The Five-0 team graces the current issue of Emmy magazine

Because the show deserves an Emmy!  From the CBS TV Studios Insider blog (click the image for a larger size).

Update:  You can order the magazine here, @alavenia reports that it will be available after June 7th.  Thanks!


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6 Responses to The Five-0 team graces the current issue of Emmy magazine

  1. jujubee19 says:

    Great shot! I sure hope they are recognized at the Emmys. Scott looks smokin here!

  2. jadore says:

    @jujubee, I agree with you about Scott (HOT!), but I’m sorry this pic is NOT their best (LOL!). W-T-H Kono’s and Chin’s hair !

  3. McPhee says:

    Scott is definitely on top of my list that’ll be nominated for his work on E Malama and also Alex (I doubt he’ll be overlooked) for his work in the finale .

    But it’ll be a huge surprise if they get nominated for the Outstanding Drama Series category

  4. Kimmer says:

    Hope they get nominated – and I agree w/McPhee – probably not for best drama.

    But wow, I am not a fan of the picture – DDK looks like one of the early Backstreet Boys, GP looks like she is undercover as a streetwalker, and SC (while looking hot, but very un-Danno) looks like a methhead. AOL looks like he wandered into the picture before the photoshoot stylists got to him and looks OK.

  5. Merry Blue says:

    Yeah, what were the cover artists thinking. Just because you CAN Photoshop something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. The composition is really awkward.

    As for the actors appearances, perhaps they are emphasizing the actors, rather than the characters – in line with actor nominations rather than a show nomination as McPhee and Kimmer suggested. Or maybe not…. who knows.

  6. Laurie says:

    I just enlarged the picture and above SC’s head it says WALKING DEAD, I think someone confused casts cause that’s what our team looks like… not their best shot but love em anyway.

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