Mike Gordon makes Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 SOTB more officialer than it already is

Looking forward to Sunset on the Beach, confirmed by Peter Lenkov and CBS.  I’m claiming land right NOW!

From yesterday’s Star Advertiser:

Daniel Dae Kim greeted a crowd of about 5,000 people who came to Sunset on the Beach last year for the premiere of the new “Hawaii Five-0.” Joining him on stage were Alex O’Loughlin, left, Taryn Manning, Scott Caan and Grace Park.

Better secure your spot on Queen’s Beach now, because CBS plans to give Hawaii fans a special advance screening of the season two premiere of “Hawaii Five-0” during a Sunset on the Beach event, the network told the Star-Advertiser today.

The event will be held on Sept. 10 and all the main cast members — Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park — will be on hand for a red-carpet arrival, CBS said. Also expected are cast newcomers Terry O’Quinn and Tom Sizemore as well as season one regular Masi Oka.

The rest of the nation will not get to see the episode until the network premiere on Sept. 19. “Five-0” airs locally at 9 p.m. Mondays on KGMB.

CBS will also be celebrating the release of season one DVD collection.

The screening time and schedule of entertainment has not been set yet, CBS said.

Police estimated more than 5,000 people jammed the beach last year when the network premiered its rebooted version of the beloved series, which originally aired from 1968 to 1980. The turnout was so large and the adoration so great, that cast members were stunned.

“When you have hundreds of people lining up on the beach and some all the way back to the water’s edge, you truly have standing room only,” said Walea Constantinau, the Honolulu Film Office commissioner.

The red-carpet arrival at the first Sunset on the Beach was beamed across the country to several hundred CBS affiliates and interest was extremely high. The series did not show on network TV until a week later.

But CBS knows how important “Five-0” is to local fans, Constantinau said.

“This show is so close to the islands and the island people feel so close to it, that it is a way for the creators and CBS to give back in the place where it is filmed and celebrate the show with everybody,” she said.


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2 Responses to Mike Gordon makes Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 SOTB more officialer than it already is

  1. Sam says:

    This is so great and I wish I could be there. But please someone tell me how to avoid spoilers after that event until Sept. 19th. That will be really hard. LOL

  2. Mr. Mike says:

    Whatever happened to keeping people in suspense over what will happen in the first show of the season? This show on the beach is reportedly happening several days ahead of the broadcast premiere. Do the people putting this on think that NO ONE who sees this will blab about what happens in the show? There will probably be people who tape the whole thing with cel phones or other cameras and broadcast it all over the place. During the season one premiere, there were people doing this, and I recall there was actually a live feed of the entire show on some site where people were watching the opening ceremonies with local commentary (though the quality of the broadcast of the pilot episode on the screen was pretty crappy). I know that Lenkov et al are dropping “hints” — for example, recently there was some teasing shot of the cover of the second season premiere script (yawn). There is a limit as to how much you can promote the show without giving the whole plot, etc. away!

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