Lenkov: “I may be doing my dream project right now. “

Gaby Eichberger (@H50Germany) and Christine Schmidt got an interview with executive producer Peter Lenkov where he answered great questions about his motivation for Five-0 and gave them some insights on behind the scenes work.  Read the whole interview on their blog.

Peter on the most fun and difficult things of Season 1:

The most fun — presenting the pilot to the people of O’ahu @ Sunset on the Beach. I was really nervous about that, and hoped they would accept this new version of the show. After all, it’s THEIR show… I did not want to let them down. The most difficult? There are challenges every day, so so far I can’t look back at this experience and say anything was that difficult. Again, not to say that the process is easy, but this show certainly is fun to make.


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One Response to Lenkov: “I may be doing my dream project right now. “

  1. hawaiiobsessed says:

    I love it that he says he might be working on his dream project right now. I really feel like Peter is totally invested in this show. I feel like he truly loves Hawaii and thinks the cast is great and wants the show to do well. He also really seems to appreciate the fans and lets us know. Thanks for posting this Officer!

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