Peter Lenkov leaks Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 DVD details

I woke up this morning with an email alert from one of my awesome Undercover Special Agents and saw this tweet:

Peter Lenkov reveals Hawaii Five-0 season 1 DVD details

Peter Lenkov reveals Hawaii Five-0 season 1 DVD details

Season 1 DVD news?  This news is better than starting the day off with spam, eggs and rice!

Producer/writer JR Orci mentioned on numerous occasions that a lot of footage is edited out of the broadcast episode to fit the 42 minute window, including a lot of Steve/Danny dialog.

Peter is referring to “Sunset On The Beach”, which are publicly open viewings of movies on a thirty foot screen on Waikiki beach in the evening.  SOTB has hosted Lost premieres as well as the *huge* Hawaii Five-0’s premiere last September.

The gag reel should be a lot of fun too, with cast members goofing on set…

The next question is a no-brainer: “When will it be released?”

Peter told @FIVE_O_EXTREME, “Soon as I know the EXACT date, I’ll let y’all know.”

Based on previous shows like Lost, I’d guess the release of the season one DVDs (and presumably Bluray) will be near the season 2 premiere.

Looks like there’s a *lot* to look forward to on the season 1 set!



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24 Responses to Peter Lenkov leaks Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 DVD details

  1. Amy says:


  2. Bert Hayling says:

    Awesome news! 🙂 I’ve had my DVD set on pre-order from the minute Amazon put up the purchase info, and on email alert before that.

  3. Overdamoon says:

    So, how was your spam, eggs and rice breakfast? 🙂

    Sure hope they’ll include all the deleted scenes that JR Orci alluded to. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Linda Stein says:

    I can not wait! I bought the entire season week by week on iTunes but I want the DVDs. I need to see all that extra stuff. I hope they release it before the new season starts, I mean with enough time so I can watch the entire season again AND all the extras before S2 starts!

    My husband thinks I’m nuts. He loves the show too but he’s not like me (heaven forbid!). He can’t figure out why I need the DVDs when I already have all the episodes on iTunes. Don’t know how he’s going to react when he finds out that if the BluRay has stuff that the DVD doesn’t I’m buying that too!!! LOL

    • Bert Hayling says:

      @ Linda — Well, this is either great minds thinking alike, or fools never differing — I’m planning on doing the same thing re: the BluRay set. 😉

      • McPhee says:

        I might have to buy a BluRay player if it does includ extras than the DVD I really hate to because I can’t afford $200 at the moment

  5. McPhee says:

    They should really do a segment entirely on Steve & Danno and also a Gag Reel entirely on the Cargument scenes I hear there’s like tons and tons of outtakes from the scenes of Alex & Scott I cannot wait to see them I hope it disappoint us.

    And also I would love to see an extra BTS on Scott Caan adlibbing his lines I hear that he tends to always ad lib when he films scenes I like to see some good ones that weren’t added to the final cut

  6. McPhee says:

    And of course I’ll be getting it from the U.S. & Australia. They tend to do different covers and some of the stuff we get from the U.S. don’t end up on the Australian DVD I hope Ten & CBS will allow us get the same stuff as we get in the U.S. and maybe add some extras like Alex’s interview on the 7PM Project.

  7. Mr. Mike says:

    Rumours are also starting to heat up about the release date for season eleven of the old show.

    I would suspect that season eleven of the old show and season one of the new show will be released on DVD together around the same time. Considering the second season of the new show will likely premiere on CBS on Monday, September 19th, they will both appear around this date, possibly Tuesday, September 20 for the old show and a few weeks earlier for the new show. As previously mentioned on my WWW site, the audio and video quality of the season ten DVD set was a big letdown from the previous nine seasons. The rumour is that the extremely negative reaction at was what motivated CBS/Paramount to delay season eleven’s projected release date from April.

    There is no confirmation so far that the disco music by the Bee Gees and others in the two-hour eleventh season show “Number One With a Bullet” will be intact.

    According to the web site on May 2nd, “CBS/Paramount haven’t announced the first season of Hawaii Five-0 just yet, but has already started taking pre-orders for the set. With a suggested price of $64.99, Amazon has knocked 30% off, bringing it down to $45.49. Keep in mind pre-ordering any set from locks you in at that price in case it goes up, but if the price drops anytime between when you order, and when the set is released, Amazon will refund you the difference. There hasn’t been a date set for the release yet, though we’d expect it sometime in August/September, just before the second season premieres.”

    Executive producer Peter Lenkov has previously suggested that the new show’s pilot epiosde will be expanded from its one hour (approx. 42 minutes with commercials) length to the originally planned two-hours.

    • Linda Stein says:

      Mike: Re the music. I know it is always a bone of contention when DVDs come out about the availability and agreements necessary to include original music on DVD/BluRay. I know that’s why the old TV show WKRP in Cincinnati was never released because, being a show about a radio station, there was tons and tons of music that they could not get approval to use on the DVDs.

      Please tell me that the S1 DVD of our Hawaii Five-0 will have all the great music that we heard during the broadcasts. While Alex, Scott, Daniel, Grace etc are the #1 stars and the beautiful island of Hawaii is #2, the music, IMHO, is definetly #3!!!

    • Merry Blue says:

      Mr. Mike sez:
      “Executive producer Peter Lenkov has previously suggested that the new show’s pilot epiosde will be expanded from its one hour (approx. 42 minutes with commercials) length to the originally planned two-hours.”

      I so hope they do this – a dream come true. I fantasize about *all* the eps being extended to 60 or 75 minutes; it would be way more fun than just watching the deleted scenes. And then…… geez, I would have to buy both the DVD/BluRay discs AND the iTunes episodes, so I could watch the “broadcast” version and the “Special Extended Director/Producer’s Cut” version. (CBS Home Video and iTunes are you listening? $$$!)

      PS Please do NOT tell my husband about this.

    • officer808 says:

      good stuff Mr. Mike, thanks!

  8. hawaiiobsessed says:


  9. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Yee Ha! That’s the best news I’ve heard so far this summer! Sure hope the BluRay is released at the same time as the regular DVD, cause that’s what I preordered from Amazon! Like my buddy Linda, I’ve got the whole season on iTunes, and next season I’m planning on getting the season pass, and I’ve got all of S1 saved (and protected!) on the DRV! I also have a family who, while they enjoy watching the show, are not fanatical about it and think the matriarch of their family has gone completely off the deep end – especially when she is now baking “H5-0 sugar cookies,” and calling her steak and shrimp dinners “surf and turf!” They can just get used to it!

    • Merry Blue says:

      Lynnette, do you have H50 themed cookie cutters?

      • feelinfroggie23 says:

        If she does she needs to send us both a set and if not atleast tell us how she does it. Of course we could just spell it out with alphabet cutters that I know they have at my local Michaels craft store. P.S. all this is Laurie just changed my screen name until I can remember how I signed in before 🙂

  10. Laurie says:

    I wish I had all episodes save but my DVR messed up and I missed atleast one that I know of so I am really looking forward to the DVD release. I may also do the blue ray if it has different stuff. To bad all us “obsessed fans” couldn’t get together and watch the entire S1 and then the S2 premier but I can’t afford the DVD and the fuel for the private jet LOL. I guess we will just have to keep posting here. 🙂

    • Merry Blue says:

      We could have mini-SOTBs around the world. The extreme budget version could be a tv with DVD player, a kiddie pool with salt water and themed plastic floaty toys, a tarp covered with sand, and a plastic palm tree. A few pineapples from the grocery. And the appropriate drinks cooler. Leis could probably be made inexpensively from bulk packs of plastic wedding flower car decorations thingys threaded on dental floss. Menu could include surf n’ turf (hamburger patties and crab helper grilled on a hibachi), malasadas (Timbits), cocopuffs (Twinkies, I guess) and loco moco (actually, this sounds like it would fit the budget as is). There could also be a token can of SPAM on hand. If someone actually wanted to try it, they could pop the lid themselves. (Or maybe Officer Bob could get Chef Morimoto to supply a recipe and on-line tutorial for making SPAM musabi.)

      Of course, if your budget is more well padded, you could just upgrade from here.

      • officer808 says:

        Sounds good, let me know when you’re having yours and I’ll bring the spam musubis. 😉

      • Merry Blue says:

        Officer, if you come to my SOTB, I will eat all of your spam musabis and tell you I love them.

        I guess I better start looking for a plastic palm tree. I’ve seen a couple at RV dealership type places, maybe I could nick one from there….

    • Laurie says:

      I was just checking my local tv schedule for tonight and the one ep. I know for sure I missed is being shown. I am quite hoppy about this 🙂

    • officer808 says:

      aw..yeah we’ll have to make do 😦 You don’t have any friends that recorded them all?

  11. Laurie says:

    I checked my email this morning and there was one from that informed me…
    Alex O’Loughlin, et al “Hawaii Five-0: The First Season”
    Estimated arrival date: September 20 2011
    I wish it was sooner but I know it will be here soon since we all know this year is flying by. Hopefully those that also preordered will hear soon.
    HAGD All

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