Hawaii Five-0 style revealed – high quality video

Watch Tanya Joaquin’s report on Five-0 wardrobe expert Jim Lapidus.  Thanks to @lankyguy for the Hawaii News Now clip!


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5 Responses to Hawaii Five-0 style revealed – high quality video

  1. pinkie says:

    Hmmmmm… Caaargooo Pants! (I never thought I’d ever say that in that manner) 🙂 Thanks for the vid!

  2. Mandy says:

    Thanks Bob, that was fun. I love all this BTS stuff.

  3. officer808 says:

    The Sunrise team is perfect for the BTS reports…they’re a fun group.

    • Val says:

      “Hawaii Style-0”


      Definitely love the cargo pants. I know earlier on everyone commented on oh he keeps wearing those “cargo pants” – I just can’t imagine him not wearing them all the time, you just get so used to seeing them on the show and they look so comfortable too and it the Khaki always reminds me that he is a Seal, not a regular cop.

      So wondering if season 2 we will see a change in colors or a different newer sytle. No mention of the vest in the video but I loved the one where he wears his gun on the chest with the navy seal knife sheathed in the lower back but he wears it holstered now to the side – easier for him to run with it. Wonder if its awkward and heavy while you run?

      Will we see Steve wear more swim suits for season 2 and have him in the water again…can never say no to that view but wearing different styles of swim wear and cargo shorts too – “kind of cute” when he wears it casually on his off days!!


      Danno and the signature ties – so used to seeing him wear the tie that now I’m even paying attention to the color ties he wears with what shirt and pants and I like the elegant look, it suits his personality.

      Now that we know he’ll remain firmly on Hawaii how about seeing him if he’s able to hit some waves on the surfboard – he’s known to be really good with daughter Grace and Rachel having some fun at the beach….it would be a fun scene to see a family picnic, and its a good excuse to see Scott perhaps shirtless again.


      Love those Hawaiian shirts he wears!! Its very form fitting and now I understand why – thanks to the wardrobe department they did a wonderful job. What we haven’t seen to much of is the bike that Chin loves to ride – the “harley” remember? Will it return to seaon 2 or will we see him continue to drive on the SUV when he teams up with either McGarrett or Kono!!


      Her wardrobe would be the most fun!! Love the bikinis she’s been wearing some of them were so beautiful especially the last one she wore with the blue hawaiian patterned style. Like her casual elegant style with tight jeans hugging her beautiful slim figure and cut off simple blouses and tees! It suits her and I loved what they did to her hair this week tied in a pony tail. Just showed so much of her face. She’s really lovely.

      Thanks for all the great BTS shots on your blog!! It makes you feel so much a part of the process and love the BTS location shoots – hope we get a chance to see more of it – or will they spend more time BTS in their new film studio lot – hope they don’t take us away from some of the gorgeous location shots on Hawaii. I always look forward to hearing more about those and Bob you really have been sharing a lot of detail on those locations and restaurants and streets downtown….thank you so much for that.

      • officer808 says:

        I love the BTS stuff to, gives us an insider look at the show.

        One thing I don’t understand is why they give Kono a lot of plaid…not exactly a Hawaiian style, but I understand the “girl next door” or “low key” look they’re going for Kono.

        You’re right about Chin…braddah is in good shape, but tailoring his clothes down makes him look even better.

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