Podcasts of Mike Buck’s interviews with Peter Lenkov on 830 AM KHVH Honolulu

Here are the podcasts from this past week’s talk story session on Mike Buck’s radio show on 830 AM KHVH.  This past week, Five-0 executive producer Peter Lenkov was very generous with his time for the Hawaii audience and called in on the finale night and the following Tuesday evening (when Mike and I do our usual recap).  Thanks to the internet, the interview reached an audience well past the shores of Hawaii, all the way to Florida and Canada.  Mike allowed me to weigh in on both nights and ask Peter a few questions.

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show; Mike interviews Peter Lenkov May 16, 2011, Part 1 (12:48)  This is the interview from the finale night, most of the country had seen the episode, except for Alaska and Hawaii.  Unfortunately, the audio cut out at about 7:10.  What was cut out was my two questions to him:

Officer 808:  Did the writers use any fan input to develop the story?
Peter:  No, the stories are developed, filmed and edited well ahead of what the viewers see.

Officer 808: What are the off season promotional plans for the show?  Any fan interactive promotions?
Peter:  Reruns…(and he said a few more things that I can’t recall 🙂 ).

The last thing that was cut was a Canadian caller who started talking about specific events regarding the finale that the Hawaii audience hadn’t seen yet, and Mike had to cut that call short.

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show; Mike interviews Peter Lenkov May 16, 2011, Part 2 (5:40)

This segment contains myself and Mike discussing more Hawaii Five-0 finale speculation.

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show; Mike interviews Peter Lenkov May 18, 2011 (25:33)

Mike again interviews Peter Lenkov and I weigh in on the finale as well.

And if you haven’t figured it out by now, “Jason”, quite possibly is Officer 808 😉


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23 Responses to Podcasts of Mike Buck’s interviews with Peter Lenkov on 830 AM KHVH Honolulu

  1. Kimmer says:

    Despite officially “outing” your real name, I will continue to address you as Officer808 – or, Officer Bob, which has always cracked me up!

  2. officer808 says:

    The name you hear on the radio is just my radio call in name. 😉 Officer 808 and Officer Bob Bouz will do 🙂

  3. Sammie says:

    I’m slow on the uptake. Did you interview a young, recurring “H50” actress once back in September?

    • officer808 says:

      Sammie, sorry for the late response, the actress I interviewed did not have a recurring role, she was a featured extra and unfortunately her part was edited. 😦

  4. lainiek says:

    I picked up on your real name a while ago and have always called you [Pedro] in my head. But, then again, I AM KAYE. 😉
    Will have to listen to these all tonight when I get home from work. Mahalo for hooking us up again. Can’t wait to listen!

  5. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    I picked up on [Carlos] a LONG time ago, too! You didn’t expect to fool your Undercover agents this long, did you? But I like to call you whatever works for my particular mood! So if i start calling you “YOUNG MAN!” you better start running for cover! LOL!

  6. McPhee says:

    Yeah that got me questioning who’s who [El Guapo] or Bob. Because you are labeled as Bob Bouz on Facebook as well under Hawaii Five-0 Undercover.

    talking about a Happy Danny. You know it changed a lot and I think ever since when Matt disappeared. And Danny sought comfort in Rachel. Is when their relationship was back. After that Danny seemed a lot more happier than what he was in the beginning. To those haters out there that didn’t like them back together that is totally wrong

    That is soo cool that you had a chance to talk to Peter about the show I feel sooo jealous you deserve a lot to be involved with the people on the show you run the site 24 hours a day with stuff that we probably wont hear. I feel sooo jealous. I have a lot of questions to ask him as well but I can’t

    • officer808 says:

      Questions are welcome! Shoot me an email if there’s anything you would like for me to ask, and I’ll try. My conversations with Mike and Peter are always enlightening and entertaining.

  7. val says:

    First of thank you so much for posting up the podcast. Its so very much appreciated. Peter Lenkov is just super super amazing and such fun to listen to and to talk to. Having him on the air with all of us just makes us feel so much closer to the show.

    Just now watching the May 18th where discussions on the episode finally can be opened up – Mike Buck is fun to listen to. One thing for sure I’m all for Danny/Rachel relationship!! I just wish Hawaii wasn’t so far away from all of us – because it would be so cool to have a huge viewing party for Five-0 – can’t imagine celebrating a show quite like H50!! Just the same its really all thanks to you undercover, officer 808, officer Bob Bouz and [Pancho] – u just absolutely bring Hawaii to all of us on the east coast and hope Peter Lenkov stops by to say hello again.

    Mahalo for the podcast uploads!!

    • lainiek says:

      Danny/Rachel- blech (said with much love of course) 😉
      I guess I am just not a “love can conquer all” romantic.
      But, I have learned accept it will be what it will be.
      So funny, because Bones just ended with a similiar surprise and I was all for it :D.
      Maybe because those two have been building towards this for years, and neither have children/baggage that they are carrying into their relationship. 🙂
      IDK- just seems like Danny and Rachel have a lot to overcome and moved forward again to hastily for me.

      I think Peter Lenkov is amazing and love that he takes the time to visit radio shows and reviews blogs/twitter to see how his fans feel about H50.

      I think Officer Bob is wonderful to give us all a forum to meet, discuss and dissect every show.

      Much Mahalo and Love to all!

    • val says:

      I think everyone who hates the idea of a Danny/Rachel relationship needs to look at it from a different perspective for the show, I posted a review about this on the redux page but I’ll write something brief here – The whole Danny/Rachel get together is really the polar opposite of what happened at the start of the season.

      Remember Danny constantly complained about living in Hawaii and how much he loved New Jersey and missed all the fancy food and the great music and blah blah.

      The only reason why he was here “on the infested pineapple” place was because of daughter Grace which isn’t entirely true but for the time being we accepted that he was a great father and wanted to be close to his daughter but we all more or less figure that eventually he will love Hawaii.

      Well things have changed and it was done deliberately which in many ways from the writer’s point of view pure genius!! Look at it this way, they are a couple again, she’s pregnant with their child and she wants to break up with Stan and go back home which is conveniently NJ to have the baby. So what does Danny do?

      He’s always loved Rachel, he’d follow her to the ends of the earth. The very idea that he’d be with his daughter is far from the truth. He adores Grace but he loves her mom and always has and will.

      The irony here is that Five-0 is in ruins – there is nothing left so the writers deliberately tact on the idea to give Danny the incentive to leave to go to New Jersey – well, with baby on the way, Rachel back…what’s stopping him from jumping on the plane and leave? Its Steve!! Danny never anticipated that he’d truly love Hawaii and that working as five-0 would bring him closer to the team on a personal and professional level. He and Steve have really grown closer so ergo the dilemma.

      Don’t you see its a perfect second cliff hanger for Danny!! This is everything he wants more than anything in the world to be with his family….but the problem is someone else needs him too and if Rachel and Grace get on the plane for New Jersey, it means that it will delay Danny’s plans to join them.

      The strange twist of irony is that the decision to just jump on the plane to go back to New Jersey is far from simple.

      The question from season one was always would Danny ever leave for New Jersey? Now here we an even bigger incentive, come on Danny this is everything you want or dreamed to have, Rachel back, Grace and a new baby wow, let’s go!!!

      Yet he never made it to the airport – why?

      Danny loves Steve. They have become more than partners, they are best friends and brothers and that’s what’s so heart breaking and why Peter Lenkov is such an “evil genius” for making it even harder for Danny to leave Hawaii.

      When you look at it from the writer’s perspective it really makes some sort of devious sense!! Too many fans take it too literally and don’t see the whole picture of what the writer’s are really up to!! When you get a broader sense of what the writer’s are doing it just becomes more fun and more interesting for season 2. Something for everyone to think about especially the anti Danny/ Rachel fans – think about it!! 🙂

    • officer808 says:

      No prob Val 🙂

  8. val says:

    Just heard the tail end of the discussion between u and Mike about having Peter Lenkov on more frequently, awesome brah or even one of the cast members…plse try and get Alex because if he’s supposed to be in jail….some of the fans will want to hear from him and it would be interesting to hear what he’s thinking would be about what McGarrett is presently going through and also I agree with you and Mike that Alex serious and angry – brings out some of the best performance from Alex but don’t forget he’s terrific with all the light hearted moments which make us love his character so much to begin with. Now we have to all speculate and ponder what Peter and the team will have in store for all of us in season 2 and how much of a change will it be compared to season 1. That will be very interesting to see.

  9. lainiek says:

    I totally get why P Lenkov and the other writers put Danny and Rachel back together again at the end of s1 – as a literary device/plot twister it totally works- but it doesn’t mean I have to like it or the direction they went with them. I can understand something without enjoying or liking it, right? 😦 I personally enjoyed the lighter side of s1- yes, there was a lot of emotional angst for everyone with their families-Steve, Chin, Kono and Danny all had family issues they had to deal with this year- but they all were done as things from the past that they had to move forward from, resolve and move on. Now, Danny is faced with a family issue he can’t “move on” from and it will take a toll on him here and now. I agree that the beginning of s2 will be in a much darker place. I for one will miss the relatively lighter s1, with the carguments, silly banter between the team and inside jokes. I hope they find a way to get back to that early on. I found the eps that had very little of that emotional draining to watch. Now, I truly truly understand that this makes for great writing and appreciate that. I just would have prefered and enjoyed it more to keep each of the main character’s personal lives complication free. Fair? :<

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      I am staying OUT of this one ladies! I know both of your opinions, and I respect them both, but my brain and fingers just can’t keep up with either one of you! Besides, I think I am developing *H5-0 Computer Neck Syndrome* a brand new ailment brought on by intense and constant hunching over computer keyboards attempting to read and commment on every darn H5-0 website in existence!

    • Val says:

      @Lainiek and Lynette – honestly she does have a good point too. What has made the show so much fun has been all the light hearted moments – the carguments, the action stuff, the gorgeous landscape viewing – tossing the bad guys in jail ending a really good fun day!! Why does everything have to be so dark on tv – where is the escapism and the fun?

      She does have a good point there but I like the combination of all of it. It just makes the show so much more interesting on so many levels too, it keeps all of us watching!! So hey people should feel free to openly express their views it just makes the show more appreciated over a long period of time.

      • lainiek says:

        on that we can agree – the fact that the show has us so polarized over two fictional characters show how good it really is and how vested we are in their future 🙂 .

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  11. hawaiiobsessed says:

    ( Enrique) !!! Finally got to listen, computer problems. Great interviews! Love it! ( Fernando), you are the best. You have great insight and great questions. Love that Peter was on and that he or someone from 5-0 may be joining you ( Ricardo) and Mike regularly. So cool!
    Remember when the Gov was so (seemingly?) upset about Maryanne’s kidnapping… was she faking ( seems like now she would have known???) or is there more to that relationship with Steve’s father. Then when she said “we were friends, he would have told me!” So many questions!!
    ( Jose), I have been wondering and never asked, did they actually film the Christmas episode just before Christmas or what? It seems like it would have been hard to get all those scenes of the decorations ( the big shaka Santa etc) or were they added…. just wondered!
    Why on earth would Grace Park’s husband stay in Vancouver ( I am sure it is a lovely place but really?!?) and not go to Hawaii ( hello?! Hawaii people!!) to be with her. Strange. I volunteer to be her “househusband” and take out her trash and feed the cat etc etc if she is lonely. My three kids will be glad to make her house not so quiet when she returns from a hard days work. :>) Maybe my husband can take out the trash for her and change her oil and I will just feed the cat. Anyway, Grace Park Call Me!
    The real question (Umberto) is…. what does your wife call you? :>)
    Thank you, ( Fernando) for all you do! \m/

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