EW reports Tom Sizemore to join Hawaii Five-0 Season 2

This is a big move, and huge news since Tom brings depth and complexity to any of his roles.  If he’s on the show, I’m guessing a lot of harsh words, possibly some back stabbing and stare-downs with Alex.  If this weren’t network TV, I think the F bomb would be deployed liberally.  He’s brilliant in Saving Private Ryan, Natural Born Killers and Blackhawk Down…can’t wait to see him bring it to Five-0.

From EW:

tom-sizemoreImage Credit: FilmMagic.com

Hawaii Five-0 has landed another well-known actor for its second season: Tom Sizemore is joining the CBS action-drama as a the head of Internal Affairs for a multi-episode arc.

The tough-guy performer best known for Saving Private Ryan, Red and Black Hawk Down will play a former Detroit Homicide Detective turned head of Hawaii police’s IA unit. After the events of last season, he is actively investigating the Five-0 unit and he’s not cutting them any slack (despite our heroes having the support of the new Governor).

The casting comes on the heels of Lost star Terry O’Quinn signing onto the series last week in a recurring role as a Navy Seal Lt. Commander who trained Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin).

Hawaii launched strong last fall and represented one of the few freshman shows to earn a second season. The cast additions could help bolster interest in the series this fall as it continues airing in its competitive Monday night period.


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12 Responses to EW reports Tom Sizemore to join Hawaii Five-0 Season 2

  1. Merry Blue says:

    Looks like there is lots more to look forward to this fall, Officer. I have not seen any of this actor’s work (don’t get out much), but I trust your praise and opinion. I’m still hoping that we will get some more of Duane Char (David Akahoshi, chair of the AI committee investigating Chin Ho) too, as I was really impressed by his “presence” as that character.

  2. Riley says:

    Really H50? I hear Charlie Sheen is looking for a job too!!!

  3. Linda Stein says:

    Well, Alex sure will be able to exercise his acting chops this season. Not that he didn’t last season, because, obviously he did, but with the addition of Terry O’Quinn and now Tom Sizemore Alex should be able to really stretch. He has spoken about feeling a bit constricted in Steve because Steve can be very 2 dimensional at times. I think you’re right Officer. There are going to be some epic scenes between these actors! I can not wait for the critics to see Alex flex his acting muscles against these actors so they will finally shut up and give him all the credit he deserves!!!

  4. Kimmer says:

    Holy Moly, looks like they are ditching the “guest star of the week” formula and instead getting some serious actors to play out some arcs! This is great news. Tom Sizemore can play one bad a$$ dude, scenes with AOL should have a lot of testosterone flying around. And, we also learn that the 5-0’s have the support of the new gov.

  5. Charley says:

    Should be good. I can’t wait to see these actors with the always talented Scott Caan. Finally, some real acting talent that rises to his level!

    • Sam says:

      Rises to his level? I’m sorry, but please wake up and watch the show again and maybe you can look at the others some more and you will finally see what this show is. Great show, great actors all around.

      I am really sorry but I can’t hear it any more. All the praise for Scott Caan, I just don’t get it. Scott Caan plays pretty much himself, he even says so in interviews. Have you seen the interview he did for openfilm, just listen to that and you will hear ‘Danny’. I watched “Into the blue” (ok 40 minutes than I couldn’t take it any more) and laughed my head off, that was just another Danny. I am not dissing Scott Caan’s portrayal of Danny Williams, that is brilliant, but I’m sorry he is not better than every other actor on that show.

      So please just stop finally putting him on a pedestal. Because the entire cast of H50 deserves our respect, not just one guy, no matter how much one likes him.

      • Charley says:

        I don’t appreciate someone telling me who I can and cannot put on a pedestal. I WILL ALWAYS PUT SCOTT ON A PEDESTAL. Scott is a wonderful actor and HE DOES NOT play the same character in everything. I think all you Alex’s fans got together and decided to use that line whenever Scott gets any kind of praise. Well, that line is getting old. Get over it! IMO, he is the best actor on the show, I’m entitled to have that opinion and WILL CONTINUE TO VOICE THAT OPINION!!!

  6. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Oh, my – can’t wait! Not only testosterone flying between Steve and Mr. AI, but can’t you just picture the detective from Jersey duking it out with the detective from Detroit?

    • Linda Stein says:

      ROFL…I never even though of that! My mind goes right to Alex and yours goes right to Scott! We’re the perfect ying/yang aren’t we sista!!! LOL

  7. Merry Blue says:

    Wendie, Linda and anyone else who was involved in sourcing and posting the Sizemore article in The Fix: Thank you. It was an interesting and illuminating read, and answered a lot of questions generated by the “opinions” expressed on FB about Sizemore’s casting.

    • Linda Stein says:

      You’re welcome! I thought it was an interesting read too. There are a lot of people who are worried about his past. I wasn’t really aware of the his problematical past. Nice to know he’s really trying to turn his life and career around!

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