Best deal on a used car….eh-vah!

I don’t think it gets any better than this, it’s a great deal.  Act now!

Don't delay, act now!


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Investigating Hawaii Five-0 from the inside.
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6 Responses to Best deal on a used car….eh-vah!

  1. lainiek says:

    lol- you know I have been thinking that the Chevys each of the 5-0s drive is property of HPD. So, Danny and Kono (and of course Steve) will need to give theirs back, no? or, does Danno get to keep his if they still consider him detective in good standing with HPD? Yes, I have seriously had these thoughts- commit me now 😉

  2. Kimmer says:

    “Shiniest spots where the red is”


  3. alavenia says:

    Haha pretty funny!

  4. hawaiiobsessed says:

    That is too funny! Non smoker but lingering smoke smell. Ha ha!

  5. McPhee says:

    Forgot to mention a ghostly presence of Laura Hills sitting in the passenger seat

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