.

    • Val says:

      I agree with you Linda I truly believe Chin will be exonerated. It just doesn’t make sense that he will go back to jail or be out of H50!! He made a bold brave move to save his uncle from his own burden which he would have to live with for the rest of his life and the new found respect that IA will now show Chin (which I hope) a great deal more respect for what he did to protect his family after all they are all cops and the IA hopefully will drop it as long as the money gets returned with no questions asked and Chin gets to save his uncle and maybe lost his house but he probably will live with his uncle to help him out and everyone in the family from Kono’s end of it will have a new found respect for Chin – I”m seeing the sunny side of the story o/wise I’d be upset if Chin did this heroic thing for nothing. He lost his home but not his honor and pride so I think he’s okay. What I’m not happy with is the assessment you all have over Steve. I really think Steve needs to continue to find out what happened to his parents. That is the heart of Steve’s story. His father was brutally murdered and so was his mom when they were just young kids – their Dad kept his silence to protect these kids. How could he overlook what this has done to his life. Whatever it is that set him back, he’s a Seal and Seals never give up!! There is not a chance that Steve would just give up and put the past behind he will want to dig deeper and he’d have to use more resolve – and maybe the 180 for him will be that he will be even tougher rather than softer on crime. His father started the investigation of the Organized Crime and I’m sorry but Steve in my opinion is going to FINISH what his father set out to do!!! As for Danny, he’ll stay for the team, he’ll stay for the job but more important he’ll fight to for his daughter as well. The team guys I’m convinced will come back even tougher than they were in season 1. That’s what I truly believe and hope we’ll see.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Val, I’m not saying that Steve will have any less of a conviction to find out why his parents were murdered, or any less of a need to find and capture WoFat. I’m sure he will continue fighting to get resolution. But, if he has been reckless and caused a death, he will have a huge sense of responsibility to deal with, and he will have a big hurdle to get over in regards to his self esteem. I mean, if you have to face the fact that your single-mindedness could have caused the death of an innocent person, you are going to question your actions, and you might even have someone like Danny vehemently telling you what your recklessness caused. In other words, I’m just saying that Steve might be re-evaluating his methods and the consequences of certain actions, not his conviction, in Season 2.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Very….very well put Lynnette! Steve said his Seal team motto was “no man left behind”. They would do anything to protect each other and make sure everyone got out alive. If Steve is responsible for a death he will have some serious soul searching to do to come to terms with that.

        Danny has been saying all along that Steve has a problem..that he needs help…that there is something wrong with him… and it has all been tongue in cheek with some exaspiration. If Steve really does cause a death he will come to see that Danny has been right. Oh yes…he will have some serious thinking to do.

  9. Kimmer says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that he will give up the search for justice in his parents murders. I just think that he will uncover information that will make him come to some realizations that he doesn’t see right now. I agree that his role in the death will weigh very heavily on his conscience and will affect how he handles himself in S2. I think that we will see him taking more personal risks and trying to keep the team out of harms way much more than he has in the past.

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