No ComicCon for Hawaii Five-0

I got official word from a CBS representative that CBS will have no Hawaii Five-0 presence at the 2011 Comic-Con in San Diego July 21-24.  Since Peter Lenkov mentioned that filming starts mid-July, I’d expect that no-one can break away.

The question is will there be a big promotional push around the same time as Comic-Con?  Considering that the Sunset on the Beach premiere is not far behind the Comic-Con, I’d expect a whirlwind of media activity to promote Hawaii Five-0 season 2.


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5 Responses to No ComicCon for Hawaii Five-0

  1. Bert Hayling says:

    They had Peter, Daniel, and Grace at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, right? (Don’t remember when it was held, but I’m assuming July sometime?)

    I guess there could be a lot of factors in play this year that weren’t last year — a full season order from the get-go this time around, whereas last year they were starting out on a 13-episode order. Given the events of the finale, probably much more work in 2×01 and 2×02 for the entire cast, where last year, the scene count was more heavily weighted towards Alex and Scott, making it easier for Grace and Daniel to get away for a couple days.

    Still, losing out on the Comic Con publicity / media attention… huh. (Unless it was felt that Comic Con didn’t bring in the viewers they’d anticipated? No tellin’).

    As you point out, Bob, this will make SOTB that much more critical from the standpoint of media attention and publicity — time to get the E!, ET, Insider, and similar media contingents booked! (It’d be nice if there was a promotional media push like last year’s, with the cast turning up on CBS’s Early Show, Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Rachel Ray, etc (This past Monday CBS ran the original “Honor & Conscience” promo pretty much every hour starting with Rachel Ray and on through much of the daytime schedule).

  2. Jim says:

    SOTB premiere tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 10 – which probably means season premiere on CBS for Monday, September 12. Be there! Aloha!

    • Yeah that’s what I’m thinking also. Because the premiere was a week after it was shown at SOTB. Only like less than 90 days till the premiere.

      Oh well at least we’ll get to watch Scott on Entourage on the 24th of July if he is in the 1st epsiode of the final season. That’s what I’ve been watching the past week Scotty Latvin is hilarious. LOL there’s even a scene where he says to E ‘Hey, don’t you ever knock?’

  3. Yeah Peter, Daniel & Grace were there last year.

    A friend of mine is going to Comic-Con I could’ve gotten him to get them to sign my T-shirt. Darn maybe next year if I haven’t warned it out

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