Things We Learned About Hawaii from Hawaii Five-0, Season Finale, “Oia’i’o”

I’m gonna break tradition and concentrate on the finale commentary.

CBS, the media, Peter Lenkov and crew did a spectacular job of hyping the Hawaii Five-0 season finale… deaths of main characters, the team breaking up, and a character 180 of our four heroes. I was at a viewing party at Apartm3ent last night (undercover of course) and enjoyed the episode with probably a couple of hundred die hard fans. Everyone gasped at the opening scene with Danny and Rachel, and cringed when Laura’s car exploded. A collective “WHOA!” went up from the crowd when Wo Fat tased McG and put two bullets into the governor. But did the episode live up to the hype? Here’s my take.

Rollercoaster! … of love. And panic. And fear.

This episode seriously tossed your emotions around like bad kim chee in your stomach. I thought it was cute at the beginning with the little flirty play between Laura and Chin Ho, with both McG and the governor telling their cohort to just go after him/her (but hey Chin what happened to Malia?).  Just as we took a nice, sweet bite out of that idea and how interesting that might go, we get a swift punch to the gut when Laura’s car goes up in flames.

Of course it gets worse after that, when McG and Danny report to the governor, and McG realizes that she may be hiding something in the antique desk behind her. We see the quiet desperation grow in McG as he finally decides that he’ll have to take matters into his own hands and break into the mansion to find more evidence in the desk. That quiet desperation turns into full panic when HPD issues a warrant for his arrest. The panic turns into anger when he finally confronts the governor and gets some slivers of information, before Wo Fat fixes the problem his way. His defeated look while taking the mugshot captures perfectly the team’s lowest point. Alex was brilliant in his scenes.

Chin is loyal at first. He declines Chief Makaha’s (Kelvin Han Yee) invitation to return to the force with a promotion to lieutenant, but later joins HPD when McG goes on the run. One of his best scenes happens when Sgt Lukela walks past him with the bag of burned money…just as HPD exonerated him for his loyalty to duty for his family and the force, he now finds himself in the same dilemma…how far will he go to cover his teammates over the $10 million? The ultimate irony is that the formerly disgraced HPD officer arrests the newly disgraced Five-0 leader.

Now one of the hottest topics for today that I saw was the development of Danny’s relationship with Rachel. The writing has been on the wall for some time that they would be getting closer and closer… Danny went to Rachel for comfort after his brother Matt escaped in “Loa Aloha”, Danny finally confesses that he’s been seeing her for awhile in “Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau”, and we finally see them in an intimate scene in “Oia’i’o”. The complication to all this is that Rachel’s miserable with Stan, she wants to go back to New Jersey, and on top of that she’s pregnant. Whoa. That’s a lot to drop on a guy. Danny is all for moving to Jersey to be with Rachel and Grace, but with the recent developments of the Five-0 team, Danny is obligated to stay in Hawaii.

Where is this all going?

I mentioned in the blog earlier on that a “fracture and separation” of the team would be too early in the series. I thought that maybe in the third or fourth season the writers could take away everything that the team has gotten comfortable with like their office, their street informant, and ultimately each other. The writers have seen fit to bring woe upon the team at the end of the first season, which is a bold move.

Part of the complication of writing for television is that writers need to keep one eye ahead and one eye behind them. Writers generally have a story arc that they would like to see through during the course of the season. Tying a plot device from the past could be hard with the plot seed planted in the present which has to tie with the rest of the story in the future. Generally, the writers have done an excellent job in keeping the story together, and it will be interesting to find out little tidbits such as: what did John McGarrett know about Pat Jameson? How did Laura Hills get her hands on the evidence? Is Rachel’s baby Stan’s or is it Danny’s?

Speaking of Rachel and Danny, I’ve seen a lot of discussion on the internet as to the merits and pitfalls of Rachel and Danny getting back together. Let me just say one thing: where else was this going to go? Of course they’re getting back together! I think it was great storytelling to see them go from sniping exes to finding the happy place that they were in before they got divorced. Yes, Rachel is married, but so was Sun when she cheated on Jin (Lost), so let’s not put Danny on a pedestal. He’s a human being, not a saint. A lot of people have said if they got back together, Danny would have no reason to stay in Hawaii, which is absolutely true. The writers have gotten past this by giving Danny the monumental task of clearing Steve and Kono’s name.  His conflict for season two will be between helping his friends, or being with his family…

Any investigation of Steve into the governor’s murder can’t go too far, since I’m sure HPD crime lab guy Charlie Fong (Brian Yang) will see that Steve doesn’t have gun shot residue on his hand, and also that the burn marks on his neck will corroborate with his story that he was tased unconscious prior to the governor being shot.

What about Kono? She was identified at the scene of the robbery, and HPD will figure out that the burnt money is part of the stash in the evidence locker. Of course the fact that it was stolen to save Chin’s life in addition to the fact that the governor underhandedly replaced the money should clear Kono the same way IA cleared Chin.

And of course we still need to know what the governor was up to with yakuza dealings, and how the rest of the Champ box evidence fits in. Last, what is Wo Fat’s motivation?

Final thoughts

I really enjoyed the episode. It was not a funny episode. It was not an episode for bikinis and shirtlessness. This episode was about drama, and I liked it because throughout the whole thing I really could feel the sense of dread rise while things spiraled out of control.  The last five minutes were just jaw droppingly incredible.  I had totally forgotten to expect Wo Fat, and all of a sudden, there he was.  The whole season culminated into this finale, and the writers gave us some answers. While not *everything* was answered, just enough was revealed to keep us fans excited for the second season.

At first I was a little surprised that the previews clearly showed that Laura was going to die, and was even more surprised that it happened in the first five minutes. Many people on the internet speculated that a second character would also die somewhere in the episode, with guesses from Kamekona to Sang Min. I never thought that the governor would be a serious consideration to get knocked off, simply because she’s the governor! I’m sure that was the shock that Peter and the rest of the writers were going for.

Let’s remember folks, this is drama and we’re the passengers along for the ride, and not everyone is going to be happy where the ride takes us. For better or for worse (and for the better I’m sure), I think the sudden shift for the Five-0 team will make the second exciting more than the first.

Kudos to the entire cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 for an awesome season! Best wishes to Jean Smart and Kelly Hu in their new projects as well!  When does Season 2 start…?


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  1. McPhee says:

    I’m the first Australian first. Where is everybody else?

    Hmmmm… Too many words to say. I’m still in complete shock. There’s no Five-0 so what is going to happen next season. Steve is in jail for murder that he didn’t commit, Kono has been arrested, Chin is back with the HPD and Danny is about to become a father to Rachel’s baby and is going back to Jersey I cannot believe it.

    I kind of had a feeling that the Gov was involved it got me thinking after watching Ke Kinohi after the 2nd time thinking how she did not not Moshimori was part of the Yakuza and had ties to Wo Fat. Just when McGarrett looked through her antique dresser and found those photos of Laura I thought that she was in on it.

    I have to agree also that Lenkov teased us really good saying that there will be too many shocks instore. I myself was on the edge of my beanbag watching the episode in shock and saying ‘I knew it’ everytime McGarrett was finding out the truth about his fathers murder and that the Gov betrayed him all the way. When I went to bed last night I looked at my couch because that’s where I was sitting in front of in my beanbag it was pushed back pretty much further back.

    I’m happy that Rachel & Danny are really in love with each other and that their expecting their 2nd child. But it’s sad that she decided to go back to Jersey because she was too scared to tell Stan the truth about her and Danny. I doubt we’ll see Danny back in Jersey I think he’ll end up back in Hawaii eventually the show will never be the same without Danny.

    I’m glad they didn’t kill off any of the main characters sad to hear about Laura Hills and as we found out in the beginning of the episode that Chin had eyes for her. But with the Gov a lot of people speculated that she will die but we didn’t think in that way. I was thinking that Wo Fat would kill her but not in a way of how the story unfolded. I thought he would kill her because she would’ve been on his hit list.

    Also good to see the Mercury back for a few minutes I hope we’ll get to see more of it next season.

    Well done to the cast and crew for a wonderful 1st season. Fan from Down Under I loved every single episode. I got instantly hocked on the show in early December and never missed an episode from the U.S. and even here in Australia. I don’t know how many times I have watched every episode it would have to be 4-5 times. Let’s see what Season 2 brings I can’t wait till September it’s going to be a really long Summer of guessing

    • Raceyt66 says:

      Good to hear from a fellow Aussie.. We have a get together on a Wedneday nite to view the eps on a big screen. But I couldnt wait til tonight so Ive watched it. But damn Ill watch it again. So much I didnt see coming. Alex was Brilliant in this ep as were the others.
      I think I pressed rewind heaps on the last scene with him seeing Kono at HPD. The look on his face was complete disbelief, defeat.
      Im looking forward to seeing how the wednesday night crew react.
      This has got to be one of my fav eps..

      • McPhee says:

        Yeah I hope they’ll be more surprised than us. I have my Tuesday night viewings after watching How I Met Your Mother. I rather watch it on my own because if I miss anything I can always rewind it back and see what happens. If I had a friend that wanted to watch with me on a different day I would watching the finale right away myself as well.

        Also, have you heard that Alex is home at the moment here Down Under?

  2. Air Force Brat says:

    I lived in Hawaii from 1975 to 1979 with my family on Hickam AFB. I swear the last episode the “Governor’s house” is actually the General’s quarters on the base. Can anyone confirm? I lived a block away from the General’s quarters all four years…it looks so much like my vague memories, but the building in the background in the show isn’t consistent, which makes me doubt myself.

    I agree I thought Alex did a great job in all of his scenes. I was kind of disappointed that he went quietly in the car. My husband, who doesn’t play the “guess what is going to happen next game” with me decided to chime in and say that he thinks Chin’s return to HPD was strategic for helping to clear Steve. I want to believe that is the case, but I’m not totally sold.

    I HOPE that Wo Fat isn’t tried to the murder so quickly. I want him to be a long standing nemesis for Steve. I thought Mark and Alex’s scene together in the restaurant was the most powerful of the entire season. Made me believe that Wo Fat was truly Steve’s only equal.

  3. Bobryk87 says:

    Great episode, great review! I thought the same thing with Malia and Chin as well as the tazer marks on McGarrett. One thing I noticed was that Mr. Sang Min didn’t appear once nor did his name get mentioned. The one thing that REALLY disappointed me was the cliff hangers such as, McG and Kono in jail, Chin going to HPD from 5-0 (will Chin permanently stay there?), Danny and Rachel’s kid, and what Danny and Kaye have to do to clear McG and Kono. All in all, great Champ Box conclusion but with all the cliff hangers, season 2 could’nt come faster!

    • officer808 says:

      Bobryk87 thanks for posting…I thought Sang Min would get killed since he knows so much about Wo Fat, but it looks like he’s in protective custody and will live to rat out Wo Fat in season 2…

  4. spotted reptile says:

    One thing that wasn’t referenced in the final was Sang Min’s unexpected arrival at 5-0 HQ the episode before last and his desperate plea for a deal to save his life.
    I guess he has a lot of dirt to spill on Wo Fat and Danny/Kaye will use him for that in order to clear Steve. I hope the show uses him a lot, Will Yun Lee is terrific and I’d love to see more of him in a similar role to Kamekona’s as an unofficial stooge/loose cannon.

    • Val says:

      With so much at stake I really believe that Will Yun Lee (Sang Min) will be expected back for season 2. I really hope they don’t kill his character as he is rather interesting to begin with and also knowing just how danagerous Wofat truly is maybe now Steve will take Wofat more seriously and with all that has developed after this week’s final, I hope Danny will follow his own instinct and take some chances and do some digging into Wofat a little bit more and one way to do it is to talk to Sang Min. That would be really interesting to learn more about Wofat’s back story since we know so little of it. Season 2 is going to rock!!

      • Kimmer says:

        I thought we would see Sang Min too – hopefully more in S2.

        Wo Fat – scariest villan that has only been on screen for less than 10 minutes the whole season!

      • officer808 says:

        Kimmer you’re totally right…that guy has the least screen time but is just about the scariest bad guy.

      • Linda Stein says:

        I’m sure you’re right Val. Sang Min was seriously scared when he went into HQ. He said he’s plead to any charge to be put into protective custody. So that’s probably where he is. ‘On ice” as they say. If Danny or Chin need or want to talk to him he’s right where they need him to be.

        I like the character a lot. I hope they make him more of a recurring role. I’d like to see more of him too!

  5. Bobryk87 says:

    And another cliff hanger I look forward to in season 2 is Matt Williams (for those of you who forget Matt is Danny’s brother from episode 18, Loa Aloha). We saw him in one episode but that was it.

    • Ichi says:

      Almost forgot about him!! I’d also like to see the Sister Williams and Papa/Mama Williams too!

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Great idea! A Williams family reunion in Hawaii! Maybe for the birth of Danny and Rachel’s baby!

      • Cécile says:

        Especially if Pap Williams is played by James Caan !
        I’d also very much like to see the development of Matt’s affairs.

      • Val says:

        Ah…that would be cute – the Williams family reunion and uncle Steve as well – I’d like to think that once Steve’s name is cleared – he’ll be part of Danno’s baby celebration.

  6. Katie says:

    I was wondering if someone else would figure out that Steve didn’t have gun shot residue on his hands/body and that he had to have tazer marks on his neck. That at least will get him out from under the murder charge.

    I loved every minute of the show. I’ve only got one more thing to say – it’s gonna be a *long* summer…

    • Kimmer says:

      His mug shot listed “resisting arrest” and “assualting an officer” too, so he won’t be totally off the hook.

      • Val says:

        @Kimmer – u picked that up from the booking? Ah man!! That was bound to happen wasn’t it? Dammit poor Steve. I was really hoping to learn more about his arrest warrant. Oh this is so depressing. 😦

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha Katie and thanks for posting…we’ll just have to find some way to get our five-0 fix during the summer.

    • Val says:

      @Katie and Kimmer-

      The gunshot residue and the booking charge are the least of Steve’s worries – what about the gun that be brought with him. How is he going to eplain that? Its not even his assault weapon – he obtained it illegally. Kamekona would be having a heart attack by now :)…if knew what Steve did. He’d be worried to death if Steve lets on where he got the gun. Even though Steve never fired a shot – the fact that he had an illegal gun puts him in hot water!!

      What is Steve going to do? How the heck will he talk his way out of this mess? If only Steve didn’t have that gun with him…silly boy now he’s in big trouble. oh this is bad guys!!! Btw, he’ll never rat on Kamekona.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Deep breaths, Val! Get out the paper bag before you hyperventilate! It will be alright….someday?

      • val says:

        Hey I’m running out of paper bags….lol!!! Shh just having fun too over the trivial stuff!! lol!! I have a feeling s2 is going to be dark, gloomy start!! Steve’s going to be wearing the orange…yuck yuck!!

      • officer808 says:

        Chances are its an unregistered weapon… and I can’t believe that you called the “McG will be arrested” months ago. 😉

      • Kimmer says:

        Never even occurred to me about the gun. Too much to think about!

    • Linda Stein says:

      The tazer marks make sense but there isn’t going to be any gun residue on his hands because he wore gloves. There won’t be any finger prints on the gun either for the same reason. So that shouldn’t even come into play unless they check for residue on the gloves. Do they do that??

      It’s the tazer marks that will prove he was attacked and couldn’t have killed her unless the writers convenientely forget that tazers leave marks!

      • Air Force Brat says:

        Actually, Steve’s prints will be on the gun, unless he wiped them off. I went back and watched him pick the gun up from Kamekona’s trailer. He wasn’t wearing gloves then.

      • Linda Stein says:

        You’re right Brat! I forgot he didn’t have gloves when he got the gun from Kamekona!

      • Val says:

        Whoa guys – wait a sec!! When Wofat tazered Steve, the gun that Steve had in his hand dropped and fell when he fell down to the floor. Wofat used another gun and planted that one in Steve’s hand so there won’t be any prints on it. The other gun in Steve’s hand was never fired and they will be able to prove that the bullet fragment that killed the Gov won’t match.

        Also the gun that Wofat fired was his left hand and I think he put the gun in Steve’s left hand rather than the right one…since Steve is right handed!! So I hope that will exonerate Steve and I really hope they don’t forget to check the taser mark on Steve’s neck!!!

      • Cécile says:

        No, Wo Fat did pick up Steve’s gun, and he planted it in Steve’s right hand.

        I think (and hope !) Steve thought of wiping the prints before raiding the Gov’s mansion.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Why would Steve think to wipe the gun before he went to the mansion? He had no intention of killing Jamison, he just wanted answers. He never would have killed her no matter what she said to him. He would have just arrested her and taken her in. Granted, at that point it would have been a very awkward arrest but I’m sure with the recording it would have been ok. Steve is not a cold blooded murderer.

      • Cécile says:

        Just in case anything happened, and he lost the gun or anything. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

        I don’t know how a SEAL’s mind works, let alone a pissed hungry for revenge one, but it seems that he took many precautions regarding his security, even if he didn’t wear a skimask (I suppose for the only purpose of letting us, the audience, take full appreciation of Alex’s acting).
        Nobody saw him get into the mansion, P. Lenkov said he surely disabled any security cameras that would have been on, and the fact that he wears gloves means he doesn’t want to be placed in the mansion.

        Why bother wearing gloves on the weapon you carry if your prints are already all aover it (I’m aware the gloves aren’t only for the weapon, but for anything else he could have touched in the house) ? Even if he never intended to use it to murder anyone.

        But maybe I’m being paranoïd in Steve’s place !

      • Val says:

        Oh dammit Cecile you guys are right – i reviewed the episode and urgh Wofat did lean down to pick up the gun and shot the Gov with it.

        This changes the idea for me that Steve would be in the clear cos he never fired the gun in his hand, was so sure that Wofat had a gun with him and killed her with it – should have known Wofat would be smarter than to use his own gun – so the only hope of clearing steve is his cell phone and the taser?

        Linda is right there is no reason for Steve to wipe the gun clean – he had no intention of using it only in self defence. I don’t think Steve realized that Wofat would be there too.

      • Merry Blue says:

        Steve may have wiped the gun at some point to remove Kamekona’s prints. That would be just the worst if they dust the gun and find the big guy’s prints on it – he’s on file and would be tossed back in prison in no time. Hopefully, Steve kept that in mind, especially after Kamekona’s blunt reminder.

    • Shirley says:

      Steve wouldn’t have gun shot residue because he was wearing gloves–thus, he won’t be able to use that as proof that he didn’t fire the gun.

      • Laurie says:

        There would be gun shot residue on his clothes including the gloves they only protect him from leaving finger prints. Since he didn’t fire the gun there won’t be any residue for them to find.

  7. Ichi says:

    Shall we begin to make a list of questions left unanswered?

    From the Champ Box:
    – The locker key
    – Floppy disk
    – Business cards
    – Coins
    – Cigarette butt
    – Matchbox
    – Japanese ww2 medal

    What does the rest of the stuff mean!?

    From the Story arcs:
    – YO, hello! Where in the world was Sang Min? Didn’t the last episode leave off with Sang Min walking in on a bro hug? Where in the world did this story go? We have yet to know how or why they were at that house, why Sang Min is on the run from Wo Fat, and more!
    – Kamekona. I’ve said it so many times. Why are you a parolee, why are you a criminal informant, WHY DO YOU HAVE A CACHE OF WEAPONRY IN AN OLD TRUCK?
    – The missing money from the drug locker. When they go to question Kono and Steve about their dealings with the theft, will the cover up of a returned 10 million end up somehow vindicating them?
    – Who will be the new Hawaii Five 0 governor? Wo Fat says he has everything under control, does this mean he also has another puppet in line to replace him?
    – Victor Hesse. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. I have a theory that Hesse might end up being of some use to the team in the next season, and then there will be a betrayal something something something.

    From the show in general:
    – This is getting Lost crazy. Oceanic Airlines, Lost-esque soundtrack, the sudden cliff hanger black screen of doom as seen in every one of those damn episodes… I’m having a lost flashback! (LOL, ironic, no?)

    • Kimmer says:

      Ichi – good call listing all of the other champ box items – Steve did say that there were a lot of clues that appeared to be associated with other investigations.

    • officer808 says:

      Ichi this is a good start for a summer time discussion 😉 I just rewatched the episode and yeah the BGM for the scene where McG opens the lock is lifted right out of the Lost music book.

      • Ichi says:

        Thats the exact spot I was thinking about! I’m loving all the connections in the episode

    • Ichi says:

      I’m rewatching the episode, and in the opening scene with Jenna Kaye, you can see the billboard with a bunch of Wo Fat stuff and pictures of Champ Box items. I can now see there’s some sort of silver screw driver tool in one of the pictures too, and some sort of paper thing that has the numbers 889 on it. Can anyone else make out any other items in the background??

    • val says:

      Post cards from Japan – its tied in somehow with the ww2 medal,
      two lighters

      (the best way to view guys is to look at a picture of the champ box on the magic table. It easier to view the items. The other stuff is really hard to view from the vid clip.) Perhaps in the summer officer Bob can help us analyze these items.

  8. Sammie says:

    First, thank you for a brilliant website and all the fun reviews. Sometimes the reviews are just as much (if not more) fun than the episodes. I look forward to all the undercover videos this summer!

    Like button:
    – The governor twist was brilliant – sheer genius. Wasn’t expecting that, despite the clues (yakuza ties, la-dee-dah attitude to the missing $10,000,000).
    Q: Governors in Hawaii may serve only two four-year terms. Was Poppa McG investigating the governor before she became governor?
    – McGarrett driving Jack Lord’s car was a little over the top but so much fun. 😀
    – Kamekona! Charlie Fong! 😀 (More Catherine (if possible) and Malia, too, please – especially now that Laura’s dead.)
    – The return of the little old lady from December, and Kono and Steve booked at the same time: great way to end. Throughout Season 1, Danny and Chin Ho were real cops and (relatively) more by-the-book, and now it’s come back around to the two zanier ones.
    Q: IA cleared Chin because he did NOT actually take the money, and they can prove the $200,000 is not HPD’s money with serial numbers. Kono, however, DID take the money, and IA can prove the $10,000,000 is not HPD’s money (with the serial numbers). Even if they prove the governor put the money there, can that clear Kono?
    The only thing I can imagine: Kono refuses to rat Steve out, and because she herself never enters the locker, she’s not convicted – though she could always be convicted as an accessory.

    Dislike button (Facebook needs one):
    – Danny/Rachel. I always wanted them to reunite, and yes, Danny and Rachel are human, but this idea that their hearts just want what they want doesn’t fly. Some days my heart wants to hug my students and some days my heart wants to kill them, but luckily for society, I don’t always follow my heart.

    – I may be in the minority, but after her three-episode arc, I am so sad about Jenna Kaye. (1) The show could use more estrogen (2) Larisa Oleynik was ALEX MACK! (I was RAISED on Nickelodeon. Disney, what?) I should love Jenna.

    Yet Kaye really grates on my nerves: I feel like I’m watching the Wesley Crusher of “H50”. In her 3 episodes, Kaye has identified the McGarretts’ killer as Wo Fat, saved Danny’s life, parsed the entire car explosion all by herself. (Must be those Alex Mack superpowers.) In the season premiere, I assume she proves McGarrett’s innocence, rescues Kono from jail, gets Danny’s family to Hawaii, and saves Chin Ho 15% on his car insurance.

    In addition, while I hate to say this about any Nick actor/actress – my childhood loyalties run deep – I’ve felt ripped out of the story in Kaye scenes: either I’m aware I should feel something but don’t (I felt bad because I didn’t feel anything when Kaye said her fiance was killed), or I consciously think in the first viewing – when I’m usually too immersed in story to notice acting tics, “What an odd way to play that scene” – which happens regularly for me with Kaye, such as the car explanation scene.

    (As a counter-example: Bergman’s piano tuning scene – with its comedy, Bergman’s discomfort, and Kono and Chin Ho’s “um, riiiight” reaction – totally sucked me in. On second (and later) viewing, I found I loved Oka’s delivery and timing on “liked to … chat. It was emotionally draining” and loved GP and DDK’s different reactions.)

    To end on likes – my favorite two things on Twitter:
    – despite all the shock of Danny, the governor, Kono and Steve getting arrested, fans point out that Hawaiian Air does not fly to Newark direct. 😀
    – the BEST quote of the night (sorry, benevolent dictator McG) – I hope jennifer6973 doesn’t mind my quoting her: “Goodbye, red BMW. You performed your service well, but alas, you weren’t a Chevy and had to die.”

    Thanks again for all the work you do on this site!
    .:pops back to lurking:.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Thank you Sammie! That was a cool review! Puts me in a much better frame of mind than I’ve been in all day! I think I let the angst get to me! Absolutely love “the Chevy had to die” tweet! ROFLMAO!

    • Beth says:

      Sammie, I enjoyed reading your comments. I thought the same thing about how long McG’s dad had been investigating the governor. McG was 16 when his mom was killed, that must be at least 18 years, she couldn’t have been in office for that long.
      I agree with your comments and assessment of Jenna Kaye. LOL at your Wesley Crusher comparison and your car ins. remark.

    • Cécile says:

      Same here about Jenna Kaye. I’d love to have another female character on the team, but I really can’t get used to her know-it-all attitude. I know she’s been investigating her fiance’s death, but how does a low level analyst know anything about claymores ? What I like about H50 is the differences between the characters : Steve has the military shoo’em up attitude and knwoledge, while Danny’s all about law and police inforcement, Chin knows how the islands work and is the tech guy, and Kono is still learning a bit of everything. But to me Jenna just looks like the unbelievable character who knows everything.

      That’s why I loved the voting scene “I’m new, I thought I didn’t get to vote” ” You’re right, you don’t get to vote”. Haha well said Steve !

      • Val says:

        Yes the voting scene was just priceless!! LOL!! I’m with you guys on Jenna Kaye and I didn’t like the fact that she kenw how to use the magic table so fast for someone’s who’s new? I’m just confused by her character too.

      • awesomefan says:

        Jenna Kaye just grates on the nerves. She’s awkward and her dialog is delivered in a nasal and stilted way. I tend to get absorbed in the storyline and when she is onscreen the story *always* loses momentum for me.

        Question about Kathleen: If she is in Naval Intelligence and her favorite hook-up has just been arrested for murdering the Governor, by association will she be disgraced as well ? I wonder if she might be discharged and maybe be looking for a job and maybe…..? Me like Kathleen and Steve!

      • Cécile says:

        @ awesomefan – that’s a good question about Catherine, I had almost forgotten her (too bad, cause I like her too !).
        If anyone knows about their relationship, there might be some investigation on her, and she might be in trouble for helping Steve. But, as far as I remember, she was never involved in the very illegal stuff Five-0 did (the 10 mil theft mainly). She just helped him catch bad guys. I know nothing about military sanctions, so I have no idea if it’d be serious !

      • Val says:

        @awesome fan – I don’t think Catherine will be implicated by anything that Steve’s involved with as far as Wofat is concerned although she could get into trouble if she was caught giving all that intel to help Steve but she’s extremely smart and can be very discreet with keeping things under wraps that’s why Steve knew he could count on her. However things could change if Michelle Borth is not returning to H50 since she has a new show coming in July. However, since she isn’t a regular cast on H50 they may still be able to continue to have her working on the show. I truly hope so. I think all the bad stuff that happened to Five-0 was all planned for ep 24 – so Catherine is safe.

      • awesomefan says:

        Duh, yeah I meant “Catherine” not “Kathleen”. I’m firing on dead cells.

      • val says:

        One troubling thought I had about Jenna’s character – now that we all have seen the final episode is Steve’s father’s voice recorder. Since we all know that Laura delivered the items to Steve how did the voice recorder become an exception?

        Also the facct that Wofat just happened to find Steve at the noodle – he’s not a mind reader, no one is that good only one of two people knew about it. The voice recorder could very well be Wofat who sent it – to have her running to Steve since he does know about her – but how? Whenever there are question marks I’m learning to be a bit more leery. She doesnt quite fit the profile of a mole but it seems odd that she has so much knowledge about certain things for someone who’s a lowly analyst!! Something about her seems misplaced somehow and we won’t know until much later in season 2.

        If Wofat has tabs on Steve you can be sure he will have tentacles on Jenna too!!

    • lainiek says:

      lol- that is true about Hawaiian Air- I think I had to take Continental when I flew direct. Otherwise, you have to stop in either LA or SF. 😉

    • Kimmer says:

      Sammie –

      You stated it perfectly – Jenna Kayes lines take you OUT of the story because they aren’t delivered properly. That’s exactly what has been bugging me all along – I think otherwise I would like the character and what she can offer.

    • Air Force Brat says:

      I agree about Jenna. I yell at the screen…”How come you’re doing CDC’s job? in the Haz Mat suit?” and “You’ve never questioned a suspect, how can you be pointing out all the body language?”….the same thing with the car bomb?….The only thing that keeps tripping me up is that Steve asked “Where’s Agent Kaye?” to Wo Fat…so I wonder if she really is a lowly analyst. But even then, she wouldn’t know everything.

      Even my teenager son is is really laid back about characters and plot lines doesn’t like her.

    • officer808 says:

      Sammie thanks for posting 🙂 I am so impressed you found humor in this…I think I was overwhelmed. Love the Geico and BMW quips!

      BTW lurk no more and post 🙂

    • Linda Stein says:

      OMG…that is too funny! I wrote my review on the balcony of a cruise ship in the Caribbean without reading a single word from anyone and I thought of Wesley Crusher too! ROFL… there go those great minds again!!! LOL

  9. norsmyth says:

    Hey Officer 808, just finished listening to you and Peter Lenkov on Mike’s radio show. This is the first I’ve checked out your blog and it’s really great! I’ve followed Alex’s career since his Moonlight days and was fortunate enough to meet him when he was in Pittsburgh filming the pilot for Three Rivers. Though I loved both of those shows and was really bummed when they were canceled (esp. Moonlight) I’m thrilled that H50 is so successful for him and the whole cast and crew. I enjoyed every episode but the finale was absolutely amazing, so many twists and turns and now I can hardly wait for Sept. to get here! Love your blog, will be checking in quite often.

    • Beth says:

      I’ve been an AOL fan since ML as well and was very disappointed when it was cancelled. I’m happy for him that H5-0 is doing so well and will be back for season 2. He’s a very subtle and convincing actor.

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha norsmyth, thanks for your kind words. It looks like Alex lived through the season one cancellation curse with Hawaii Five-0. Hopefully we’ll have years more.

  10. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Officer Bob, thank you so much for that fantastic review. It’s been a really tough day today trying to make heads or tails of this crazy show I love beyond reason! I’m so glad I hung around to read your blog, since I will be able to get some sleep tonight.

    You are so right, there was nothing funny about last’s night episode – it had my stomach in a knot from the first scene – no! From the first notes of the song that started the show! Oh, my, you just knew it was going to be bad. Shock and awe for the rest of the episode. Exhaustion afterwards!

    Today, I refrained from commenting on my usual boards as long as I could, reading all the posts, and trying to understand my own reactions to last night’s show and meanwhile come to grips with everything that transpired. Needless to say, I am having a difficult time processing everything. The main reason I waited to respond is because I didn’t want to just bust out my initial gut reaction, because I was shocked and a little disappointed. I wanted to let my heart get back to normal rythym, and my brain back to functioning mode.

    To start with Danny and Rachel. Yes, it was shocking to start the show with them like that. I never dreamed their relationship had reached that level of intimacy – I’m a slow learner, I guess and I was initially disappointed in them, or the writers for putting them in that situation. I know that many fans are downright furious about this turn of events, and writers and producers, you might have to deal with this negativity at some point. But one point I’d like to make about this relationship is that simply because Danny is a by-the-book cop, why should we have expected him to be a by-the-book, rigidly moral man? A major theme of this season has been to show our 4 main characters as human beings with major problems in their lives that they are striving daily to deal with. I think it was obvious from the start that Danny is a flawed character and he has had issues with his relationship with Rachel from the beginning. He NEVER stopped loving Rachel, that’s so obvious, even with all the ranting and arguing from the first episodes that we heard. Once Steve met Rachel and listened to the two of them talk about each other, he figured it out (and since he’s not particularly in tune to personal feelings, it had to be pretty blatant for him to catch on!) Even Brother Matt knew Danny was still in love with her. Find me a man, any man, that much in love with a woman, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get her back? It is HUMAN nature to want happiness – to want a family – to hell with the consequences – we’ll face those another day!”

    So, my gut reaction was STUPID move, Danny! My more rational one is “okay, you’re in love and you have a chance to get the woman of your dreams back. Enjoy, but know there will be consequences. There already are, cause now you have to choose between your family and your Ohana!”

    The rest of the finale was just awesome. Like many others, I half expected the governor to die, and Steve to get framed, but for her to be the baddie? That hit me like a ton of bricks, let me tell you! Poor Steve – so reckless, so over the top, so driven and ultimately, so panic stricken! So much to resolve in S2! So much angst to deal with!

    Kono, my girl, you shouldn’t have followed Steve down the-devil-may-care path quite so closely! Look where you are now! How can that little granny have such good eyesight? I can’t see past the end of my nose with my specs on!

    And as for Chin, he’s right where he needs to be – back in HPD where he can keep on top of things and work at exonerating Steve and figuring out how to keep Kono’s head above water. This is an interesting twist – Chin, in the pilot, being the blackballed HPD officer accused of stealing from the asset forfeiture locker, while Kono is the idealistic HPD rookie always telling Chin he should do right. Now, in the finale, there’s Chin as the reinstated HPD lieutenant, cleared of all accusations, and Kono is the family member accused of stealing from the same locker and probably about to be blackballed from HPD and their family! 180s for sure!

    And Jenna Kaye? I think we’re going to have to swallow any dislike for her that we may have for awhile, cause she’ s going to be needed to help Chin and Danny solve the case against Steve. Also, Max and Charlie Fong will have to get on board, because the only way they can get Steve out of jail is to prove Steve didn’t pull the trigger on that gun, which, actually doesn’t look to be too hard since there’s none of Steve’s prints on that gun and the taser has to leave a mark, right? Hope Kamakona doesn’t get in trouble for giving the gun to Steve, but what in God’s name is he doing with an abandoned trailer full of ammo?

    I’m fairly certain Chin accepted his badge back with HPD simply to put himself in a position to keep track of Steve, get him out of trouble, and keep abreast of the developments in the case. The misunderstanding between Danny and Chin will be resolved early on in S2, like maybe the first five minutes of S2, and together they will work to get Steve out of jail and Kono reinstated.

    I will go into the summer remembering that look of utter dejection, fear and confusion on Steve’s face when he’s getting his mug shot taken, and he sees Kono there. Oh, my, that wrenched my heart and drew the air right out of my lungs! Steve doesn’t know why she’s there – pretty sure he’ll have time on his hands to figure it out – but with the look between the two it shows that Steve realizes his actions have finally had consequences for his Ohana, as well. We have a lot to mull over here, don’t we? Oh, God, it’s going to be a long summer!

    Thank you cast, crew, writers and producers for the best nine months of television I’ve had in a very long time. And thank you, Undercover officer, for the best time I’ve had with like-minded devotees, ever!

    • Beth says:

      I second your final paragraph Jlopie(Lynnette).

      • sam says:

        I wholeheartingly agree with your statement about the best 9 month of TV and about this absolutely great blog. Kudos to the writers, cast and everyone involved. And thank you Officer for your time and dedication to this great show.

    • Cécile says:

      About Chin : I completely agree, it looks pretty obvious he’s only back in the HPD to be the insideman. The way he refused his badge at the beginning of this episode, how he stressed the fact that 5-0 is his new family (he said so twice, in the finale and in the car with Kono in the memorable scene when she uncovers the truth about Chin and the money), and the way he says ‘Well, I’m not going to sit here and do nothing”.

      And Peter Lenkov tweeted “Chin would never betray true friends. He must have a plan”…

      That said, not letting Steve and Danny in on it is pretty hard. DDK is awesome at acting like a cold hearted bastard ! And I mean that in the best possible way ! He kinda reminded me of Jin in the first days of Lost.

      • lainiek says:

        Of course, Lynette already knows how I feel about Danny and Rachel. I think everyone else will come out of this ok- their issues are “professional”. Steve and Kono will clear their names, Chin joined the force only to help them from the inside, and that part of the storyline will get wrapped up in the first few eps of S2. But, the ramifications of what Danny and Rachel “did” will take longer to clean up or to move forward. I for one still doubt she is really pregnant and think she used it to lure him back to NJ. I think either Stan or Wo Fat (or both) threatened her, and she was desperate to get away. So, she made up the pregnancy. The timing is off for me in so many ways….how could she be pregnant so soon? If she is trying to rescue Danny and that is why she said it, I can mostly accept it. If she said it because she wanted Danny to run away with her and escape Stan (was he abusing her, was he just mean, was he corrupt and evil and in with Wo Fat, or was he just dull- or all of the above?), I have even less respect for her than I did at the beginning of the season. I don’t see the Rachel/Danny story as romantic. I see her as a wishy washy woman, who left her husband (possibly directly for another man if not just because it became too uncomfortable to be married to a cop), married this new man, ran away to a more comfortable life in HI, dragged her child away to HI with her and away from her daddy, and then continued to give this man hell even after he followed them. By my calculations Rachel and Stan were probably together around 2 years. So, now, thinks start to go sour with Stan, and she immediately starts to look in rearview mirrors, and think “Hey, Danny still loves me and this makes me feel really good, so I am going to run back to him and feel good about myself”. Now, things are not good again, so she is running again. I hope that this is catalyst to have Danny finally be able to sever ties with her and move forward. And, yes, I know I am in a minority (except on certain boards), but to me I think it would be best for them to deliver on the promise to leave all 5-0 members romance free or only casually dating. If I wanted this much angst and drama, I would watch soaps instead. To wrap up this thought, Danny is going to be left to clean up and move forward the most in s2.

        So, that out of my system:

        1- I thought that Alex O’Loughlin’s facial expressions in this ep were subtle and amazing. I have come to look at Steve McGarrett as a “little boy lost”. Because he had his youth end abruptly at 16, I think that he is still a young boy sometimes. Even with his years in the NAVY and SUPER SEAL abilities, I think he is still a young child searching for love, acceptance, belonging, and people to trust. I actually think that is why he can be too gullible when it comes to people close to him, and feels the betrayal so much (super seal buddy, governor,etc). What we saw at the end was pure, sheer, raw confusion at having everything he believed in taken away.

        I think the 180 for me was going into the show thinking McG was going to be the tough, hard as nails guy and Danny was going to be the easy going, more pedestrian one, and that Danny would learn from McG.

        On the contrary, we have seen a season where Steve relies on Danny for a lot of clues, information and direction. More importantly, Steve has come to love and trust Danny and needs to believe that Danny does the same. Steve was as shocked as we were last week than Danny and Rachel were an item again. I think this hurt him a little. He needs to tether himself to someone or something to believe in. So, I have come out of the season feeling that we truly cannot be judged by our exterior.

        As I told Peter Lenkov directly, where he leads, we will follow. I may not like some of the direction we have gone with the storyline, but I respect the fact that he has polarized us so much that we are still taking and debating it days later like these are members of our family going thru a crisis.

        Guess that makes up extended Ohana.

      • Cécile says:

        I completely agree with your analysis of Steve. I really loved Alex’s performance in this finale.

        As for Rachel, I’m starting to have a change of heart too. I was upset at her for deciding to leave Hawaii right away. And the look she had when she boarded, it looked like she was disappointed that he didn’t show up. Don’t you know better, woman ? He adores you, if he’s not there, it means he’s in serious trouble…

      • rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

        @lainiek: I LOVE your analysis of Steve and I totally agree.

      • Val says:

        @Cecile thanks for confirming that Chin won’t betray the team. Chin is an amazingly strong character. He took the sword and was willing to die for to save his uncle who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

        Chin also admired Steve’s father and he became a good friend to him when he needed it at a time when he was accused of stealing the money – Steve’s father never wavered from his affection towards Chin and Chin always felt he owed a lot to John McGarrett and now he’s working with Steve who is so like his father and Chin knows Steve was set up for a fall and the entire team so it makes sense that he would rush off at once to do something about it. Unfortunately Danny is two steps slower than everyone on the team since he likes to analyze everything first and Chin knows that time is of the essence. Steve at one time asked Chin to look into a few things for him regarding his father’s investigation including the missing accident file – I bet he’s going to do some digging in the old archives for information on Wofat and I’m sure that whatever John was working on – could very well still be hidden at HPD and Chin’s in a perfect place to do some digging. I just hope he has a chance to sneak in to check up on Steve, only to see if he’s okay!! The problem is once Chin saves Steve will he give up HPD to work with Five-0 again?

    • officer808 says:

      You nailed it in the fourth paragraph IMO. He’s by-the-book, but he knows when to break the rules. Does a strictly by the book police officer throw hot coals in a man’s face? 😉

      • Dee says:

        yes!!! 🙂 @ the coals.
        also a by the book police officer would of taken his brother in, would not have strapped a potential informant to the hood of his car, slammed a gov offical around a resturant kitchen. 🙂
        I think this finale was so powerful because it didn’t focus on the team as a unit that flowed- it highlighted flaws. They aren’t superheroes but real people- real cops and real emotions. Which in the “thick” of it very hard to control.
        @Cecile post above made me think of a convo I was having the other day
        Danny was so involved in his job (as he should be as all this was going down) that he gave his family the typical cop line “can’t talk right now…- too busy” etc etc.
        Trust me from personal experience this is not just a “man answer”- but a response typical of any law enforment. Rather if he took a sec and gave a response of “Steve is in big trouble…the S*&$ has hit the fan, don’t know when I’ll be free”…So what is the point I am trying to make- Danny did not give Rachel all the info- would that have stopped her from getting on plane??? not really.. but she would not be waiting, desponded that Danno didn’t show.. absolutely! But then again we wouldn’t have the final cliffhangers if they did have better communtication. If Rachel returns to Hawaii (which I agree with Mike on radio show-) this is part of the relationship that will have to be worked on.

      • Cécile says:

        I think we labelled him as being “by the book” by comparison to Steve, who a) is not a cop and b) knows no limit. We’ve seen Danny go pretty far a couple of times.
        For me, he’s attached to the law and the uses of police techniques because it’s his job but most of all because it works. He gets mad at Steve for hanging the guy off the roof because Steve didn’t let him the chance to work his way. Same with the door blasting scene at the hotel, when Danny calls Steve a “Neanderthal animal” : he could have just asked for the key !

        About moving to NJ, I was wondering if the situation was not an excuse to have Danny’s presence toned down for a couple episodes (after the current problem is resolved), to allow Scott Caan to go back to LA and pursue other projects. Scott said in his ending interview that he would like to see that, Danny in NJ for a little while, participating by phone or something…
        I would not like this idea, of course ! But I wondered about it.

    • val says:

      Hi reading your review Lynette its always so refreshingly honest and straight to the point. Like you I found I couldn’t begin to write my review until I had time to digest all that has happened. It was just one shock after the other and it just snowballed until all of us were just aghast at how utterly ruthless and vindictive Wofat truly is.

      For the most part we really knew so little about Wofat. He had what four very brief appearances on the show but even then we had no idea what this man was capable of until this past final episode. The biggest shock of all for most of us to discover that Gov Jamison was not who we thought she was and its interesting to learn on the podcast question that officer Bob asked Peter about the writing for the episode was not based on any of our discussions or reviews about the show so they have known for sometime that she would be a character with a very dark side. Gov Jamison must have been their biggest weapon and it must have been awfully hard for everyone to keep the secret since all of us have been dying to know what the secret was. We needed to know some things – honestly if we all watched it with no hints or clues….it would take us much longer to recover from the shock.

      I needed at least two days to think about how I was going to prepare my review – no it has not been an easy episode to write about and there really wasn’t anything funny about what happened at all. This was the first serious episode we have ever had and now I’m wondering if because of what happened we will be on a different course for season 2 and the ride everyone is going to be suspenseful because now we have no idea what’s going to happen to any of them. All eyes for sure will be on Steve and his fate. I wished officer 808 had a chance to ask if we will have a knew Gov on the show who will they all have jobs at HPD which will be so miserable…just can’t bear to see that happening.

    • Linda Stein says:

      As usual Lynnette you have a unique perspective on our favorite show. I agree with your assesment of Danny and Rachel. It was not a smart thing to do but human beings are quite often NOT smart! Danny’s heart has always been with Rachel and Grace. It would have taken the strength of Job to resist the opportunity to get back with her. Danny is a good, honest man but he is no saint. Sometimes it’s just hard for people to accept that their hero’s are not superman…just human after all.

    • Linda Stein says:

      As usual Lynnette I LOVE your review but don’t be dissappointed in Danny. Danny’s main focus has always, ALWAYS, been Grace and by extension Rachel. His heart never left them. It would have taken the strength of Job to resist the opportunity to get back with her. Was it a stupid move? Yes, but then human beings very often are quite stupid. Danny is no saint, he would probably say, never claimed to be.

      It’s just comes as a shock sometimes when it finally hits us between the eyes that our heros are not superman, just human beings. Sometimes we just don’t see it coming.

  11. sam says:

    I will not be able to give a coherent review of this absolutely fantastic season finale for at least a few days, so I will just give you my rambling. Sorry.

    I just finished the season finale of Hawaii Five-0 and I’m completely blown away by it. I’m still in shock, so please forgive me if this “review” will be a bit emotional and confused. Because that is what I am right now.

    OK, where to start? I guess with the one thing that I absolutely hated about it, so to get that out of the way. WTF was that with Rachel and Danny? Sorry but that was just stupidest development of the relationship they could think of. I detest it with all my heart. Hate it. And a little bit of that hate goes over to Danny, how could he so easily be willing to leave Hawaii? There was no hesitation whatsoever to leave with R and G for New Jersey. Just wrap up his cases and there is NOTHING there for him in Hawaii? I hate him for that sentence. Sorry but that is LOW. This whole plot with Rachel is just so wrong and I have to tell you I would never have guessed that the “moral compass” of all of them would get behind everybody’s back and jump into bed with his ex-wife as long as she was still with Stan. That whole plot is just disgusting. And I don’t even mean the cheating and the secrecy; I mean the cheap plot to get Danny away from Hawaii, the cheap trick to break them all up. Everyone got a real good plot for it, but Danny’s is just lame.

    OK, just forget about Rachel and Danny, if I write anything else about them I guess I would explode.

    Now to the rest of it. This was by far the most thrilling and exiting episode of the season. That was just brilliant.

    I can’t believe they killed the Governor. They killed Jean Smart! And she was working for/with Wo Fat, or was he working for her? Who knows! I can’t believe that, I did not see that coming. I would have bet money on it that they would not kill her. I’m still shocked.

    Now about Steve. How stupid can one man be? How could he be so stupid to go to her alone? I mean yeah it gave us Ninja-Steve, something I completely adore, but hey he should have known. Of course he was on an emotional rollercoaster the whole episode so I can fully understand it. The recording was a good idea, but please that was just a bit easy. Poor guy even got tased the second time in the show. Oh btw, does that mean that Wo Fat did it the last time, since it seems to be his weapon of choice? The last one who did that was equally creepy and stealthy, Steve never knew he was there, so yeah I think it was him.

    God I can’t even think about the consequences about this for him. If any of this sticks to him he will lose everything. He would be dishonorably discharged from the Navy, his whole life would be in shambles. The most honorable man would be disgraced. Don’t take that away from him, that would be worse than death. That cannot happen. Please?!

    I loved every second with Steve in this ep, AOL is so great as McGarrett, and I hope that all the critics of him will shut up now. He plays that role perfectly. When he was confronting the Governor and teared up, that was brilliant. Wow.

    I think he should have clocked Danny. What is he thinking of entering the house without knocking, ever. He should not do that. And what was he doing there anyway, telling Steve, oh hey btw I’m back with my wife who I knocked up and we’re going back to Jersey tonight? He can take his beer and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. OK, OK, take some deep breath now, do some breathing exercises and go on with the review. OK, I’m calm now. Yeah right.

    I have some real choice words for him. OK, guess in the end he did redeem himself a bit, I mean he didn’t show up at the gate. Yeah was probably stuck in traffic on his way there. Breathe!

    The last picture with Steve at booking, who would not give him a hug and tell him everything is going to be OK? I wanted to. And I want someone to tell me that also please. How are they going to get them out of that mess?

    I mean they will find out that Steve did not pull the trigger. Forensics will find out that there is no powder residue on his hand and arm, he was too far away for that. So they will find out pretty fast that there was someone else who pulled the trigger. If they don’t, they really need some new CSI guys there. But I’m sure that is cleared up quick. But there is still the issue with the money. I mean they did steal the money. I don’t even want to think about it. How many weeks to September?

    This week is going to be tough. I mean today was hard, first with Castle, wow didn’t see that coming and then H50. Next NCIS and at the end of the week, The Mentalist with a two-parter and Red John. But no matter what those shows will do, Hawaii Five-0 cannot be beaten. That was just too great.

    Speaking of great. I love Chin, he really is a cool guy and he keeps his head. He is the first to do something about the situation. And now with at HPD he can actually do something. I didn’t get how Danny can doubt him? I will not talk about Danny again. I won’t.

    Kono. Poor kid, now she really is in the slammer. How will she get out of that? Will she reveal who was with her? I hope Steve is not going to do something stupid and is trying to get her out in taking the blame on himself. Don’t you dare do that. I can’t wait for the writers to continue this. I hope they do have a plan. I mean they are not like me and getting someone in trouble and think after that about how to get them out. Well I hope not, because then we are in trouble.

    Jenna. Well I really like. I think she fits into the mix really well, hope she comes back next year.

    About next year. It will still be Five-0 right? So that means they all need to come back, Steve and Kono need to be exonerated (no idea how they will do that), Rachel needs to come back to Hawaii, Chin needs to come back to Five-0, oh and we need a new Governor. Yeah well, easy, right?

    I’m pretty sure when I finally calmed down some I will be able to think about this fantastic episode in some kind of orderly fashion. But until then have a great day.

    • Val says:

      Consequences? Weren’t we warned repeatedly that there would be consequences of their actions that it would come back to bite but did it have to be so harsh? It was so upetting to see one of the promo pictures of Steve in uniform with the red large lettering wanted for murder. What would it do his career in the navy – that was just nuts that they would take it this far.

      When Steve was ordered to face the back wall as they prepared his mugshot was just brutal!! You wanted to give him a hug, I wanted to sit in his empty office and just crawl in his chair and cry and pray that he will be wearing the navy blues again. How can Five-0 ever come back after this? How could Wofat have this much power and not allow Steve to be just as strong on the other side? They just let him fall humiliatingly to his knees, its just unbelievable how this all went down in season 1.

    • luvinao'l says:

      agree on Danny and Rachel…it was the weak part of the story for sure… like the writers got hooked on the “everybody does a 180” idea and this was the only way they could come up with for Danny, who sooo didn’t want to be in Hawaii at the beginning… it was forced, too abrupt… but then again, that’s going to happen in series TV… the “one eye looking forward and one looking back” is an apt metaphor…

      Was Michelle Borth’s (Ramboette Catherine) pilot picked up for the fall, or is she still available for recurrences…??? She seemed right with Steve…

      And WHY did John McG say to his son “I’m sorry I LIED to you…?”

      • Diana says:

        Michelle Borth’s new show will be showing on ABC over the summer. So what impact it will have on her making recurring appearances on Hawaii Five-0, is yet to be seen since I would assume that a competing network to CBS wouldn’t be real happy about their stars showing up on a network other then their own, but I could be wrong.

      • Diana says:

        Oh, and as for why John McG said “I’m sorry I lied to you…?” I believe he was apologizing to Steve for tell Steve his mother died in a drunk driving accident instead of tell him the truth that she was murdered by the Yazuka because his investigation into them.

      • luvinao'l says:

        Thanks, Diana..

    • officer808 says:

      Well stated and you make a great argument sam. I’ve said it before, I’ve never considered Danny to be the moral compass of the team. He plays by the rules and breaks them when he has to. More on this in a future post.

      • lankyguy says:

        Being the ‘moral compass of the show’ is not the same as being infallible. No one would ever claim Danny is that, but he does try to do the right thing, and tries to keep Steve on the straight and narrow. But for someone who has always been portrayed as a deeply committed family man to abruptly become an adulterer is a step beyond. YMMV But to me it was extremely out of character.

        What really saddens me are the people I’ve seen defend this storyline including @PLenkov.

        Here’s the link to his tweet BTW:

  12. Val says:

    Great blog and reviews everyone!! Officer 808 – thanks for cheering me up that there is a way to clear Steve from the hangman noose – I have a different perspective if all of you can just bear with me-

    This is the moment!! (Elvis song) Who was most likely to go boom became very obvious to most of us when we knew that actress Jean Smart and Kelly Hu were both leaving the show to begin their new tv pilots elsewhere. It became a foregone conclusion that it would be one of the two or both but what stood out to be most shocking was the well planned out execution by Wofat to destroy the Five-0 team. Everything came down to finger pointing Steve for buying the “bomb” material that blew up Laura’s car, finger prints planted all over Laura’s house, and the arrest warrant for the murder of Laura Hills and finally the incriminating gun that was found in Steve’s hand after Wofat shot and killed the Govenor. Steve became the prime suspect for the murders of two government official and a death warrant of the worse kind fell down so fast that none of us could even have predicted the ultimate destruction of Five-0. This episode had all the hallmark ingredients of love, horror, betrayal, dispair, denial and grief.

    Its now May 17th and I’m mourning the loss of my favorite team and show as I sit and stare at my computer screen trying to put the scattered jigsaw pieces of the show together like it was my own personal crime scene staring at me instead of my beloved task force team ruined, shattered to the point of no return. This is not how I envisioned saying a fond farewell to Five-0 in this season’s finale. And I never could have predicted seeing my favorite hero Steve’s life hanging in the balance,sitting in the backseat of the police car with his hands cuffed behind his back is only the start of a nightmare that will begin with season 2.

    For the first time I didn’t even look at the sky or noticed the beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscape, it was as if all that beauty just simply vanished behind a wall of Five-0 deconstruction – without them there is no fun in the sun on tv.

    You know the saying “Be careful what you wish for” – well now I wished I didn’t have the answers and wished I was blissfully ignorant of what the Govenor and Wofat had been doing on this island and that Peter Lenkov would rewrite the script and begin anew but I know in my heart I would never be satisfied without getting answers, never thought we would get it all in one night and Peter Lenkov to his credit delivered a brilliant script, just never thought it would hurt so much.

    None of this was Steve’s fault he couldn’t possibly know that his father’s harmless little red toolbox would have “sticks of dynamite” information that would become so explosive to expose the Govenor’s secret connection to Wofat. “You did it Steve you really did it!!” The skeleton key held all the mystery that his father John came so close to finding. None of us could have anticipated the avalanche of false leads and mountain of evidence that crushed our team last night.

    So how do we fix this – what would our Five-0’s do? They would try and figure out what went wrong. To do this I have to rewind what’s in my memory to the pilot when Steve came home to bury his father. Steve was caught in an ambush with Anton Hesse but fortunately he was the sole survivor – everyone was killed. That ambush is the brutality and hallmark of Wofat. Steve was meant to die that day along with his father. Wofat would have had his empire of crime, an utterly ruthless dictatorship ruled by him on beautiful Hawaii got my attention on this episode.

    Governor Jamison offers Steve a job to run a task force with full immunity and means and full backing from her to get the job done. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer? My how self-serving and devious she was!! She used the power of her office to help Wofat tie up the loose ends for all his misdeeds. No wonder he got away with everything. Steve put an end to Hesse and the yakuza business operation. Now with the Govenor gone, will Wofat reclaim a seat in her office or will he find a stooge to replace her? God help us all if Wofat has that much strength and power and of course Steve was the final loose end to add to our pile of misery!!

    Meanwhile, Steve was targeted in this episode just like the pilot. Déjà vu, he was in a battle for his life. With eyes on Steve, I watched with awe as he made his escape running for his life instead of chasing bad guys. He was running from them. Note the irony!! So glad that he vanished out of sight, long enough to race home driving the marquis searching for Kamekona, one of few friends he could trust on the island to seek desperate help.

    Flashback scene – he and Danny visited the Govenor’s office to give their report on Wofat. Steve turned to look in surprise at the Govenor’s classic antique bureau. His eyes turned back to stare at the Govenor contemplating silently what his next move would be and his sudden suspicion led him to act abruptly cutting the interview short which surprised Danny.

    One of the things I love so much about Alex O’Loughlin’s performance is his wonderful ability to show or hide the expression on his face and one of his endearing features are his eyes they are quite remarkably expressive not just beautiful to look at and though Steve is a lot more complex, it wasn’t hard to anticipate his next move. Reckless? More like a determined ninja warrior who was on a quest for answers.

    He was brilliantly smart in observing the security box in the entrance hallway as he memorized the code. He had every intention of revisiting the mansion to see what’s inside that bureau. No I wasn’t the least surprised that he acted against everyone’s loud protest.

    It wasn’t surprising how good and how efficient he was in getting into the mansion and searching the office and my heart stopped for a minute when the key neatly fitted into the lock and turned but it was what he would find that scared me to death. It really saddened me to think that she had Steve’s father’s stolen stuff in her draw and if he had more time perhaps he would find his mother’s accident report file that went missing. I bet its there somewhere in that office.

    That surprised lunch date that Steve interrupted with Hiro became very clear to all now that she was far more involved and connected to this mess. It makes me so angry for Steve when she was in his office and saw all the evidence that was in his father’s toolbox on his desk. She must have been really surprised to see that he had photos of all the evidence lying on his desk when she had the real thing hiding in her office. I could cheerfully slap her for her deceit. It could also explain why Koji’s accident was never properly investigated. Guess her pay day was to look the other way and she must have known about MaryAnn’s kidnapping too.

    I knew that Danny would be alarmed and upset with Steve seeing him dressed in black at the house!! He immediately knew what Steve had done. The look of denial never came. He was fit to be tied and exasperated with brotherly concern and friendship knowing that his partner wasn’t going to let it go that easily. Though Steve looked so guilty and hurt by Danny’s anger, he got the evidence he was looking for.

    Steve uncovered some valuable intel on his own that made him realize that Laura was trying to help him, she wasn’t trying to set him up and oh the look on his crest fallen face when it dawned on him what Laura was trying to do, help Steve, made me sad.

    So now we know that Steve did what he had to do to confront the Governor he trusted, that his own father and mother trusted. She betrayed his family, betrayed the people of Hawaii – the look on his face was like a hole in my heart watching him learn the dreadful truth of a confession that never came. Then the unthinkable happened we knew that Wofat was not far away and he took matters into his own hands before things got any worse. He stayed long enough to hear what Steve had uncovered, tasered him and then killed us all when he placed the weapon in Steve’s motionless hand completing the frame job. This taser makes me think that Wofat was the one waiting on the boat and tasered Chin before placing that bomb bracelet around his neck, not Victor Hesse. Again Wofat’s MO.

    The entire bizarre set of circumstances that followed by confusion was deliberately intended to make Steve look bad in front of HPD and the viewers. He’s reckless cavalier behavior that led to his downfall made the headlines news for the blogs.

    I never lost faith in Steve, although Steve’s looked like it was slipping. His pleading of innocence had me crying as Chin cuffed Steve behind his back and read him his rights. We were left to think that Chin turned his back on the team for his job at HPD as Danny did. Chin did what he had to do, everything by the book on the surface. It was the only way he could protect Steve, eventually Danny would see that.

    In conclusion, my heart’s still aching over what developed in this episode, my suspicion of Jenna remains open – if Laura really did steal those items from the Govenor’s office to send to Steve how did Steve’s father’s voice recorder become an exception and why did Wofat find Steve so fast at the noodle place when one of two people knew that Steve was going to be there?

    With the stakes so high against Steve, and Kono, there’s not a lot that one can trust. Having Jenna Kaye on the team has opened the door to so many possibilities on the show and it can be seen in a negative light in one way and a positive one in another since it gives Rachel and Danny the opportunity to develop their relationship which also would have kept Danny firmly on Hawaiian soil but with Rachel’s decision he is forced to make a choice to help Steve or be with the woman he loves. His loyalty will come into question but I don’t believe he’ll betray either. He will stay to help Steve. Rachel will stand by Danny. They have come too far to mess their relationship and with a baby on its way, this will be a new development for season 2.

    I am also eager to have MaryAnn return to brother Steve. He sure needs her in the middle of the crisis not that it would be good for him to worry about but it would be nice for someone else to worry about him for a change as we all are and will. Season 2 simply can’t come fast enough.

    • officer808 says:

      Thanks always Val. 🙂 I was under the impression that Mary Ann would be in one more episode…

      • Val says:

        I was hoping Taryn would be back the last part of season 1 too but I read somewhere that it would be season 2 – hope they plan to have her in a lot more eps if she comes back for season 2 and I really hope they don’t just have her when Steve’s about to be sentenced…God that would just be unbearable. I’m really hoping that they won’t let it go that far.

      • officer808 says:

        I think sis will be paying the incarcerated brother a visit…

      • Val says:

        Officer 808 – really hoping that the writers will give a bigger role for MaryAnn when they bring her back – she has quite a lot of spunk. I can’t help thinking back the day she was kidnapped, – someone thoroughly searched her rental house when they grabbed her. She was asking the HPD a bunch of questions what if she did find something but hid it!! Its a bit of as stretch mind you but I can’t help thinking about what you said on the redux page that he might be looking for something that wasn’t in the toolbox? Maybe he’s looking for the missing accident report – I was half thinking that it had something to do with the skeleton key but got that wrong, but there is still another key, a locker key I bet there’s another mystery right there that maybe Wofat is looking for but hasn’t found yet and Steve doesn’t know either so whatever it is that Wofat is looking for is a major threat to him possibly could have something to do with Steve’s family’s past. I have a feeling that there are more story bombs waiting for us in the future. I don’t think we are nearly as done about the toolbox as we might think. There was a lot of items in it.

    • Linda Stein says:

      Great review Val! You see things in Steve that the rest of us miss. I agree about Alex’s eyes. On Sunday night I finally got to see the finale again on the big screen at home. That little 19in job in the cabin on the ship did not do it justice. As my hubby and I were watching the scene in Jamison’s office I turned to my hubby and said..”oh my God…look at his eyes!!!” Alex’s eyes were filled with tears of FURY!!!

      I am going to say it again. Anyone who says Alex can not act is a MORON!!!!!!!

      • awesomefan says:

        Nicely put Linda! You could really feel the tension, desperation, and dread building in McGarrett as he put the pieces together. By the end, I was riveted albeit squirming and gasping and practically covering my eyes b/c the suspense was almost intolerable. Given that the scenes are filmed out of order from the finished product this makes his performance even more impressive. Kudos to the writers and AOL! Can’t wait for S2!

      • Bert Hayling says:

        You nailed it, Linda — and boy, so did Alex! I’ve always been impressed with his ability to use body language, facial expression, and emotional cues (like tearing up, or working up a facial flush, as he did when Steve first gets up post-tazering and staggers a bit in Jameson’s office) to further enhance his performance., but man, he really hit it out of the park in the finale!

        He sold the daylights out of Steve’s ever-increasing anxiety, frustration, confusion, dread as the trumped-up evidence against him mounted and the noose tightened… his shock, disbelief and anger at the sheer scope of Jameson’s betrayal; his dazed, disoriented state when Chin first burst into the office; and that look of stunned defeat in those final frames.

        More than anything else, Alex’s performance in those final minutes sold the weight and horror of Steve’s situation, and that look on his face as the screen went black? Like a punch to the gut. You know he’s going to come out of this relatively okay when all’s said and done, but you also know it’s not going to be an easy journey, and that look… that sells how defeated and betrayed he feels now, and sets you up to carry that with you until September. Definitely unforgettable!

      • Linda Stein says:

        Bert: Yes, Steve showed all those emotions. Shock, disbelief, anger, betrayal. He WAS dazed and disoriented and stunned. But once he’s processed and sitting in his cell, once he wraps his mind around everything that has happened Steve is going to exhibit one more emotion. He’s gonna be PISSED!!! Then watch out!

        I can not wait to see Alex act the hell out of that!!!

  13. jadore says:

    Whatever happens next season, please DO NOT bring back Mary Ann or Jenna! I think we all agree we would like the ratings to go up!

    Danny/Rachel storyline? Can anyone say “DISLIKE”? What are the writers thinking. I’m sure they are all male writers. Committing adultery with not the slightest bit of guilt. BTW, a married woman having an affair with no less her ex-husband and does not use birth control (just stupid on both of their parts). What great role models for little Gracie!

    Alex – had my misgivings about his acting…(still do) but he is getting a little better. Perhaps working with Scott Caan is rubbing off.

    So many people upset about the “fracture” of Five-0. C’mon people, we all know they will reunite, otherwise there is no show. How it all plays out will be interesting to see.

    Jean Smart ROCKS! Sorry to see her go. As little screen time she had all season in the show, she really gave a terrific exit performance! Will miss her.

    • sam says:

      Of course we “know” it will all be well again in Season 2. And of course we know this is “just” a show and the imagination of writers, perfectly brought to life by the actors.

      But it is the most fun to discuss these shows as if it was the real life. Everyone knows it’s not. But what would be the fun in it just to watch it and then forget it and just go on with one’s life?

      The discussions about the show and how deeply involved we are all in this show that is what it makes so great. And it shows what a great TV-show Hawaii Five-0 is. If the fans were not invested in it, well who would want that? So I for one love to discuss it as if the characters really were part of my extended family. And yes I really do worry about them, as I worry about everything I love. A bit crazy? Yeah well guilty as charged, but I’m positive I’m not alone with that.

      You are absolutely right, Jean Smart was great and I will miss her too. BTW did we miss any hints about her involvement?

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        I, for one, admit to having gotten totally wrapped up in all the characters and plots in this show. I don’t know if you have to have watched it straight through from the Pilot to get this way, or if it can happen after just one episode, or what! But I feel as though I’ve just spent nine months on Oahu and have become another member of this amazing, although flawed, family! Another thing, I now recognize street names in downtown Honolulu, restaurants, and bakeries. I know what Coco Puffs are and the best place for Loco Moco! And I live thousands of miles away! I’m actually e-mailing my niece, who just moved to Oahu, where to find the best Coco Puffs and which beach she should try surfing at! I’m sure she thinks her aunt is a little touched! Yes, I am crazy happy about this show! And I know it will all be made right in S2, but half the fun is getting there! Can’t wait to get started!

      • Linda Stein says:

        I agree Lynnette….100% agree!!!

    • Diana says:

      Hate to inform you but it was reported a couple of months ago that the actress who plays Mary Ann (Taryn Manning) was informed by the producers of the show that she would making a return appearance in season 2.

    • officer808 says:

      Mahalo jadore 🙂

  14. Bert Hayling says:

    I always look at season finales with some degree of apprehension — not for the plot developments per se, but because there is an increasing trend to go for the Biggest! Shocking! Finale! Evah! at the expense of long-term characterization and logic. I have a strong dislike for “‘Cos the script said so” finale situations that run roughshod over the characterization we’ve been given for characters throughout the whole season, if for no other reason than they run the risk of turning characters we feel we know and love into people we don’t fully recognize any more.

    Of everything that went on — and I thought the Wo Fat / McGarrett developments were well-conceived and executed, if a bit on the overkill side with stacking the deck so hugely against Steve — the one development that baffled me, and left me deeply saddened for the characters, Steve especially (I agree with you on your take on McG, Lainie), was the deeply bizarre declaration on Rachel’s part that she no longer wanted to be in Hawaii and wanted to go back to NJ and oh, by the way, there’s a flight tomorrow might… and that Danny was all “Okay, sign me up, babe, my suitcase was never unpacked, let’s go, to hell with my so-called life here and my lil’ 5-0 ohana; who needs them anyway?” Um… excuse me?

    Who does that? Who up and abandons their life, leaves everything behind, for no other reason than they decide they now want to be someplace else? That’s crazy-talk. (Danny moving to HI had reason, had purpose, had some degree of forethought and planning).

    Why on earth would Rachel want to up and flee Hawaii like a thief in the night, dragging Grace and pretty much nothing but the contents of a suitcase or two each, away from what’s been her home for a year at least? Does she have a pack of assassins hot on her heels? Has Stan put out a contract on her? What’s she got waiting for her in Newark? Motel 6? (And isn’t Grace currently in school?)

    And then there’s Danny — does he try to get her to slow down, ask her to give it a few days, talk to him about the reasons for this sudden urge to flee, look at the pros and cons of this literal midnight flit? No, not at all; instead, he’s all “Whoo-hoo! Let’s go! Why aren’t we at the airport yet? I’ll dash back later to tie up my cases and pack up my stuff and dump my friends.” There’s no apparent hesitation on his part, no consideration of the ramifications of this hasty decision. That threw me.

    I find myself having to consider the fact that Danny really, truly DOES hate Hawaii and has been simply biding his time in his personal equivalent of Halawa until he could get the hell out of Dodge with Grace (and Rachel as an added bonus) — that for all of Steve’s “You’re not as alone here as you think you are,” he has never really regarded the 5-0 team as anything other than people to keep him occupied until such time as he could get back to his real life and real family and real friends in NJ. Saddens me that the best Steve was going to get was a quick convo over a six-pack and then adios, muchacho — it’s been real, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

    Yes, okay, Danny gets caught in the rapidly escalating nightmare of the frame-job and sticks with it rather than simply abandoning Steve to his fate and hopping on that plane, but thing is…? He would have been gone, on that plane, shaking the Oahu sand off his shoes, and Devil take the hindmost, if the frame job hadn’t gone ballistic like it did. He would’ve turned his back on Steve, on 5-0, on everything he’s done and everyone he’s supposedly come to regard with affection, if not love, simply ‘cos Rachel got the urge to relocate overnight.

    (This makes his anger and affront at Chin’s apparent jumping ship and abandonment seem a bit projection-y, as he himself was about to turn his back on Steve, 5-0, the whole kit and caboodle, and fly home to NJ).

    I hate what this seems to say about how Danny looks at Steve. Previously I’d’ve said Danny saw Steve as a beloved brother, one who’s stood by him in some dire situations — lied to Feds for him, gone to the mat for him to make sure he got to keep his visitation rights, talked him down off more than a few ledges — and Danny’s been there for Steve in more than a few such situations himself. But after the ramifications of this one scene? Wow. Hard to reconcile the two Dannys I’m seeing, here.

    Considering all the other betrayals and losses and confidence-shaking things that he’s been through in the finale, learning Danny was about to take off without a backward glance will be one sucker-punch to the gut Steve wouldn’t ever have expected. Danny’s the brother Steve never had, and I think it’s safe to say Steve loves him dearly. I would’ve said Danny felt the same way; now I’m not so sure.

    See, thing is…? Yes, I fully recognize it as a plot development to heighten the angst and “Oh noes!” value of the finale, but characters work, and become beloved characters, because of the relationships they develop; no matter the reason for the bizarre situations that affect those relationships, they become a part of the character that then affects how that character is viewed from that point on. I don’t like what that willingness to drop everything and everyone else like a hot potato says about Danny, but it’s now a part of the character I’ll have to live with, or else regard him and all the rest of them as cartoons — so not where I want to be with Hawaii Five-0..

    • sam says:

      I so completely agree with your opinion about Danny. I think he is the only one who really did betray Five-0 and his friends in a way. With his willingness to fly to NJ right away. You really hit the nail on the head. Especially about Steve how he would probably feel about it, when he learns about it. Could we all really be that wrong about Danny? Brilliant post, thank you.

      • Kimmer says:

        But he didn’t betray Steve – in fact, he actually DID forget about Rachael – didn’t remember about meeting her at the airport, not getting there at all – not calling, etc.

      • Bert Hayling says:

        I don’t remember the exact line, Danny to Rachel, re: him departing with them for NJ — something like there’s nothing for him in Hawaii / nothing keeping him in Hawaii? Pretty harsh, dude — your 5-0 family seems like something of value you’d be leaving behind and would at least somewhat miss.

        (I’d’ve still thought they were bonkers for pulling the ill-conceived midnight flit, but if Danny had replied to Rachel with something like “Steve, Chin, Kono — they’re family, they’ll understand,” I probably wouldn’t have taken such a dim view of his response to the proceedings).

        I dunno — like I said, I recognize and understand where that finale plot development came from, I just don’t like the ramifications for the characters.

        That said… it’s gonna be a wild ride getting this noose back off Steve’s neck and getting him declared innocent of all charges (and esoteric as it may seem, there is indeed a difference between “not guilty” and “innocent;” the former still carries a taint of “guilty, but we couldn’t prove it,” which could be problematic for our favorite benevolent dictator). 😉 Is it September yet?

      • Bert Hayling says:

        Of course, in fairness, there’s also the possibility that Danny encouraged Rachel in her midnight flit plans with the sole purpose of getting her and Grace safely out of Honolulu — that he had no intention of joining them but didn’t want to tell Rachel why he wanted them safely off the island.

        He’d seen the frame-up starting at this point, and seen their one witness slaughtered, and knew Jameson was very possibly the source of the leak, and he could obviously see that Steve was beginning to get increasingly agitated and really needed Danny to help rein him in before he did something especially foolhardy. I’m more than willing to entertain the idea that Danny just wanted his family safely off-island so that he could concentrate on having Steve’s back.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Bert, I know I have heard you talk about the destruction of Danny’s character before, and I only half heartedly bought into it, but you really have made me question my undying dedication to Danny here. You don’t give Danny much leeway to redeem himself! Brilliant analysis. I’m not going to thank you, though, cause you really just made me sick to my stomach with sadness and doubt. (You will probably hear from me elsewhere).

    • rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

      Excellent post, Bert. You really hit on all the points that bug me about the whole Danny/Rachel fiasco. It really is a shame that Danny seems so willing to up and leave Hawaii after he’s found a new little Ohana. I too had thought that Danny was coming to view Steve as a brother. But now you’ve really made me think. He was awfully agreeable to leaving Hawaii without a backward glance and, yes, I think it would’ve gutted Steve, even if Steve pretended otherwise.

      • Beth says:

        Great comments and assessments Bert on Danny. I’m in agreement. I guessed about the pregnancy and was incredulous, such a lame and obvious plot device.

    • officer808 says:

      Good points Bahama Bert. But Danny did drop everything in Jersey, including his brother and family to be with Rachel and Grace. Why would it be unbelievable for him to do it again? You do raise a good point about Rachel’s abruptness to leave…there may be another factor, the simplest one is that Stan has threatened harm on her if she does leave.

      • Bert Hayling says:

        Eh, Bob!

        Oh, I agree it’s not at all inconsistent for Danny to follow Grace — it’s one of the first things we learned about Danny, and it’s part of what what Steve’s “Daddy issues” latched onto from the get-go, one of the reasons Steve’s always seemed to hold Danny up as a shining example of good fatherhood.

        I also agree that Danny leaving family and friends behind — as he did leaving NJ to follow Grace to Hawaii — establishes precedent for him leaving Hawaii to again follow his daughter.

        Danny says with an incredulous tone, “I have a.. I have a *life*?!” as if the idea that he’s done anything other than pine and mope and suffer like a Harlequin heroine the whole time he’s been in Hawaii is incomprehensible. Dude, yeah, you DO have a life in Hawaii! You have friends, you have a team , you have a partner who’s gone to the mat for you over and over! They count for something!

        My issues are with (1) the, frankly, unhinged and out of left field quality of Rachel’s insistence on fleeing Hawaii on the next thing smoking, without any planning or forethought or consideration of anyone other than herself; and (2) with Danny’s apparent total lack of misgivings about pulling the impromptu midnight flit and leaving everyone he’s — I’ve thought — come to regard as siblings of sorts.

        I’d imagine leaving family and friends behind, leaving home and job, to follow Grace to Hawaii wasn’t in any way an easy thing for Danny to do. While we don’t know anything about the mechanics of his first move, it would seem likely he took steps to make sure he’d have a job to go to when he got to Hawaii — gone through channels at work to get his bona fides passed along to HPD, for instance. (Though — this all being a huge exercise in “fanwanking” — he may have just cleaned out his bank account, thrown some stuff into a suitcase, and hit the airport, leaving everyone scratching their heads). 😉

        I would like to think that once again leaving friends and surrogate family *(and I know people will say “Rachel and Grace and Bun are his family,” but I’m sure the Hawaiian sense of family, as the Bahamian, covers far more than just spouse and offspring — parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews… then the people you consider family, who may not be by blood, but that’s small things) would be a similarly saddening sacrifice.

        I guess, really, it seems like there was no sense of Danny having any regrets at all about leaving his 5-0 family behind — no sense that while he’d follow Grace as he’s done before and made no secret he’d do again, he would miss what he’d helped build through the months spanned by these 24 episodes.

        I don’t doubt that when balanced in the the scales of life, being with Grace (and Rachel) would outweigh being with friends and family* — but I am perplexed that Danny seems to have attached no weight at all to Steve, Chin, and Kono when looking at this mad hejira back to NJ.

        If that dismissal of what he’s helped build, what he’s been a part of while in Hawaii, proves to be anything other than a anomaly? If his team ever learns how easily he wrote them off that night? Then the 5-0 family might indeed be irreparable. That would seem a major breach of the sense of family, of having each other’s backs, that seems to characterize how Steve, Chin, and Kono, at least, view their team.

        (And yeah, where will I be come September? Trolling every press site I can to find out when H50 season 2 will premiere. Like there was ever a question?) 😀

      • Bert Hayling says:

        Though I will say, even if the team does learn of Danny’s apparent easy dismissal of them that night, seeing him there for them through the whole mess with Steve’s double-murder frame job and Kono’s possible accusation & charges of thievery will likely go a long way towards restoring that sense of family.

        ‘Course, if Rachel (and Grace) actually remain elsewhere — if Danny doesn’t convince Rachel to return to Hawaii — there will always be a Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads in that they’ll be aware almost day by day that Danny could be gone on the next thing smoking. Knowing he was only biding his time with them would seem a very corrosive thing, and it would definitely gnaw away at his partnership with Steve — how long can you continue to trust that a partner will have your back when you can’t even be sure he’ll be there tomorrow?

      • Bert Hayling says:

        Bob, sir! 🙂

        Okay, so I’ve found another end of the bone to gnaw on. 😉

        I’ve seen the idea raised several times that Rachel’s insistence on high-tailing it off Oahu could be the result of an ultimatum from dear old Wo Fat, and given how thoroughly Wo Fat’s orchestrated the downfall of the 5-0 team, that idea definitely has merit. It would also explain both the general irrationality of the midnight flit (seriously, with them all being a happy little family again, and Danny well employed and apparently happy in his job, and domiciles aplenty to be had, and Grace apparently well settled into her new life in Hawaii, why on earth would Rachel be so insistent on flying the coop, and on the next thing smoking?) as well as the suspicious timing of it.

        One very cool and very creepy way to reveal this to Danny and Steve would be for them to have a photo of Wo Fat someplace where Grace would see it, and have her say something like “Danno, why do you have a photo of Mr. Alias on the wall?”

        We’ve seen Stan admitting to involvement in dodgy business practices with the whooosy-whatsit commissioner; that opens the door to him also being embroiled in Wo Fattery. (Who knows? Stan and Rachel may even have entertained dear old Hiro Noshimuri or even bradda Fat at some household soiree and been none the wiser!)

        If this proves to be the case — Rachel being pressured into fleeing because Danny would be sure to follow — then my issues with the plot device will be withdrawn. 😉

        I’m still a bit cheesed off at Danny insisting so adamantly that he had no life in Hawaii other than time with Grace and pining for Rachel, but I’ll also gladly retract my misgivings and disappointment at this unsavory character development if and when season 2 proves me wrong. 😉

      • officer808 says:

        I like your thought on Rachel’s sudden departure.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Linda says: Intelligence allows for a change of mind! Great! That must mean I’m semi – intelligent since I’ve changed my mind on Danny & Rachel at least 4 times now since the finale!

  15. Dee says:

    First I had to give a pat on the back of officer 808. THANK YOU!!! I feel as though a was watching the same series that you have.! I so ABSOLUTELY agree where else was the D/R story line going???? It was so obvious and welcoming. Although I do agree it was a little rushed I would of liked to see maybe one other meeting where they held hands an “almost kiss goodbye” etc, when exchanging Grace, or something… None of these people are real it is fictional fantasy tv and we all loved it. I so agree with you officer 808 – it is the writers stories and we all jumped aboard for the ride. I sat reading posts on the boards , with my mouth open- shocked at the commentary directed at Rachel and Danny’s characters. I guess I would of been shocked myself – except I grew up watching soap operas- was I the only one??? There is similar stories and worse. Hellllllllo did people not glue themselves to the Luke and Laura story line on General Hospitial??? Luke rapped and underage Laura and it turned into the biggest romance on tv??? These are consenting adults- we may not agree with how it all turned out but I’ll repeat Peter L’s twitter comment “reallllly?”
    ok rant over. Thank you again officer 808 – going back to read all the comments.

    ok rant over….

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Dee, you know I agree with you on most things, but I do think Bert has brought up some very good points, too. I do not “dislike” the D/R relationship – I love a good romance! But what Bert says about the apparent easy abandonment of his 5-0 Ohana will most likely be a crushing blow especially to Steve and probably Kono, as well! I hadn’t taken the scenario that far in my head, but it is another example of the team’s fracture. At what level of friendship and trust will this team arrive at next season? Will it ever be as tightknit as it was at the end of Ep. 23? Will there be an underlying level of distrust running through 5-0 continually now? Ugh! Makes me sick thinking about it!

      • officer808 says:

        If this were any other given day with any other run of the mill crime, he would be gone, but he is loyal enough to stay and help his friends.

        He dropped everything to be with Rachel and Grace after they got carjacked. He went to go beat up the corrupt commissioner to get him off Rachel and Stan’s back. Danny’s got priorities…his family comes first, the Five-0 team a close second. This is definitely going to be part of his conflict.

      • Linda Stein says:

        I see Dee’s point of view. I too grew up watching soaps with my mom so seeing D&R together like that was not a shock to me. But I think I am looking at Danny in a different way than some of you. What we are seeing in this episode is one very emotional day/night in Danny’s life. In one day he is dealing with:

        1) watching the women he loves having to confront her husband because of him.
        2) he has found out he is going to be a father again.
        3) the women he loves loves him back and wants to be with him.
        4) the women he loves wants to go back to Jersey, his beloved Jersey, the one place he never wanted to leave
        5) he sees the family he lost coming back together, with a new addition, in the place he loves more than anyplace in the world.

        He is watching his dream come true. Everything he has wanted for months and months is laying there in front of him. He is naturally going to grab at it, without thinking about it, but on pure emotion. It’s like you’ve been struggling with major money problems for months and months and then finding a bag of money on the street. You go with your first instinct. “OMG, this is EVERYTHING I ever wanted”. But then reality sets in and you KNOW you can not keep it, it has to go back.

        And the day continues:

        6) Steve has been arrested for two murders he did not commit
        7) Kono has been arrested and as of now, is taking the fall for the team stealing 10mil
        8) apparently Chin has abandoned H50 for HPD
        9) that leave only Jenna if Danny leaves

        Reality sets in, he has to go back.

        Just because a person makes an emotional, impromtu decision does not mean he will stick to it. Danny already wavered from it. He DID not meet Rachael at the airport, they left without him. Personally I don’t see Steve, Kono, or Chin being resentful of Danny or unforgiving of Danny because for a few brief hours he entertained the idea that maybe, just maybe, he was getting what he always wanted. I don’t see how they will be crushed by the fact that Danny is a human being.

        If it turns out that Danny stays in Hawaii, and he is one of the main reasons Steve and Kono are freed, I do not think Steve or anyone else will be upset by a decision he did not stick with.

        True friends understand each other. Intellegence allows for a change of mind. Danny WILL NOT abandon his Ohana!

      • awesomefan says:

        The key here is that Danny has a child/children. How many of us would choose the people we work with over the family that we love and most particularly, our own children? I would NEVER leave my children. Any parent would do what Danny proposed, which is get the family settled, go back and finish up at work, say your brokenhearted good-byes to your work ohana, and then be there for your children. Also, I don’t think we can interpret (Rachel will, though) any lack of commitment on his part by forgetting to meet them at the airport. He had a HELL of stressful day at work, a life and death day as a matter of fact. Again, I ask how many of us have ignored phones call from a family member or forgotten a lunch or dinner date due to being engrossed at work? It happens to little old me and I am just a customer service rep, not someone who is trying to prevent his best friend from getting arrested for a crime he didn’t commit and possibly prevent him from committing a bigger crime.
        As for Danny having to explain to Rachel what he has been up to, won’t she figure it out once she watches the news? The assassination/murder of a Governor is sure to be the top story for a couple of days nationwide and even if Steve’s name isn’t mentioned she will know he is working on the case. S2 can’t get here fast enough for me!

    • officer808 says:

      Dee you and I are *so* on the same page 😉

      • Linda Stein says:

        There is also the way Steve feels about Grace to consider too. If Danny decided to follow Grace to NJ Steve would understand. Steve loves Grace as if she really was his own niece. Have you ever noticed how everyone calls her Grace but Steve calls her Gracie. I think that says a lot.

        And consider how many times we have heard Steve say some variation of “a little boy/girl will grow up without a mother/father because of you” to some killer. Ming Wa, Kevin, even when the old man died from the sarin. A child being forcibly separated from a parent is not something Steve takes lightly.

        He would not be able to look himself in the mirror if Grace was forced to grow up with out her Danno. Steve would hate it if Danny left but he would not stand in his way and he would understand.

  16. Dee says:

    @Val Loved your post!!! excellent.
    Now what I noticed in the posts here and actually noticed a bit in the last few episodes of the show is “holes in story lines”
    For example in Bert’s post “isn’t Grace in school”? We see Steve pick up Grace from school- not camp, so school is in session. However, it could it be the last week of school?? We don’t know -and what trend I am picking up is that the fans are filling in these “holes’ with many ,many things. Some ideas have value and others are so far fetched you wonder if the same show is being discussed??? (Not saying anything here is far fetched- but some stuff on boards just amaze me) It just goes to show we “see” what we want to see and will continue to “play” it out in the unknown parts IMHO.

    ok over all I thought the show was brillant. Yes when the whole sneak video showing Kelly as the one blown up in car, I started to believe that this was not OMG moment- so who else was going to die??
    LOVED Jean Smart- was a huge fan of her work in “24”- she was brillant here in the two scenes with Steve. The moment Steve told her the name Wo Fat- wow just knew OMG moment- it is the governor that was working with WoFat. I had intially thought that maybe agent K was not as innocent as she is being played…. WRONG on that one.

    D/R… well how else are we going to see James Caan!!!! Danny has needed to go to NJ since Matt left. I and many others saw Danny returning to NJ for an episode- the writers just waited to the end. I will agree with Val- I think it is an opportunity to see Rachel characters set up- but the “hole” is there to be filled in a variety of ways. There is no way Danny is leaving show…so even if Danny does go to NJ, he’ll return in the first few episodes. or Stay clean house- and then go to NJ to convince Rachel to return. Either way planty of opportunity for James Caan – !!!:-)

    Chin- well it very obvious he took the Lt postion so he can be on the force with some “force” so he can help clear Steve and Kono. How he will repair the “rift” between himself and Danno- that is something I am waiting to see. I have a funny feeling that the “big guy” will be key in that outcome.

    Kono- PeterL if your reading…a brillant opportunity to get Dog the Bounty Hunter on show- Kono can def post bail but Steve needs a bit more!!!!

    I also feel there had to be alot of questions left unanswered – why else tune in???
    I am looking forward to an awesome season 2

    • Kimmer says:

      Working at a school, you would be amazed at when people choose to take their kids out. A-MAZED.

      • Dee says:

        Kimmer, I work in elementary schools too. So I totally understand what you are saying. 🙂
        I justed used the example because I remember a similar issuse with last weeks episode when Steve picked up Grace- again it was just to show how much we all want to “fill in the gaps” of things that may not have been written into the story and are left to be absorbed by audience.

      • Kimmer says:

        Oh – LOL, then you do know.

        Last week w/Steve picking Gracie up – I guess I just chalked that up to, Oh maybe Steve’s on the pickup list. You know, since Danny gets Grace when Rach/Stan were out of town… (filling in the blanks w/my own script, LOL)

  17. lainiek says:

    @Bert…I think you get what I am feeling. It is no secret that I was a #dannosgirl. But my crush on him has been crushed the past few weeks. Instead of wanting to sit in the back of the Camaro stroking his head, I just want to give it a Jersey whack and tell him to Snap Out of It! I hate how he just ran back to Rachel at the drop of a smile. It is fine with me that the romantics out there love this storyline. I respect that. But it does change the perspective I have for him forever. I too can’t go back on that and feel saddened by it. But of course it is just a show.

    • Kimmer says:

      I don’t think it is romantic at all, but can see the reality in what he is doing. Sometimes when you get what you think you want, you don’t react in a rational way. I think that we will see Danny coming around to some rational thinking in the future.

  18. Kimmer says:

    Thanks for the great commentary, Officer808 (and everyone else here too). As much fun as it probably was to watch it at the finale party, I can’t imagine being as wound and twisted up at a party – it was bad enough watching it in my own livingroom.

    1) Very little humor in the finale – it wasn’t really the time for it. But what there was – was good: “benevolent dicatorship” , LOL.

    2) Along the same theme, other than the opener, there were no beautiful panoramic Hawaii shots – and most of the scenes towards the end were shot with some sort of yellow/tannish tinge to them, to keep the bleak feeling going. (As if I wasn’t already depressed…)

    3)No one has mentioned it – but I think that the HPD Chief is also a WoFat baddie. McG said that the Gov had a standing lunch with him every Tuesday at Turtle Bay resort – that leads me to believe that he didn’t offer “restitution” to Chin as a benevolent measure. I think this will be a storyline in S2. On a side note – if I were Chin Ho, I would be thinking “Dude, for restitution, how about giving me my lost wages for the years I was off the force – I was making minimum wage at the gift shop for God’s sake!!!!”

    4)Danny/Rachel. OK, I know how many feel about the adultery, and in real life I would agree. However, I don’t think that Danny ever really felt that Rachel was not his wife, and I think that this really advances Danny’s story. Danny comes from a big close family and I don’t think that he was ever OK with being seperated from what he considered to be HIS family. He felt like an outsider in his own life, so when Rachel and he got together, that is all he could think of – that he had taken back what was his. As for the pregnancy, I like the “she’s not really preggers” idea, but if in fact she is, then that gives us some pause. I think she is a selfish woman – moved to Hawaii without thinking about how it would affect Danny, and now wants to move back – regardless of his job at 5-0. (Hawaii is Stan’s home so she can’t live there? – get over yourself honey.) I think that Danny reacted the way he did because he didn’t have time to think – he was getting his family back and wanted to do whatever he had to to make that go smoothly. In S2 we will see him taking more time to ponder what he really wants to do.

    5) Continuing on with that relationship, and tying in the 180 change, Danny effectively chooses Steve over Rachel when he totally forgot about meeting Rach at the airport. I think that shows more than anything else, how close McG and Danno have gotten over the season – yes, Steve was in big, big, big trouble – but for Danny to completely forget why Rachel would be calling him? Thats big too.

    6)The CGI of the inside of the lock mechanism when Steve tried the key in the Gov’s office was really neat, and very suspenseful.

    7) I’ve said it before – AOL is an amazing actor. He can emote feelings in such a subtle way – yet it hits the viewer very powerfully. The whole 2nd half hour I FELT sick for him – from the anger, suprise, incredulity, and fear of what he was uncovering, to the total despondecy he had at the end. I think he is awesome, and I feel sorry for those that say he can’t act – because they are missing out on something great.

    8)Wo Fat – for a villan that has had such LITTLE screen time – (really, we should time it – it can’t be more than 7 minutes total for the whole season) – he is a BIG BAD, and a huge character. Credit for that goes to both the writers and Mar Dacascos.

    9)Jean Smart’s scenes were terrific also – I NEVER saw it coming that she would be a bad guy – NEVER! He scenes with AOL have always been my favorite throughout the season – but those last 10 minutes were the best of them all. I am sorry to see her off the show. P.S. She has had some Botox or other work done since the Pilot – those eyes aren’t quite right, LOL.

    10)The crazed Steve – running on fumes, strung out – had Danno playing his veeery low-key card. When Danny came into the house with the 12-pack (presumably to talk about Rachel) – and Steve jumped him – that was a great scene. S:”Would it KILL you to knock on this door here?” D:”When have I EVER knocked on this door”. That’s when Danny really knew that Steve was in the weeds, and needed him. I don’t think they ever got around to talking about Rachel.

    11)Chin Ho – well. I still don’t think that he is suddenly all “yay HPD, boo H50”, but even if he is doing this to help Steve, why wouldn’t he let Danny in on it? I am hoping that Chin has figured out that the Chief is dirty and needs to keep everyone protected – and is acting as if he is anti- McG to get closer to that truth. I am not sure that Danny will forgive Chin easily – I keep going back to the scene at the bar in the Danny’s dead partner episode – where Chin says “Eventually, he put a cloud of guilt so thick over my head, he turned my desk into a ghost town. Loneliest place on Earth is when no one believes you. ” and Danny said “All right, I your back now, buddy. All right?” I think that Danny is going to have real issues with Chin in the beginning of S2.

    12)The Marquis scene was great. Kamekona does have some badass in him, want to see more of that. Duke tipped Chin off to Steve’s impending arrest! No Sang Min in the finale – love all of the “B” players in the series.

    13)The last scene – my heart was already heavy with dread, but seeing the fear on Kono’s face, the bleak look on Steve’s face, and then when they saw each other – wow. Steve now has yet another person’s downfall on his conscience. I wonder what that will do to his character in S2.

    Thanks for a great season – so glad to have 50undercover!

    • awesomefan says:

      Regarding #11 Danny also says to Chin “It makes me sick to think that no one stood up for you.” Then I think he says “I’ll always have your back”. I am glad that you mentioned that scene because it is window into Chin’s character. He knows what it is like to be falsely accused and he will not leave McG swinging in the wind. I don’t know if Danny realizes this yet or not. Maybe he does and his rant at the end was just for effect.

      AOL acted his little hind-end off last night. He looked strung out and sounded certifiable at the end. If I were Chin I would have believed that he had finally gone over the edge. He looked so defeated in the squad car and the look he shot at Kono at the end like “We’re on our own now/I have no idea what’s going to happen to us”

      I like your take on the Police Chief. I hadn’t picked up on that but I think you are right

      I really like that the writers took the difficult route with Danny. In Season 1 all he wants is his family back and to leave the island. Now he has his family back and can’t leave the island. Pure torture for Danny. I hope the storyline continues with her being pregnant because it sets up the potential for some really powerful character development for him. I hope they don’t take the easy road with “she lost the baby” or “it’s Stan’s baby”. Maybe Rachel is in for some character growth herself and will realize she has to take Danny as he is.

      I thought Jean Smart looked very pretty last night! She’s lost a lot of weight from the pilot until now and when I rewatch I will check out your Botox observation. She was awesome as batshit crazy Martha Logan in “24” and was fun to watch as Governor. Too bad she is gone. I did NOT see that final twist coming. I kept thinking McG was wrong.

      Glad Sang Min is still around. He’s a favorite here at this house!

      • Dee says:

        @awesomefan great post- nice insight, and I have the same hopes for season 2 as you noted 🙂

    • hawaiiobsessed says:

      I agree, Kimmer, with most of what you said. Great season, astounding season finale, and the greatness that is Officer Bob and 50undercover! What an epic finale, still reeling! I never saw the gov twist coming. Jean Smart was fabulous! I truly believed her ( and hated her!) when she said she was loyal to those who were loyal to her.
      Chin is so unbelievably loyal to his ohana and he has said 50 is his ohana, he was so quick to say he couldn’t stand by and do nothing, I think he will do all he can to help Steve and Kono.
      Alex is an absolutely incredible actor, he makes you feel what he is feeling. Not too hard on the eyes too! :>)
      Can’t wait for season 2!!

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Oh, shoot, Kimmer – I am the most wishy – washy person on this blog! I can’t believe myself! In the first instance, I’m rationally okay with the R/D situation, then I read Bert, and okay, Danny made and irreversible booboo that Steve won’t forgive him for, and now I read you and I’m back to where I was in the beginning – thinking maybe it ain’t so bad afterall! Danny just didn’t have time to think things through!
      Why does everyone on this blog have to be so believable and convincing? Why can’t I make up my mind! It’s making me crazy! Linda, I sure hope you’re enjoying that cruise – wish I was on it right now, too!

      • Kimmer says:

        C’mon Lynnette – don’t you feel like you are riding the ups and downs of a wave right now? LOL.
        I just don’t see Steve being PO’d at Danny for getting his family back (if that is what is happening)

    • officer808 says:

      Thanks so much Kimmer for being a great contributor. I’m with you all the way on 3, 4, 9, 10 🙂 Thanks for numbering it LOL.

  19. Steph says:

    First off, I have to say that it’s been a lot of fun discovering the 50undercover website and seeing the passion other fans have for this fantastic show. And to Officer 808, I really enjoy the frequent updates, your radio interviews, tweets, etc. They’ll make the wait between seasons go by a bit faster, hopefully 🙂

    As for the season finale, I think my biggest worry is that the writers and EP threw too much at us way too soon. I’m not really concerned about Steve being in jail, what with the ridiculous technology at the fingertips of the HPD (or more likely one Chin Ho Kelly). Steve’s going to be exonerated fairly quickly I would think, because there’s no show with Alex O’Loughlin just sitting in prison.
    That being said, the fallout from the events of the season finale could weigh down McGarrett for an infinite time, and as a fan of the show who sees him as a hero to his country no matter the increased moral complexity, my first thought was how this would affect his Navy career. Double homicide is not something you can sweep under the rug, even if cleared of said charges. He’s going to have that accusation hovering over him, and the repercussions could be enormous.

    I’m also a little leary about the Governor being taken out of the game so quickly. I thought she had a lot more to bring to the table in terms of her relationship with John McGarrett, how she fit into this entire mess with Wo Fat and the Yakuza, etc. That the show also failed to introduce us to a Lt. Governor (and by law there has to be a Lt. Gov in office) took away any chance viewers had to see if he or she were already in the Gov’s pocket, or if it’s someone who was highly unaware of the dubious dealings Jameson had with Hiro, Wo Fat, etc.

    As for Danny, I’ll go so far as to say I agree with those who were more than a little miffed he was willing to pick up and go back to New Jersey without a second thought to Five-0 beyond wrapping up his open cases. It did feel like a swift betrayal given how close he’d become with his team and especially with Steve. I understand family first — they’ve been preaching it to us all season — but I thought it did seem out of character and just…harsh. it just didn’t jive with the Danny Williams we’ve come to know, certainly, no matter how many times he complains about living in Hawaii. That he was ready and willing to throw in the towel with his extended ohana struck me something deep, and the play with Rachel and the baby doesn’t make it any better.

    With all that being said, I trust in the writers and Peter Lenkov to blow us out of the water with the opening of season two. Hawaii Five-0 has become such a treat to watch. It’s got beautiful cinematography, an amazing cast and crew…some of the hardest working people in show business. That we get to ride this wave with them through all the ups and downs is a treat for sure.

    Mahalo! Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Great post Steph. I agree that this is a great online ohana. I also feel that Jean Smart’s governor was written out too early in the series. I will miss her, she’s a great actor. Her scenes with AOL are some of the best of the series, they play very well off of one another. Her early departure may have been expedited by her availability as she may be a new fall series.

    • officer808 says:

      Steph…thanks for your contribution to the discussion and I’m happy you found the blog as well! 🙂 I agree that a lot was thrown out there in the last episode, but I think the intent was to emotionally overwhelm the team *and* the viewers. The “Danny I want to tell Stan about us” followed by the “Danny I’m pregnant” was definitely sudden. So was Kono’s arrest after McG runs off. I also agree that Kono’s and Steve’s cases against them will be dropped relatively quickly when an investigation starts. And I again agree that just as the governor might have started giving up something good, she’s taken out by Wo Fat. The good news, is that we may see the gov or even Steve’s mother and father in flashbacks since the case goes back to when Steve was just a teen.

  20. lainiek says:

    Ohhhhh..forgot to say that I totally think the governor was sleeping with Wo Fat. I think he was totally using her and that was why she did the things she did. Much like how Rachel is using Danny. People do stupid things when they are in love.

    • Kimmer says:

      I think the Gov is sleeping with the HPD Chief.

      And maybe WoFat… LOL

      • awesomefan says:

        I always thought the Governor was sleeping with John McGarrett. She said about his death to Steve “I knew your father. This is personal for me, too”.

      • Cécile says:

        Knowing what we know after the finale, she might very well have been lying and manipulating Steve in the pilote. Everything is to be reconsidered now !

      • lainiek says:

        Wait..what? We have the gov sleeping with John McGarrett, the chief of police and WoFat. Girl gets around. 😉 Seriously, though, you can tell at times show is written by men. For all the strong female roles they have on this show, each of them is quick. To do something for a man. Cath is always breaking rules for McG and now I think Gov was doing it all for Wo Fat. I volunteer to fly to Hawaii to be a staff writer/script consultant to ensure this is rectified in season 2!

      • Cécile says:

        Danny was equally quick to abandon ship for Rachel (not only Grace), it balances things out !

      • Kimmer says:

        Lanie – Yes, the Gov was a dirty ho! LOL!

    • officer808 says:

      please note that this thread has been written by all you WOMEN 😉

  21. Steph says:

    One more thing that’s been bugging me since Monday I forgot to comment on…
    Five-0 stole the $10 million in the asset forfeiture locker to save Chin’s life and it was burned. Meanwhile, we find out the Governor replaced said money, but then Chin also tried to replace a separate amount of money taken for his aunt’s kidney on the black market. HPD eventually tells him they knew the serial numbers wouldn’t match and that he couldn’t have stolen it. Wouldn’t the money the Governor put back fall under the same category? They’re going to try and match the serial numbers from the burnt money to the list from the asset forfeiture locker as they did with the money they thought Chin stole…well all the money was put back, but it’s not *the* money. But at this point, will it even matter?
    I’m just trying to figure out how they’re going to hold Kono on a theft charge or B&E when the money is all accounted for. Or better yet, what they’ll try and prove with the burned money matching the original list of serial numbers. Five-0 will probably have to come clean about using it to save Chin, but the money was returned…so no harm, no foul?

    • Beth says:

      Good point. I wondered about the serial numbers as well. Did the governor replace the money so that she & WoFat would have something to hold over McG and the 5-0 team in the future because she must have gotten the money from WoFat as I seriously doubt that she would have that much disposable income so readily available.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Good point Beth about the money coming from WoFat! But here’s the next step in the mystery! WHY was the governor in cahoots with the Yakuza and WoFat? What was her personal take? What did she get out of the arrangement? It has to be more than just the power of being the Governor of the great State of Hawaii (no disrespect intended, Hawaiian friends!) She must have been getting some monetary gain from her partnership with WoFat and the Yakuza – so, is there a money trail to follow? Off shore or Swiss bank accounts in her name or an alias to find? Maybe she does have enough stashed fortune to have put the $10 mil back herself! Time to put on our thinking caps, people!

      • Merry Blue says:

        Lynnette, power, position, prestige are very desirable things in some people’s view, and the position of Governor would certainly provide that to many, especially an ambitious woman. And can you imagine if this woman, attractive, intelligent and personable, with the 72% approval rating and the ability to reduce crime and do other fantastic things at the state level, were to run for President? And that doesn’t rule out any other possible monitary perks she might be receiving.

        Yeah, a financial audit of her accounts might be revealing, although someone in her position would have to keep them verrry hidden.

  22. Kimmer says:

    Also, I liked the contrast that was shown when Chin Ho, in his new job as HPD lieutenant, was seen reading McG his Miranda rights, as compared to 5-0, which was not seen reading them to anyone.

    PS – Was that “LOST” music playing when Steve 1st saw the antique bureau in the Gov’s office? Caught my attention immediately.

    • Cécile says:

      Lost music all over the place ! Several times when Steve is on screen and wearing his black ninja suit…I totally expected the smoke monster to storm out of the antique bureau^^. Then I had my little private delirium where Steve was the man in black and Danny was blondie Jacob, and half expected the number 42 to appear on Chin’s brand new lieutenant badge at the second viewing ! I think I’m a desperate cause !

    • officer808 says:

      I think the writers have said somewhere that the Five-0 team read the rights off screen, ie when Danny books ’em. Chin reading the rights was definitely for dramatic effect…and works.

      Yeah it sounded like Lost music!

  23. Anyanka_eg says:

    I like this review of the finale. Measured, unlike so many others I’ve read. And I agree in the most part with everything, I think.

    It’s a shame that Danny and Rachel couldn’t be one of the only happily divorced couples on TV, but conflicted Danny is interesting Danny, so hey, I’ll go with it. He’ll get his heart broken of course, but that’s something you can see comin a mile off now. He’s still a cop, and unless Rachel has changed an awful lot, she’s still going to be going through whatever she did before everytime he leaves the house.

    As for everyone being up in arms about Danny, I wish we’d had more of the story played out, but I don’t think it’s OOC. He’s a human being, not a saint, and he misses his family, or at least he misses Grace and being happy, and thinks getting back together is the way to be happy again. Lonely, f*cked up humans do stupid, f*cked up things.

    Alex and Jean were both awesome, as was everyone else, but my heart bled for Steve and I still don’t really know what was going on with the Govenor. Is she completely bad, was she being forced into things by Wo Fat, did she tell Steve what he wanted to hear?

    All in all, great episode, to the point I spent the whole day yesterday stressed. Really, I had to take some of my anti-stress pills. Summer is going to be a killer.

    • Kimmer says:

      Absolutely agree with you about Danny.

      As for the Gov – she seems like a bit of a psychopath – she seemed truly upset about Laura being vaporised, yet she admitted that she did it because LH was disloyal. Slimy politician or is there something else?

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      I think there were a lot of stressed-out H5-0 fans yesterday! It’s a good thing I had cleared my calendar for the day and sent my family to places elsewhere – cause nothing got done at all around home!

      • Laurie aka Froggie23 says:

        I agree cause I know I was stressed but seeing everyones post definatly helps.

    • officer808 says: agreement 🙂

  24. Laurie aka Froggie23 says:

    As alway folks a great review and comments. I am going to try to start at the beginning but if I hop around it’s because so many thoughts are going through my mind. Personally I love that Danny and Rachel are together but unless Stan dies or heads to some other planet I don’t think she’ll come back to HI but I do think she’ll understand Danny wanting to stay to clear Steve and Kono. Chin isn’t being disloyal, I think we’ll see he’s there to keep an eye on Steve and Kono and that Danno will see that as well and they can work together to bring the team back together. Kono Kono Kono… if I were her lawyer I’d try to get the eyewitness picking her out of the line up thrown out due to the fact that Kono didn’t have a lawyer in the room and therefore the little old lady could have been “talked into” picking her. Plus she’s like 100 years old how can she be 100% positive??? Case dismissed and Kono goes back to help Danny, Chin and company to clear Steve. IF I were Steve’s lawyer, I’d have to agree with those that said no gun power residue on him and the burns left by the taser BUT we all know that on tv “nothing is ever completly deleted” and good ol Charlie will take Steve’s phone and do his magic and retreive the Gov’s confession as well as hear Wo Fat saying he’ll take care of everything. I’d also like to point out that I did say in one of my first posts here that I thought perhaps the Gov brought McG back with alterier motives and that it was a women who was sending the envelopes…. sometimes it’s just nice to know things are the way you hope. S2 can’t get here quick enough for me but hopefully Officer will keep us all updated and we can still share our thoughts (and fantasys) reqarding the team. As always, keep up the great job all.

    • Merry Blue says:

      Laurie, “Auntie” might be a 100 years old, but why does that mean that she could not be 100% positive? Some elders are senile and some are tack-sharp. Auntie may be a bit slow, physically, but she strikes me as being both smart and sharp. And she happens to be right, too. 😉

      • Laurie aka Froggie23 says:

        No disrespect to the elders just thinking of ways to get Kono out. 🙂

      • Merry Blue says:

        Laurie – 😀
        In his recent interview, DDK mentioned that he is really happy that H50 is willing and able to cast so many “actors of colour”, especially those of Asian background. I like it, too, because the looks and feels more like real life. But I also liked the casting of Auntie, a feisty little old lady with some physical age-related handicaps, but who is still fully competent and engaged in her environment. I found her very “real”. Much more so than perhaps having some forensic tech person sorting through surveillance footage to nail Kono. Kudos to the casting dept!

    • officer808 says:

      Your CSI forensic analysis is exactly what I had in mind 🙂

  25. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    I’ll start by being a broken record and saying that I haven’t liked Jenna Kaye from the beginning. I just do not like her. They’ve made her too much of a know-it-all for me. So last week with the Sarin gas and the profiling and then last night with the bomb expertise and easily researching the key just sent me over the edge. There, I got that out of the way–now on to the rest.

    I didn’t particularly care for the Danny/Rachel storyline. Me and a few others last week expressed that we were disappointed that Danny and Rachel were “making time” with each other when she was still married and we were thoroughly scolded for our view and told that there was absolutely no proof the two were having sex. Well, we found out this week that they had been all along and now she’s pregnant. Prudish or not, but it does bug me that she’s been sleeping with Danny while still married and technically trying to work it out. It is wrong to be getting it on with your ex when your still married to your husband. And to me that doesn’t send Grace a very good message. Plus I don’t like how Rachel just seems to blow with the wind, first taking Grace to Hawaii upon marrying Stan, now returning to Jersey ’cause the marriage is over. And in doing so, she messes with Danny’s life as well. As a friend of mine said, “She forces him to have to move to hawaii, a place he doesnt want to be, away from his home. Then when things go south with Stan she just flits off back to the mainland regardless whether he wanted to stay or not. From the impression I got, she was going to the mainland whether Danny told her he wanted to join her or not.” I agree.

    The build up with Steve was fantastic. You could see him getting angrier and angrier as the time went on. More and more on edge and out of control and upset. It was nice to see how Danny handled Steve and attempted him to start thinking rationally. Again as my friend put it, “I love the way they have orchestrated this friendship. It’s growing. I loved Danny’s reactions as Steve was telling him about what he found in the governor’s office. I love these two and their friendship more and more.”

    I totally did not see the governor being the bad guy. I was a little sad because I liked her. Jean Smart played the part perfectly. Throughout the season she seemed to genuinely care for Steve and the rest of the McGarretts. And yet, no–no she’s in on it all along (or so it appears). The emotion on Steve’s face when he confronted her, especially when she admitted her culpability, was amazing. Kudos to Alex for that phenomenal bit of acting.

    I’m hoping Chin truly only went back to HPD to be on the inside so he could help McGarrett.

    The writers sure have shattered the team in a magnificent way. I hope they find a good (and believable) way to reunite them and re-establish the task force.

    • Kimmer says:

      I totally agree with you about Rachael’s selfishness – like I said before, she needs to get over herself!
      Guilty as charged about disagreeing w the whole D/R sleeping with each other thing – I really didn’t think that was where they were going with that. I’m sorry you felt you were scolded – I hope I didn’t make you feel that way, sometimes it comes across that way we are trying to argue our points of view.
      Totally spot on about the writers shattering the team – and it’s funny, I keep reading that last paragraph of yours as “shattering the DREAM” which seems fitting, because we were all embroiled in the happy happy comraderie within our beloved 5-0 team, and now it is gone.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        I apologize as well if you felt scolded by anything I wrote last week. But from the actual events we were shown in episode 1.23 last week, there just wasn’t enough information for me to imply they had already slept together. Obviously, by starting out Ep. 1.24 with Danny in bed and Rachel buttoning her blouse, it became obvious that they were sleeping together! But that information just wasn’t there for me the week before.

  26. Hawaii Babe says:

    I thought the finale was great!!! The best episode yet. I hope that the Producer’s bring in some local actors like Jason Mamoa, Elizabeth Lindsey, Cyndi Davis, Tia Carrere,Julia Nickson-Soul, Aileen Acain, and many other local talented actors that developed from the islands. Keep up the great work writer’s.

  27. Merry Blue says:

    Thanks, Officer, for a great summary and review. One of your best. Thank you for all your efforts in rounding up information and interviews. And for promoting the show. And for giving us all a place to obsess in. Um, would you mind if I gave you a virtual hug? (non chemically speaking?)

  28. Merry Blue says:

    Well, truly a roller-coaster, Officer! I’m actually in the camp that there was too much information in this one episode. Whew! A very good episode, but hard to assimilate. At this point, I’ve watched it 3 times and my neuron has finally resumed a more normal firing pattern and can come up with some (debatably) coherent thoughts.

    The Danny/Rachel issue – like it or hate it – is what it is. This is part of Danny’s character. He has always been infatuated with Rachel, perhaps as much or more than he loves her. He was suicidal when she left, has been in therapy because of it, followed her a quarter of the way around the world to be near her and Grace. This is an especially powerful situation because he is getting her back, plus she is pregnant. Danny’s main fantasy has come true in spades. Steve became overwhelmed with the nightmare he found himself it. Danny has become overwhelmed with his dearest dream.

    What’s with Rachel? Stan became her bad dream. Perhaps, as other have suggested, something is also frightening her. She is running away from Stan and from Hawaii and, fortunately for her, has Danny to help her land softly in NJ. Rachel has always been a bit manipulative – remember the two accounts of how they met? Rachel’s feelings for Danny seem much more heavily weighted with infatuation and less with love. Being abandoned at the gate will just be the first bit of tarnish on the new relationship. Especially when she finds out about all the mess that has happened in Hawaii that Danny is tied up in. In the end, Rachel will probably dump Danny again because this will remind her of all the bad things of being married to a cop. I don’t see much future for Rachel on H50; Claire van der Booms’ career advances probably require her being off the show – but at least she didn’t get shot or blown up. (Yet.)

    My big question is where will Grace end up? Grace is such a part of Danny’s character that she really needs to be in Hawaii.

    I’m taking it as a given that the Chief of police is corrupt, particularly because the governor met weekly with him. Maybe things are different in Hawaii, but my understanding is that police chiefs answer more to the city mayor than the state or province head. Is this because the HPD acts as both municipal and state police? (This is a non-rhetorical question, I’d really like to know.)I found the chief’s comments about Chin’s behaviour “showing character”, a bit odd and unconvincing. My view is a bit more like Kono’s; yes, family is important, but when you know a family member is committing a major crime and you actively cover it up, that’s a problem. Chin will have to tread very carefully in conducting an investigation from within HPD. At least he has Duke as an ally. It will also work in his favour if HPD believes that there is a rupture between Chin and Steve and Danny. They will probably be more accepting of his attempts to help Kono.

    I was soooo disappointed in the revelation of the Governor’s character. I love Jean Smart in that role and she did a fabulous job. My two favourite scenes of the whole first season were Jameson and McGarrett scenes – first in the Hiro arrest episode and then in the finale. My husband actually sat down and watched the finale with me (!!!!!) and during that whole part leading up to and during the confrontation we were criticizing Steve for jumping to conclusions and misjudging Jameson. Huh. Might as well have shot me, too. Gob-smacked doesn’t come close to covering it. BTW, the BEST acting from Jean Smart and Alex O’Loughlin in this episode!

    Well, I guess that’s how psychopaths work. Jameson and Wo Fat are both psychopaths. There was so much irony in the Governor’s words to Steve – I’m loyal to those who are loyal to me. She offered him an olive branch and he rejected it; he had to be destroyed. And then Wo Fat kills her. He doesn’t give a rat’s posterior for her loyalty to him. She was always a tool and is now a liability, nothing more.

    I like Jenna Kaye. I like her more each week. I especially liked the “I didn’t think I got a vote” and the “Welcome to my world.” “I like it!” scenes. I look forward to seeing more of her. We all have to live or work with irritating people, why shouldn’t 5-0? 😉

    OK, random thoughts:

    1. Hope they have lots of isolation cells at Halava correctional what with catering to Sang Min, Victor Hesss, Hiro, Steve and Kono. Next meeting with Sang Min should be veeeery interesting.
    2. Charlie Fong to the rescue. Read his FB page. 🙂 You go, Charlie!
    3. The serial numbers on the bills: Steve and Kono watched them all burn (and you know they wouldn’t be careless about that). So someone must have taken more bills out of the locker and partly burned them and planted them.
    4. The lock cgi was overkill – waaay too distracting.
    5. Why did the Gov refer to Chin (twice) as inspector, while Laura (and pretty much everyone else) calls him detective?
    6. Chin has successfully kept his interest in Malia hidden. That was a wise decision on his part. He’s not clueless, Steve!!!
    7. Don’t understand yet why McG was rabbiting on about the Gov giving the order to kill his mother – 18 years ago. Was he just overwrought or…?

    • Kimmer says:

      Other than the CGI lock thing (which I liked) I agree with everything you wrote! Steve has totally been obsessed w/who actually gave the order to blow up his Mom’s car all season (confrontation w/ Kojii comes to mind..) but… HEY! I think I get where you are going with that!!!! Like maybe the Gov knew it was MomMcG in the car and not DadMcG?????

      • Cécile says:

        The CGI lock was good, really cool. But they need to improve their fire CGI. Always soooo bad !

        Good thinking on the Chief of police, I’m not sure I trust him yet.
        I like Duke more and more, loved that he gave Chin the heads up for McG being framed.

      • Merry Blue says:

        Kimmer, my confusion is more about the time frame. Eighteen years ago, Pat Jameson would not have held the Governor’s position. Whatever she was doing would have been a lower level. Someone previously (have not tried to find it, but am betting that it will be in the blog discussion about the Hiro arrest ep) speculated that she may have been police chief or some other law enforcement or judicial system official on a career track.

        Hiro and the Yakuza have been operating in Hawaii for a long time. Perhaps they have had it set up that the Governor and Chief of Police posts are more “hereditary” than elected. As in, they use their influence to get members of their crime organization placed in those positions.

        John McG’s investigation into HPD corruption and organized crime went back at least 20 years. The Governor or CoP of that time could have ordered Mom McG asassinated as a warning to John. Steve could be accusing Jameson directly of ordering the hit or he could be accusing the Governor’s office.

        Any thoughts? ‘Cause that was one point where Steve sounded a bit irrational. But it is likely that he is one of those people who are exceptionally good a pattern recognition and quickly pulling together a conclusion (frequently accurate) while the rest of us are still blundering about.

        Who was the intended target? Will we ever know? Hiro may be the only one now who knows; how likely is it he would ever tell?

      • Kimmer says:

        Oh, the whole timeframe thing has me bonkers.

        Anyway – I was one of the people who surmised that Jameson could have been a mayor or DA or something, but probably not a law enforcement official. Then she could have been involved with SrMcG’s org crime taskforce, but not be Governor. I think this is plausible.
        During one of my re-watchings, I slow-mo’d on the Champ Box items (I think when MaryAnn was photo-ing) and there was a stack of business cards rubberbanded together. The top card clearly said Office of The Governor at the top and the name on it was Pat Jameson. I couldn’t quite make out what the title underneath her name said, but it didn’t look like “Governor”, so maybe she was some sort of advisor or counsel?

        I think that Steve was just reeling from realizing that he had been totally played and betrayed by the Gov. Here he is, thinking that he is doing all of this “good”, and comes to find out that he has been a pawn – he may never trust again.

        I think there is more to MomMcG than just a soccer mom.

      • officer808 says:

        good call…I think we’re gonna learn more about Jameson’s past. I like the idea of a past district attorney or attorney general.

      • Merry Blue says:

        Kimmer, I rewatched the confrontation scene a couple of times more. It confirmed for me that Steve was asking if Jameson herself was responsible for his Mom’s murder. So he must have some reason for thinking that. And for thinking that Mom was targeted rather than Dad. I’ll have to go back and look at Mary Ann’s photos – thanks for the tip.

        Steve’s cell phone – did it get left in Jameson’s office or did Wo Fat have time to pick it up? There might have been a brief moment when the camera focused on Steve when Wo Fat could have picked it up off camera, but it wasn’t in his had when he left the room. I have a hard time believing that Wo Fat would have left it behind – what a mine of intel about Steve and 5-0’s investigation!

      • officer808 says:

        looked to me like he shot the gov, planted the gun and walked out. I could be wrong…

    • officer808 says:

      “It is what it is” so true. Like Peter said “A happy Danny is an uninteresting Danny”. More conflict to overcome makes great drama.

      You’re right, here in Hawaii HPD falls under the City and County of Honolulu. The governor does have her own sheriff’s office, and you could see some sheriffs that McG took out when he stormed the mansion. They were also present when he was walked out in cuffs- they wear an all brown uniform. I’m starting to think that the HPD chief is up to no good as well.

    • Laurie says:

      About #5 I was saying the same thing to myself even had to go back and watch it again to make sure I’d heard correctly

  29. awesomefan says:

    What does “Oia’i’o” mean?

  30. lainiek says:

    Didn’t hear radio show yet…what is thought on Rachel returning to HI?

    • officer808 says:

      I AM KAYE: no mention, other than the fact the Peter said “Have faith” in their relationship. Not too sure what that means though…

    • Bert Hayling says:

      I think she pretty much has to, even if it’s to return to the arms of dear old Manly Stanley — Danny’s not gonna stay put in Hawaii if Grace isn’t there, and no Danny, no carguments, no banter, no bromance… and before too long, no show.

      With Grace out of State, Danny can’t be counted on to stay in Hawaii — and while that wouldn’t surprise anyone, it also means he’d make a poor partner — if he can’t be counted on to be there next week, it’ll be hard to count on him to have his partner’s back.

      Steve knows how much Grace means to him, so he’d be the first one to gently encourage him to go be with his daughter, or better yet, to try bring her home to Hawaii. (I think Steve would hate the prospect of Danny leaving with the heat of a thousand suns, but he’d understand, as he did when Danny was all wound up about Matty).

      A Danny who’s miserable and angry all the time, constantly chafing at having to be in Hawaii without his daughter — especially if he somehow holds 5-0 accountable for his plight — is a Danny who would soon become resentful towards his team — whatever’s left of it — and that’s not going to work; not for Danny, not for Steve, not for 5-0.

  31. awesomefan says:

    I had another thought about Danny leaving the island. Maybe another ironic twist for Danny is that HPD will tell him that he *can’t* leave the island as he will be wanted for more questioning regarding McG’s actions. HPD might find it kind of strange that Danny had late night/last minute tickets to Newark on the night of the Governor’s murder and may want him to stick around. I do not believe he wants to leave until McG is exonerated, but a “don’t leave the Island” order from HPD would also get him out of hot water with Rachel if they are going to run with that storyline.

    Also, I just rewatched the episode and loved the foreshadowing for next season in the scene where McG interrogates O’Reilly. After he lets O’Reilly talk to his brother he tells him the next time he sees his brother will be in Federal court where he will be branded a traitor by his country and treated as a terrorist for killing a Federal official. He goes on to say that his family will be disgraced and his brother forced to leave the service. This is exactly what is in store for McG. Not only does he feel responsible for Laura Hill’s death, but his Ohana will suffer the consequences, too. Kono is being booked for robbery and when McG finds out that Rachel is pregnant he will know his best friend Danny cannot have the thing that he has wanted the most for the entire last year that he has known him;to be with his ex-wife and child and move off of the Island. When Mary Ann returns to the island she will be “the sister of the guy who killed the Governor” and even Catherine may feel the effects. She is Naval Intelligence and just like O’Reilly’s brother, she may be forced to leave the service for her association with McG. This is going to be a dynamite season 2 packed with a lot of emotional and complicated storylines. I hope we get to see more back story on all of the characters. I can’t wait to see how Danny and Chin resolve this for McG. I hope they help him escape! Hee-hee!

  32. PUSPA says:

    At scene of car explosion ep 24 – First off, just loved that top view of Danny – he just stood out with that blonde hair and dark blue shirt, around grey metal.. cool ! Okay, so the weakest scene to me would be this: Steve: Woh! Wait a sec, tell me YOU KNOW who did this? Followed by Jenna Kay sort of “wrestling” with her words to emphasize her detailed answer(s)…I never was a fan of sitcoms, but I do hear them, and the way they articulate sentences…sounds like Jenna Kay. That was to me, quite a terrible exchange to watch lol Seriously, in Ep 23 JK was doing a mouthful of those, whatever, “explanations” she was doing – which I also thought came long & tediously! – at the oddest times too!
    I just hope Wo Fat *planted* her in the Team…so you know there would have been a valid reason for being the way she was ;D
    On to one of my favorite scenes: Danny questioning the contractor. Danny nailed the fact of his crime to him and at the same time softened his (Danny’s) approach by giving him sound advice, he spoke evenly/calmly – great work there by SC !

  33. PUSPA says:

    Gov: What are we gonna do? We have to get rid of him. While saying that, the Gov pressed the red-delete-button…but Wo Fat seemed to say his piece & walk out the same door Steve came through, without picking up cellphone.

    • lainiek says:

      Yes- cell phone remained behind. and, Steve was wearing gloves, btw. So, if the CSIs do their job, Steve may be able to get out of Gov. murder quickly. Laura Hills may be another question. Plus, who knows if CSIs are in someone’s back pocket too. This could open up a wealth of “who do you trust?” characters for season 2- D.A.s, defense attornies, cops, etc….

  34. Dee says:

    @ awesomefan
    excellent thought about Danny getting called in for questioning! So many possibilities there- maybe Danny gets to sneak in a call to his DAd in NJ and has him meet Rachel and Grace????

  35. Air Force Brat says:

    Okay, I have a “what if” that would be yet another twist.

    What if the Governor knew Wo Fat was in the office and had threatened to kill Steve so she played along with Steve? After all she had a personal relationship with John and worried about his children. What if she was under Wo Fat’s thumb, but not willingly? And she really brought Steve on to bring Wo Fat down. Her emotions seemed genuine to me in all her scenes with Steve.

    I think the Chief is not in Wo Fat’s pocket. I think he’s going to reinstate Five-O as a special task force when this is all said and done.

    • Merry Blue says:

      Hi Air Force Brat – I have *so* been wanting to believe this scenario. I just can’t get it to work for me, though. My take is that her angry rant at Steve about all she had done for him was to keep him intent on her and distracted from Wo Fat’s approach. Her acknowledgement that she had Laura murdered for disloyalty came just as Wo Fat was slipping up behind Steve and preparing to taser him – the most critical moment. The confirmation of that betrayal, and effectively of so many others, had a powerful enough effect on Steve that the ambush was a complete surprise. Pretty good teamwork between Jameson and Wo Fat.

      If we can figure out how to exonerate the Gov from this scenario, then I’m all for it, AF Brat – I just can’t see how yet. This is one betrayal in which I don’t have the requisite Trust.

    • lainiek says:

      Yes..I too want the chief to be a good guy..they need someone on their side next season.

    • awesomefan says:

      @Air Force Brat-I agree with your read on the Gov. and John McG. I really do think that earlier in the season the writers wanted us to believe that the Governor had a deep personal link to John McGarrett. I always interpreted that as them having been lovers (maybe he cheated on Mrs. McG! Bastard!) or maybe he was her bodyguard at one point. In the pilot Jameson emphasizes that his murder was personal for her and in the ep where Mary Ann gets kidnapped, she is truly alarmed for Mary Ann’s personal welfare. So a little more clarification would be nice.

  36. lainiek says:

    One thing that stands out for me was that Wo Fat was already in the governor’s mansion and dressed very casually. This tells me that the gov and he were more than even business partners. I still maintain that her reaction to Wo Fat was one of a lover and not a partner in crime. The timeline has bothered me too ..she had to have been a DA or something when McG’s mom was killed.

    • Air Force Brat says:

      Under my proposal, the Governor was an Assistant to the Attorney General or the Attorney General at the time and a younger John McGarrett isn’t much different than Steve – shoot and ask questions later. So she was covering for some of John’s rash behavior, just like she covered for Steve’s and Wo Fat found out and blackmailed her. Once she gave into Wo Fat once, she was under his thumb forever.

      • Air Force Brat says:

        Also, Wo Fat could have bugged the Governor’s phones and office to find out about O’Reilly. He knew where Kaye was.

        What if the Governor was trying to make Wo Fat think she was distracting Steve. If Steve was thinking and acting like a SEAL instead of a son of murdered parents, his SUPER SEAL senses should’ve alerted him to someone approaching him.

        I know a number of police and military officers who are OCD about not having their back to the room so they can see everyone at all times.

        Steve acted like my 11 year-old son recently during a chess game. He was so focused on his attack that he was ultimately defeated by his opponent’s attack. He failed to keep an eye on all the other pieces.

    • Merry Blue says:

      Lainiek, Wo Fat was dressed as a super-stylin’ ninja. 🙂

      • lainiek says:

        Well, casual for Wo Fat- after all, no jacket or tie 🙂
        Btw, I watched again and the Gov def hit an alarm when she moved her hands down below the desk. Clearly our Super Seal wasn’t in his right mind, because he didn’t notice or care.

        More thoughts regarding Rachel and Danny: why was Rachel going back to NJ? She is from England. What was she going to do in NJ? Do they still have a place there- did she never sell the 2 bedroom duplex in Weehawken? I know she wanted to get away from Stan, but why didn’t Grace and she just check into a room in the Hilton? I am suspicious of all these things. This is why I think there is something else going on to her midnight escape.

        Also, if she just had to leave so bad to get away, why could she just wait til Danny got there or get in touch with her and take another flight?

        Why was it soooooo imperative she leave on that flight in the middle of the night? 😦 If it were any of you, would you still have gotten on that flight or waited? Just curious…..

      • officer808 says:

        Prevailing theory was that she was compelled to leave under threat of violence…

      • officer808 says:

        I think he was about to put on the Barry White just as the gov was gonna go upstairs.

      • Cécile says:

        @Lainie : England has never been Grace’s home, that’d be really tough on her. And I guess Rachel must have made kept some contacts in NJ. I’m wondering how she’s perceived by Danny’s family ? Matt didn’t seem to hold a nasty grudge against her, though he’s the one who picked up the pieces after the original break up…

  37. Merry Blue says:

    I’m hoping that the IA Chairman David Akahoshi will be back next season. He seemed like a very reasonable guy and the actor was great. It would be interesting if there was a conflict between the IA Chair (honest) and the Police Chief (corrupt) over the handling of Steve and Kono. Although I’m not sure if IA would have any say regarding H50 members.

    Of course, Akahoshi might also be on the take and looked the other way regarding Chin’s behaviour with the $200K to pave the way for Chin’s reinstatement with HPD.

    Will the FBI be dragged into any of this? I noticed that they are not to fond of Steve. 🙂

  38. PUSPA says:

    Merry Blue says : The confirmation of that betrayal, and effectively of so many others, had a powerful enough effect on Steve that the ambush was a complete surprise. Pretty good teamwork between Jameson and Wo Fat.
    I had a thought:) IF what Steve got himself into that night, could be taken as “an ambush” (of sorts) – Firstly, somebody must have told Gov OR Wo Fat beforehand. So Wo Fat was already in her office, um, and had prepared/planned the ambush,right?
    On the other hand Wo Fat could have been in the Gov’s Office “discussing” other means/options to further crush the whole 5-O Team that night! Either way(s) Wo Fat wouldn’t have already been in Gov’s office…having a “business meeting?”
    The final words of the Gov, before Wo Fat shot her, was pretty surprising to me too! She was actually telling him “they” should get rid of Steve.
    So 2 main things I learned from the above: IMO 1. Steve’s “emotional angst” (sweat & tears!) in that confrontation WAS in keeping with all that Danny was afraid / foresaw IF Steve went and did anything “his way”..
    2. Wo Fat makes ppl under his thumb feel like they are doing things for themselves/their purpose (e.g Victor Hess STILL doesn’t realize that Wo Fat used VH’s kid bro as bait in the Pilot ep !)
    3. Wo Fat has killed off Hiro’s “consultant” brother too (Ex Police Officer) !! (End scene of Ep 13, Danny says there’s one less person 2 investigate)
    4. Wo Fat has been around as long as he has because he fixes things (murders of loose ends etc) in mysterious ways.. he’s a Ninja !;)
    So in S1, Steve has had his 2 big run-ins with Wo Fat (first one in the restaurant) – For Season 2 – I would REALLY, really LOVE Wo Fat to get pissed off and be reduced to “punk” level by Danny ;D

  39. jackie says:

    Wait a minute–Wo Fat or the Gov stole the Champ box, right? Laura Hills found out about it and was slowly returning the clues back to McG. So then how did Jenna K get the tape recorder? She is in on it, too. Perhaps the whole story about her fiance is false and she is yet another “plant” by Wo Fat.

    • Ichi says:

      OMG! Forgot about that one! Got to add it to the list of questions a few comments back up

    • awesomefan says:

      Jackie, that has been bugging the heck out of me since Monday night! I hope Jenna Kaye gets blown up by Wo Fat or taken out in royal fashion by Danny. I really don’t like her and that would he highly gratifying!

    • Cécile says:

      Didn’t she say it had be recovered by the CIA during a bust of one of Wo Fat’s safe houses, and that’s what triggered her going rogue situtation ? But then, why didn’t the CIA try to recover it ?

      • Merry Blue says:

        I don’t think it was stated in an episode; I remember it from a tweet (P Lenkov?).

      • Cécile says:

        You’re right, I just went through ep. 19 where JK is introduced, she doesn’t say so.

    • officer808 says:

      My assumption is that Laura may have gotten it to her somehow, someway. I think it would really by out of character for her to be a plant by Wo Fat, as interesting as that sounds.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        I want to know how Laura Hills found out about the contents of the Champ Box? Was she aware of the Governor’s corrupt alliance with WoFat? Where were the contents hidden, in the antique dresser? Was Laura an undercover agent or was she under the employ of WoFat?

  40. Dee says:

    @Lainie not to say there may not be something more to Rachel’s story but..
    If she didn’t get on the plane we wouldn’t have cliffhanger or the ,will Danny leave or won’t he? Because even after they “clear” Steve – Rachel ,his daughter and unborn child are back in NJ. Making an unhappy Danny….
    As far as her going back to London, there was no mention how long she had been in states. She could of landed a job in NJ/NY and loved it and made it her “home” prior to her meeting Danny? Again alot of “holes” to be filled and they can be filled with “daisies or weeds” Or choice until the story is told.

  41. Mary Jane says:

    New to posting but love this site.
    Have just rewatched (again). Love the episode. The acting of SC was great as usual and AOL is showing what he can do by the week as the scripts allow for greater emotion.
    Love the Steve/Danny interaction as usual. Danny trying to calm Steve down was like he thought Steve had gone mad and paranoid and that’s what I thought was happening at first watching.
    So much has been said already on this thread that I agree with.
    Hope Danny telling Kamekona that Steve is going after the Governor isn’t going to cause too many problems (if they trace the gun to him and he’s trying to stay out of jail).
    Did anyone think AOL was at risk of corpsing (I’m UK – hope it means the same thing – actors laughing) when he tells Chin that Laura was sexting him?
    D/R relationship – I’m enjoying it as I think it will show things (ie Danny’s emotions) in sharp relief when they eventually go wrong (which I’m sure they will). Let him have some happiness for a while…
    Also as people have said, despite all Danny said about not having a life in Hawaii, he hesitated when he said about coming back and tying up all his … cases. I think he meant more than that. Also it spoke volumes that he forgot about meeting Rachel at the airport then was too busy or forgot again. Actions speak louder than words.
    It’s nice to know I’m not the only obsessed one!

  42. Merry Blue says:

    CBS rebroadcast Nalowale tonight with a really strong performance by Jean Smart. I wonder about the timing of the rebroadcast – coincidence, or are we being given a hint about something?

  43. PUSPA says:

    Oh yesss! I just hope Wo Fat *planted* her in the Team…so you know there would have been a valid reason for being the way she was ;D I commented on that “theory” a few posts up (May 19th). Anyhoo, at the time JK introduced herself, I thought:
    1. Jenne Kay “showed” only the Tape Recorder just so she could get McG to think she WAS from the CIA. Alright, so the TR was supposedly 2 be in exchange 4 all the files McG got on Wo Fat, was that right? I’m not remembering that initial verbal exchange too much! Aaah, I’ll use that as an excuse to rewatch it ;D
    2. I got 2 thinking WHY would Jenna be given McG’s dad’s voice recording only?
    3. Jenna Kay acted pretty clueless when McG gave her to analyze the stack of photos – because IF the CHAMP toolbox was “stolen” with ALL its contents.. HOW come only the Tape Recorder got separated, conveniently into Jenna Kay’s hands OR what she wanted McG to believe -that SHE WAS from the CIA…;D

    • Cécile says:

      I have two very different and totally opposed takes on the tape recorder ! It’s very disturbing, as I don’t know which is more rational and logical…OK here they are :

      1) I’d like to know what else is on that tape recorder, besides the “when Steve was 5, he wanted to be a cop” monologue, that makes it so valuable. We’ve never heard more than that, and if it had contained anything interesting, Steve would have started from his father’s conclusions, instead of starting from scratch. I’m sure by the time it was stolen, Steve had listened to it a thousand times and memorised it, so even if new developments of the investigation had been linked to what Pap McG had deduced, Steve would have remembered it, right ? Or am I giving too much credit to Steve’s abilities ?

      2) The tape record is not a legal evidence, it “just” contains John McGarrett’s thoughts and conclusions based on the rest of the content of the toolbox, which, taken one by one without explanations are just pieces of a weird puzzle. The only reason why Noshimuri and Wo Fat isolated the TR from the rest is because it does contains interesting stuff, and they wanted to know how much John McGarrett knew, thus how much Steve could know. But why haven’t we heard more of what’s on the tape, directly or in a comment from Steve or Jenna ?

      Another question I have is why the hell didn’t Noshimuri and Wo Fat destroyed everything, once they had a look at the Champ box content ? If it inciminates them so much, why no get rid of these evidence ? Or did they intended to do so, but the Gov. stole them from Wo Fat, to have something against him in case he got out of her “control” (assuming she thought she was in control of the situation and not totally at his mercy) ?

  44. PUSPA says:

    Just for the record, most if not all (ok 8 outta 10 times!) of Danny’s intelligent “reading” of individuals &/or situations have come true ! Danny’s initial reaction to Jenna Kay was not favorable ! lol Danny needed to understand McG’s “play” – half-humoredly (?) questioned McG on why he wasn’t questioning Jenna Kay further (interrogate in fact !) – McG explained that CIA could only interrogate, foreigners ? Convenient ;D
    My take on that – Jenna Kay *could* turn out to be one !!

  45. PUSPA says:

    Episode 13 had so many twists and turns it makes Jenna Kay’s story about getting the Tape Recorder even more mind-boggling!
    1. The Yakuza “recreation center” is raided..
    2. McG says “Kono, I want this place strip-searched” Oh yeah!
    3. Kono “rescues” CHAMP box in the nick of time from being literally taken out with the, um, garbage! Later, oh yes! THERE ARE fingerprints all over the CHAMP box! Gr8!
    4. Danny goes down to the golf resort and insults HIRO for his carelessness AND being an idiot lol Apparently, HIRO in his anxiousness “forgets” to wear gloves AND the fingerprints matches his… Hiro stares daggers at his “Consultant brother” but it’s too late – Danno books em’
    5. McG asks Wo Fat who he is ! Wo Fat answers, “Wo Fat” BUT…
    6. The ending scene reveals how badass Wo Fat can be – Mr Ruthless had Hiro’s consultant brother killed off (definitely him!) – made it look like a car accident too.
    I really can’t wait for Season 2 to come around – so many questions, & I particularly love the hidden dangers from within..may be:D

    • Beth says:

      PUSPA you and Cecile have raised many questions/concerns I have had regarding Jenna Kaye and the tape recorder and how she came into possession of it in the first place. Thank you to both of you for bringing these topics up. I’m very interested in finding out if/how this will all be resolved in s2.

  46. Mary Jane says:

    First posting here. Love the site.
    Just rewatched finale last night. Most of what I think has been said. Love the acting – SC great as ever, AOL going from strength to strength as the scripts become more emotional. Did anyone else think he was close to laughing during the ‘sexting’ scene with Chin?!
    Re: D/R relationship. I like it. I think it will throw Danny’s later emotions into sharp relief when things go wrong (which I think they will). Also he hesitated when he said he’d come back to Hawaii to tie up his … cases – perhaps he was thinking of having to tie up other things at that point. He also did not go to the airport. On 2 occasions he either forgot or there was too much going on to meet Rachel. That’s big stuff for Danny.
    I love the interaction between Steve and Danny. I liked the way Danny tried to calm him like he was a deluded mad person after the car bomb – I was worried about Steve at that point too!
    Is anyone else worried that Danny told Kamekona Steve was going after the Governor? Will that come back to haunt if they trace the gun?
    I’m not sure we know everything about the Governor’s involvement. She said Steve would not want to know the truth. Perhaps John McG wasn’t as straight down the line as we might think.

  47. PUSPA says:

    Mary Jane said : Is anyone else worried that Danny told Kamekona Steve was going after the Governor? Will that come back to haunt if they trace the gun?
    I am (was) actually worried for Danny’s safety then ! Thanks for highlighting that part 🙂 You know why? When McG threw that cellphone on the table at the Gov asking her to record her confessions…the phone RANG! McG asks Gov not to answer that, oh why?! I thought, Danny’s calling ! Right before that call, Danny was in his car, right? If I remember correctly Danny was mumbling something (something about bad idea, bad Steve?!lol) AND Ex Wife comes through regarding her being already at the airport, hm? So Danny was driving towards “where” again? Was he trying to dissuade McG from leaving to invade the Gov mansion OR was Danny on the to meet McG at the Gov’s? Turns out that questions answered when Danny runs up frantically just as Chin’s bundling McG into the police car!
    My worry (!) Wo Fat being all ninja, made a smooth/confident exit from the same door McG came in… BUT could he have been still somewhere in the vicinity watching the H5-O Team fractured ?

    • Merry Blue says:

      Was that the iPhone, PUPSA, or the desk phone? When Steve came in with the gun, Jameson tried to put her hands under the desk and Steve told her to put them back on top – so she couldn’t trigger the alarm. Lainek thought that she saw the Gov actually hit the alarm; I couldn’t tell if she did or not. However, the phone rang shortly after that. Often what will happen if the alarm is trigger is that security will call the office to see if it was a false or genuine alarm. If the phone is not answered, security will respond. When the phone rang in Jameson’s office, I assumed that it was the desk phone, possibly in response to the alarm.

      • lainiek says:

        that was my thought exactly- like the gov hit the alarm and they were calling to see if she was ok- when she didn’t reply, the police responded automatically.

    • Merry Blue says:

      McG usually has his phone set to vibrate, doesn’t he?

      • lainiek says:

        yes- “Cath” can attest to that 😉

      • Laurie aka Froggie23 says:

        Not always it rang when he was going to pick up Grace at school and Sang Min called. I don’t think the Gov was able to hit the panic button but if she did and that was them checking in they would have been there so fast that Wo Fat wouldn’t have had the chance to come in. As for Steves phone I do believe it was dropped back on the desk after Gov hit the delete button.

      • Merry Blue says:

        Steve may have set the phone on silent or turned it off, since he was breaking in. It would be annoying to have someone call just as you were trying to sneak past the security guard. I have seen panic buttons installed under desks where it is possible to trigger them with a knee.

  48. PUSPA says:

    Cecile says: I have two very different and totally opposed takes on the tape recorder ! It’s very disturbing, as I don’t know which is more rational and logical…OK here they are :
    Perhaps like some code words hidden in between what dad McG was talking about ? Really interesting 😉 Just like that Sherlock Holmes *stick figures” were meant to mean something !
    officer 808 Thank you for your opinion on the Tape Recorder!
    So, IF Laura Hill gave anything (eg Tape Recorder) to Jenna K – that would be cool too – it’ll be interesting to briefly know how, why and for what reasons LH and JK could have met .
    On a different note: Love how (unlike some shows) there are no flashbacks to explain the crimes or motivations of suspects – I like that it’s just related back, usually by Danny 🙂

  49. Linda Stein says:

    Hello all H50 friends. It is 3pm on Sunday May 22nd and I just got home from my cruise. We had a great time. The weather was great, the ship was beautiful, the food was wonderful and, most important the booze was abundant, expensive, but abundant! I needed the anesthesia after watching the H50 finale last Monday night and not being able to be with you guys to dissect it all made it even more necessary to drink. LOL What follows is what I wrote on the Tuesday morning following the finale. Also, as hard as it was to ride all the way home to Philly from New York without checking my phone, I did not look. I have no idea what any of you have been saying, I have not read any reviews nor have I read the blogs AND I’ve only seen the finale one time! So bear with me. I know you have all said every one of my observations already and I am not going to be saying anything new but I just could not let the season end without me.

    Tuesday, May 17th:

    I am sitting on the balcony of my cabin on the Carnival Miracle. It’s 7am and we are in the process of docking in Grand Turk. I’ve taken my pictures and we’ve planned our day and as I sit here writing this out long hand I’m totally exhausted because I didn’t get to sleep last night until well after 2am. Was I having drinks in the Metropolis lounge? No. Was I dancing the night away in the disco? No. No, I was in bed, not sleeping, but tossing and turning with one question going over and over in my head. “How the hell are they gonna get out of this????” Yes, I was in my cabin by 10pm last night to watch the H50 finale. No way in hell was I going to miss it, even here. All I wanted to do was get on my phone or head down to the internet café and get on line and talk to my H50 buddies but, unfortunately that was not an option. I know by the time I get home and type this out it is all going to be so old but, what the hell. Remember, as I’m writing this I have only seen the episode ONE time and I haven’t read a thing about it anywhere.

    Danny & Rachel: I hate being wrong, although it’s something I should be used to. So I’ll take my lumps first. So they are having an affair. I vehemently defended Danny last episode saying there was no proof that the time he was spending with Rachel was anything more than that…TIME. Getting to know each other again, time spent together with Grace, etc. I am actually going to stubbornly stick to that. At that time there WAS no proof it was more than that. But….ummmmm…a baby??? I stand properly corrected. For Rachel to be pregnant and be sure the baby is Danny’s this must have been going on for weeks and weeks. But I am not going to condemn them for it. Shit happens, heart over-ruling your head and all that kind of stuff. Was it the right thing to do? Absolutely not. But they are human beings after all and human beings are flawed creatures who do not always do the right thing. That they have realized the mistake in breaking up and have acted on it is not really surprising. Danny has always been about one thing…Grace and by extension, Rachel. He left his entire life, career and family to follow them to Hawaii. I am not surprised he was so willing to do it again. In the heat of the moment, finding out he’s going to be a father again, the ONE thing that has always been the most important thing to him, he reacted on instinct, family first.

    Rachel and Grace have left Hawaii. When S2 begins, will Danny have followed them? I’m not sure. I can see 2 scenarios. 1) S2 beginning with Danny in Jersey but not able to stay. He will be eaten up inside with the mess he left in Hawaii, the mess Steve and Kono are in and he will go back. He won’t leave Steve out to dry especially when he KNOWS Steve would never kill Jamison. First of all, Steve just WOULDN’T do that and second, there are still too many questions left to kill the one person who could give him answers. He just wouldn’t do that. Danny also will not let Kono take the fall for the 10mil alone. He has a big brother thing for her. He won’t abandon her any more than he will abandon Steve especially since at this moment he thinks Chin has.

    Or 2) Danny stays behind in Hawaii to try to help Steve and Kono. Either way, I’m hoping Rachel will really realize how important Danny’s H50 family is to him and that she has grown up enough to accept that Danny has a new life in Hawaii and, just like he did for her, she follows him to live there.

    Steve: The people in the cabins next to me, if they were even in there, must have thought I was totally bonkers as I’m bouncing up and down yelling at the TV, “I knew it….I was right…I knew it….oh NO…STEVE!!!” I always suspected that Laura’s death was not THE death and I always suspected it would be Jamison. I also speculated that WoFat would kill Jamison and set it up so Steve would take the fall. BINGO!!! I was wrong about Danny but right about Steve. Oh, how I wish it was the other way around!!! But I NEVER expected that it was Jamison who would be behind Laura’s death or that she has been working for/with WoFat! Wow, Peter Lenkov was right. The last 5 minutes were not to be missed.

    And, I am telling you right now, if one more critic calls Alex a wooden surfboard of an actor I am going to go all…well, I was going to say postal on them, but after last night, I am going to go all McGarrett on their ass! There was so much range of emotion from Alex in this episode it was breathtaking. He went from joking around with Chin over Laura flirting with him to absolute rage at Jamison with every emotion in between. It was almost physically painful to see the look of helplessness, confusion and, yes, fear on his face as his mug shot was taken. And the way he looked at Kono as she was brought in. He had no idea what she was doing there. He didn’t know they got her because of the 10mil. He was totally confused and, I thought, sad because whatever she was there for, he knows it’s his fault. Alex nailed every scene in the finale. The look in his eyes, practically in tears of fury, as he confronted the governor was chilling.

    Chin: When Chin walked out of the H50 office with the words “well, I’m not going to stand here and do nothing” (I think that’s what he said, I only saw the show once) I immediately said to myself, “that a boy Chin…get inside HPD and find out what’s going on”.

    Danny accused Chin of going back to HPD even after all they had done to him. I think that’s exactly what Chin is doing. Chin had no choice but to play along with HPD arresting Steve. He was found in the office with the governor dead and the murder weapon in his hand. He was already wanted for Laura’s murder and probably resisting arrest considering what he did to get out of 5-0HQ when the cops came to arrest him. Chin had no choice. If he’s going to be the 5-0 mole in HPD he needs to establish his “cover”.

    But if we have learned nothing about Chin the last 9 months it is that he is loyal to a fault. He protected his Auntie from the truth. He protected his Uncle by taking the fall for the stolen money. He took that lie as far as he could to protect his Uncle. He will be no less loyal to Steve and Kono. Chin probably also knows that, right now, the safest place for Steve is in jail. WoFat won’t be able to get to him there. He is accused of killing two government officials, one of them the state’s highest elected official. He is also a high ranking member of Hawaiian law enforcement. There is no way he’s going into general population in jail. He will probably be in solitary and under constant observation. WoFat will have a very difficult time getting to him there. There he will be safe.

    Also, Jamison attempted to delete the recording on Steve’s IPhone. That phone was still on her desk when Steve was arrested. WoFat did not take it. I’ll bet Chin will get his hands on that phone and figure out a way to get that recording back if she even managed to delete it. She was very stressed in the moment. Could be she didn’t actually erase it. If so, that is the evidence that Steve did not kill her but someone else did. It doesn’t show who did, only that it wasn’t Steve. Remember, Peter Lenkov said WoFat would be a boil on Steve’s butt for a very long time. That recording could get Steve off without implicating WoFat.

    But, here’s a question. At this time, does Chin even know about Kono? She was taken out of HQ after Chin left. He’s going to have his hands full trying to clear Steve and Kono. Steve might be the easier one. Steve did not, after all, kill the governor but Kono DID steal that money!

    Kono: Oh God…she looked so heartbroken. Her whole life, broken. It was awful to watch her in that lineup. She, the innocent rookie, just learning the ropes. She, the honest idealist who believes that being a cop means you always tell the truth. Will she tell the truth or will she take the fall for the 10mil alone? Little old Auntie never saw Steve on that street. He was already in the tunnel before she got there and she was gone by the time he got out. Will Kono keep that to herself or will they force her to reveal her accomplices? It’s pretty obvious she couldn’t have pulled it off alone. Steve’s in so much trouble already. Will Kono unwillingly make it worse? Poor Kono. They were all so ready and willing to turn themselves in over the money a few months ago but the reality of it…wow!

    Jenna: I am still not completely certain about Jenna. I dislike her less week after week but it’s getting a bit odd that she seems to be an expert in practically everything that comes along. It reminds me of Wesley Crusher on the Enterprise. People hated that character too. Personally, I always liked Wesley and I find that Jenna is growing on me too. Right now she will be an extra set of eyes, hands and legs in the investigation to clear Steve and Kono. She will have to help Danny while Chin works from the inside. She could be very useful. I am very curious to see how the writers use her in the future.

    OK guys…that’s it! Whew…it was easier to type this out from my handwritten copy than it was to write it in the first place. Now that I have it done and posted, I’m going to spend the rest of my night reading through what everyone else wrote and see how off I am after one viewing and no input from anyone else. I can’t wait to check into my favorite facebook page and see how their week went. If I know them they had a hell of a week.

    Good to be home!!

    • Kimmer says:

      Linda – glad to see you back, rested and tired at the same time!

      I am totally with you on AOL’s acting ability – I almost want to say that he changes the emotions in such a subtle and smooth way that it is too deep for some people to pick up. (we are all so smart!, LOL)

      I like your whole take on Kono – she was idealistic yet managed to completely overlook the law when it came to $10m and Chin – all the while chastising Ching for doing the same thing. And I don’t think that Steve will let her just take the fall depsite it only being her that was ID’d at the scene. on the money front – since HPD attested that all of the $20M was there after the tsunami (even if it wasn’t the right money – or real money, whatever) as they build the timeline for Steve/Gov/WoFat – they will uncover that someone re-stole the money to burn it at the site of the McG/Hesse fight so it is possible that Kono will get off. I surmise that the Gov/WoFat had the burned money planted to keep the suspicion on the 5-0’s going – especially since McG and Kono believe that all of the original 10M burned to a crisp.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Hmmmm…re-stole the money to burn it? That is interesting.

      • Kimmer says:

        So, according to my theory, the US treasury is missing $20M by way of campfires in Hawaii. Maybe not…LOL.

    • Val says:

      Hey Linda, reading your review makes me feel like I’m watching the episode all over again only through your eyes on a cruise ship, alone in a cabin in the middle of an ocean I’d be going bonkers too!! Like you I was really thrilled to see Chin roll up his sleeves and begin thinking 10 steps ahead as the house of cards were beginning to fall and I never in a moment believe that he went back to HPD for any other reason than to unravel who the hell is behind this elaborate set up. You are right Chin is loyal to a fault and I’m disappointed for just a smidgen of a sec that Danny doesn’t see that.

      One thing I noticed about Danny is unfortunately always a few steps behind McGarrett when it comes to being astute about certain things. Yes, Danny’s instincts are excellent and he’s a great cop but he’s also methodical and thorough and likes to think things through before acting on anything. The other two Steve and Chin act relatively quickly so its not surprising that Danny would be even more confused by what is going on.

      One thing stands out for sure, Danny truly does care a great deal for Steve and while he absolutely had faith in his former partner when he was framed by another cop that he was dirty, Danny totally remained loyal inspite of the stack of evidence that was stacked high up he never waivered from his belief in his friend and the same thing now can be said for Steve. The stakes here are so much higher for Steve and there is no way that he will fly to NJ and fly back to Hawaii.

      The question I have is for s2 will he be able to go back to the office to consult with Jenna Kaye or will he jump in his car and drive to the police station where Steve and Kono are placed under arrest – I’m sure Steve will realize that Kono’s arrest has something to do with the burnt money that Chin told him about but the confusion will be is why she was implicated.

      I’m really puzzled by the conversation that took place in the Gov’s office when she not only admitted she had Laura killed but that she knew that they took the money and had it put back – she took care of them? What? I was furious with her for saying that – she never did!! She always told Steve that she couldn’t protect them – for the first time we really see the true colors coming from that woman and its wicked and self-serving and frightening and the look of shock and tears in Steve’s eyes thinking about his parents and then realizing that she used him all along just infuriates him that’s why he wanted to get answers from her – he never intended to go there to kill her he wanted to know if she had conspired with Wofat!!

      The earlier scene before when he and Danny went to see her and handed the file that they had on Wofat – the look on her face, bothered me but it really sent chills down my spine when she got up and went to pour herself a drink, think she realized that Steve was onto her and she was right, Steve immediately became suspicious when he saw the classic looking furniture and put two and two together about the key. Kind of funny when Danny was wondering why Steve was so interested in an old piece of furniture like it was from an antique road show… that’s why it truly bothered me a lot that Steve was so easily able to hide his intentions from Danny when he took the key out of his pocket and looked at it…nothing was going to prevent him from searching her office. Once Steve has made up his mind – there is no stopping him and unfortunately in his quest for answers he walked right into a trap!!

      • Linda Stein says:

        “One thing I noticed about Danny is unfortunately always a few steps behind McGarrett when it comes to being astute about certain things. Yes, Danny’s instincts are excellent and he’s a great cop but he’s also methodical and thorough and likes to think things through before acting on anything. The other two Steve and Chin act relatively quickly so its not surprising that Danny would be even more confused by what is going on.”

        Yes, when it comes to work Danny is very methodical but in his personal life he is very emotional and reactionary. I think that’s the reason people are so put out with him. They expect him to be just as methodical with his personal life as he is with work. That is not in his make up. When it comes to work he thinks things through, uses cool analysis to figure things out and looks at all the evidence before moving forward. When it comes to his personal life he just GOES!

        He ran to help Rachel and Grace after the car jacking. Didn’t stop to think for a split second before he was off. He did the same with Matt. Work Danny and Personal Danny are too different mind sets. Personal Danny is very similar to work Steve. They just GO!

        With that “to be continued” at the end of the finale I suspect S2E1 will start right after or very shortly after that mug shot was taken. I picture Steve and Kono in seperate holding cells waiting for whatever comes next. I think Chin will be the one to interrogate Steve. There will be someone else in the cell with them and Steve will give Chin the low down on what really happened. But eventually Chin and Steve will be alone and Chin will explain the reasoning behind his new HPD badge and rank. Then Steve will fill him in on all the stuff he doesn’t want regular HPD to know. Chin will take that info and with Danny, Jenna and I’m thinking with Duke’s help they will work on the case the H50 way!

        I also think Chin will fill Steve in on why Kono is there if Steve hasn’t already figured it out. It’s going to be a very interesting start to the new season!

      • Val says:

        Linda totally agree with your assessment about Danny’s character. What happened to Steve is not his fault – no one could have predicted the outcome of the “road kill” set up that was coming down on them by Wofat and the gov. They never expected Laura to be killed in such a public way and outside their office building, nor did anyone believe that Steve would be blamed for any of it.

        Danny was torn between his own personal family issue which none of us can fault him for he’s never waivered from that, family means everything to him and Steve has never held it against him but this entire episode was a very personal attack on Steve and only Steve would realize it because the key and the envelope mail delivery that got Laura killed is connected to his father’s toolbox.

        Danny was right the set of circumstances connecting the Gov the highest ranking official to Wofat was bizarre and unbelievable but unfortunately it was true and the entire situation was just one big crazy shock for all of them and hopefully when s2 begins – we will see them all rally around to fight to save Steve’s life and free Kono.

        What I have troubling understanding is why the elaborate set up for Steve and kill the gov? If Laura did find send the items to Steve – it really doesn’t connect any of the items that we have seen so far to the Gov., it would be like every other day that he got those items so what changed other than its the last episode, what made Wofat feel that he would need to draw so much attention to himself?

        It was only after they killed Laura that all of this came down to pointing suspiciously at the Gov and her connection to Wofat.

        The only explanation that I have to Steve using the key and finding the photos of Laura is that Wofat wanted to set the Governor up and have Steve connect her to his father’s investigation which he obviously did.

        He wanted Steve there so that he could have her killed and set Steve up for the final fall and destroy five-0!! Now I really hope Peter Lenkov has an answer to how we are going to get our Five-0 back as a team and not fractured because according to a recent article posted by the Five-0’s – the team reunites in season 2, hopefully he meant at the start of s2.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Val…see what I posted further down the blog. I have a theory about WoFat, Jamison and Steve …see below!!!

    • awesomefan says:

      This awesome fan thinks that was an awesome review. Thanks for articulating much of what I have been thinking! I love this blog and all of you crazy fans!

      My husband can’t understand why I am still talking about Five-O a full week after it was “over”. He is a misguided individual… LOL!

  50. Merry Blue says:

    Glad to have you back, Linda. You have your work cut out for you, reading all our thoughts, profound, rambling and silly. I’m looking forward to your next set of comments.

  51. Laurie aka Froggie23 says:

    I thought I already responded but I don’t see it so if this shows up twice please frogive me 🙂 First I want to say welcome back Linda second all I can say is WOW you wrote all that without knowing what we all wrote. I am sooo looking forward to what you have to say after you have.

  52. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Yeay! Linda’s back! I’m very proud of you, Linda. That’s a very “sober” review, considering all you had to go through, and all alone too! Actually, that “favorite FB page” of yours went downright ballistic! Your ideas are right on, as always – or maybe it’s because we see things similarly most of the time! Glad you had a great cruise, and your opinions were certainly missed this past week!

  53. PUSPA says:

    Merry Blue said: Was that the iPhone, PUPSA, or the desk phone? When Steve came in with the gun, Jameson tried to put her hands under the desk and Steve told her to put them back on top – so she couldn’t trigger the alarm.
    Yes you’re correct – about “what” rang !
    That scene in the Gov office: McG said “I didn’t kill Laura Hills, YOU did!” That’s when Gov reaches for the alarm button with her right hand. But it looks like she didn’t press it cause McG yells at her to “Put your hand on the desk!”
    I was mistaken about what rang! The tinkling was from the Gov’s phone…so now I’m thinking, WHO actually informed HPD of what McG was doing there? I noticed Chin lead HPD in full battle gear !
    Just curious: Did McG just *disable* all those Gov’s Secutity Men or were they killed? Just imagining, IF any one of them did come-to later, the whole scene inside the Gov office would’ve been very different 😀

    • Cécile says:

      I think he just disabled them, killing them would prove that he is in fact a cold hearted bastard, which is not the case. I’m sure SuperSeal can put a man out of service for more than a few minutes !
      We don’t know how long Steve was unconscious, but either the security gard finally woke up and called HPD, or Wo Fat did it himself, to make sure Steve got found by HPD, in the room with the gun in his hand or an someone heard the shots and called the HPD, or HPD tracked Steve via his phone or knowning that Steve had already broken into the Gov.’s mansion and that he thought she was (at least part) responsible for his parents’ death, Chin took the liberty to raid the place.

      Lol, that’s all I can think of right now !

  54. lainiek says:

    Not to obsess..who am I kidding..but I rewatched scene again and I actually hear a button being hit. I thing gov was stalling McG because she knew help was on its way. Wo Fat got there first because he was already in bldg.

    • Cécile says:

      Isn’t it her pen falling from the notebook on the desk that you hear ? It’s exactly at the same time as she tries to put her hand under the desk.

  55. lainiek says:

    Maybe pen was diversion 😉

  56. PUSPA says:

    Cecile said: damn, what a cunning woman !
    LOL ! That was funny!
    Wo Fat *worked with* a range of people that has/had (IF still alive!) Calculative, Manipulative and CHAMELEON like tendencies, right? Just look what Victor Hess was made of – almost SIMILAR emotional reactions as the Gov Pat – when found out ?;D Victor Hess had a brother (WF used as bait!) – Then of course, there’s Sang Min, he has a Wife (fr Rwanda) and a small son, whom he feels deeply about. This guy Sang Min actually “bonded” with Danny on the love for family thing ! Now SM needs to have police protection fr WF – the ONLY way to go for him here!!
    Could the Gov’s own “personal family trail” lead waaaay back for Wo Fat to engage in her politics ?

  57. PUSPA says:

    Wondering if Danny will take a “I-told-you-so” kind of stance with McG’s predicament !
    In a way it was McG’s recklessness and “I’ll-go-it-alone” attitude that has turned almost everything in favor of Wo far!
    Danny’s already “hotheaded” and “temperamental” to begin,with lol He would have reached boiling point now, especially because he’s got to be in Hawaii indefinitely, and not NJ! Bad, bad timing McG !
    Speaking of which, it was a very private Danny I think I felt the whole time. Danny was “handling” Ex Wife issue discreetly. Danny was trying to be a professional through and through – keep work and personal life separate?
    I particularly felt bad for Danny at the contractor witness/2 Officers been killed scene. Ex wife calls, Danny takes the call hesitantly – but when McG asks if everything’s all right, Danny answers “I’m fine.”
    Danny being pulled emotionally and physically two ways – subtle but it was there.

    • rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

      You really can’t blame Steve for having that “go-it-alone” attitude. Sometimes when you’ve been responsible for yourself for a very long time, you get,(nearly permanently) stuck in that mode. You don’t let anyone around you help because you’re not used to anyone BEING there to help. And I’m betting if Steve knew that Danny was supposed to jet off to New Jersey with Rachel and Grace, he’d be saying “GO”. I think he’d be hurt by it but he’d still be saying go–don’t stay here just to help me.

      • Dee says:

        I absolutely agree Vanessa!
        Even in the finale (let alone all season long family first was the theme!) When Rachel calls Danny (Steve and Danny are at the scene of the Wo Fat “hit” on the witness) Danny asks for amin and Steve waves him on “go -go” Take care of family first. Steve lost all his family except for Mary and there is no way Steve will put himself or anyone else in the way of Danny having a family… IMHO!

  58. MyMcG says:

    Okay I am SO late to the game after two Mondays have passed since the finale and with more than 270 comments already posted to this “Things we learned entry”. If anyone is still checking back and reading new comments at this point, I just wanted to add a few thoughts.

    First of all, Officer, thank you for all the hard work you put into this, the funnest blog out there, and for fostering this awesome community of H50 fans. I’m glad to hear you’ll continue to post here and there through the break, but I hope this hiatus also means Mrs. Bob will get some more of your time! Cheers to Mrs. Bob for lending you and your free time for our benefit & entertainment.

    I have read through or at least scanned most of the comments and I’m surprised that no one has brought up the brass key because it confuses the logic or timeline in my brain a little bit – or am I overthinking it? Which is entirely possible.

    The brass key has been a part of the champ box evidence all along. It seemed like a one of those logic-bending incontinuities that the key had been in John McGarrett’s custody for so many years (until recently when the Champ box was stolen and the evidence somehow in the Governor’s possession), yet presumably, the Governor had been continuing to use the bureau as her hiding place for her juicy secrets. I guess the easy answer is that there are 2 keys to the desk since it appears that the Governor is still able to lock the drawer even when the key from the Champ box was delivered back to Steve via Laura’s envelope.

    So what had the Governor been hiding in there during the time of John McGarrett’s investigation that the key became an important clue or piece of evidence? When Steve first realizes the Governor has such a bureau that could match the brass key, he suspects that the rest of his father’s stuff is inside, but after he breaks into the mansion, all I could really confirm was that the drawer contains pictures of Laura delivering the envelopes of evidence to Steve. Do we actually know that the drawer had other Champ box items?

    Now regarding Chin Ho, we all know he is a loyal guy. Steve trusted him and gave him a place on his team when nobody else would give him the time of day. Chin Ho wouldn’t turn his back on Steve. First of all, I think his accepting the reinstatement offer was definitely a strategic move. With Steve on the run and HPD crawling all over the H50 HQ, Chin Ho says, “I’m not going to stand around here and do nothing,” and storms out of the room. The next time we see him, he’s an HPD lieutenant. He sees going back to HPD as what he can do to help Steve. Additionally, if Chin Ho didn’t go back to HPD, he would have no job, with Steve a fugitive and H50 likely shut down (of course he didn’t know that the Governor would also die by the end of the night, further cementing H50’s downfall). Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but Kono and Danny are actually (still) HPD employees, no? Kono was sworn into the HPD after missing her police academy graduation, and Danny still an HPD detective w/ a badge number. They work on this special H50 task force, but if/when the task force dissolves, I’m assuming they would still have their HPD positions. I’m thinking this would not have been the case for Chin Ho before he accepted the reinstatement. With Five-0 in danger, Chin Ho would have no job, which means, no resources or authority to help Steve, not to mention, no paycheck.

    Before all this, though, someone raised an interesting question about Chin Ho’s title (was it Kimmer?) at the beginning of the episode. Laura called him “Inspector”, the Governor called him “Detective”. Earlier in the season, when Chin Ho introduced himself to witnesses/suspects, I think I remember he referred to himself as “Investigator Chin Ho Kelly”. Whenever titles were involved, Steve used his Navy title, Danny was Detective Williams, and Kono was Officer Kalakaua. I assumed Chin Ho was in this limbo with no specific rank or title because he was not attached to the HPD? “Detective” and “Lieutenant” mean something specific in terms of title and rank to the HPD, so technically, when the Governor called him “detective” in the beginning of the episode, she probably meant it with a lower case d, as a generic term. Now, though, he’s L-T. We’ll see though, come fall, when all our team is happily back together again, if Chin Ho comes back to Five-0 with his new HPD title in-tact, which means that technically, he out-ranks Danny.

    Wow, that was a lot to write. It will be a long wait until the fall, but I’m glad I’ve got y’all to bide the time with. I feel like it’s the end of the school year and we’ll all cleaning out our lockers and signing yearbooks!

    • Linda Stein says:

      The thing about the key is I’m not sure John McG understood it any more than Steve or we do. In the pilot when Steve first finds and listens to a bit of the voice recorder John says “it’s all about the key, I just don’t know what it’s for. I’ve only been able to find 2 sourc…..” I think he was going to say “sources” but Steve turns off the recorder because Danny comes in.

      So if John was investigating Jamison, did he know the key was to her desk? doesn’t seem so by the voice recorder. Unless he found out later, after that portion of the tape was recorded.

      Right before he talks about the key he says “I can’t continue this investigation into the police department from the inside. I don’t trust the people I work with so I’m gonna have to do this on my own…” He does not say he is investigating the governor or even just the “governor’s office”. He specifically says he is investigating the police department. Was Jamison a part of HPD when he was conducting his investigation? I know we have speculated about this before but she definitely was not the Governer 18 years ago.

      We also have no idea when that recording was made. That recorder looks like the kind the doctor I work for used about 10 years ago or more. I’m assuming we will hear more of the recording in S2 because Jenna must have given it to Steve by now. I’d love to hear what else is on there.

      • Kimmer says:

        RE: The recorder – you are right that we don’t know when the recordings were made, but we have heard many times that Sr.McG wasn’t all that into technology, so it is possible that he was using that recorder at the time of his death.

  59. Linda Stein says:

    A couple of random thoughts:

    1) when Danny was interogating O’Reilly he said they already had traced the 50 thousand WoFat paid him. Is that true or was Danny blowing smoke? Was there just a 50,000 deposit in O’Reilly’s account that they are assuming came from WoFat? I mean, I doubt very much that the deposit says “from WoFat” on it! But if that deposit does exist, wouldn’t it prove that Dale was paid by someone else for the mine? Unless WoFat somehow makes it look like that deposit came from Steve. He somehow managed to get Steve’s fingerprints all over a house where Steve had never been. Faking a deposit shouldn’t be that hard for him.

    2) Why does Steve tell Kono to wipe the drives? All the evidence against WoFat is there. I’m sure there is a good reason to get rid of everything but I can’t think of one. Anyone care to help me out here?

    3) There was a little banter when Steve and Danny went to talk to O’Reilly. Danny telling Steve that was what heaven would look like to Steve. Powered eggs are better than Danny’s eggs…LOL

    4) When Steve’s confronted by the HPD officer he has to drop his gun. Then he incapacitates that officer and takes off. Why didn’t he just pick up his gun again?

    5) Steve escapes from HQ by running over the rooftops (very cool shot, BTW). He obviously can’t get to his truck or Danny’s car so he goes home and gets the Marquis. I’m assuming no one really knows about that car except 5-0 so HPD won’t be looking for it. But my question is, if HPD was going to arrest him for the murder of a government official wouldn’t they have simultaneously send officers to his house and his office?

    6) Everyone in HPD is getting promotions. Chin to Liutenent (sp?) and Det. Ohuna (sp?) from IA. He was one of the cops in Danny’s precinct office when he went to check out Meka’s desk months ago.

    7) When Chin finds Steve’s phone won’t he find Jamison’s finger prints on it? Won’t he wonder why she would have had it in her hand?

    8) I tried to look really closely as Steve’s was getting his mug shot taken. The lighting is not the best but I don’t see any marks left by the tazer. Wouldn’t they show up right away after being tazered? I really hope TPTB don’t forget about tazer marks and add them later for S2E1.

  60. PUSPA says:

    rescuewriter(Vanessa) replied:You really can’t blame Steve for having that “go-it-alone” attitude. Sometimes when you’ve been responsible for yourself for a very long time, you get,(nearly permanently) stuck in that mode. You don’t let anyone around you help because you’re not used to anyone BEING there to help. And I’m betting if Steve knew that Danny was supposed to jet off to New Jersey with Rachel and Grace, he’d be saying “GO”. I think he’d be hurt by it but he’d still be saying go–don’t stay here just to help me.
    Ouch! That hurt! Honest:)
    My error. My post wasn’t clear why I thought McG/SuperSeal was too “reckless” etc.
    ABSOLUTELY Vanessa – I AGREE 100% that’s what McG would have said to Danny. IF Danny had told McG about his *ex Wife prob* (totally rewriting script here sorry!) :
    Would McG ever say: Danny, you’re coming with me to break-in to the Gov’s mansion because *that* bureau holds the evidence..? Of course NOT
    lol That respect for “family first” and “go to them” has been established in earlier episodes.
    What I omitted (I thought it was 2 detailed!) – was I based the “go-it-alone” (it’s now or never?) mindset of McG on Danny’s “lecture” on sleeping on it AND more IMPORTANTLY nailing Governor with HARD EVIDENCE.
    Technically, McG *raided* the Mansion twice.
    When McG gets back to the 5-O office, with the Laura Hills photos, & was showing it to the Team…that’s when HPD comes to get him, right? Fingerprints ALL over the place? Therefore, “someone” already knew there was where McG would go to.
    Here’s where it got really interesting, ahem! At least for me !
    For the FIRST time Jenna Kay was so, uhm not the know-it-all. Jenna Kay was like “Let’s give HPD those LH photos” you have McG ! (Can’t shake my doubts about her !)
    So it was Chin and Danny agreeing that those photos taken/stolen by McG… was NOT hard evidence ! Ta Dah ! HPD could always turn around and say that McG PLANTED those Laura Hill photos in the Gov’s office anyway ?!
    But what I’d REALLY like to know is this:
    Are they TWO sets (or more) of those KEYS that fit into that bureau ? Because that bureau WAS locked, right? McG ‘s having the one key (thanks to his father) – How did Laura Hills open it herself ? Surely the Governor was not going to leave her own key lying around for anyone to go through its contents?

    • rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

      Sorry, I hope you didn’t think I was trying to be purposefully contentious in my post. I was trying to express (probably poorly) what I think Steve’s mindset seemed to be to me.

  61. PUSPA says:

    Linda Stein :
    4) When Steve’s confronted by the HPD officer he has to drop his gun. Then he incapacitates that officer and takes off. Why didn’t he just pick up his gun again?

    I would think that’s why McG went to Kamekona – get a weapon that cannot be traced?
    I don’t know why McG WOULD in fact need the gun! lol McG used stealth to do (silent) hand to hand combat/ disarmament to get in the mansion anyhow!
    If I am correct McG was STILL wearing his black GLOVES, even when Chin put handcuffs on him.

  62. PUSPA says:

    Linda Stein said: 3) There was a little banter when Steve and Danny went to talk to O’Reilly. Danny telling Steve that was what heaven would look like to Steve. Powered eggs are better than Danny’s eggs…LOL

    I Googled that thinking “powdered eggs” was military slang for explosives! (I think they are lol- but yes it was funny)

    Danno: Hope you like it, this is what it’s going to look like when you die. This is your heaven. You want anything while we’re here? New ammo belt? Night vision goggles? Whoa, whoa…powdered eggs!

    McG : Let me tell you something. I’d take powdered eggs over your eggs any day!

    D: My eggs? You love my eggs.

    McG : Terrible, Danny.
    There’s two things loosely connected with the above banter imo.
    1. Danny’s been raiding McG’s fridge, kitchen and cooking…omelettes ;D
    2. After Ex Wife gives Danny the “news” Rachel says (something like) “You should go home and pack” to which Danny says: I never unpack(ed), so I’m good (?)

    That was SO telling (again imho) that Danny couldn’t take stock of his divorced situation and losing his kid as well. Danny (perhaps) never took a reality check of what Rachel actually did to him – Rachel divorced him and replaced him with Stan. Danny was said to have spent the first 6 months over the edge.
    It would be interesting to see if Rachel will suddenly make some drastic “moves” on her current status – without consulting Danny !

    • lainiek says:

      I am so glad that people are finally putting the “romantic” aspect of the Danny/Rachel situation behind and looking at it more pragmatically. This is something I felt from the incident in the hospital. I have always been concerned about Danny and his heart. I fear that Rachel is selfish and does make decisions based on what works for her – at the moment. I have never doubted his love and pining for her, but truly wanted him to be stronger and able to walk away from the temptation and start over fresh. It would have been so much more satisfying for me to see her want him back when things went sour with Stan, and Danny say, “Whoa, what about those 1-2-3 years I wanted you back and tried to make it work and you moved on with your life and I gave up everything to move to Hawaii to be near Grace, so you and Step Stan could do your thing, and now you want me to drop everything again and move, because YOUR not happy?” So, the tragedy for me is that he wasn’t strong enough to do this, and now there may be an innocent baby in the mix to tie them together again like Grace does already. So, yes, Rachel will continue to make decisions and moves without consulting Danny, and, using a term I used previously, he will be a puppy dog and continue to follow her. ;(

      On a lighter note- it is more telling to me that, whether they sucked or not, Steve obviously ate Danny’s eggs on more than one occassion, because Danny thought he liked them. Now, that is loyalty and dedication 😉 .

      • Kimmer says:

        Totally totally agree with you about Rachael being selfish. As I said above, I think he is just knee-jerk reacting to getting what he thinks he wants. I think when things settle down the character will be less inclined to bow to her every wish – old hurts always resurface.

  63. Mary Jane says:

    Great reading all your comments. I too wondered about the possible change in dynamics caused by Chin outranking Danny now.
    Just a thought about pregnancy tests and how long D/R might have been ‘getting into some Barry White’! If Rachel suspected she was pregnant, and she may have done, early pregnancy tests can show up positive 9-10 days after conception.
    Re timescales it’s hard to know how long is supposed to pass between each episode and I was surprised to hear Steve say it was only about a month ago the Governor was with Hiro Noshimuri in the restaurant because wasn’t that about 8 or so episodes back?
    Anyway they may have only been ‘at it’ for a little while. Hopefully conception was before the sarin poisoning!

    • Cécile says:

      I’ve always been a bit baffled by Danny giving orders to Chin. Even if Danny was legally his superior, Chin is still his senior by 6 or 8 years, and has that much more experience. I always though Chin was being very gracious about that !

      • Mary Jane says:

        I suppose as Steve set up 5 0 he could do it in the way he wanted. Also Chin wasn’t actually working as a police officer when Steve recruited him.

      • Cécile says:

        Oh, yes, Steve being the leader was never an issue for me. He’s the one the Gov. gave the authority to form the team, he rules everything ! ;).
        But Danny is different. I understand why it has to be that way, he was actually in charge of the pilot investigation before Steve took over, and Chin only stepped in to give local contacts, (not to mention Steve and Danny special friendship), but nonetheless, I always wondered what was Chin really thinking when Danny (not Steve) gives the orders.

    • Air Force Brat says:

      I didn’t think about Danny giving orders too much. Even though Danny is new to the island, he is not new to police or detective work. Maybe his combined experience is what is important.

      Also, Steve wanted Danny originally because he had a fresh pair of eyes. Maybe that philosophy continued. After all between Steve and Chin, there was still plenty of island knowledge and experience which needed to be offset by an outsider and a different perspective.

      On a separate note. I think Steve had really come to respect Danny’s knowledge and experience. Do you remember the Sean Combs episode when the FBI agent showed up at the crime scene. Steve didn’t look to the agent in charge for answers, he looked directly at Danny to explain about the crime family connections.

    • Bert Hayling says:

      “Re timescales it’s hard to know how long is supposed to pass between each episode and I was surprised to hear Steve say it was only about a month ago the Governor was with Hiro Noshimuri in the restaurant because wasn’t that about 8 or so episodes back?”

      That was Ke Kinohi, wasn’t it? Aired January 3rd? Well before, for instance, Steve’s broken arm in Ma Ke Kahakai — which would take six weeks, minimum, to heal. That business about them walking on in Jameson and Hiro meeting for lunch “a month ago” was a goof, for sure.

      While we don’t know how long elapses between episodes, the Christmas episode aired pretty near to actual Christmas, so I’ve always assumed we were getting at least a week or three of elapsed time between episodes — more across the span of Ma Ke Kahakai > Ho’opa’i > Ho’ohuli Na’au, obviously, ‘cos that period covered at least the entire six weeks of Steve’s being in the cast and presumably any rehab he’d need when the cast came off.

      So the Jameson/Hiro brunch was at least 2 – 3 months prior to the events in the finale, unless Steve is also secretly a Time Lord with access to a TARDIS. 😉

      • Mary Jane says:

        Perhaps that’s his secret!

      • Cécile says:

        Lol Steve as the Doctor is definitely not a connexion I had made ! Now I can’t get out of my head the image of Steve stoicly walking into the blue booth. Lol thank you Bert, you made my evening !

  64. Linda Stein says:

    I tried to read through the comments again to see if anyone brought this up but I didn’t see anything. Forgive me if I missed it and this is a repeat but I had another thought about the key and the drawer.

    Sometimes it’s hard to figure out whether or not writers aren’t as diligent as we are as fans because we over analyze everything or whether or not they are deliberately throwing inconsistancies at us to throw us off. With the skeleton key… so obviously there needs to be at least 2 keys or possibly even 3 keys because John had one, the Governor is still locking that desk and Laura was also able to get into it. I doubt Jamison left it unlocked or willing gave Laura a key if that’s where she was hiding the evidence.

    Once the Governor discovered that Laura was stealing evidence and sending it to Steve she must have done an inventory of what was originally there and then what was missing and figured out that Steve now had the skeleton key. So if the evidence was in that drawer you would think, knowing the key was missing and probably in Steve’s possession, she would have moved the remaining evidence some place else. She obviously did that because all Steve found were the pictures of Laura.

    On the other hand, if she did move the evidence because she suspected Steve now had the key, why would she leave the photographs of Laura in the drawer? She knew Steve had the key! Those phots prove Jamison knew Laura was doing it and had her killed for it. Why would she move all the other evidence but leave such increminating photos behind?

    Is it possible that Jamison moved all the evidence but WoFat planted the pictures back into the drawer to set up both Steve AND Jamison? What I mean is, the discovery of the photos is what actually sets Steve off. He was headed in that direction anyway, but finding the photos really got his blood boiling especially since he was blaming himself for Laura being killed. Wofat could have engineered the scenario like this:

    1) WoFat finds out what Laura has been up to and sends some cronie to follow her and photograph her planting the evidence for Steve. Steve is getting too close and must be dealt with. Laura is also now a liability.

    2) WoFat then warns Jamison about what Laura has been up to. Together they plot to get rid of Laura and set Steve up for the crime. Together they take inventory of what evidence is missing and realize Steve has the skeleton key. So while WoFat has Laura’s car rigged, he and Jamison move the remaining evidence but somehow, WoFat manages to get the photos of Laura back in the drawer without Jamison realizing it.

    3) WoFat than has Laura’s house trashed after she leaves for work. They steal nothing but they leave the drawer containing the manila envelopes and black sharpie pens right on the floor for Steve to see thus planting the seed that Laura may be involved.

    4) WoFat’s plan is to kill Jameson because she too has now become a liability because Steve knows too much about her connection to him. As we have heard them say before, WoFat does not like loose ends.

    5) The photos increminate Jamison in Laura’s murder. The Claymore mine purchase wrongfully attributed to Steve with implicates him. The photos may also implicate Steve if HPD interprets them as a reason for Steve to want Laura dead. Either way, the photos make it look like Steve and Jamison were in cahoots together to get rid of Laura but something went wrong so Steve had to take out Jamison too.

    6) WoFat has removed 3 loose ends in ono stroke. Laura, Jamison and Steve as well as deconstructed H50 as a bonus.

    The man really is a criminal genius!

    • Kimmer says:

      I think your scenario is entirely plausible – I think the trashing of Laura’s house was staged, and I agree – WoFat is diabolical (which is how the character was in the original too)

  65. Linda Stein says:

    To continue….

    The reasoning behind this long rant is WoFat MUST have had it planned out to get rid of Jamison that night. Why was he there? Jamison didn’t act like anyone was in the office with her when Steve came in so WoFat must have been waiting in the wings for Steve to show up. If Steve didn’t show up, he had the evidence stacked to point to him anyway with the photos in the drawer etc. Steve showing up just made it easier for WoFat to blame him.

    How did HPD get there so fast? And they came in full protective gear with swat officers fully armed for bear. If someone heard gunshots, yeah they would showed up dressed like that but they couldn’t have gotten there so fast. Also, they went straight into Jamison’s office. Chin said they were checking the house but he and Duke lead a team straight into Jamison’s office. How did they know that’s where the shots came from? She could have been in bed for all they knew.

    No, WoFat or one of his cronies called in a tip that something was going down at the mansion and that Jamison was in danger. He timed the tip so HPD would arrive just when he wanted them to.

    Yes, he did have everything under control….his!

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thinking about this makes my head ache! I do think that setting up Steve to make it look like he’s killed the Governor is a brilliant way for WoFat to get at Steve. Whether it was planned in advance like that, I don’t know. I’m in the UK and haven’t seen eps 19, 21 and 22 (couldn’t resist watching the others) and I didn’t listen to any Chin money references beyond ep 17 where we’re up to on TV.

    • Linda Stein says:

      You see, I think WoFat had every intention of killing Jameson once he found out Laura was sending evidence back to Steve. The fact that Laura was able to outwit Jamison and get her hands on the evidence made Jamison a liability, someone he couldn’t count on.

      So he used Laura’s innocent attempt to help Steve as the catalyst to set it all up. He used Jamison to get rid of Laura. He used Laura to set up Steve. He used Steve to get rid of Jamison. He gets everything he wants and no one is the wiser. Except Steve knows he did it and 5-0 will figure it out.

      • Kimmer says:

        Wo Fat must have seen Jamison as a liability – her aide was able to find the champ box items, she was getting too big for her britches with the approval ratings – maybe he thought she was becoming a loose cannon. He would have to see it that way to kill his inside line with the highest elected official in Hawaii.

        Since I think that the Gov was having relations with the HPD chief, I wonder if WoFat saw that as a potential threat too?

        And lastly, does WoFat have a plan (or a plant) for the successor to Jamison? One would think that he does.

  66. Merry Blue says:

    Good train of thought, Linda. I’m going to be reading and rereading your theory for a while. I’ve been working on something similar, but the angle is slightly different and it’s not fully worked out.

    Basically, my line is that Laura was working with Wo Fat, not the Governor, to feed the Champ box contents back to Steve. The Gov may or may not have been aware that Wo Fat even had the box contents. I have a hard time believing that she would keep them in that drawer. Laura is set up by Wo Fat – he is the one who had her photographed putting the envelope on Steve’s truck.

    The last item returned to Steve is the key which arrives the very morning that Laura is killed – not a coincidence. The key is fresh in Steve’s mind when he has his next visit to the Gov’s office at her residence – the time and place driven by Laura’s murder. Steve notices the furnature and resolves to break into it and as a consequence finds the photos of Laura which Wo Fat planted there. He is led to believe that Laura is innocent and trying to help him (as opposed to a mole) and to conclude that the Governor ordered the murder. This leads to the show-down with the Gov in which she is killed and Steve framed. As you say, Wo Fat is tidying up loose ends.

    Is the Gov complicit in Laura’s death or not? I’d like to believe that she is not corrupt, but I haven’t yet worked out a way to explain how she could not be without getting overly ridiculous or melodramatic. Even in the meeting with Steve and Danny where they reveal their file on Wo Fat, her behaviour is a bit odd. The rising and getting a drink for herself did not seem to fit in, but could be interpreted as an effort to draw Steve’s attention around to room to help him notice the bureau (i.e., aiding with the set up).

    I definately agree that Wo Fat planned in advance to kill the Gov and Laura and to set up Steve and that he has been weeks in the planning of it. Whether the Gov is fully aware of Wo Fat’s identity and is fully complicit with him or she is completely ignorant of who he is and is completely honest, she has messed up his plans big time by setting up 50 under Steve’s leadership.

    Whichever way you look at it, your number 6 above is spot on!
    Wo Fat is the Master. (Which I did mention in the recap discussion about episode 19, where Jenna is introduced. And of course if Wo Fat is the Master, then Steve must be…. 😉 )

    So, why did Wo Fat leave Steve alive? Did he count on HPD (good call that Wo Fat may have tipped them off) barging in and shooting Steve? If so, this was foiled by Chin’s quick move back to HPD and somehow getting in charge of the operation. Or does Wo Fat actually enjoy matching wits with Steve and wants him alive to let him know that he (Wo Fat) is actually more than a match for Steve (shades of Doctor vs Master again)?

  67. Linda Stein says:

    “Is the Gov complicit in Laura’s death or not? I’d like to believe that she is not corrupt, but I haven’t yet worked out a way to explain how she could not be without getting overly ridiculous or melodramatic. Even in the meeting with Steve and Danny where they reveal their file on Wo Fat, her behaviour is a bit odd. The rising and getting a drink for herself did not seem to fit in, but could be interpreted as an effort to draw Steve’s attention around to room to help him notice the bureau (i.e., aiding with the set up).”

    I agree her behavior was odd when Steve and Danny showed her the file on WoFat almost like she was shocked and worried they knew who he was and that he had a connection to Laura’s death. I think you’re right, she got up to get a drink to refocus attention but I think it was to refocus attention away from her reaction to the file, distract them with her movement and action in pouring a drink. She moved away from the desk, in the opposite direction.

    Also Jamison admitted to Steve that Laura was killed because she was “disloyal” to her. How was she disloyal? Maybe Jamison let her in on the secret and Laura betrayed her by trying to help Steve. That would answer the question as to how Laura got into the locked desk. It seems odd she’d be able to get into it without a key and while it’s not unusual to have two keys it’s just weird if there were three.

    And after Steve was tazered Jamison says to WoFat “we have to get rid of him”. She did not act like a person afraid of the strange man who just came in and disabled Steve. She knew who WoFat was and was not upset about what he did, just wanted to get rid of Steve. So, yes, Jamison is corrupt to the bone!

    “So, why did Wo Fat leave Steve alive? Did he count on HPD (good call that Wo Fat may have tipped them off) barging in and shooting Steve? If so, this was foiled by Chin’s quick move back to HPD and somehow getting in charge of the operation.”

    WoFat had to leave Steve alive. If he had killed him HPD would have been questioning who killed Steve. Jamison didn’t have a gun so it couldn’t be a shoot out between them. What would they have thought if they found them both dead? Murder-Suicide? No way. If HPD barged in and killed Steve, more’s the better for WoFat but other than that, he had to leave Steve alive. He set him up good. There were only two ways Steve was getting out of that room, shot dead by HPD or handcuffed by HPD.

    • Merry Blue says:

      Linda says:
      “I think you’re right, she got up to get a drink to refocus attention but I think it was to refocus attention away from her reaction to the file, distract them with her movement and action in pouring a drink. She moved away from the desk, in the opposite direction.”

      Hmmmm, good point. I guess I will have to watch it *again*. Darn.

      Yes, obviously, Jameson knows Wo Fat in some context – but what is the context? Perhaps not as head of the Yakuza criminal mastermind, but as some other character under another name and credentials that Wo Fat has created to allow himself access to the Governor’s office.

      I have some doubts about the “truth” of Jameson’s “confession” to having Laura killed. She has a gun pointed at her by a mad man and she has to keep him distracted so Wo Fat can sneak up undetected. Obviously she know that Wo Fat was approaching and needed to ensure that Steve didn’t notice.

      Corrupt, not corrupt…. I still don’t know. But it is fun to play devil’s advocate. 🙂

  68. PUSPA says:

    Thanks Merry Blue!
    The last item returned to Steve is the key which arrives the very morning that Laura is killed – not a coincidence.

    (MAY 24th)That’s what my questions about those keys wasBut what I’d REALLY like to know is this:
    Are they TWO sets (or more) of those KEYS that fit into that bureau ? Because that bureau WAS locked, right? McG ‘s having the one key (thanks to his father) – How did Laura Hills open it herself ? Surely the Governor was not going to leave her own key lying around for anyone to go through its contents?

    1. IF Laura H was the so called “innocent victim” – Why did she send the KEY back to McG ?
    2. IF by doing that Laura H could be in more danger of being found out – why do it?
    3. IF the Gov wasn’t using that KEY to LOCK the bureau – the “missing items” wouldn’t be discovered until much later, probably. But of course it’s LOCKED – and therefore McG gets to use the key to unlock it.
    4. But IF Laura H was in fact HELPING Wo Fat set up a trap? Then it would make some sense – because Wo Fat (as being detailed) doesn’t leave “loose-ends” – that’s how he’s been so “invincible” in his criminal trade for so many, many years.

    Well the last time McG had a “face-off” at the Restaurant, WoFat did say he’d like to GET TO KNOW the man who wants to know him (or something similar:))

  69. Mary Jane says:

    Did the Governor say ‘We have to get rid of him?’, or I thought I heard ‘We have to get rid of it’, i.e. the recording as it was when she tried to delete it.

  70. Linda Stein says:

    Mary Jane says: “Did the Governor say ‘We have to get rid of him?’, or I thought I heard ‘We have to get rid of it’, i.e. the recording as it was when she tried to delete it.”

    Her entire sentence was “what are we going to do? We have to get rid of ….”. Now I’m sure I heard “him” but I could be wrong about that. But it just doesn’t seem natural to me for her to say that. What I mean is, she is picking up the phone as WoFat is reaching down to get Steve’s gun. WoFat was intent on what he was doing so if she said “we have to get rid of it”, if it was me, my first reaction would have been, “get rid of what?”. But I think she said “him” because WoFat’s reaction was “I have everything under control” meaning he had Steve under control. His response was directed to what he was going to do with Steve (and her but of course she and we didn’t know that at that moment) not what she was going to do with the phone. So I still think she said “him”.

    Either way the beginning of the sentence is the more telling part. The “what are WE going to do” shows that she knows exactly who and what WoFat is and not “some other character under another name and credentials”. If she didn’t know, if she thought he was just a business associate or something her reaction would have been something like “what are YOU doing?” or “I don’t understand, why are YOU doing this” or something like that. She knew exactly what was going on and she was a part of it. Hence, the WE.

    Merry Blue says: “I have some doubts about the “truth” of Jameson’s “confession” to having Laura killed. She has a gun pointed at her by a mad man and she has to keep him distracted so Wo Fat can sneak up undetected. Obviously she know that Wo Fat was approaching and needed to ensure that Steve didn’t notice.”

    Exactly, that’s what I mean that she knew what was going on. She saw WoFat approaching Steve from behind. She could probably see the weapon in his hand whether she knew it was a tazer or not. She didn’t flinch a muscle. If she didn’t know what WoFat was up to she would have shown some reaction to his presence even if it was a small one.

    As to the truth of her confession about Laura, why would she lie at that point. Doesn’t matter that Steve has a gun on her. She can see that WoFat is inches away from taking Steve down. There is no reason to lie at that point. And the look on her face was fierce. She was not lying. As a matter of fact, it looked to me as if she got a small amount of pleasure in telling him the truth. Kind of like a “you want the truth? Fine…HERE!”

    I’m also beginning to think that Laura as innocent victim and Laura as WoFat stooge may both be true. You’re right, and like I said before, the likelihood that there are 3 keys to that desk is remote. I’m thinking maybe Jameson AND Laura were working with WoFat so she had access to Jameson’s key and the desk contents with Jamison’s and WoFat’s knowledge and consent. But I think Laura began to have second thoughts.

    It looks like Jameson has been corrupt for years, 18 years since Mrs McG died. Maybe Laura was a basically good person who got lured into the mess. That BMW of her’s was not a cheap car! But maybe she had second thoughts about what she was doing but couldn’t get herself safely out. By helping Steve find WoFat she was hoping 5-0 could take him down and then she’d be off the hook with him. She probably thought she’d get some leniency when it was discovered that yes, she was WoFat’s stooge but she aided in taking him down by helping Steve.

    • Kimmer says:

      I think she was truly upset at Laura’s death – but saw it as a necessary step to maintain her power and status. I totally think that she knows how bad WoFat is, but I think that she underestimated her place in the organization. I think she believed that she was in control, when in fact she was a pawn of WoFat.

  71. PUSPA says:

    Mary Jane says: “Did the Governor say ‘We have to get rid of him?’, or I thought I heard ‘We have to get rid of it’, i.e. the recording as it was when she tried to delete it.”
    Linda Stein commented:
    Her entire sentence was “what are we going to do? We have to get rid of ….”. Now I’m sure I heard “him” but I could be wrong about that. But it just doesn’t seem natural to me for her to say that. What I mean is, she is picking up the phone as WoFat is reaching down to get Steve’s gun. WoFat was intent on what he was doing so if she said “we have to get rid of it”, if it was me, my first reaction would have been, “get rid of what?”. But I think she said “him” because WoFat’s reaction was “I have everything under control” meaning he had Steve under control.

    Very interesting views ( From Mary Jane AND Merry Blue too) on what the Gov said or may have NOT said – “HIM” or “IT”

    As for me : Having seen how McG “assault” on the Gov went um, down, twice – I just ASSUMED Gov did say “IT” (didn’t even think of “HIM” lol as my ears picked up a harder note in the end of the word) Oh man why couldn’t she speak ever so crystal clear as WoFat ?!) Now I think I must listen ever so carefully again ;D…
    But anyway I think the Gov could have said “IT” – for a few reasons :

    1. Why would Gov just go and state the OBVIOUS – like duh – Here’s a hardened criminal like Wo Fat – getting RID of HIM would be *the” main agenda/idea, no ? Like the man’s lying Tazered and crumpled at Wo Fat’s feet, right? Of course they have to get “rid” of him (This is entirely in the context of what the Gov was thinking when she said it.. to him ;D)
    2. Why was Gov TOTALLY unfazed that Wo Fat was already in her office? Like no startled pause or something…Before her “what are we going to do? We have to get rid of ….” direction ?
    3. Why did the Gov almost instantly fiddle with the “delete button” while speaking to Wo Fat?
    4. Why did (at least to me!) the Gov seem far more “composed” with Wo Fat emerging like that ? She knew he was there.
    5. I assumed that Gov knew Wo Fat was there all along (or at least long enough) for him to OVERHEAR everything that was said between McG and her..especially about killing Laura H.
    6. Which is bad news for Gov but was good news for Wo Fat – Kill two birds with one stone kind of thing? Gov dies, McG gets convicted for it – recording could be used for evidence, maybe? So Wo Fat doesn’t have to take that recorder.
    7. So saying “IT” could mean the Gov having said some incriminating things that could have gone into the recording.
    Therefore the recorder could be “IT”

    • Merry Blue says:

      I thought I heard “it” because the Gov (and I) were focussed on the iPhone. I immediately assumed that “it” was the recording that contained her acknowledgement that she was responsible for Laura’s death. If in fact she said “him” (and Kimmer was going to confirm the close captioning of that), it’s a bit more puzzling. It’s like she was not thinking very far ahead. If this was a set-up for Steve, as it appears to be, what did she think was going to happen? She would talk Steve into thinking everything was ok and business would go on as usual? Obviously, Steve would have to be “gotten rid of”, so why flap on about it at that point? Looks like she was really out of the loop on what was actually happening.

    • Laurie says:

      I watched the last part again and can’t figure out if she said “it” or “him” but it sounded more like “it” than “him” to me. This got me thinking about her hitting the DELETE button and wondering don’t most devices these days have a confirm delete option? If that’s the case then good ol Charlie’s job would be much easier but if not then as I said in my earlier post “nothing is ever completely deleted” atleast not on TV. I say we have our fearless leader (aka Officer) check with his contacts and see what the original script said 🙂
      In response to PUSPA’s point 4 you are not alone I was also thinking Gov was far more “composed” with Wo Fat’s arrival.

  72. PUSPA says:

    No joke, hearing her say it the first time is the hardest ! She could have have said either.

  73. Merry Blue says:

    Just read another finale review (and a very positive one, too), and at one point the author states she can’t stand Jenna Kaye – a desk analyst trying to be field agent. Which reminded me of something I twigged on at some point last night while trying to sleep. Not only does Jenna remind me of Hermione Granger (without all the hair), she also reminds me of Max Smart (in the recent movie version of Get Smart).

  74. PUSPA says:

    Merry Blue said:
    Just read another finale review (and a very positive one, too), and at one point the author states she can’t stand Jenna Kaye – a desk analyst trying to be field agent.

    At first read – that was oddly funny yet harsh..or both!

    SO, I have come to some sort of “weird conclusion” on Jenna Kay’s presence in the Team – permanently/momentarily ? 😉 Were the writers doing some heavy suggesting about how this once fractured TaskForce was going to regroup in S2 ?? Some subtle changes I think I didn’t imagine was :

    1. DDK or Chin, seemed to show up some radically “transformed” behaviour when he became Lt ! But only the scene he *arrests* his boss.
    2. Chin was to me a little bit more mm, edgier and sort of gung-ho in the dying minutes of the scene where he “manhandles” (?) McG forcefully into the HPD Police car . (Could have been 4 show to the other HPD officers, Officer Duke?) Mm Ego much ?!
    3. Chin almost took Danny’s head off for asking : U don’t understand Danny, there ISN’T ..etc ( Was that Chin thinking on his feet that the safest place for McG right then was in custody? May be. (Danny had his own major probs but he was extremely supportive to McG – expected )
    4. Imo, McG was definitely NOT being saved from Wo Fat that night. I mean McG ‘s denial that he didn’t do the Gov murder – that Wo Fat did it ? AND the fact Wo Fat let McG live to say it! This already confirms Wo Fat’s PLAN is NOT 2 kill McG too – RATHER there be a prison/trial torture for the H5-O Team to endure. The icing for Wo Fat – a jury that will convict McG as a murderer? (Didn’t Google if Hawaii has jury for murders lol! – ok NOT funny ahem!)
    5. So IF Chin’s liking being back in HPD – Imo Jenna K could replace Chin as Kono’s girl partner on the Team! (Analyze, analyze, analyze)
    6. DDK would be redundant IF he’s “researching” for the cases as was Jenna K but..
    IF this ever happens, please don’t take JK out on raids and worse let her “interview” (interrogate!) suspects !

    • Merry Blue says:

      Merry Blue said:
      Just read another finale review (and a very positive one, too), and at one point the author states she can’t stand Jenna Kaye – a desk analyst trying to be field agent.

      And PUSPA replied:
      At first read – that was oddly funny yet harsh..or both!

      Yeeeaaah…. That wording was really awkward. It didn’t really convey what I wanted it to say. The review was very positive about H50’s first season. The author’s opinion of Larisa Olyenik’s Jenna Kaye was very negative. The “she makes me want to reach into the TV and choke her” comment made me LOL. 🙂 Jenna has great entertainment value just from reading the post-show blog and review comments. 😉

      I think Jenna could have an ongoing role as a CIA analyst on the show. She helps exonerate Steve, assists in putting a dent in Wo Fat’s Hawaiian operations and the folks at Langley decide to give her her job back, but base her in the Honolulu office. There she can continue to track intel on Wo Fat and other major baddies and keep Steve in the global loop. But…. she’s not part of the taskforce and not annoying you all every episode. 😀 And Chin gets his 50 job back.

      PS. I want more Taryn Manning, too.

  75. PUSPA says:

    But I hear one person who is sorry to be saying goodbye to Taryn is Alex. During my last visit to the Hawaiian set, Alex told me, “I haven’t worked with Taryn as much as I would like. She brings out a certain paternal caring that Steve wouldn’t normally have. With both their parents gone, he feels an obligation to keep an eye on her; especially since she’s troubled and kind of out of control.”
    A TV GUIDE article (Dec 22 2010) :
    I must be the last person who’s come across this old *news* lol – )
    Reading this, I can’t help but think of what PLenkov stated about actors being edited out to fit the story and not to take it personally – AOL added an “explanation” over what that means too.
    (I did wonder with Rachel /kid “leaving” Danny (perhaps permanently, what about TM as McG’s sis?)
    Imo with a terror with a capital T (powerful/well connected..) like Wo Fat in Hawaii – I did think how were they going to be safe from harm. Danny or McG cbe, right? (cbe – Can’t Be Everywhere ;D)
    SO reading this Kerk’s “exclusive” was revealing…about AOL wanting/needing an emotional ballast in the form of a kid sister.
    As for Taryn Manning, she is really the TOUGH one (She’s a Karate champion in real life!)

    Below is a few of the things AOL (supposedly) said in defense of expanding TM’s kid sister part for McG:

    …Indeed, Taryn confides that “Alex wasn’t very happy” with the producers’ decision to alter their plans for Mary Ann. “He liked me and liked our relationship. He felt my character was necessary to explore further aspects of his role and was prepared to fight for me.”

    Taryn also expresses her thanks to Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho), who she says, “sat down with me and had a little heart to heart to make sure I felt okay about everything. He’s very thoughtful.”
    Taryn Manning went on to describe Mary Ann’s “own mission” at finding the truth behind their mom’s death as (get this!) Nancy Drew-ish lol

  76. PUSPA says:


    If you’ve seen episode 1.19 and read last week’s wrap-up, then you’ll know that Joji Yoshida’s speaking part as Jack Leung didn’t make the final edit. Mike Gordon posted in his Outtakes today:

    Yoshida had high hopes before the episode aired, noting it would help his career, but it happens all the time. In fact, when the “Five-0″ team gave the local acting community a lengthy orientation in February, the actors were told being cut wasn’t necessarily a judgment on their talent.

    “Usually if I have to cut something out, it’s for the story, and people shouldn’t take it personally,” said Peter Lenkov, one of the show’s executive producers and a panelist at the event. “It’s not based on the performance. It’s based on the storytelling.”

    (And) Alex O’Loughlin, who leads the ensemble cast as Steve McGarrett, put it more colorfully: “In the business it’s called ‘killing your darlings.’”
    Ouch. (Ah, yes thanks ! That exclamation is from writer of the above btw)

    Wondering now, with all 4 major characters experiencing 180 degree change(s) to their life – In S2, is there room for “additional” recurring actors/actresses going off on their own “Nancy Drew mission? – How can they remain consistently interesting (someone we find engaging or can root for?) over several episodes?

  77. PUSPA says:


    I always wanted to be Nancy Drew..funny I always wanted to be Nancy Drew..funny that that comment was made about Mary

    “..funny that that comment was made ABOUT MARY” –
    Have to AGREE with your point on *that* LAINIEK ;D

    Similarly there was a new promo Video released featuring the cast comments.

    Grace Park said she had no idea she’d have to/ or be dealing with the kind of victims of crime she’s *seeing” on set ! Adding (in humor?): Hawaii (being) is such a PEACEFUL state and all….(Btw GP’s about 37 now..surely she knew “something” when she’s offered as a rookie Police Officer on a Special TaskForce mm?)

    Makes wonder *what* do the actors/actresses actually *think* they’ll be contributing (positively, not just for EGO or money) Must be the same thing when they audition for parts on CSI (NY/LA/MIAMI..) – Major crime cases with victims, suspects, good cop actors, not so good cop actors..all to be solved within about 44 minutes

  78. PUSPA says:

    Merry Blue said :

    I think Jenna could have an ongoing role as a CIA analyst on the show. She helps exonerate Steve, assists in putting a dent in Wo Fat’s Hawaiian operations and the folks at Langley decide to give her her job back, but base her in the Honolulu office. There she can continue to track intel on Wo Fat and other major baddies and keep Steve in the global loop. But…. she’s not part of the taskforce and not annoying you all every episode. 😀 And Chin gets his 50 job back.

    PS. I want more Taryn Manning, too.

    Yes, Jenna K does bring out the worse in people -emotion wise – goodness “choke?!”

    I can “understand” that uh, strong emotion lol – It’s like the scene is going slow-motion when JK’s spitting out a LOT of words ! Don’t know why/how Masi Oka (who’ll be a regular M.E in S2) seem to like bounce of conversations (good chemistry?) with everyone equally well..he’s watchable ;D

  79. Mary Jane says:

    I don’t know if anyone is reading this thread anymore but I watched the finale again and am getting a really bad feeling about Jenna, like some other people have had. What if she was a Wo Fat plant? She gave Steve the envelope with the key and described what the key was to. What if it wasn’t even the same key that Steve lost but was a plant? I’ve tried to compare the keys from earlier in the series and it does seem to look shinier, I can’t really tell if it’s the same shape – I haven’t got all the episodes recorded.
    Jenna also knew that the ammo store guy had been arrested so could have supplied the info to have him and the police killed.
    I don’t doubt the Governor had got mixed up with Wo Fat but maybe not to the extent Steve thought.
    The writers did say that the Champbox story was paid off but they have also said that new questions will come up.
    I know Officer 808 thinks Jenna being bad is too much out of character but I get the same feeling about the Governor, even though I think she had got herself into trouble with Wo Fat in some way. Her distress when Laura was killed seemed genuine.
    Can’t wait til September!

  80. Mary Jane says:

    Hi Officer 808. Glad the thread isn’t dead yet. Perhaps more people will get involved as it airs around the world. The UK are at ep 21 now.

  81. Steven says:

    No, no nope. I don’t buy Chin’s defection for a moment.
    He’s too smart for that, and he understands the police side of things too well. He must have seen how Steve was being set up, and decided to pre-emptively take back his old job so that it would put him in a position to help the team ‘from the inside’ as it were. He is now perfectly placed to assist Five-o, and also in a place where no one is going to question his loyalty, allowing him to get away with a great deal of subterfuge while staying out in the open.

    Epic ending, I couldn’t believe it when the ‘to be continued’ sign came up, because I didn’t realise that it had been renewed already (I don’t keep up with the internet very much) and I had this horrible image in my head of the show being cancelled and never getting to find out what happens next.

  82. James says:

    Did anyone else notice that the red BMW that Laura got into was a newer model than the exploded wreck that was subsquently being inspected…?! Probably too expensive to actually blow up a new one.

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