CBS leaks Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 premiere script shot

I don’t think the tittle’s been released, but what we know is that Terry O’Quinn will star in this, and we learn more about the McGarrett family’s past.  My Undercover Special Agents and I will be looking forward to filming next month!

I asked for tweets of the rest of the pages. Cross your fingers 😉

Update:  I don’t think I made it clear how exciting it is to see Season 2 shaping up!  Hopefully we can at least get the Hawaiian title!

Update:  I’m taking a wild stab at the title as “Ka ‘iole” or “Na ‘iole”. “‘iole” is the Hawaiian rat, but in a figure of speech can mean “to steal, cheat, lie in wait in order to assail”.  “Ka” makes the translation “the rat”; “na” makes the noun plural, ie “the rats”.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Script

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Script, photo @CBSTweet


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13 Responses to CBS leaks Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 premiere script shot

  1. Can you read the tiny Hawaiian title on there?

  2. Linda Stein says:

    I was going to ask the same thing? Right under the Hawaii Five-0 logo isn’t that the title?

    • Val says:

      HI officer 808 and undercover friends – wow are you all ready for this – here we go? So much mystery around what will happen in season 2 – hey I volunteer too that we all try to steal the script and see what’s in it…. just dying to know what’s going to happen next. Wow can hardly wait!!! Keep us posted officer 808 – know that you are currently working away but when you return we all will be waiting eagerly to have you back.

  3. lainiek66 says:

    it looks something like Lo Isle?

  4. Auntieamy says:

    Dang it! Can’t someone enlarge that pic just enough to read what the title is?

  5. lainiek66 says:

    it actually appears to be fa iole or la iole. Iole is Hawaiian is Rat/Mouse. Interesting. Could be about someone who is a Rat- Traitor.

  6. It looks like a Ka iole

    OMG if only I could break into their office ninja mode right now to get that script. Who wants to join me don’t worry no killing or Wo Fat involved

  7. Deanna says:

    I’m with everybody and would love to know about the script, and the new season of Hawaii Five -O. I also can’t wait to see the new season. Does anybody know, is HFO on TNT this summer? Thanks DEE

  8. platyplus says:

    Can’t wait for the second season !!!

  9. mike hafeez says:

    make sure bring back originall Team Member..”Steve” McGarrett, Detective Sgt. Daniel “Danny” “Danno” Williams, Detective Chin Ho Kelly,Officer Kono Kalakaua….and ex-CIA analyst Jenna Kaye…

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