Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 23 “Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau”:


As the season winds down to the end, Peter Lenkov and crew have definitely kicked it up a few notches, and this is definitely one of the most exciting Hawaii Five-0 episodes this season.  Right from the get-go, we’re thrown along side the Five-0 team gearing up to storm Wo Fat’s safe house.  I mean seriously, I thought I’d missed the first five to ten minute of the episode…you know, the part where they explain how they find the house in the first place?  But no, explosions, gun fights, foot pursuits, and vehicular assaults were all part of the mayhem before the opening credits.

Now that, my friends, is how you start an episode!

A few requisite lulls were necessary to advance the story, but the downtown car chase cranked up the rollercoaster ride again.  The irony of the scene was that the car chase was filmed on a quiet Sunday morning in downtown Honolulu.  I think more cars were destroyed this episode than in any other episode!

Not a single hair was disturbed. Vidcap from CBS.

But the best twist of this episode wasn’t the fact the secretary did it…  Just as Danny and the rest of the team are high fiving and bro-hugging it out, I was ready for the fade to black and “Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode”.   But Sang Min suddenly crashes the party.  The whole team draws down on Sang Min, who confesses that he needs help from our heroes in a big way, and offers information for protection.  Things are coming to a head, and Peter and Paul Z promised us a big finish for the end of the season.

"Dammit Steve, exactly how much Aqua Velva did you splash on this morning?!?!" Vidcap from CBS.

The best procedural is when it’s not a procedural

The past few episodes were written in such a way that the procedural didn’t feel like a procedural at all.  Sometimes one lead follows another lead to a sometimes predictable end.  The turns in recent episodes are so twisted and convoluted that I hear a lot of people say that they were guessing till the very end…which is probably the best praise a writer can get for a procedural.  OF course what also moves the story along better is the fact that suspects never ask for their lawyers.

Chin’s story

Chin’s troubles are only beginning, and he’s starting to see the light thanks to Kono.  IA is on to Chin’s trickery, calling on Chin’s bluff, forcing him to procure the missing money, and then dropping the bombshell on him that they knew the money wasn’t the same stolen from the locker.  In a great scene, Kono finally paints the picture clearly, that Chin is heading down the wrong path for nothing: he’ll lose his house, owe money to a loan shark, *and* go to jail.  Time’s running out for Chin to make a decision, and if the finale preview is an indicator of season two, Chin may give up his noble crusade to save his uncle and take the job with HPD.

No more goodbyes?

You gotta love that boyish and sheepish “hand caught in the cookie jar” look that Danny gave Steve when Steve walked in the hospital room with Rachel asleep on him.  For better or for worse, Rachel and Danny are getting even closer.  He finally tells Steve at the end that he and Rachel have been seeing each other for some time.  But the best signal for Danny’s future with Rachel is the clever teleplay…  Back in “Hao Kanaka” Danny sees Rachel turn her back towards him through the rear view mirror as the car pulls away from her house.  This time around, the roles are reversed, and as Rachel looks at Danny through her mirror, Danny turns around to see her drive off.  Their future is uncertain, but no one can deny that they’re drawing closer.

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 23 “Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau”:

1)       Well I’m not sure what makes Filipino fried chicken unique, but if Kamekona were to bring Danny some real Filipino food, chicken adobo would have been good.  But Danny would probably pass on the balut (half developed duck egg) or bagoong (fish sauce).  Google balut.  I dare you.

Did you notice…?

Grace’s cell  ringtone is “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus.  Those of you following me on Twitter know that that song is my jam!  I’m moving my hips like yeah when I hear it.

“Nick’s Fishmarket, Pier 38” was on the placard before the car drove through it in the downtown chase.  It’s a fish restaurant on the docks of Honolulu Harbor.

Downbeat Diner on Hotel Street has great food!

Angry Birds got a mention, and Danny answers the age old question: “Why are they so angry?”

“Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau” is Hawaiian for Until the End is Near (CBS).


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  1. lainiek says:

    Danny and Rachel reunion can only lead to a broken heart- either his or mine 😦
    I too noticed the turn of events with the rearview mirror- remember- Objects in the Rearview Mirror may appear closer than they are.
    Perhaps he is truly in love with her, but she is constantly jumping from one man back to the other to find her happiness. Makes me feel Rachel is a wee bit wishy washy.
    I think Chin’s motives next week and the scene we see may not be a clean cut as you think. I have my thoughts on what will really go down once Steve is in the back of that cop car.
    Remember the theme of H50 is family and Chin is loyal to a fault. 😉

    • officer808 says:

      Good call on Chin. I think his first job as a reinstated HPD officer would be to take McG into custody…but he’s going to be pressured to do this because like you said, he’s loyal.

  2. JOEY says:

    seriously rocked. edge of your seat the whole hour! agent kaye delivered, steve delivered! danny and rachael delivered in a big way! oh and lets not forget the preview for next week! kept me up last nite! wow!!!! big boy taylor has an arsenal- too funny!
    This was incredible – so much to cover but i need to leave it to the gals of 5-0- i would never do it justice. all i know is my heart went out to MCG watching the preview but I suspect things are not as they seem! sing is still under wo-fats orders and its all a big set up and our hero’s go deep to trump them at the end. only other guess is danny isnt part of the secret and when he finds out the family hopps a plane to scenic New Jersey–end credits! I guess well all have to wait and see! Kudos to Larissa O for a great job last nite. Steve was awesome with his grin while she led the questioning- priceless mentoring on his part! Danny and Rachael –wow nice touch! Finally our sad detective gets a break!

    • Dee says:

      @ Joey thought the same thing with NJ!!!
      @ lainie its ok – still another episode who knows? You’ll be comforting me!

      Officer808- WOW thanks for the recap so fast!!! brillant about the car in review mirror and the reversal from the first time that played out- that was great on the writers part IMHO for it was the first time the writers give an “inkling” to what they planned out. love it!

      Chin…I found it VEEEERRRYYYY intresting that with his convo with Kono there is the point she “never walked a beat”= it just made a bell ring in my head – don’t know what it means but it bothers me…

      loved agent k this time around (not as much as the team but) well done!!!

      I was banking on the sister as killer! close I predicted a women?/ hehehehe

    • Kimmer says:

      I agree that Danny may be in for some more heartbreak, but it is nice to see him be happy for now.

    • officer808 says:

      I’m officially a Jenna Kaye fan as well. 🙂

  3. Raceyt66 says:

    I loved this ep. I lost count of how many times I presed rewind. Loved the “Wasnt there a car attached to you?” ” oh weird!!!”
    Steve concealed smile when kay tells the brother in law he’s lying and why.
    And you hit it on the nose with the ” hand caught in the cookie jar expression”. Wasnt something I had really expected not saying I wasnt hoping for it to happen either..
    So glad we got to see Kamekona, he brings an instant smile to my face each time. I love that guy..
    Im still reeling from Danny’s confession and the way to short Bro hug. Think I may have to watch it again and then some..
    Great write up again, next week is going to be explosive.. Its going to be a long hiatis!!!

  4. Diana says:

    Given that this week’s episode is a definitely a big build for next week’s season finale, I am going to warn you now that there are spoilers for next week ahead so that I don’t spoil anyone because I am sure that I am going to be referring to the promo for next week at some point below.

    First and foremost. Yeah!!! Great episode and nice to see the show back to the fine form it was in earlier in the season before the Rick Springfield episode. Plus, I have to say that our Fab Four most definitely brought their A game for this episode and that I am confident that they will being hitting one out the park next week with the season finale. With that said here is my initial thoughts about tonight’s episode.

    1.) Jenna Kaye – Less multiple personality disorder this week in that her character isn’t all over the place with her personality in that they have settled into making her a ADHD know-it-all, which only makes her slightly less annoying than the last time she was on. I definitely felt like she sticked out like a sore thumb with the team and personally don’t see what Steve finds amusing about her. Honestly if Danny’s ties give him away as cop a mile away, then her personality screams, come kidnap/hit me over the head/shoot me as I am the weakest member of the team and will squeal like a little girl and have to be saved by my knight in shining armor, SuperSeal Steve.

    As for her single handily saving Danny’s life, sorry but no dice. The hazmat personal that was at the scene with her would have been equally if not more trained than her to recognize when a nerve agent is being used, especially since most teams have either have a trained chemist on them or rapid access to one. Plus, the CDC was already on site when she had her realization and I can guarantee you that they all have science background and have been well trained to recognize the symptoms of a chemical agent attack, especially since that is their full time job.

    2.) Chin’s missing money storyline – Well, that came to a rather unspectacular ending, though I was glad to see Kono yell at him and tell him everything we were saying here on the boards about his stupidity. If I didn’t know that filming had already ended for the season, I would have thought that the writers just took our response and put them in Kono’s mouth. 😉

    Though my one question is this, if they have the serial numbers of all the money, to know that the $200,000 that Chin returned was not the right cash, how did they not notice that there is also 10 million dollars with the wrong serial numbers also. I can’t believe that it never crossed Steve, Chin, or Kono’s mind that there might a bigger problem at hand than just the $200,000 not matching.

    3.) Danny and Rachel – I don’t know what to think of this. I really don’t have good vibes about this where Rachel is concerned, but I can’t imagine they would kill Rachel off as it would just totally throw any reason for Danny to stay on the island out the window. The only thing I can come up with is that Danny will consider resigning from Five-0 to reconcile with Rachel, then when Steve is in trouble he will have to decide between Rachel and Steve and ultimately will choose Steve causing Rachel to return to Stan. Any other outcome of this storyline, either killing Rachel off or Danny and Rachel reconciling for any length of time takes away Danny’s reason for staying on the island. Unless, some how Stan finds out about them and gets in cahoots with the corrupt housing commissioner to try to take Danny out and gets himself killed in the process, thereby allowing Rachel to inherit Stan’s business, and a reason why they would want to stay in Hawaii.

    4.) Sang Min – Gotta love him. Walk right in to the middle of the Five-0 HQ to turn yourself in, now that definitely takes some guts or more like a tremendous amount of fear of someone worst than Steve. I believe that this falls in the category of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Of course, it appears that we can knock him off the list of suspects that are slowly returning the Champ Box evidence to Steve, because I am sure if he had access to it, he would have tried to use it as a bargaining chip to get Five-0 to protect him. Also, does any one have any doubts that WoFat played Jenna again, by feed her false information. Luckily for her no one got killed this time, unlike the deal with her fiancee. Though this would have cleaned up WoFat’s problems very nicely, take Steve out with the bomb and then Sang Min would have been killed by the cops and WoFat would be free to create more havoc. Well , I guess WoFat will just have to up his game next week. 😦

    5.) Steve and Gracie – What can I say but that there are no words to describe how adorable Steve was taking care Gracie when he picked her up at school and then at the hospital. Plus, did anyone notice how Steve didn’t hesitate to offer to have Grace stay with him until Danny was better. I mean what a 180 from scaring Hippo boy with his gun to being all loving and comforting to Grace. I definitely think SuperSeal is hearing his biological clock start to tick a little louder that before. Plus, it was very nice to see how happy Steve was for Danny when he walked in on Rachel sleeping on the hospital bed with Danny. Though I really worry about what will happen to Steve if Danny decides to leave Hawaii with Rachel and Grace as I am not sure which will kill him more loosing Danny or loosing Grace.

    6.) Okay, now for the best part of the whole night, the preview for next week!!! After seeing it, I am resurrecting a prediction that I made way back in January when Mary was kidnapped, which was that WoFat would have Steve framed for killing Koji in the “supposed” car accident, since Steve didn’t have an alibi for that time frame. My only question will be whether or not the final scene of the season finale will be Steve being hauled off to jail or will be him in mortal danger from coming face to face with WoFat again. I am leaning more towards him being hauled off to jail, with WoFat some how escaping from the face to face, perhaps by faking his own death earlier in the episode.

    Well, these were my initial thoughts, I am sure I will have more after being able to rewatch the episode and the promo(which I am sure I will watch hundreds of time between now and next Monday) tomorrow.

    • Kimmer says:

      I keep forgetting about the Kojii accident. You may be right – that was sort of left as a loose end.

    • Bobryk87 says:

      IA Doesn’t know that 10 million was stolen and replaced though.

    • Awesomefan says:

      Dead on, Diana! Excellent analysis, I agree with everything you say. I want to pile on in my dislike of Jenna. I think she was miscast for this role. Her whiny voice and valley-girl delivery makes scenes she is in awkward to watch. I just don’t see any chemistry between her and the rest of the cast.

      Having said that, I LOVED the episode. Steve’s concern for Danny, his care for Gracie, his surprise and delight that Danny and Rachel are together, Danny and Rachel together, the Sang Min surprise at the end, I could go on and on. But you said all and said it better Diana!

      • Beth says:

        Great synopsis and theories Diana. I too had forgotten about Koji’s “accident”. You really hit on all the high points. Very well written and thought provoking.

    • officer808 says:

      Great analysis… I would disagree on Sang Min…he could very well be the one feeding the evidence to Five-0, as a passive way to get McG back on the case against Wo Fat. He only went to Five-0 after failing to “make peace” with Wo Fat.

      I’m loving Jenna more!

    • Shirley says:

      I love this show, but the inconsistencies drive me nuts. OK, they had the serial #s and know that the money Chin gave them wasn’t the original $. Hello, his uncle did spend it–he bought an operation for his wife. So those bills, with those #s, were in circulation–how come they didn’t address that? Stuff like this happens all of the time on H50 and it drives me nuts. Quite frankly, I can write better stuff than this. They are very lucky because the show is filmed in beautiful Hawaii and it has Alex O’Loughlin starring. If not……….

  5. Kimmer says:

    Balut – {{shudder}} always my worst nightmare when cracking an egg. {{shuddder again}}

    O. M. G. – Awesome episode – even without a cargument. The character definition from start of the season to now is phenomenal, and AOL has McG down to a science. I thought I might have missed something at the beginning too, Officer! Talk about not wasting any time. The procedural was excellent – probably one of the best and least obvious of the season.

    1) Foreshadowing – Steve handcuffing Kaye to car because “she is not going to get hurt on his watch” – because we already know that he is somewhat responsible for the finale death.

    2) I’m not sure who is more suprised to see who – Sang Min, Steve, or ME!

    3) OK, maybe hating on J. Kaye a little (emphasis on a little) less now. She has some chutzpah, got free when she heard the explosion so she could help. I’m still SO NOT GOING TO BE OK if there is a McKaye relationship (are you listening @PLenkov??), but she is an amusing antithesis to McG and Danno – she speaks every unfiltered ramblling nervous thought and comes across as smart, yet socially uncomfortable. Plus, the way she moves her mouth bugs me.

    4) Danny saves Kayes life first, when Sang Min shoots at her – then she saves his. Of course, when she ID’s the Sarin and says she has to call McG to save Danny – she takes the time to explain to Chin and Kono. Me: screaming at TV – friggin just CALL MCG!!!!

    5)Scott Caan was great – I found myself trying to breathe for him.

    6) Kaye got some good lines this epi: Steve: “wasn’t there a car attached to you?” Kaye “Hmm, weird” …LOL.

    7) Uncle Steve picks up Gracie. Oh my melting heart. Teilor is adorable – and we can finally see that she can play her role too. McG is adorable too 🙂

    8)Steve was supportive of Chin while the IA dude was calling his bluff – but ooh boy, was he p-o’d at Chin after IA dude left – not because of what Chin did, but because of what he may have done to get the $200k.

    9)My bad – apparently the money is logged by serial #. (Note to self – call the PD chiefs I used to work with and tell them that they should be doing this, LOL) So, what happens when the HPD checks into the $10M? Is that why they are after Steve in the finale?

    10) Kono can spoof an ATM? Now there’s a useful skill!

    11) When McG finds Danny and Rachel – Danny looks like a teenager that just got to 1st base. Adorable. When Rachel drove Danny back to HQ and told him that her marriage was over – all I could think was “Rachel is so dead” – but I can’t reconcile that in my mind, so maybe not. Loved the imagery with the rearview mirror – excellent.

    12) Loved the 5-0 reunion. Even w/Kaye (begrudgingly said). I don’t like that the Rachel/Danny thing has been going on “a while” – that sort of ruined it a little for me – would have liked it better if it was just a new development. LOOVVED the interaction w/ McG and Danno at the end. Perfect. In a “wish I were in the middle of THAT” way.

    13) Holy quick draw, Batman. Those 5-0’s can draw down. Sang Min looked like Casper the ghost – Wo Fat must be some serious bada##.

    Can we please just have 52 episodes next year? Please?

    • Cécile says:

      I’m just going to say “+1”, you express my thoughts very well, thank you !

      I was glad they adressed the issue of the serial numbers, we were right to have concerns about this !!

      And once again, I love how they write new ways to tackle down fugitive every now and then : the boom, the hibachi last week, and now a trashcan cover (this one’s a classic, but always cool !). Kono and Danny should have a contest about who can do this with the most improbable object !

      The hugging contest in the end was nice, I can’t blame Kaye for asking for one ! For someone who nearly died, Danny spent a lot of time smiling ! Rachel and Danny were adorable, I’ll be glad if they go that way. I think it would be a very low blow to Danny if Steve ends up in prison or in fugitive mode and Rachel dies.

      Oh, one last thing : what does Steve call Danny in the end ? Could’nt understand, even after rewinding 10 times and pumping up the volume.

      • Kimmer says:

        Kaye asked for a hug – who wouldn’t? I was begging my TV for a hug!

        I like that Danny wasn’t too over the top this epi – maybe all of the Scott Caan haters will give it a rest now. The man can act. They all can!

        I’m not sure what you are talking about @ the end w/Steve and Danno – I will be re-watching at lunchtime – I’ll let you know.

      • Kimmer says:

        Update – while hugging, Steve says to Danno “good to have you back, bud”


      • Linda Stein says:

        He called him “side bar”. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe it’s a local reference. Bob??

      • Kimmer says:

        McG called Danno over for a “sidebar” which is a conference between a smaller part of a group outside of the range of hearing of the whole group – i.e. in a courtroom between the lawyers and the judge without the jury hearing.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Thanks Kimmer…I didn’t know that. I just love the education we get on this blog!! LOL

      • Cécile says:

        Thanks Linda and Kimmer, I thought I had heard something like that but couldn’t make any sense of it.
        You’re right Linda, we learn many unexpecting things !

      • officer808 says:

        Kimmer’s got it. Sidebar, as in a sidebar story in a newspaper, not worth of making the main headline.

      • Shirley says:

        “Sidebar” refers to wanting to talk to him in private as judges do when they call “sidebars’ counsel.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      High 5 Kimmer! Great review! Loved it all! 52 episodes – what a novel idea!

    • officer808 says:

      friggin just CALL MCG! – LOL

      Jenna getting it in the finale? Interesting…

      Great recap 🙂

  6. Val says:


    Oh Bob you took the words right out of my mouth with the opening. My mind was racing madly trying to catch up what I missed from when it began. The big raid – pretty amazing. Wofat? How did that name come up so fast? They were in hot pursuit only Wofat wasn’t in the house…Mark’s name never came up on the credit so no surprises there but Sang Min? Now that was a funny face to face and boy that run, dive, jump…how do these guys stay so fit to have moves like that!! Actor Will Yun Lee did a great job as Sang Min. You just never know what to expect from him but he’s not all rotten to the core. I like his character, yep weasily and all…there’s just something good about him. With all the leaping and evading and escape route he used to get away…almost for just a second made me think he was working undercover…because he seemed too well trained for a mere thug…even Hesse doesn’t have quite the moves that Sang Min does. I think there is more to Sang Min than we know.

    The car chase scene I totally remembered seeing the clip….recognized the maroon colored vehicle racing by – love that it was just a nice quite Sunday afternoon ride and yet on the episode …it looked like a very busy day downtown…unbelievable big action stuff … with all that sarin in the trunk of the car….I’m surprised it didn’t explode from all the impact…. Could these terrorists….be meeting Wofat at that house? Why was Sang Min there…was he really being set up by Wofat? Many many questions.


    Rachel and Danny – wow that did surprise me. I was hoping that they would get back thinking it was wishful thinking on my part – wow gotta admire these writers who love the drama but always have time for a little loving especially in Hawaii…aloha!! Great great hospital moment with a cuddle from former wife and a sleeping child….Steve walked in on them – but he wore a cheeky surprised smile. The pick up Grace from school scene was adorable and cute…she calls him uncle Steve love it….adored the work of art with her daddy wearing the signature tie…so cute.

    But the surprise phone call from Sang Min…gee he picks the oddest time to call for help…oh he needed help alright. He sounded desperate still think that Sang Min isn’t who we think he is. Perhaps Peter will find more reason to keep Will Yun Lee around…he was fantastic in tonight’s episode. You were right about the music as Rachel was driving away and looking into the review mirror both of them looking back at each other. No spark? Hmm I see plenty with a happy smile. Oh with no question…love has come to roost!! J


    Thank goodness he got exonerated. Steve respects Chin for what he did and never questioned Chin’s loyalty to family. As for the serial numbers on the money it just never made sense that they would believe Chin this time.

    Isn’t it oddly coincidental that Gabriel the young caretake did the exact same thing that Chin’s uncle did…stole money to help his son. Lots of parallels in this episode. The love interest between Danny and Rachel and the Secretary who had an affair with her boss but thought she could cash in on the game as well – killing two birds with one stone – so to speak….kill the boss’s partner and wife…takeover the company…live happily ever after!! Sorry lady end of the road here for you.

    Honestly the IA are not nearly as judgemental or unfair as I thought they would be. They did a thorough investigation on Chin when they thought he took the money and made his life hell but they didn’t falsely charge him they wanted the truth. I have a new respect for the HPD except now we have a new Chief of Police. Good cop or bad cop that is a huge unknown question and I’m hoping a good one since Steve could use all the good help he needs to deal with Wofat but after seeing the preview….thinking not such a nice cop!! He looks mean. L


    The next line of mystery yet to solve is the courier who hand delivered all those letters to Steve returning one item at a time that went missing from Steve’s father’s toolbox. I don’t suppose it would be worth checking to see if there were any prints on the envelope….but I guess Steve would have checked and turned up nothing on all of them. Right now everyone’s mind is focussed on next week’s eplosive cliff hanger and I’m for the very very first time, anxious for Steve!!

    That hug between Steve and Danny at the end of this episode…teared me up because the last time Steve hugged anyone was someone he trusted Nick Taylor who served under him and betrayed Steve, but this time he hugged Danny. J

    They are true brothers now not just partners and I couldn’t be happier because now that Steve’s heading for big trouble….Danny and the team, they are going to get Steve out of that mess. No matter what’s out there I’m sure that Danny, Chin and Kono will find a way to clear Steve’s name!! Wofat wanted to destroy Five-0, not for long!! It’s a minor setback it’s the only thing that’s stopping me from freaking out because without Five-0 there is no show!!! I’m really praying for a resolution on next week’s episode please do not leave us with Steve in the police car driving away…it would be unbearable to wait for Season 2!!!

    PS: Great blog as always and terrific trivia from you with all the detail into the background. Nice work as always!!!

    • Beth says:

      Great write up Val. I got a kick out of Grace’s drawing too, so funny. I also agree with your comments about Will Yun Lee’s portrayal of Sang Min, I think he is a great villian and recurring character. I’ve wondered if he is the murder victim, now I’m leaning more towards that guess. Maybe McG denies him protection and Wo Fat has him killed, that would involve McG indirectly in his death, but still partially responsible.

    • Linda Stein says:

      Great job again Val. As usual you bring a unique perpective to our discussions. Always great to hear what you have to say!

    • luvinao'l says:

      For some reason, I tend to trust Sang Min… the actor is great, and has shown real signs of character depth despite not being on screen all that much… He was sooo grateful when Danny took him to see his wife and child playing in the park, so I think there is some trust there… I can see Steve being framed for Koji’s “accident” and him teaming up with Sang Min against Wo Fat… And yeah, I expect the season to end with Steve handcuffed in the back a a squad car… some other HPD telling Danny to “book ‘im..”

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Val, I luv your thoughts! I tend to focus in on one aspect of an episode, but you can look at the whole picture! You are such a big hearted person, and like to see good things happen to everyone!

      They really were all so happy at the end, just one big family, until that moment when Sang Min walked in. The end is beginning, isn’t it? Not looking forward to next week!

    • Kimmer says:

      Val, great points – but mostly I loved what you’ve highlighted about Sang Min- he really is a versatile character. It’s interesting – there are so many ‘bad guys’ that we want to see more of – Hesse, Hiro Noshimuri, Wo Fat – how do we fit them all in?

    • officer808 says:

      Good catch with Gabriel stealing to help his son andwanting to put it back before he got caught…can’t believe I missed that!

      Glad you enjoyed the write up!

  7. rainbow says:

    The birds are angry because the pigs stole their eggs! Why does no one know that when there are so many people who play it? 🙂

  8. Linda Stein says:

    First off, let me say that this is one of my all time favorite episodes but it’s taking me a little time to figure out what this episode was actually about. It took me hours to fall asleep last night, pondering. There was the on-going trail of WoFat, the return of Sang Min, Chin and the $200K, and Danny’s poisoning. As usual, H50 doesn’t do things the easy way, no 1-2-3 storyline for them. But, ultimately, I feel that this episode was about relationships. The forming and building, rebuilding, reaffirming, bonding and cementing of all the relationships.

    Forming and building – Jenna: I have been trying to keep an open mind about Jenna from the beginning. She can be a bit annoying and she tends to ramble on a bit (a trait I can totally relate to). She also used poor judgment in trying to inject herself into a situation she was not prepared for. This not only puts her life in jeopardy but also of those distracted in an attempt to keep her safe. Both Steve and Danny were looking out for her. However, she was very resourceful in getting herself unbolted from the squad car, she ran down Sang Min and she knew exactly what to do when she realized a chemical weapon was deployed. She saved Danny’s life! That IS huge! She obviously learned interrogation techniques because she knew Connor was lying about the house key (Steve found that very amusing). She was very helpful in the investigation of what turned out to be a murder, not bio-terrorism. I may get roasted for this, but she seems to have a lot to offer the team. The roots may be forming. Steve was genuinely and whole heartedly grateful to Jenna for saving Danny’s life and I almost melted into that smile he gave her.

    Rebuilding – of course – Danny and Rachel: Rachel does not wait one second to get to Danny side when she finds out he is hurt. As a matter of fact, she was relieved to have an excuse to get away from her husband. It’s never been a secret that these two had unresolved feelings for each other but now it seems that this re-building process has been going on for “a while”. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I really like Rachel and I love Grace and having them be a family again would make Danny happy and I just love a happy Danny. The long, lingering hug between these two told all we needed to know about whether she thinks her marriage has a chance and the way they were watching each other as she drove away also spoke volumes. But happiness does not spur storylines. They are usually always conflict driven. That worries me.

    Rebuilding – Chin and HPD: So there IS a list of the serial numbers for the bills in the asset forfeiture locker! HPD lied about it being lost so they could track Chin’s spending habits. I didn’t expect that at all. So Chin’s plan to take responsibility again backfired and it looks like Uncle will have to pay for what he did. Kono was the voice of reason here. She was right that Chin had lost everything and everyone because of the lie. Now he’d lost his house, put himself in huge debt AND could end up in jail. It had to stop. IA let him off the hook. But that does open another question. If there IS a list of serial numbers for all that money, the replaced 10mil will not match up. That has to come back eventually to bite them in the ass.

    Reaffirming – Grace & Steve and Grace & Danny: If Grace is not the most adorable child on network TV today I don’t know who else could be. Watching “Uncle Steve” pick up Grace at school was about as heart warming a scene as I have ever seen in this show. I doubt that we will ever see it but someday, Steve is going to make a great dad! The way he told her that Danno may not look it but he is strong and brave and then asking if she could be brave like Danno. Just get a sponge and mop my heart up off the floor, please! Gracie has another favorite uncle now. I almost wish Rachel hadn’t shown up so Steve could have taken Grace home with him. Steve reading to Grace at bedtime…now that would have been something to see!

    And can someone tell me, can Danny and Grace get any more adorable together? You could see that Danny felt better the second he opened his eyes and the first person he saw was Grace! You can also see the extremely close relationship these two have. Danny knew that was a Miley Cyrus ringtone on her cell phone, that he was going to pitch the phone into the Pacific the first time a boy called her on it, and how she tried to explain Angry Birds and SpongBob to him. Danny trying in vain to stop Grace from telling Rachel he was in the hospital and Gracie’s sing-song smiling voice saying “mommy wants to talk to you” like, “oh man, Danno, you’re in for it now”! LOL And Uncle Steve is so on the same page as Danny where Grace is concerned. She will NOT learn what a hangover is until she’s at least 40 years old.

    Bonding – Steve and Danny: Who looked more frightened when Danny went down? Danny or Steve? Steve was in total panic mode at the thought that Danny could die. Did you see him take off at a run when Jenna told him it was sarin and if they didn’t get Danny started on a particular drug (that SHE knew the name of, good girl!) Danny could die? He was freaking out when the doctor told him that he didn’t know how much time Danny had. The absolute and total relief on his face when he walked into that room with Grace and saw that Danny was ok. If there was ever any doubt that these two are now brothers it is gone.

    The entire scene when Steve walked into Danny’s room to find Rachel asleep in Danny’s arms with Grace dozing on a nearby chair was a picture of perfect family happiness. Steve was a bit shocked, happily so, and in awe at what he was seeing. Danny giggling and waving him away like a naughty boy who’s been caught was priceless. Back at HQ Danny says it straight out…we have become close. That’s big…guys don’t usually admit stuff like that so Steve, of course, has to put it back in manly terms “what, one near death experience and you’re going all warm and cuddly on me?”

    Cementing – The entire team: Danny comes home, to HQ and its hugs all around. This team HAS become a family. Even Jenna gets a thank you hug. It IS a warm and cuddly moment. They are there for each other. They understand each other. They fight for each other. They love each other!

    SANG MIN!!!


    HOLY SHIT!!!

    I know people hate re-runs but they do serve a purpose. Most of the time the re-run chosen for a particular week is a set up for the following week’s new episode. Maybe an event will be revisited or a long gone character re-introduced and the re-run is a direct link to that. That’s what this episode is…a set up. A setup we are all falling for. All these relationships have been forged and solidified for one purpose only. To get us to a warm place so it can all be torn apart! I am more than a little afraid of what I saw. It’s going to be epic I just hope we can all survive it! It’s going to be a long freakin’ summer!!!

    • Kimmer says:

      I like your rebuilding relationships theme. While reading your recap, I realized that Steve has fit into a hole in Danny’s life after the rift with his blood brother Matt. And if you think back through the season, thats really when the McG/Danno relationship really took hold. The feeling of panic from both of them when Danno went down were palapable – I was suprised that McG even trusted Chin to watch Danny so he could go inside to see what happened. I figure that as a SEAL, McG would know about Sarin, and I think that the realization that hit him during the phone call was well played.

      I would have loved to see McG taking care of Grace! The hangover banter was cute.

      I also agree with you about re-runs being strategically placed to remind the viewer of certain aspects of the plotline. I’ve so wrapped up in wanting new content AND wanting the “on the fence” audience to take hold to keep the ratings up, that I haven’t appreciated them for that fact.

      Always love your perspective!

    • Cécile says:

      Very good and interesting analysis, I was too caught up in the action too notice all those things !

      As for Jenna, even though she’s proven herself to be useful, I still can’t get used to the way she talks, and how much she talks. In the beginning and at the hospital, in particular, it remined me of the gum scene of her previous episode. Very painful to watch. As long as she doesn’t talk to much, I don’t mind her^^.

      • Beth says:

        Great break down Linda. I too give Jenna props for freeing herself from the handcuffs, using the car as a weapon and running into Sang Min and for her intel and info about the sarin. I also agree with Cecile. “Very painful to watch. As long as she doesn’t talk too much, I don’t mind her.”
        I’m uncertain as to how I feel about Danny/Rachel. I would be happy for Grace to have her parents reunite.
        I enjoyed all the heartwarming scenes. Steve’s concern for Danny, Steve/Grace, Danny/Grace, Danny/Rachel, Danny/Kamekona, group hug, “sidebar” and Steve/Danny hug.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Man, Linda, you did it again! Great review! Loved your relationships theme. Sorry you had to lay awake half the night working it out, but we all certainly appreciate it! You should have poked me, I was up way late, too! You have so many good and convincing points – will you give me a tutorial this summer so I can learn to write better reviews next season?

      I especially love your cementing element – exactly the way I feel about it, too. It was almost painful to watch, because we KNOW it’s all going to fall apart next week!

      Thanks for all you wrote. OMG, what will we do without you next week?

      • Kimmer says:

        OH! I forgot! What WILL we do without you??

      • Linda Stein says:

        Without me?!?!? What will I do without you guys?!?!? You at least will have each other. I’m going to be out in the middle of the ocean by myself going crazy with things to say…wanting to read what you guys are saying…dying with what happened or didn’t happen and totally stranded with no cell phone, no computer…aaaauuggghhh.

        This is what happens when you book a vacation a year in advance! It’s going to take me days and days to catch up when I get back! It’s going to be torture! I don’t even want to think about what my alcohol bill is going to be by the end of THIS cruise!!!!

  9. Leni says:

    Ok. Great episode LOVED IT!!! but…. there is a lot to answer in the finale. We have been promised answers and there are still quite a few that need resolving. I really can’t see getting to all of it in one episode. I’m afraid they’re going to make us wait all summer.
    Who is sending the envelopes to Steve?
    What did Wo Fat do, that he is trying to keep covered up so badly?
    Who replaced the 10 million?
    What was the Gov. relationship to John McG?
    Why were Steve’s parents really killed?
    What is Steve supposed to “not want to find out about his parents”?
    …and that is just off the top of my head.

    • Awesomefan says:

      Yes, yes, yes Leni! I wonder all of these things as well. I hope they develop the Gov/John McG story next year. We smart viewers know that they had to have been quite a hot item. Also, can’t wait to find out what the big mystery is with Steve’s parents. Did John cover something up for Wo Fat? Hmmmm….

  10. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    This was a good episode with one exception (IMO)–Jenna Kaye. It had plenty of action and suspense which I enjoy immensely. But Jenna Kaye had me wanting to turn the channel everytime she was on-screen/center of attention. I know I’m likely in the minority here, however, I can’t help but offer my opinion. I found her completely annoying. She gets cuffed to the car but easily manages to break the handle. She’s a know-it-all. I mean, c’mon, for every situation she conveniently has the answers. She’s an expert on chemical/bio-terrorism weapons. She’s an expert at reading body language (ala Lie to Me). Also, apparently while we weren’t looking, she managed to become an official H50 task force member seeing as how she participated in a lot of questioning and other aspects of the investigation. Plus that little giggle at the end when asking for a hug from Danny? Ugh. Sorry, but I seriously doubt I will ever grow to like her.

    Our “Fab Four” as Diana calls them were outstanding in this episode.

    Chin’s storyline came to a rather abrupt end. But I guess I can live with it since I hated what he was doing in the first place. He’s an honorable man but he was taking that just the tiniest bit too far. It was good to see Kono call him out on it.

    Gotta agree with Diana about what she said about Danny and Rachel. Bad vibes is right. Killing her off takes away Danny’s reason for remaining on the island as he would then have custody of Grace. That being said, if the writers have them reconcile, I think it takes away from some some potential for Danny. I think we could have some cute scenes with Danny trying to date again or whatever. I’m not advocating a big romance storyline but a cute/funny scene now and again, maybe even of Danny lamenting to Steve about a bad date could be potentially interesting. And, of course, if Rachel stays with Stan after she’s been “seeing” Danny, it’s going to break Danny’s heart all over again.

    Loved Sang Min. Especially when he walked into H50 headquarters and yelled “McGarrett!” Boy, oh, boy did our boys move fast when drawing their guns. Wooo. LOVED it.

  11. lankyguy says:

    Hated the Danny/Rachel storyline, feel it’s a bit of a shark jump for Danny. Pining for her, yes. Making tine with her in front of their daughter, while she’s married to another man? Not so much. It felt very out of character, and like someone on Twitter said, I feel like I’ve missed an episode.

    The writers have successfully made me dislike both Danny and Rachel with this episode. That said, I do not think it will end well for them. The main plot was also about a cheating spouse, and we saw how that ended. As several above pointed out: bad vibes.

    The rest was okay, better than some of the previous episodes, but it does feel like the writing has changed, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. A lot of the crazy zaniness of the first half of the season has evaporated and it’s become a regular procedural. Which really is not what I watch for Five-0 for.

    At least Chin’s ongoing stupidity looks like it might be resolved.

    • rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

      ***”Pining for her, yes. Making tine with her in front of their daughter, while she’s married to another man? Not so much.”***

      Very good point here. I hadn’t thought to put that in words in my comment above.

      I’ve got to admit, I miss the quirkiness of the first half of the season.

      • Kimmer says:

        Agreed, while it’s all warm and fuzzy and nice to have them all getting along and being supportive, it was fun to watch when McG was doing nutso things much to the rest of the teams amazement/annoyance.

        I think we will see more of that to come – the writers had to really drive home the “team” feeling in order to make the “fracture” that much more painful.

        I don’t like the behind the scenes romance w/Danny & Rachel either – but it didn’t dawn on me to think that it was more than feelings at this point. I certainly hope that they haven’t gone beyond that.

      • lainiek says:

        They have turned Danny into a puppy dog with Rachel. He clearly has feelings for her and I can’t help but feel she is responding to the attention/adoration he is sending her direction. If she is having trouble with Stan, her feelings from Danny could be a combination of nostalgia for the good old days and liking the clear love and affection he has for her. It will always make me question her motives towards him and I will never forget that she made him so upset for 6 months, his brother had to check in on him every night. I know my opinion is very biased, but I don’t want to see Danny get hurt again and think it would be great for the writers to let him have a clean break and move on.

      • Kimmer says:

        I think you make a good point – the concerns Rachel had about Danny’s job while they were married are still there – whether she still loves him or not

    • Linda Stein says:

      Why is it everyone seems to think that Danny and Rachel are sleeping together?!?!? Couldn’t it just be that they are spending time together? Grace asked Danny if he could go to the beach them them today. Maybe that’s what he’s been doing, just spending time with Rachel, getting to know her again. The problems Rachel and Stan are having have nothing to do with Danny. They were having trouble months ago, Stan told Danny that. Intellegence allows for a change of mind and heart. Maybe Rachel realizes she made a hasty mistake, she’s older now and wiser and sees that she had a good thing in the first place.

      “Making time with her in front of their daughter” seems rather harsh to me. Grace would be thrilled to have her daddy back. It was a hug…then didn’t fall to the ground and start making out! Why would this episode make you dislike Danny and Rachel? What have they done besides love their daughter and try to be more civil to each other in the process. If that means they fall back in love, so be it. If it just makes them good friends, that’s ok too.

      I know it sounds a bit oldfashioned but you can love someone without jumping into bed with them. Geez..when has Danny every shown himself to be anything other than truly honorable?

      • Diana says:

        Well, maybe because of what Peter Lenkov had to say on this twitter account today:

        To @ PLenkov : ” Loved the ep. Team is awesome. Jenna is cool. Hated the implied adultery (them as good friends would be awesome, tho).”

        Response: “marriage is over. She said it herself. Don’t hate Danny. The heart wants what the heart wants…”


        To @ Plenkov : ” I like Danny/Rachel. I’m just hoping they’ve been spending time 2gether, not sleeping 2gether. I don’t want Danny to be “that guy”.”

        Response: “he didn’t break up the marriage. It was crumbling on it’s own.”

      • Linda Stein says:

        And where in any of those statements does it say ANYWHERE that says they are having sex???

        All it says is her marriage is over and don’t blame Danny for that. If it’s over and Danny has a shot to get her back he’s going to try. Why can’t that mean time spent walking on the beach, long dinners, playing games together with Grace?

        I don’t know but where I come from there is still something called getting to know someone (even if it’s again) and spending time with someone without jumping in to bed.

        I am going to repeat myself. Danny is an honorable man!!!

      • rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

        Even if there’s no sex between Danny and Rachel and they’re spending a lot of time together when Stan is out of town and possibly acting a bit lovey-dovey, that has to make some sort of impression on Grace.

        I’m not saying Danny is not an honorable man. But, she IS still married even if she’s Danny’s ex-. Perhaps I’m simply biased, or too sensitive, as someone whose spouse cheated on them then married the other woman and then when they started having troubles, said spouse started hinting around about getting back together.

      • Kimmer says:

        ^^what she said 🙂

      • Kimmer says:

        Oops, I meant “What Linda said”

        Seriously, I never got the impression that they had been having Barry White time. Never. I thought it meant they were working on their relationship and had come to a mutual agreement about their feelings. Otherwise I don’t see Rachel even trying to save her marriage by going to Maui

      • Linda Stein says:

        Thank you Kimmer.. I don’t understand why people mind go immediatly into the gutter!

      • Cécile says:

        I’m also with Linda there. I’m sure being a single dad for a couple of years made Danny a different man than who he was when they were married, and Rachel realized Stan wasn’t what she was looking for, but the new Danny was.

        Them spending time together doesn’t mean adultery, it rather means them having family time. Stan and Rachel had problems before Danny stoped picking up quarrels with her.

      • lainiek says:

        Oh, I don’t think they have slept together yet. I do think they started to spend more time together after Mattie’s visit and have gotten closer. I also think that they couldn’t have gotten too close or she would have shared with Danny that she was going with Stan to save her marriage. Seems like Rachel had her cake and was eating it too. But, now that she sees that things won’t work out with Stan, she is seizing the opportunity to go back to our poor puppy dog Danno. 😦

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Linda! You are my hero! I’ve got your back on this! At no time last night did I get the impression there was more going on that just the rekindling of the friendship that started their journey together all those years ago! It really sucks that some people have been hurt in similar relationships. I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. At the same time, I guess I’m an optimist. I need happy endings, I strive for happiness in all my personal relationships and my children’s as well. I know from experience, too, that it doesn’t always work out that way. But why be upset about this happiness that Danny is currently experiencing? Finally, he can talk civilly with the mother of his child, the bitterness is gone, and they can spend time together as a family. Why should he be upset because Rachel and Stan have fallen out of love? Yes, they have to go slow, take Grace’s needs into consideration, but what child does not fantasize about having her divorced parents get back together? It does work in real life! I personally know people that divorced and remarried and have lived happily ever after! Let’s give them a chance to work it out! I for one, am looking forward to seeing a happy Danny – all the more reason for him to help at Steve to be careful, he not only has a daughter but maybe a woman who loves him!

      • lankyguy says:

        I never said they were having sex. I did say making time, and by that I mean the courting, the long looks, the obvious flirting they’ve been doing, the time they’ve been spending together – mentioned but not shown, and of course the snuggling.

        I personally think the snuggling together in bed, was very inappropriate. Rachel is married and not to Danny. Just MHO, and yes, making time with/courting a married woman diminishes him in my eyes. Rachel has at various times been abrasive to Danny and early on tried to outright deny him all visitation; I don’t need to find excuses to dislike her.

      • luvinao'l says:

        Grace fell asleep in the chair. Mom wasn’t going to wake her to take her home, so put her own head down on Danny’s shoulder. My sense from early in the season was that the marriage suffered because she couldn’t handle how dangerous his job is… and THAT surely hasn’t changed… He will get his heart broken again… but not for awhile… (I’m counting on seasons 3…4…5..???)

      • luvinao'l says:

        Closing lyric when Danny went to Rachel after he “lost” Matty: “I’m here — but not much longer.”

    • Cécile says:

      @lainiek Or Danny has changed, and what bothered him when they were married is now gone. Despite what our favourite M.D. likes to believe, people do change !

      • Cécile says:

        “and what bothered *her* with him” is what I meant.

      • Linda Stein says:

        @lankyguy: If you look closely D&R are not snuggling together in bed. She is sitting in a chair by the side of his bed with her head next to his pillow. He has his arm around her as she dozes. They are NOT in the bed together!!!

        Grace is in the room, for crying out loud. If these two have showed nothing else this entire time is their mutual love and protection of Grace. Do you really think they’d climb into bed together, even just to sleep, with Grace right there.

        There was absolutely nothing inappropriate about what they were doing. All Grace could see was her mother’s genuine concern for her daddy’s health and her mother’s support of her daddy in a time of need. PERIOD!

    • lainiek says:

      One thought I had regarding “jumping the shark”- perhaps Peter Lenkov is playing with us- wants us to THINK they will be happy together, but it won’t happen….either way I am a tortured soul over this …no more…no less. I don’t want to see my Danno get hurt, but I don’t want him with her. 😦

      • Cécile says:

        Showrunners are good at giving us twisted stories, you might be right !

      • Kimmer says:

        As I’ve said before – Lenkov is a sneaky monkey!

      • jadore says:

        Totally agree with u lainiek! Rachel does not know what she wants, going from one husband to another. I think Danny will definitely get hurt again. My feeling this is short-lived. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Danny happy but my gut tells me it will end badly!

      • jadore says:

        @lainiek, totally agree. My feeling this so called reunion is just a big set-up for the obsessed D/R lovers, but I think they are in for a big letdown!

    • Shirley says:

      I agree–she’s still married to Stan. I thought that’s what would prevent her from getting back with Danny (ala Castaway). Yes, they are soulmates, but she’s the one that decided to divorce Danny because of her fear of him being a cop (amuzing to me that, because of Stan, Grace and her were in danger in an earlier episode). I never saw them getting back together although there would always be this longing between them. So much more interesting than, “yeah, we’ve been seeing each other for a while.” Hello, she’s still married. Get divorced if need be and then start dating.

  12. Dee says:

    A bit ago peter L twitter stuff like “marriage already crumbling”- Danno did not break it up….
    There was alot of “unanswered” pieces to episode- love it butttttttttt

    As I watched it again things like – the car chase and the guy crashes into a vechile backing up- hellllllllllllllllo what happened to driver??? And chin calling off ambulance- and neither of them checking on driver. If Peter and crew don’t want “loose ends” then they need to tweek script a bit…other thing suchhhhhh a rush to notify Steve on sarin- great, then why take precious moments away and explain to audience (via kono , chin and K) what happens with Sarin- put K on phone waiting for Steve to pick up and explain as she waited OR after call with questions from Kono and Chin-??!!!!!
    as far as the whole Rachel and Danny in front of daughter… this is where that “missing episode” might of filled in gaps but then again the surprise was not only for Steve but us as well( even for us Danny and Rachel fans) ok back in front of daughter- again this is up for viewer- how much have they already shared with Grace- don’t know? Couldn’t they cuddle after Grace fell alseep? sure… I’ll draw an analogy- when Harry Potter “disappears” with Ginny..some say they had sex other say not- So is Peter and staff leaving it up to us… not sure
    IMHO the kisses to head and check make me think they are just becoming close- but that no intimacy has occured.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Bring up some good points, Dee! I didn’t think about the delay in relaying the sarin information! It is a script flub, alright! Good catch!

      • Linda Stein says:

        I have to agree there guys. I was sitting there, yelling at the screen…will you shut up and JUST CALL HIM, DAMNIT!!!

        Reminded me of my husband when we first got married. I arrive everywhere early, my Type A personality. He’s much more laid back. He’d stand there and tell me all the reasons he couldn’t be on time and I’d just look at him like he was insane. “Do you realize that in the time it took you to tell me why you can’t be on time, you could gotten done what you had to do and BEEN ON TIME!!! LOL

  13. lainiek says:

    Steve called a side bar..its a lawyer term..when lawyers want to discuss something in front of judge..but not jury

  14. Kelly says:

    I really enjoyed this very well rounded episode! 🙂 A bit of everything to please everyone. Nice going writers!

    Okay…. Danny/Rachel/Grace: This I am loving, however I felt we got a bit cheated out of the build up of D/R getting back together. The hospital scene when Steve came in, the expressions from both Alex and Scott were beyond perfect. That is acting gold in my opinion, they say so much with just expressions. Well done! I adore sweet Grace!! (God please somebody protect her from the Hollywood Machine!!!) The Rachel driving away scene, again, perfection. They have nailed that special communion between two people who love each other to their depths. I hope and pray Rachel is not killed off!!!!! I was a bit surprised they’ve brought these two back together, as at the beginning of the season, Danny so hated his ex. That fine line between love and hate I guess.

    Kono: I really would like to see more screen time with Charlie Fong. I felt they had chemistry and want to see more story there! 🙂 I think his being part of the crime lab is a perfect fit. He can be part of the team without taking anything away from the core group of four…. The tampering with the ATM scene was good…. can this really be done!!???? I am always amazed, AMAZED at all the techy bits in the show. Orwell was right about all of it!!

    Which brings me to Jenna Kay: It seems obvious to me that they are trying to groom her character as a potential love interest for Steve. The amused glances he gives her, her ‘saving the day’ with Danny etc. Now, my feeling of having a lead character pair off and live happily ever after always seems to make for staleness in shows, I don’t know why this is, it just always seems that way. I think Steve needs to be the ‘always searching’ soul… for justice, for love etc (kind of like Superman!) However, that being said, I think Kaye could be a very useful character, AND I wouldn’t be surprised if SHE is the one leaving Steve the envelopes. That would make a good twist for next season. Yes, have Steve fall for her, hard even…. then whamo….she’s not what she seems, OR she has to be a good guy that gets killed off. From what I’ve read, Grace Park stated there was a lot of testosterone on set, and she’d love another female on set for her to buddy with. I myself love the Dr. Max character. I thought if he had a female assistant as a regular cast member, that would help balance out the testosterone overload a bit, and give Grace a new work buddy as well. Kayes character seems ‘forced’ somehow, not the acting per se, but the whole idea of her. She seems more thrown into the mix for effect, instead of just being part of things. I believe they will have her as a love interest for McG, we’ll see where that takes things. Something I’ve noticed though, a lot of the ‘bad guys’ are female actors, anyone else notice that??? I like that they mix it up, but past female bad guy storylines clued me in the secretary in this ep was a baddy early on….

    I enjoyed seeing James Remar. He was so good in Sex in the City and of course Dexter.

    McG: Some really great acting for Alex, touching with sweet Gracie and the brotherly love with Danny. Jumped in my seat with the hug scene/quick draw at the end! And really loved the hospital scene when he walked in and saw Rachel snuggled up with Danny. Written and acted perfectly. I would like to see Mary Ann come back. If they go the romance route for McG and Kay, Mary Ann could come back and expose Kay if there is some wrong doing going on there….? I think what I’m liking most about McG’s character, is how he is genuinely involved in all his team’s lives. Taking care of all of them while still getting the job done.

    Kamekono: I would love to see him with a really hot babe for a new girlfriend. It would just be right!! 🙂 I would love to see a wedding for Kamekono, and the writers delve into Hawaiian family values and traditions. I recently read an article, “All in the Ohana” by Puanani Burgess which I just loved. I think the Kamekono character would be the perfect vehicle to show this side of Hawaiian life. Here is the article if anyone is interested.

    Chin Ho Kelly: Well! What can I say. He’s really bitten off more than he can chew. I wish the Uncle would come forward and make ammends somehow….. 😦 I love that Steve is standing by him come hell or high water though. On another topic, I’m patiently awaiting the reconnection Chin will have with his ex. We were given a glimpse of her and then she was gone. Could she not somehow fit in here…?

    The Sang Min character is just fantastic. He doesn’t seem like an actor at all, but a really crazy real life character!! I hope he is fully utilized in the Wo Fat storyline. I think he would be a good one to ‘turn’ good, be a legal informant for H50?

    Terrorism storyline: This really did make me shudder. Mass attacks with chemical weapons is a very real scenario in our world.
    Was a bit uncomfortable to think about. Ripped from real life…

    A thought to bring many characters together socially–What about an HPD/H50 annual family bbq on the beach type thing, where everyone brings their families…? This could open doors for connections for Grace/Charlie Fong, Chin and his exfiance, Danny/Grace/Rachel and perhaps MaryAnn could come with McG? A time to socialize all the characters.

    Where oh where is the Governor? I think at the very least she should make appearances via skype/phone conferences??
    What about the 10 million being replaced?

    Sorry my thoughts were a bit scrambled and all over the place here! haha. Overall, loving the show. It’s going to be a long summer. I’ve put it out there before, but will again now. I hope they will put some bloopers at the end of the reruns over summer, just to give us something fresh to look forward too!!? I am unspoiled for next week!! Enjoy the finale everyone! 🙂

    Thanks Bob for giving us a place to chit chat about it all. 🙂
    Kelly from BC,Canada

    • Cécile says:

      “Where oh where is the Governor? I think at the very least she should make appearances via skype/phone conferences??”

      That’s a really good point, why were there no reaction from her about Chin’s troubles ? She must have known he had been accused, but there is now obstruction.

    • Kimmer says:

      Ugh. No McG/Kaye relations, please. I think he is amused by her and her antics, but unless the character gets developed in a much better way, I don’t see them together.

      • Cécile says:

        Yup, no sparks flying around !

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Yep, Steve is amused, and that’s all. She is so not his type. He goes for the Ramboette girl! I think it’s safe to say Kaye ain’t no athletic Superwoman!

  15. Dee says:

    Well I need to let you in on a funny thing that happened today (this is for my pals jlopie and linda- few others but know there are more rachel/danny supporters than we see here)

    Going out to get morning coffee- a beautiful day and I was was in a great mood after last night episode… speaking with the counter girls (woman ) they commented I looked very happy today – I explained that a fav tv show of mine made my day. One of the girls jumped and said which one????? I told her and she began jumping up and down – we high fived and yelled about Danny and Rachel re connect!

    So even in the “real world” there are those happy to see the characters together. They may not debate on the internet-quarrel over the morals or ethics the characters are written with or even get a chance to discuss it it with anyone else. So I post this for them – Rachel and Danno supports unite!!
    (although we all continue to bite our nails knowing that Peter L and the other writers can instantly take the joy away…)
    I just hope if this joy becomes sorrow(for Danny and Rachel) that the people that did not want the two characters together are as understanding as those of us who hoped for a reconnect.

    • Linda Stein says:

      Oh Dee…that is soooo cool. I always like it when there is a connect in the real world. We know we have compatriots here but out there, it’s not so easy to find like minded people.

      I was a huge LOST fan. I know there were millions and millions of other LOST fans but I do not know a single one personally. Thank God I didn’t do this stuff with LOST I think I would have literally LOST my mind! But one day I wore a T-shirt I have out of the house without thinking. My hubby and I stopped at a bar to have a drink when the bartender looked at my shirt and whooped with joy. “I LOVED THAT SHOW!!!” he was beside himself. All my shirt says is “we have to go back!” LOL

      Yes, it’s always fun to connect in the outside world!

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Thank you Dee! Love your story! There are a lot of closet Rachel/Danno lovers out there, apparently!

      • Val says:

        Not just that – how about H50 lovers!! I totally love them as a group so if one of them finds real happiness – I’m in!!! I just don’t understand why people are so negative – what I see is a cute little girl who deserves to have both parents in her life. They are both good providers and like it or not Danny will always be tied to Rachel because of Grace. The mere fact that Danny and Rachel were able to be civil to each other since the pilot was all that I could expect until last night…I was so surprised but so happy because Danny’s face was as happiest as I have ever seen him that happy and absolutely Danny is totally an honorable guy and he has always behave honorably through the series as Steve, Kono and Chin!! This show is all about family, honor and loyalty!! I have a lot of respect for what Peter Lenkov has brought to the show despite the hype…

        They all have been so respectful for Hawaiian tradition and culture. So all this awful talk about Danny and Rachel is so not what the show is about.

    • Kimmer says:

      Dee – what a cool story – I haven’t found anyone that loves this show as much as I do – lots that like it, but no one that is as obsessed as I am.

      I didn’t originally like the idea of Danny/Rachael, but now that it is happening, I like it!

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      I am very happy being an “Obssessed Rachel/Danny lover, aren’t you Dee?

  16. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Wow, I’m tired! It took me 2 hours after Sang Min waltzed in to 5-0 HQ last night and turned himself in, to fall asleep, then I was up at 6am to watch it again since somewhere in the episode there must have been a procedural I missed! I am back on the bandwagon this week – it was a good one. A satisfying episode for a couple of reasons, and although everyone has thorougly discussed everything about it, I hate to waste all my hard work! So, read it at your own risk – even if they are not original thoughts to this page, they were my own thoughts when I wrote them.

    Why I was satisfied and downright happy today:

    • A main part of it was about Danny. All right, I confess, I’m all about Danny. Oh, I didn’t surprise anyone with my revelation? I thought I’d kept a very good secret all season! Scott can play a very convincing person in physical distress, scared because he doesn’t know what is happening to him or why! I was convinced Danny was really bad off! Kudos, Scott!
    • I was happily surprised! Who, at the start of this series, would ever have expected that Danny and Rachel would have gotten so close again by the end of the season! I think I was just as shocked as Steve was to find Rachel asleep on Danny’s shoulder in the hospital! BTW, this does NOT MEAN that they are having an affair behind Stan’s back, or that Danny actively broke up their marriage! Rachel and Stan have been having problems since BEFORE Danny got Stan off the hook with the housing commish, and that was before Matt destroyed Danny. Not that Danny isn’t happy about it! He certainly is. AND this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are immediately getting back together. At one point in their good bye hug, Rachel’s face takes on a worried look. I think she’s realizing that what she is setting in motion will not be a stroll in the park but a walk through hell with all the implications, accusations, explanations, etc. I don’t envy the two of them for what they will have to go through to actually get all the way back together! But for now, let’s hope their story ends on a happy note for the season. (That sounds a lot better than a lot of the theories about them that have been flying around, don’t you think?)
    • Chin is exonerated! He’s not happy about it, but justice will be served. The IA guy was actually pretty cool! He made it perfectly clear to Chin that trying to save his uncle was noble, but not acceptable. Steve made it clear that Chin better get that money back to Markham and get the deed to his house back. He didn’t judge Chin. I think that made a big impression on Chin. Obviously, Chin is not going to abandon Steve when he needs him the most! Hmm, I haven’t come up with anything to say about Kono this time!
    • Agent Jenna Kaye pulled her weight this week! Linda, I’m eating crow. I didn’t take your advice and give her the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been wrong twice now in my judgments, so I’m going to quit doing it! I detested Jenna in her first episode. But last night Larissa Oleynik was a lot more in touch with her role. She played quirky, nerdy know-it-all CIA analyst Jenna very convincingly. Has anyone here lived with an ADHD personality? I have 3 ADHD family members. Jenna exhibits very classic symptoms – and a common misconception about people with ADHD is that they are not focused. The members of my family get extremely focused on one thing and are very, very good at whatever they choose to do, but they can be very annoying as they go about their daily lives. Very annoying! Just like Jenna. I’ve been thinking about this since the gum under the computer. She was focused on what she was trying to get across to Steve, and didn’t even realize what she was doing with the gum. A classic ADHD scenario. We saw much more of her personality come out in this episode, and I think there is a good chance that she is the way she is because of the ADHD! The team seems to have accepted her, especially since she discovered what had poisoned Danny in time to save his life, because I don’t think that was something the others could have done this time. She seemed totally happy to get a hug from Danny, like she might have found a family, too! Another ADHD marker – it’s very hard for people with it to make friends because of their annoying behaviors, so they are very appreciative when someone, anyone takes a liking to them. They will bend over backwards for that person. So, I’m probably in the minority here, in that I am beginning to like her or at least understand her, but that okay, cause I’ve been there before. And I apologize for my wishy-washy personality – I think it’s a hormone thing!
    • Danny and Steve have finally acknowledged how much they care for each other. It took a long time to develop to this point (23 episodes to be exact) but, isn’t it satisfying? Only thing is, we didn’t get much time to savor it! With that single word, “McGarrett” we are thrown right into the start of the deconstruction of the team. Ick.

    This might be the first time I’ve said all season, I think I can wait for next Monday. It’s going to be hard to watch, we all know that! And then the long summer begins. If we are left in chaos for 4 months, my cows are going to wonder why I’m so cantankerous come September! Easy, bossies, I’ll be all better when Season 2 starts!

    • Linda Stein says:

      Very good points Lynnette. Rachel’s worried look, to me, was her thinking about Grace. She knows how much that little girl loves her Danno. Any attempt they may make to, if not get back together, but work in that direction will effect Grace a lot. Rachel is probably thinking, “I need to be careful here… if this doesn’t work how can I take Danno away from Grace again?” She can’t. Whatever is going to happen between them will be slow and careful. Neither one of them would rish hurting Grace.

      My open mind about Jenna is still open. I think she does have a lot to offer the team and I think Kono liked having another women to work with. Your ADHD explaination makes a lot of sense. I would also think being nervous and/or anxious would make the ADHD symptons worse. I think once Jenna becomes more comfortable with the team and McGarrett in particular those annoying traites may subside a bit. Really can’t blame the girl. I don’t have the slightest tough of ADHD but if Steve smiled that smile at me I’d be a blubbering idiot.

      • Kimmer says:

        Great points Lynnette – I didn’t notice Rachaels look. While reading about your experiences w/family members with ADHD, (I have 2 nephews w/it) I also realized that impusle control is another symptom. Jenna needing to be free of being handcuffed to the car to go help – UNARMED, by the way – classic impulse control issues.

        And, LOL Linda – I would so be a blithering nincompoop around McG.

  17. luvinao'l says:

    Danny and Rachel have been talking to each other a lot since Uncle Matty left, which really shook Danny … that’s all so far… though they obviously still care about each other very much… I disliked Kaye a lot less last night, but that’s not saying a whole lot… Steve/Jenna romance…? No, no, no… But keep her around and leave her back in the office… New regular…? Max is too obviously an NCIS Ducky clone… and we have Shave Ice for comedy… so I vote for the new guy from last week… and so would Kono, I’m sure…!

    Have REALLY enjoyed y’all since I found you…

    • Beth says:

      I really enjoy and look forward to reading everyone’s comments as well. I don’t know anyone personally who watches the show, so it is nice to have this online family to share my interest and thoughts. Thank you Officer 808 for creating this blog, I look forward to reading your comments and those of all the participants almost as much as I look forward to watching the show. We will all be checking in over the summer and anxiously awaiting the Sept. return of our favorite show.

  18. Kelly says:

    Enjoying reading everyone’s comments! 🙂 Fun to have others as obsessed with the show as I am! haha… FUNNY story at the coffee counter Dee, thanks for sharing! 🙂
    ps. Forgot to mention Danny’s ‘can’t breathe scene.’ HARSH. I had to grab my inhaler…!!! Whoah. That was a little too convincing… the wheezing.. ahhh! 😦 (but well done!)

  19. Merry Blue says:

    Some hopefully not-to-redundant thoughts on the episode:

    Jenna Kaye: Jenna’s introduction to H50 was complicated, confusing and chaotic, leading to the question: who is the real Jenna Kaye? I wondered after her first episode if she was who she said she was or if she had a different agenda. After this episode, I’m going to take Jenna as whom she says she is: a CIA analyst who has gone on leave to pursue a personal vendetta. She realizes she may have burned her bridges at the CIA, and is a bit panicky about it, but she’s not going back. This is too important to her. It does make her feel insecure and vulnerable which she is compensating for by being what most are calling a know-it-all and by trying to join in the field work where she has minimal qualifications. Jenna wants security and to belong to a team and is desperately longing to be invited to join 50. In many ways, she reminds me of Hermione Grainger.

    Jenna’s comments in the episode suggest that not only has she lost a fiancée in a situation for which she feels responsible, but she may have been involved previously in a relationship involving betrayal and infidelity. Her vulnerability may be leading to personal feelings toward either Steve or Danny. In particular, she is desperate for approval from Steve. Is this because he is team leader and has the power to add her to the unit or is she developing a crush on him as well? Steve is aware of her neediness and is humouring her to some extent (and finding her humorous), but is being very firm and clear on boundaries, although somewhat unconventional at times. The handcuffs were a nice touch; Jenna is not a particularly subtle individual, so it was a direct way to make the point. She also had a sense of humour about the incident. And she detached the car, if not the cuffs.

    I’m developing a liking for her. I want to see more of her and she could be a good addition to the series. Lynnette while I wrote this, you posted your analysis. Very good comments about the ADHD. I think you’ve done a very good analysis of Jenna’s character.

    Kamekona: I really like Kamekona and want him as a long-term recurring character. He truly is adorable. But he does have a dark and potentially dangerous side (we see this in the finale preview). I have wondered about this for some time. If Kamekona has retained his contacts and presumably credibility with the criminal element, why is he creating and maintaining such high profile interactions with 50s, especially Steve? This cannot have gone unnoticed. Why is he still able to call on contacts and get accurate information from them and not go unscathed? Contrast his situation with Sang Min’s current dilemma. Obviously, Kamekona is not moving in the high levels where he attracts the attention of the likes of Wo Fat or Hiro, but if he can get in touch with people who can reveal Sang Min (who knows enough about Wo Fat to get into his safe house), he’s got to be in danger. Or playing both sides. Why do 50 trust Kamekona so much, and if push comes to shove where does Kamekona’s allegiance lie?

    Danny and Rachel and Grace: It looks to me as if a lot of bridges have been mended and reconciliation is well under way. I am with the camp that Danny and Rachel have been spending time together, but that they are taking it in small, tentative steps. My feeling is that there is a mutual desire to be a family again, with recognition that it will be hard – again Lynnette you’ve put this very clearly. I think Danny’s hard choice will be to send Rachel and Grace back to Jersey to be close to his family and hopefully not in danger from Wo Fat (who won’t hesitate to target them), while he stays in Hawaii to help Steve resolve the Wo Fat situation and reinstate 50.

    Some other random thoughts:
    1. Why the sirens when HPD is moving in on Wo Fat’s safe house? Seems counter-productive to let him know they are coming.
    2. Chin must have a shockproof cell phone, too, from the way he flung it down on his desk after the chat with IA.
    3. Do cars in Hawaii not have air bags?
    4. Does the CDC have a branch office in Hawaii or do they maintain a wormhole between Honolulu and Atlanta?
    5. Will Steve & Co. be able to keep Sang Min alive after Steve is arrested and 50 disbanded? (I hope so.)

    Many thanks again, Officer, for you thoughts and your insider tips and insights to Hawaii and thing Hawaiian.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Oh, Merry Blue! Good point about Danny having to make the decision about sending Rachel and Grace back to New Jersey to keep them safe from WoFat! We know he won’t leave Steve high and dry – as Val said here, he has become the brother that Danny lost when Matt abandoned him and ran.

      BTW? First thing I thought too, where were the airbags in both of those collisions?

    • Beth says:

      Great character observations on Jenna & Kamekona, Merry Blue. I enjoyed reading your “random thoughts” I have to admit I hadn’t thought about any of those things.

  20. Pippin says:

    Sang Min! So glad to see him back. I really like this character. I agree with what Val said a few comments back. Will Yun Lee is fantastic in this role. I hope we see more of him in S2. (Please don’t kill him off in the S1 finale!)

    Jenna Kaye: Sorry to say, but this episode just confirmed for me that I don’t like the character at all. Not one tiny bit. Suddenly she’s a biological/chemical weapons specialist too? That really bugged me. It seemed like such an obvious and contrived ploy to find a hook to make the audience accept her. Gosh, she saved Danny’s life! We must all automatically love her now. Not. Why hasn’t she lost her job at the CIA by now? The Agency doesn’t just let people go off missing for months. I didn’t find her nervous babbling to be amusing or endearing. I’m hoping (probably in vain) that she turns out to be a double-agent. Either that, or that she goes back home to real job over the summer hiatus.

    Danny and Rachel: I was surprised but pleased to see that they have been getting closer. I don’t mind that this was happening off-screen. I liked the surprise. Of course, now I think that Rachel is doomed or worse (if the writers are really brave) Grace is doomed. Maybe both of them are doomed. Who was it who commented earlier that happiness makes for dull tv?

    Wo Fat: Yes, I know he didn’t actually appear in the episode, but I just wanted to compliment the writers for the way that they’ve built him up into such a formidable foe. It’s one thing to have Jenna Kaye do an expository dump of info about Wo Fat, but when we see how scared the other villains are of him, that makes him truly feel intimidating. First there was Victor Hesse’s ‘oh sh*t, I’m doomed’ expression when Wo Fat came to see him in jail, and now we had Sang Min’s flat out terror of the guy. Yet for all that, Mark Dacascos has had maybe…what? 5 minutes of actual screen time so far this season? (And what a terrific actor to play Wo Fat! He was a great choice.) I’m really hoping to see a Wo Fat-McGarrett confrontation in the S1 finale. That would be an awesome fight.

    I’m really looking forward to the finale, but I’m dreading the long summer hiatus as we have to wait for S2.

    • Elaine C. says:

      First time to post and just wanted to say how glad I am to have found this and read everyone’s comment.

      I’m in the “don’t care for Jenna Kaye” camp. It just seems like all of a sudden she’s part of the team in a way that we haven’t seen on camera. I don’t buy it. It sounds to me like she is trying to speak around a retainer or something which is annoying to me. I agree that it seems like a plot contrivance that she all of a sudden knows these things when she was supposedly an analyst dissecting intel at a desk.

      Can’t wait to watch the season over from the beginning to see how the relationships have grown and changed. Love the main 4 characters and am still wondering who will die in the final episode.

    • Val says:

      Thanks Pippin – nice review and hmmm I too have reservations about Jenna Kaye. Just feel she lacks consistency in her character which is confusing at times. All the regular actors that have been on the show have truly delivered and always a pleasure to see but with her, I find myself cringing with disappointment by her performance. I feel that she could do a better job at it if she didn’t push too hard to be accepted. New characters take time to develop on any new show but it becomes really painfully clear when an actress tries too hard it shows that she lacks confidence which makes it less believable of her character.

  21. Tatum says:

    I really liked this episode, it was so freaking great because it was so moving, never stop, always wast keeping you in suspense. But, I didn’t like the new girl, Jenna. Just she does not fit there. Her acting is so artificial, you can’t compare it with the others, the others make you feel what the characters are passing through. This girl just does not make me feel a thing. Like she is overacting a little bit. But, one thing I didn’t get, Danno get sick for being there, why not Jena and Steve? And then. That scene, when Jena and Steve are talking with the man in suit in his office, Steve has his arms crossed and Jena has her hands in the pockets! how is that, how you can have your hands in your pockets the pockers of the jeans. It is like I don’t care what is happening here, I am just hearing this guy. That’s it. I am begging to not make her a series regular, because she does not fit here! I don’t like when someone is around steve, I would prefer thousand times Catherine than this woman!

    And also, why Jena ends in that street where Danno ends? who told her that she had to go to that place? baaah! And also I didn’t like too much, the beginning, I know that it is more excitng when you get something like a gunshot “pum pum pum.” But, I rather prefer that they explain me why the hell they arrrive to that place thinking that it was wo fat residence? I like something structured not just action. So, let’s see what whe have next

    • sam says:

      Jenna and Steve didn’t get sick be course they didn’t come in contact with the poison, it’s not airborne it’s a liquid. You need to touch it, or the contaminated person like Danny did when he touched the dead body.

  22. Ichi says:

    Woohoo! What a great episode! I would have replied sooner, but I was at a golf match (we got 2nd yeah woohoo! ). When I saw the promos for this episode, I was convinced that the entire episode was going to be devoted to the Wo Fat storyline, especially when Sang Min is like “ohai” in the house, but that was basically IT for the plot. We didn’t even get to know HOW or WHY they were at that specific house in the first place. I was also scratching my head a little bit that they were going to storm the house, I mean, didn’t Kaye specifically state that on her last attempt, her fiance and the entire team were killed in an ambush?? Uh, HELLO!!

    I thought Jenna Kaye was much more tolerable this episode, but still not perfect. The writers didn’t play on any of her idiosyncrasies (like gum chewing or neat freakiness), except for maybe her rambling on about not having a job back home and fiance killed something something something.

    As for Danny, when he started running off on his own to get Sang Min, I was screaming NO NO NO! Go back! But… he found the body and touched it anyway, wah wah wah. The entire hospital scenes were great, from little Gracie playing Angry Birds, to Kamekona getting fried chicken, to the scenes with Steve and Rachel, I loved it! Although I am a bit concerned about his relationship with his ex. I mean, she’s married, which is cheating right? Why are we, and Steve, condoning it? This makes me curious as to how their relationship originally ended in the first place. It might not be cheating, of course, but their relationship did fail once. Who’s to say it won’t again!? I would like to see Step Stan come back for another episode or two before the divorce is finalized (or IF! should I say!).

    Chin let off the hook by IA! This also made me ask, if IA has been following the drug money serials for years now, tracking spending habits and what not, what’s to say that they haven’t been watching the drug locker’s contents since then too? Are they helping the cover up of the missing-then-returned 10 million? If so, why!

    One of my favorite scenes is when Steve picks up Grace from school. I’ve been noticing that Steve has come a long way from the second (?) episode where he basically traumatizes the hippo kid for life in the elevator. But since then, he’s fixed a little kid’s action figure, carried a little boy out of a house, and has basically become really great with the kiddies. His people skills are growing! I guess thats what happens when you live in “civilized society” for awhile 😛

    Ahh, you guys, one of our finale theories appears to be coming true! Steve, arrested!? What have you done, naughty boy, what have you done! I have a feeling, judging from the episode 24 photos that have been released, that the Asian woman (I forget her name, she was in that one episode with the General?) gets killed in that red car explosion, and the governor is nearby. Iiiii caaaan’t waaaaaiiiitt

  23. McPhee says:

    I’ll do my rest of the review after reading yours Officer.

    Just funny they also mentioned Angry Birds on another CBS show last night it was even mentioned on How I Met Your Mother with Robin saying she is obsessed with the game also.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      I guess i just have to ask somebody – what is everyone referring to? What are the Angry Birds? A cartoon or video game, or what? My kids are all grow up, so no reference point for me!

      • Kimmer says:

        Lynnette – it’s a game app for smartphones, etc. Never played it, but everyone else I know is addicted to it.

      • Cécile says:

        @Lynette : green pigs have stolen the birds eggs, so now, the birds are getting their revenge by destroying them all. The pigs are protected by structures in various materials (wood, ice, stone), and you have to throw the birds with a sling shot (indeed they don’t have wings !). The goal is to destroy all the pigs and a maximum structures with a minimum number of birds.
        It’s pretty funny, and a good way to spend you time when you’re bored during a conference or a class…

  24. Lisa E says:

    Absolutely LOVED last night’s episode. WOW!!!! The only thing I wasn’t too happy about (and yes, people are going to be mad about this) is the Danny/Rachel thing. The reason I am not too happy about it is because I’ve been on the “kicked-in-the-face” receiving end of someone cheating on me. To me this has tarnished Danny’s “wholesome family” values that he seemed so keen on clinging to throughout this season. He moved here to be with Grace because she is his world. Okay, I get that. He still loves his ex, the mother of his daughter. I get that too. But to have something going on between the two of them prior to Rachel actually leaving Stan is just… Well, I feel it’s just wrong. I always admired Danny for having a strong family value, but that opinion has lowered somewhat. Whether there is sex or not, he is interfering with her MARRIAGE. Of course the marriage isn’t working with Danny there. (sorry, I’m ranting)

    I think Larisa Oleynik is doing a superb job. Jenna Kaye is definitely a fantastic addition to the group. She adds a little Chin, a little Kono, a little Steve, and a lot Danny with her character (ie. gum under the table right in front of Steve lol). I think Larisa should become a permanent part of the team.

    Komekono, as usual, was sweet and a blast as he brought the chicken for Grace and Danny. And it was funny to see Danny pull a “Steve” when he told the big guy to wipe his greasy hands before touching his phone. (If everyone recalls Steve laughing about the crumbs from the malasadas that Danny had brought to the house one morning)

    Other than the dip in values, the episode was, as usual, filled with fantastic writing, fabulous stunts, and stunning twists and turns right from the start. I give this two thumbs up.

  25. Linda Stein says:

    A couple of more thoughts. (Gotta get in my quota for this week AND next week LOL)

    Danny and Rachel: I give up. We are all going to have our personal opinions on this issue and I hereby agree to disagree. I’m done beating that horse! 😉

    Jenna: Like I said before, I am still keeping an open mind on this character. I liked her in this episode and I am curious to see how they use her in the finale. I am still on the fence as to whether she should be a permanent addition to the team. As far as Larisa goes as an actress, let me tell you a little story.

    There was an actor years and years ago by the name of Charles Laughton. My father thought he was one of the most talented actors of his time (I used to watch old movies with my dad). This actor is well before the time of most of us here. Anyway, my mother hated Laughton…with a passion!!! I could never understand why she hated him so much. Then my father told me that there was a movie he was in where he played the most disgusting, revolting character of all time. My mother hated him from that point on no matter what she saw him in. As a matter of fact, wound choose NOT to see a movie just because he was in it. My father’s logic was that the mere fact that Laughton was able to disgust her so PROVED what a brilliant actor he was!

    Now I am not saying I think Larisa is a brilliant actor but the part she is playing is extemly quirky, with lots of annoying tics and gestures, probably a bit ADHD as Lynnette suggested. I am trying not to be my mother and transfer my distaste for the character to the actor. And my comfort level with Jenna is moving up.

  26. Linda Stein says:

    Oh yeah…there is something that’s been bugging me for a while and I’d like your opinion on it. It has to do with the team’s phones.

    There are phones, real desk phones, in the office but no one uses them and you never hear them ring. They all make and receive calls on their cell phones. When Steve was hurt Danny called Chin on his cell phone and Chin used his phone to trianglulate Danny location. He then borrowed Kono’s cell phone to call Army Evac even though he walked away from her to do it. He could have used any phone but he used her cell.

    In the episode with Sean Combs, his charactor stole a squad car to take the portable police radio so he could monitor the police radio. Steve and Danny used that fact to send out false info to catch Reggie. But Steve and Danny were using their cell phones, not the police radio in the car to communicate.

    Last night, IA called Chin on his cell phone, not the office phone.

    Last night, Sang Min called Steve on his cell phone.

    So I guess my question is how secure are those phones. Ok, I’ll let it slide that IA has Chin’s cell number. I’ll let it slide that it was easier for Chin to grab Kono’s phone than walk a foot to a desk phone. But I do not understand about Reggie and the portable police radio or how Sang Min has Steve’s cell number.

    Are 5-0’s communications broadcast over police radio? Seems highly unlikely. And, what, just because Sang Min helped them out a couple of times he has Steve on speed dial? Just seems odd to me.

    • Kimmer says:

      I’ll bet Sang Min and Steve are friends of Facebook.

      • Kimmer says:

        Oh for the love of god – why is there no edit button!

        “I’ll bet Sang Min and Steve are friends ON Facebook”

        There goes the joke. Anyway – good point.

    • Lisa E says:

      That’s a good point, Linda. Even when the kids were kidnapped, only one call was transferred over to a land line, and that was Steve’s office. I think that’s the only time I’ve ever seen a corded phone being used. Hmmm…. I never noticed.

    • luvinao'l says:

      The landlines aren’t Apple product placements…

      • Beth says:

        Good point Linda, I’ve wondered about that too. I totally agree with you luvinao’l about the product placements which are so overt and oftentimes awkward.

    • Cécile says:

      I suppose it’s easier to call to a cell phone because it doesn’t tie the characters to a specific place. Steve was at Grace’s school when he got the phone call from Sang Min, the scene cut was fast.
      As for calling from a cell phone, it might be a generation thing. I never ever use the landline, even if I’m home, and I actually don’t even know my number.

      But you do raise a good question concerning the security of the phones.

    • Merry Blue says:

      Linda, maybe the land lines are call forwarded to the cell phones?

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        That could definitely be true! You can program those iPhones for call forwarding. Danny has used his land phone in office to talk with the FBI during the pirates ep., and there was another tim, too, but he’s the only one I’ve seen use it in the office.

    • Ichi says:

      Found another clip of them using the landlines, in episode 4, Danny uses it to call travel agencies about the tv game show winners

  27. sam says:

    What a fantastic episode. I absolutely loved it.

    I was so right and I was so very wrong. First I just knew that the numbers of the bills would be written down somewhere. They really went to great length to get Chin for taking the money. Who would have thought that that would ultimately save him?
    Of course there is the question about the ten million again; didn’t they check the numbers on them? Maybe not, since they were not really missing, just in front of the door for a while. We’ll see.

    About what I was wrong. I loved Danny and Rachel together. That was so cute. And so very well acted, completely natural, just loved it. And I really thought that I would never say it, but they are great together. Don’t get me wrong, not as lovers but as friends who are able to take care of their daughter together and not fighting about everything all the time. I think in that regard they got close together, to act as two people who once loved each other and now at least still care for each other. Kudos to the writing team to proof me wrong in such a spectacular way. Thank you!

    About Teilor, well I still thinks she is not really good, but I liked her acting with “Uncle” Steve, in all the scenes with AOL she was really good. For the first time she was really good with SC but terrible at the end in the car. But a huge improvement from previous episodes, so I will stop complaining about her from now on.

    Now to the episode itself. That was most likely the fast paced ep so far. And one of my favorites. This one was truly awesome. Loved it from the first to the last second.
    I’m a big fan of the “normal” beginnings of the show where you see a crime committed before the opening credits and see one of the team (mostly McG and Danny) doing something not work related and after a while getting notified about a new case. Really like that, gives us glimpses into their lives. But not so today, we dove right in. They even used a handheld camera a lot in those scenes, made them even more alive and fast paced. The first 6 minutes were really great and so very clever. I mean they busted one house and ended up 3 houses down at a crime scene. How cool was that! And the target they were going after was not even in the house in the first place but they stumbled upon San Ming. Love that guy. Best villain ever. I’m not so sure about his role with Wo Fat yet, think he is part of the set up for McG.

    Loved every scene with McG and Danny, they were absolutely perfect in that ep. Great acting by the both of them. And I have to agree, AOL really does a perfect job with McG. Totally adored little Grace and Uncle Steve. Very cute scenes. But I have to disagree with the opinion that Steve was terrible with children in the beginning, he was just used to interaction with children in mostly traumatizing situations. I’m pretty sure he has a lot of training and experience in how to handle traumatized victims of violent situations, that is btw something he did perfectly in 1×21 with Reggie. And in the elevator of Ep 1×02 it should have been the job of the parents to be there for their kid not the cop’s job. I bet he counted on them to comfort him after he told them and the boy that it is all right.

    About Chin, well I thought he went way too far with his ploy to save his uncle. He was like a child who didn’t get his way when he practically begged the IA guy to let it go. I was screaming “stop it already”. BTW I think the IA guy was pretty cool. Boy was McG angry. I’m very sure that Chin will not betray Steve ever. So no worries there. Don’t want to think too much about the promo for the finale, I’m sure they try to mislead us in a big way.

    I’m wondering if the set up got something to do with Koshie’s death, they never really solved that and Steve telling Danny he lost track of time was somewhat off. I had a bad feeling ever since. But I’m sure that he would not go right out and kill someone. Or would he?

    Jenna. Well what can I say? I really like her. Never in a million year as a love interest for McG, it’s ridiculous to even entertain that idea. But I think her character is so annoyingly quirky that she is a great addition to the team. She is very amusing in a way. When she was first introduced I thought all her scenes with McG were really cool. He was completely annoyed and amused by her. I think a perfect combination. The scenes in the hotel were great and the gum scene really took the cake. And in this ep she was really good. The handcuff scene was great; the scene at the hospital where she babbled on and on gave us great McG-faces. I think they really have chemistry together, NOT as in a relationship but as work-partners. So yeah I do hope that she sticks around.

    I’m sorry that my thoughts are a bit jumbled and all over the place but I just saw the ep a few hours ago and I definitely need to see it again to come to terms with it.

    One more really important thing. I really do hope that this blog will be very much alive over the summer, couldn’t image what to do without this great place. Thanks Officer for your hard work!!!

    • Kimmer says:

      I’ve been thinking about this whole Danny/Rachael thing – and I think that Danny may be the one to call it off. From a characterization standpoint, if Danny is the one to realize that things won’t work out, it the frees him up for other options. Up to this point, he has been so singlemindedly miserable at the breakup of his family, that he hasn’t been able to move on. Then he and Rachael can move on and be friends.

      I can’t remember who it was, but someone said that Steve in the beginning was still in “SEAL” mode – for the scene with the hippo kid. Pushing the elevator buttons with the gun? LOL. I also think it was back when AOL was trying to flesh out the character. I now love the times when AOL can portray McG as positively seething with anger without showing it overtly (noodle house scene with WoFat, chick in the airport, pissed at Chin for getting the $$, etc).

      And, hopefully Officer808 will keep us all up to speed with BTS info from shooting season 2 over the summer!

  28. Dee says:

    @ Linda yes it is wonderful to say “lets all just agree to disagree” 😉
    I mentioned on another board that no matter how much we complain or cheer only the authors have the final say…. but thank you all, it is no fun if we allllllllllll agree!!!!

    ok discussing quirks..
    yes why do the phones never ring in office????? cell phones are vital to investigators yet as a “team” the office phones should ring once in awhile?? maybe season 2

    did we discuss how there was a miss with the car chase? I have watched the episode a few times now and the bad guy def crashed into a “moving(backing up) car? so where was the driver??????????Chin calls off ambulance for bad guy – LOOKS in direction of van to confirm address- where is driver I say again????

    Officer 808 I hope you get to discuss some of the “misses” on the radio podcast- awaiting anxiously for that!

  29. Diana says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know the extended promo for next week’s episode is up at the CBS site and it contains a couple of big spoilers, like who is going to die, so don’t watch in unless you definitely want to know.

    Here is the link in case you do want to watch:

    • Kimmer says:

      Well, its definitely going to be a good one!!!!

    • Ichi says:

      HA! I guessed right! (my above post haha!) This is going to be an awesome episode, but I wonder how this is going to tie in with Wo Fat through framing Steve…

  30. Kelly says:

    I’m trying very hard to not be spoiled for the finale!!! I want to be surprised!! haha 🙂
    *sigh* Yaaaa… it’s going to be a long summer. I think I’m going to check out other work they’ve done. Specifically want to see Scott’s “Mercy” and Alex’s “Feed” and “Oyster Farmer”. Will help me get thru the ‘dryspell’! 😉

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Kelly, careful with “Feed!” It’s really good, Alex does a great job, but don’t watch on a full stomach! Read a review or 2 before watching it, as it really might not be to your taste! I know some big Alex fans that just can’t watch it! Oyster Farmer is good fun. You might want to check out the Saga of Mary Bryant, too for Alex. Mercy is amazing. There, that’s my review for today!

      • Merry Blue says:

        “Feed” might not be to some people’s *taste*? Really, Lynnette! LOL.

      • sam says:

        You are so right about FEED, that is a great movie, but a very disturbing film. Intentionally so. I couldn’t even finish it yet, had to stop at around the middle. Still waiting for the right mood, but it is worth watching, so probably during the summer.

  31. Ichi says:

    A late, amusing thought. Steve is pretty good at dodging speeding cars, isn’t he? He jumped out of the way of TWO of them on monday!

    • Ichi says:

      And ANOTHER thought. When Rachel is driving away, is that another Pearl Jam song playing in the background? A follow up to “The End” from Loa Aloha, amirite?

  32. Cécile says:

    Quick question : what do you hear Steve answer when Grace asks what a hangover is ?
    I hear him say “35…30…16”, but I’ve read a lot of people saying he says “30…60”.
    I think it’s funnier if Steve says 16, he’s always teases Danny for being overprotective of Grace…

    • Diana says:

      I heard 60. Though, can you just imagine the scene when Grace is 16 and her prom date shows up to pick her up. I can just see it now Danny being all sweet and innocence playing good cop while he has Steve hovering in the background playing very very bad SEAL while being totally decked out in fatigues, face paint, with a gun one thigh and a very large knife on the other. And, lets face it, while Steve may tease Danny about being overprotective when comes to Grace surfing and getting hit in the head with coconut, he is going to be an even worse nightmare than Danny will be when she starts dating. 😉

    • sam says:

      I also heard sixteen and thought it was funny that he went younger while Danny went into the opposite direction.

    • Kimmer says:

      I originally heard it as 16, which I thought was odd, but now after multiple viewings hear him say 60, which is also what is on the closed captioning. I think that works better too.

    • Cécile says:

      Lol ok, thanks ! I suppose it depends on how we see Steve ! Thanks for your answers.

  33. Willow says:

    I am on the “don’t like Jenna” bandwagon. She is too annoying for me. I am not looking foward to Season 2 if she is in it. Also don’t like the implied Danny/Rachel have been seeing each other for awhile.
    Like that Chin is finally cleared. Hope we see more of Charlie Fong. I agree the M.E needs a female assistant that goes to the scenes, like NCIS. To get more females on the show. Or more local help like the Shave Ice guy that I can’t spell his name!

  34. meikat says:

    That makes me ask the same question, too [re: Filipino fried chicken]. I will definitely agree with the chicken adobo. It’s THE authentic “Pinoy” dish! 🙂

    I totally love this episode! It has a light treatment! I also would like to reckon that this has the most romantic bromance by far! This will definitely make me miss the show even more when it ends next week! T_T

    As for Rachel and Danno…I wish to see more of them when the show gets picked up for the next season! woot!:P

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