Daniel and Grace talk to Mike Gordon about season 2; Peter’s teasers

From the Honolulu Star Advertiser (new photos here as well):

Daniel Dae Kim, who stars as Chin Ho Kelly, said that [finale] episode was a sign of exciting things to come.

“I thought it was a really good episode,” he said. “I thought there were a lot of surprises. I thought there were some great character moments.”

So what’s next? Kim doesn’t know much about the second season story arc but feels fans will be satisfied.

“The first script is really strong and answers a lot of questions that were left open at the end of season one,” he said.

Grace Park said the show’s writers will deliver.

“That’s what’s so amazing about this job,” she said. “Everyone gets to focus on what they do so they can do it well.”

Also, Peter teased on twitter a couple of photos… of a shackled man in an orange jumpsuit, and an over the shoulder shot of someone who seems to be Lieutenant Commander White…  Check out the Facebook page for the photos.


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