Scott Caan is happy!

He’s really happy, well maybe except for the scene that he just filmed while the writer interviewed him, but he loves Hawaii, surfing and the success of the show.  Of course, a restless artist or an idealist always wants to do bettter…

From USA Today:

Caan likes living in Hawaii but misses being away from his L.A. home. The lifelong surfer spends a fair amount of time riding the waves. “There are more places to surf here. The water is warm and clean,” he says. “In L.A., some of the surf spots, if there are good waves, there’s a fight on the beach. I haven’t seen too much of that out here. There’s a good amount of Aloha, as they say.”

For Caan, it’s so far, so good on the Five-0 experience, but he has a certain restlessness. “I’m happy I have a job. I’m happy that people like what I’m doing. I’m happy that the show is doing good, but I always like to be doing something else. I’m really never happy where I am. I always want to do better.”


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2 Responses to Scott Caan is happy!

  1. Sile says:

    Scott, Love you….of course I grew up watching your Dad…I could be your Mum! But that opening scene with Elvis….OMG, when I went to Kauai, we took a movie tour that brought us to that exact spot of the Blue Hawaii wedding. Seeing that again started everything off perfectly! But….going back to Jersey?? Come to your senses…the weather alone is reason to stay. Bring the back to Oahu. Too funny to get so involved with these plots, but it makes Mondays worth looking forward to! LOL Enjoy your summer.

  2. officer808 says:

    Sile I went on that same tour. That’s the Coco Palms Hotel, closed since Hurricane Iniki. Elvis apparently loved that hotel.

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