Hawaii Five-0 at the CBS Upfront

Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Scot Caan made it to the CBS Upfront in New York City yesterday and were present for the season 2 announcement.  A lot of fans gathered to get a glimpse of the stars.  Check out  the galleries on AOL Rocks and Hawaii Five-0 Fans below.

Check out the great photos from MIZZOH at AOL Rocks:

Alex in NYC Photo from alexoloughlinrocks.com

More photos from Hawaii Five-0 Fans:

Daniel Dae Kim, Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin at the CBS Upfront, photo: CBS


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17 Responses to Hawaii Five-0 at the CBS Upfront

  1. gaile says:

    What H50 was in NYC and I did not know. I am so fired. LOL.. Then again been working alot of hours. Happy to hear show picked up for anothe rseason. Thanks for posting.

  2. Ichi says:


    OR Maybe he’s growing it out for some jail scenes for the next season? 😉

    • Cécile says:

      I think he looks badass with the beard, I like it ! Peter Lenkov tweeted a pic of Alex’s screen test a couple weeks ago, where he had that kind of beard, a gun, a vest and sunglasses. He looked really good (and not only ‘handsome’ good, but also in character).

  3. Amy says:

    Look! Alex can dress himself! *g*
    But seriously, it is good to see all of them, makes this fan happy!

  4. textbook says:

    I can take the buzz cut and beard, but those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen on a man.

  5. McPhee says:

    What does it say on Scott’s shirt ‘Summer Blonde’ or something. He looks like he was going for the Miami Vice look instead of the Five-0 look darn not tie this time?

    Alex didn’t look pretty happy and comfortable in the photos he tried to smile but just didn’t look like he wanted to be there. I’m not liking the buzz cut some people are saying that he cut because of the amount of dye he used in his hair during Five-0 to cover up the greyness in his sides. But on the 2nd note it could be the new look for the upcoming jail scenes in S2

  6. zeva says:

    I’m so glad to see other Alex fans who are entertained by his – er – fashion sense. 😉
    He said that he got the buzz cut because he wants to show the PTB how McG would look in prison. He wants to shave his head for that. But as for the clothes, the pic of him arriving at the hotel showed him dressed really hot, but it’s like he got into his room, unpacked his shirt and suit, threw them on the ground and stomped on them, went to the used car salesman across the hall and borrowed his belt and shoes, then went to the colorblind man in the next room and had him pick out a tie. Preferably an ugly one.
    Heh heh…..Do you get the feeling he was making a statement about the event? 😀

  7. jadore says:

    Alex and Scott are the same age, but with that buzz cut and beard, he looks “old”.

  8. chiefgator says:

    I don’t see how Castle beat it in the ratings coming to seasons end. I like H-50 better than the original one (1969-1980). Danno has a mind of his own and does not follow McGarrett around like a puppy dog. Alex O has charisma, unforced good looks, and was born to play McGarrett. Before him, I thought no one could replace Jack Lord. I was wrong. Daniel Dae Kim is rock steady and Grace Park is the asian Angelina Jolie. Tyler Wiley (shave ice man) was a real sumo wrestler in Japan. Sang Ming is a excellent bad guy. Peter Lenkov, Orci, and Kurtzmann have created a masterpiece!!! The magnetism, and rythm works very well between the 4 cast members. Can’t wait for season 2.

  9. Angie says:

    Seriously people, why are you making fun of his clothes? This man would like great if he dressed in a paper bag! As far as his hair and beard, he looks great. He’s a grown man, let him do what he wants. I for one wouldn’t kick him out of bed because of his hair, beard, or fashion. Come to the Midwest Alex, where the girls are down to earth and love you for you.

  10. zeva says:

    I’m sorry, Angie. It was all affectionate teasing and I didn’t mean to sound like I was dissing him. I agree that Alex is near to perfect on every level, but he’s still a real man with all the flaws and quirks that go with that. And for some reason, it’s these quirks and occasional goofiness that I love best about him. I bet his mates and his sister don’t let him get away with much and he loves to make fun of himself. I hope he would enjoy a little fond ribbing. (And forgive me, but his shoes really are kind of funny. 😉 )

  11. PUSPA says:

    AOL has said he’s been away from his native Australia for about 6 to 7 years, right? In ALL interviews so far and outside the H5O set, interviews, Alex prefers/enjoys talking in Aussie accent (real thick too!) So MAY BE I was thinking, all that Australianess “gets” into his body language AND how he’d like to be seen dressed, again away from the set ;D Have seen a real cute, funny satellite interview (H5O premiere) done where Alex was just rolling the Australian accent – Scott Caan was amused when he said “strapp in” lol

  12. Val says:

    Hi everyone – you guys truly crack me up with all your fashion comments etc., personally I love seeing all three together in a photo like that. I just love them and their characters so much with all their dynamic down to earth personalities and character flaws. As for Alex – he just looks hot all the time – he does everything with such a lot of style and confidence that everywhere he goes, you know that all eyes are on him but what really utterly gets my attention all the time is his down to earth heart warming personality and his smile just blows me away. This is not about him being a big star, he’s just Alex who loves to act and loves to do interesting things and have fun. Although he shines as my most favorite character, I truly love Daniel Dae Kim who is just so warm, genuinely caring, charismatic, charming and graceful. Scott Caan is gifted, blessed and talented with charm and truly brings humor and warmth to his character in a very disarming way with Danny.

    Right now I have this awful image of a broken family but seeing these photos of all three, that broken family will heal and be my favorite again in season 2!! For now I really hope they enjoy themselves, relax and just do all the things they love before coming back to work in July.

  13. Kimmer says:

    I thought they all looked great, and am very glad that AOL didn’t have those horrid untied boots on that he seems to always be wearing with suits.

  14. Shirley says:

    I don’t get the haircut, facial hair or clothes choices either but gotta love Alex no matter what. And I’m so mad–I was in Hawaii and they go to NYC. Not fair! Seriously, he didn’t look very comfortable in these photos–probably hates this kind of stuff. As for the comment about not being in Oz for 6-7 years–didn’t he just pose recently for Oz GQ? And what about seeing his son, unless the kid travels to U.S. for visits. Yes, I know, he’s very private, and we’ll never find out this kind of stuff.

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