What’s in the box in tonight’s episode “He Kane Hewa’ole”?!?! (spoiler free)

Originally posted on January 17, 2011.


Yes, before some of you get your knickers in a bunch, the main body is spoiler free, so read on.  The spoiler is at the very end with an adequate amount of spoiler space.

While I was on set last December, I got to see the filming for tonight’s episode.  HPD and the Five-0’s chase a blue Mustang that flips over at a dead end.  A mysterious box rolls out…but the question on everyone’s mind is “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?”

Grace Park, Kono Kalakaua, Hawaii Five-0

Grace Park, Hawaii Five-0 filming in December, Photo: Officer808

So while no one was looking, I ran to the box to take a sneak peek and here’s what I found…

He Kane Hewa'ole, Hawaii Five-0

Hmm..."Steve 'The Dream' McGarrett, Kukui High Class of '92"

Ok, so I opened it up and here’s what I saw…

He Kane Hewa'ole, Hawaii Five-0

This is interesting...

Let’s see what we have here…

He Kane Hewa'ole, Hawaii Five-0

"A History of the Modern World", "Property of Kukui High School Library", due date inside 9/22/1991. Overdue library book? Shame on you, Steven!

And what’s this?

He Kane Hewa'ole, Hawaii Five-0

A bunch of tapes... Linear "Sending All My Love", MC Hammer "Let's Get It Started", and MILLI VANILLI!!! "Girl You Know It's True". Last, a mix tape that reads: "<3 Steve's Love Jamz"

A champagne glass…

He Kane Hewa'ole, Hawaii Five-0

"Precious and Few", Kukui High School Senior Prom, 5/20/1992

And last…

He Kane Hewa'ole, Hawaii Five-0

A can of SPAM! I knew it, the key to Super SEAL-ness

So piecing together what I know, it looks like the Yakuza ninjas from “Ke Kinohi” go back to Steve’s house to get more evidence that incriminates Hiro Noshimuri.  Instead, they grab McG’s high school memento box, and a can of Spam from the kitchen.  If I were McG I’d be mad as hell that they stole my mix tape of Love Jamz as well, cause it sets the mood with Catherine… “I Adore Mi Amor”, by Color Me Badd leads to some Barry White action!



The CBS production team told the local neighbors that a bomb was in the box.  Some press releases say “human remains”.  Another release on another spoiler site flat out tells you what it is.  It rhymes with shuman shmhead.   Go figure it out. 😉

Update: No I did not run to the box and check out what’s inside.  Three big Samoans would have tackled me.  This post is the result of an overactive imagination.


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9 Responses to What’s in the box in tonight’s episode “He Kane Hewa’ole”?!?! (spoiler free)

  1. lainiek says:

    Very clever. For real, have a question about McG’s Senior Prom- still confused on whether he was sent away at 16 or not until a couple of years later. Thoughts?

  2. textbook says:

    I very much like your overactive imagination.

  3. McPhee says:

    Everytime I see Kono opening that box in that episode it just make me laugh of this post. McGarrett’s dream box LOL

  4. Kimmer says:

    I remember when this episode first came out – laughing at the contents of the box that Officer Bob posted. Still funny today – Milli Vanilli! LOL.

    • officer808 says:

      Girl, you know it’s true.

      • Jules says:

        LMAO @ Officer808’s response! Milli Vanilli…still hilarious today, considering they were total fake artists 🙂 I just saw that episode last night (watching it on dvd). LOVE the show and the fact its filmed in the islands! I am from the Pacific region myself and love the islander vibe the show emulates.

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