“Just Thoughts” – Hawaii Five-0 commentary by local columnist Bob Jones

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Bob Jones was an anchor for KGMB news (currently known as Hawaii News Now) and remembers the Five-0 series of the 1970’s well.  He was an initial critic of the show, but it looks like he’s been won over…

From the May 25th issue of Midweek Magazine, Just Thoughts commentary by columnist Bob Jones (SPOILERY for those who haven’t see n the finale):

I started out not much a fan of Hawaii Five-0. Lots of negatives. A jeans-clad gang operating-off-the-grid from HPD, putting suspects in shark cages and on car hoods like dead deer. Shoot-outs on the beach at Waikiki and in the Aloha Tower Marketplace. Tunneling into an underground HPD vault holding millions of dollars of evidence money. Ridiculous and embarrassing.

Then, on their own or maybe I pushed them a little, the writers got better and so did the stories. No more local hood-chief drinking Blue Hawaii umbrella drinks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

No question that the May 16 season finale was a work of TV art. Who else would have the governor be a crook and a kill-enabler and get shot to death?

Wow! Is Hawaii that crooked, and who was that female governor? Heavy, heavy stuff!

I said to myself, “Finally a TV-series show worthy of great blow-’em-up directors like Michael Bay!”

The show had grown up. The characters had character. We have a reason other than scenery to watch.

Alex O’Loughlin finally persuaded the producers to give him a chance to act and not give it all to Scott Caan.

The show’s on a roll.


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10 Responses to “Just Thoughts” – Hawaii Five-0 commentary by local columnist Bob Jones

  1. canthardlyreadit says:

    “Alex O’Loughlin finally persuaded the producers to give him a chance to act and not give it all to Scott Caan.” – Alex was brilliant. Writers take note!! There is more than 1 good actor on this show. Can we spread it out a little more??

  2. Kimmer says:

    Now that we have a healthy audience, maybe in S2 we can get some great episodes like the finale (and a few others throughout the season).

  3. jadore says:

    Alex has a way to go before catching up with Scott in the ACTING department, although they are both nice to look at!

    • officer808 says:

      They have different strengths…Alex seems to do better with intensity.

      • jadore says:

        Have to disagree. IMO, I think Scott does the “intensity” much better. One particular scene that stands out for me is the scene he had with the housing commissioner threatening Stan and his family. Wow, when Danny confronted him in that restaurant, if that is not intensity I don’t know what is. Emmy winning performance for Scott for sure! Alex although has gotten better over the season.

  4. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Alex is an incredible actor, to compare him to Scott is really unfair here as clearly Scott has the juicier part that allows him to shine and to show his different sides. Alex is playing the part written for him, intense, driven, secretive etc etc. Where does he get to show the emotions that Scott gets to, playing off of Alex, scenes with/about Gracie, hating Hawaii and missing NJ etc etc. Anyway, love them all, can’t wait til next season!

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