Hawaii Five-0 alum Michelle Borth to star in Combat Hospital tonight on ABC

If you didn’t get enough of Michelle Borth as Lt. Catherine Rollins on Hawaii Five-0, you can catch her as Maj. Rebecca Gordon on ABC’s Combat Hospital, premiering tonight on ABC.  The show follows a field hospital and its surgical team in Afghanistan.

Michelle Borth in Combat Hospital

Michelle Borth in Combat Hospital, photo: ABC


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11 Responses to Hawaii Five-0 alum Michelle Borth to star in Combat Hospital tonight on ABC

  1. Terry says:

    Oh no!!! She stole McG’s pants!

  2. Laurie says:

    So in the first 5 minutes she is holding a pregnancy test and waiting for the results and then checks her phone and comments that her ex has turned into a stalker….so what do we all think of that :-). I’m sure I would have liked this but since I like Michelle that helps. Anyone else check out the new show??

  3. Merry Blue says:

    Yes, I watched it. I like the cast but I’m on the fence about the story. (Seriously, who would wait until the plane is about to land to go to the loo and take a pregnancy test (well, except for maybe JLo in TBOP, and she only had to contend with a dog, not a combant landing)?)
    I’ll watch again next week, but my husband gave it a thumbs down. Press reviews were pretty mediocre too. I hope it picks up, for Michelle’s sake.
    I’d like to see Michelle back on H50, too, but since they are casting another romantic interest for McG, I wonder if it’s unlikely. Or if we will get a slug-out between Ramboette and the female McG at some point.

  4. Tess says:

    Are they casting another romantic interest for McG? What i heard from the Peter Lenkov interview, is that ONE of the Five-0 team will have a love interest this season, but he didn’t say who.

    Sorry if i made any mistake in my spelling.. learning english over here! =)

    Cheers, from Argentina.

  5. hai says:

    i’m from tvaddict that they will be giving McG a new love interst from Homeland Security by the name of Officer Lori Wilson, who is a ‘female McGarrett’. Is this true because i loved cath

  6. hai says:

    sorry, i heard from tvaddict

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