Preview of “Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau”

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24 Responses to Preview of “Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau”

  1. BigBraddah says:

    Would something biological have that immediate effect on Danno? or kill a dude that quickly after downing some bad milk from Pae’aina Dairy? (pae’aina loosely translated; our island chain of Hawaii.)
    I would imagine something chemical could restrict breathing with such immediacy. But biological? hmmm….

  2. Ichi says:

    Danny! 😦

  3. BigBraddah says:

    Title of this ep is supposed to mean
    until the end is near.

    But I get it as:
    a hiki i pau’ana ma’i kokoke
    At the least, they omitted the ‘okina.

  4. officer808 says:

    He needs some Zicam or Theraflu, and he’s good to go. 😉

  5. jadore says:

    …a little mouth-to-mouth…I’m gamed!!!

  6. Merry Blue says:

    I’m interested in seeing how the “bio-terrorism” angle plays out. From this clip, it appears that the sarin was released as a booby trap to targent the law enforcement responders – presumably mainly 50. Sarin, however, is not a biological weapon, it is a chemical weapon.

    Yeah, yeah, semantics, but it’s actually fairly important to some of us. I’m wondering why you would try to use a biological agent to attack Hawaii, when you apparently have access to an effective stock-pile of chemical weaponry, which are usually easier to deploy? So, I’m wondering if this is a Wo Fat set-up. Leak some misinformation for a certain CIA analyst to pick up that there is going to be a bio-terrorist attack, and then set up chemical booby traps for the teams that act on it. Worked on Danny, anyway.

    Hope the hospital has atropine on hand, ’cause a low but lethal dose of sarin is a miserable way to go. Jadore, you might want to use one of those plastic mouth-to-mouth thingys just to prevent any possible sarin exposure yourself. (sorry)

    • Ichi says:

      I’m wondering why Jenna Kaye is even there. They’ve made it clear she’s just an analyst, so why is she there dressed to the bulletproof nines?

    • Kimmer says:

      I read somewhere that the Sarin was put in a container of milk – and I think the clip shows a spilled carton on the counter. I don’t know how Danny would have come into contact with the milk, though, unless he found some oreos to dip.

  7. jadore says:

    Sorry Merry Blue…I’ll chance it, no else but SCOTT, though!!! (after all, isn’t just television?)

    • Merry Blue says:

      Well, OK then, Jadore. Hopefully the hospital will have atropine for 2 and you can share the treatment room with Danny. Enjoy. 😉

  8. Linda Stein says:

    The Sarin was not in the initial explosion. It couldn’t be or they all would have been exposed. The Sarin was in the milk carton but it’s not milk. If you look at what was spilled on the floor it is clear and sarin, in liquid form, IS clear.

    Probably the dead guy was pouring from the carton but never got to actually drink it because, well, you can TELL it’s not milk because it’s clear and once the carton was open and he began to pour the sarin was released into the air. He probably also spilled the carton on himself also exposing his skin. Between the fumes and absorbing it through his skin, he didn’t have a chance.

    Danny probably became exposed when he found the body and touched him to make sure he was dead. At the very least he would have checked for a pulse. Maybe he had to roll him over and touched where the sarin spilled on the guys clothes so Danny got some on is hands. Either way, that’s why Jenna stopped Steve from getting close to the body.

    • Diana says:

      Also in the clip I believe Danny tells them he found a dead guy and checked for a pulse. So I believe that would explain how Danny got exposed to the sarin. Plus, given that I am also an EMT, I would be more than happy to help in getting Danny to the hospital and then providing comfort and stress relief to Steve while he is worrying about Danno. 😉

      • Linda Stein says:

        And I am sure a bit of mouth to mouth would be in order that I am sure you’d be more than capable of doing. But, then again, seriously, would m2m be wise considering WHY he he’s have breathing trouble?

      • Merry Blue says:

        Linda, I’m afraid that jadore already has the committment and the dibs on the m2m. I did try to dissuade her, but who am I to stand in the way of such dedication?

        I’m glad you guys took the time to look this over, because it does settle the question of why only Danny was exposed and the rest of the team wasn’t. I was wondering about that. Thanks!

  9. Dee says:

    All should remain calm because we know from previews Danno is up and about for the finale..:-)

    And as far as Agent K- notice she is wearing a handcuff on her wrist!!!!???- She must of been “attached” to the HPD car while the team was searching this house. (from the preview shots we saw Peter L post)And like some of you said Danny is the one that comes across the body and comes in contact with the chemical/biological substance. I think from clip the team is clueless to what and therfore stated “biological” agent??? Just guessing

    • Val says:

      Hi Dee this is definitely going to be an interesting episode and I too wondered how Kaye got detached from the handcuffs since in one of the pictures McGarrett was seen talking to her and she was cuffed to the police car so how she got out of it, who knows!! What’s also going to be interesting is that Sang Min our favorite little fugitive is now back in the picture and it looks like from some of the other pictures we’ve seen of him is assisting H50 – which is a bit bizarre and very curious about his connection to Wofat because he was just a small time trafficker smuggling illegals…that we know of but we don’t know much more than that and as for Wofat he’s such a mystery. Sure would love to know more about him. Can’t wait for Monday night!!

  10. Ichi says:

    I don’t remember where people were talking about the locker key that Steve got back from our mystery mailwoman, but I’m rewatching the pilot, and the key that Steve takes out of the Champ box isn’t the locker key, but a different gold colored, old fashioned kind of key. Dad McGarrett says everything has to do with the key… but which one!?

    • Kimmer says:

      McG says something like “It’s a furniture key, but I’ve tried every piece of furniture in the house and it doesn’t fit.”
      We never physically see the locker key, but it is one of the photos that MaryAnn took – along with the brass key.

      Could the locker key be for a self-storage unit somewhere? Maybe thats where the piece of furniture is?

  11. oklahomagirl0 says:

    Danny will not die.
    He would be too valuable for the series, so no fear.

  12. Laurie aka Froggie23 says:

    Dang this is a good episode…Chin mystery solved, Danno will be fine, humor quota achieved as well as hotty quota. This will definatly be watched a few more times before our final next week. Oh and you can fight over saving Danno, I will stick with “Uncle Steve” Gracie is so adorible. 🙂

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