All hail the new Governor of Hawaii

Presenting Hawaii’s new governor, after the mysterious death of Governor Jameson.  I’m excited about the casting news, disappointed however that it wasn’t someone local as Peter said he would like to have had in a recent interview.  From

Richard T. Jones

Since Jean Smart’s Gov. Pat Jameson was gunned down after being exposed as a traitor in bed with Wo-Fat in Hawaii Five-0’s stunning game-changing season finale, there’s been an opening to fill in the Honolulu governor’s mansion. Not anymore. Stepping in to the office will be Jameson’s as-yet-unseen Lt. Governor, to be played by actor Richard T.Jones.

The recurring character (still awaiting a name) will join previously announced additions Terry O’Quinn, who will play a recurring role, and Tom Sizemore, who’s signed on for an exciting story arc to kick off Season Two.

Richard has several series-regular roles under his belt. Most recently he played Ellison on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Prior to that, he appeared on Girlfriends and Judging Amy. According to a show insider, this new governor will be more conservative than Jameson and keep a tighter leash on McGarrett and his team. He’ll be “cleaning up a lot of the mess left by the previous administration.”


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2 Responses to All hail the new Governor of Hawaii

  1. zeva says:

    Glad to have him, but I’d like to see the guy who can keep a tighter leash on McGarrett, even as bruised and beaten as he is now, poor baby……

  2. luvinao'l says:

    LOVED RTJ on Judging Amy… (Last show: “You came…! You called.” nice…)

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