Hawaii Five-0 season 2 – blessing and filming this morning!

From Hawaii News Now:

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) – Today begins the official start of shooting for season 2. We are inside the sound stage, which has been set up here. You see the crew is hard at work behind the scenes getting everything ready so when the stars do arrive here on set, they are ready to go. We know there are a lot of loose ends that they left for us at the end of season 1. So the shooting is going to be fast and furious here today.

Of course they have been off for a little while, so they’ll get back up to speed. The crew has been working about a month getting their home here ready and I hear the stars are on the way here, so they’re going to be right in to season 2 of shooting. So right now we’re going to try to get out more, find a little bit more information about the season 2.

Tannya Joaquin got great sound bites from the cast:

Scott Caan regarding Danno’s happiness:  “I think if I’m happy there’s nothing for me to do, so they’re going to keep me unhappy.”

Alex O’Loughlin on “his type of woman”: [paraphrased] “She would have to have teeth for starters, and be in the age range between 18-65…”

Alex also let loose he and his dog are recently moved into a house that he recently bought.

These guys were joking it up on the first day of filming, with a blessing in the morning and part of a scene filmed before Tannya’s interview.

Look for the video clips later today on the 50undercover.com blog!

Update:  At first I heard the name “Rusty” for his dog, then was informed his dog’s name’s Reggie, but listening to the interview again, it sounds like Alex said “Dusty”.


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22 Responses to Hawaii Five-0 season 2 – blessing and filming this morning!

  1. Pam - O'Laighing Press says:

    Thought Alex’s dog’s name is Reggie, not Rusty. Maybe he changed it?

  2. pinkie says:

    Did he change Reggie’s name? A new house! Looks like he’s settling in. Can’t wait for more details. I know Scott told a fib! He said he didn’t participate but I saw him point at Alex and say “I know” as Alex obviously must have said he wasn’t perfect! LOL!
    Thanks Bob!

  3. zeva says:

    OTG! I meet all the criteria! Yoohoo……Alex! ;D

  4. I heard it as “Dusty.”

  5. Laurie says:

    According to AOL Rocks its Reggie

  6. Cindy says:

    I was traveling and couldn’t get the live feed on my phone. Reading some of the comments are like teasers since I didn’t get to see the interview. I really hope someone recorded the entire interview and will post it for us. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. It’s nice to know he still has the dog he rescued and is settling into Hawaii for the long-term buying a house. Thank you Officer, sounds like you are going to be busy this season already. Btw, if AOL needs an assistant, secretary, dog walker, housekeeper or anything else, I would like to apply, lol.

    • Cindy says:

      I found the live coverage video, it was great. I wonder if Peter had any feeling in his hands after Alex’s, what looked like, a tight hold on them, lol. Thank you to HNN for the coverage (I would have gone into labor too after the kiss, and I’m not pregnant, lol)

  7. Riley says:

    He should wait before the ratings are better, before he gets too comfortable. LOL!

  8. textbook says:

    He definitely said “Dusty”, and it sounded to me like he had finally brought Dusty over from his house in LA. Which made me wonder what happened to Reggie. Possibly he changed the name, but I’d like some confirmation from somewhere.

  9. It would be Australian for a name it could be Rusty they are pretty common in Australian names for animals. It would be cool if it is Dusty because my cats name is Dusty 😀

  10. Here’s the video:

  11. Yeah he says the name Dusty it is Dusty. I hear it loud and clear he says Dusty clearly from a Aussie fans perspective

  12. Sorry one more. BTS of Poor Mans shoot (meaning basically car scenes) with an interview with crew member

  13. Interview with Scott

  14. Cécile says:

    Thanks for the videos Nardia !
    [I have a few questions about Australia for you Nardia, would you mind accepting my FB request so we can talk via PM please ? :)]

  15. Shirley says:

    Great post; most video I’ve seen from yesterday’s blessing and shoots. Thanks!

  16. There’s interviews of Daniel & Grace as well there are around I hope we’ll get them soon because I would love to hear from them both as well

  17. Bert Hayling says:

    It was really great getting to watch Tannya Boyd Joachin’s coverage on the HNN site’s live streaming news feed, and to see how things were progressing before, during, and after the blessing.

    It’s gonna be interesting to see where the car scene Alex and Scott went out out to the darkened “poor man’s process” stage to shoot right after the blessing fits into the overall plot and timeline of the episode, as that’s about as uncharacteristic a wardrobe for Steve as we’ve ever seen — short-sleeve plaid buttondown, no tee, jeans, and slippers (flipflops)? It’s almost like someone else ran out and grabbed clothes at random for him, just to make sure he had something to wear — getting outta jail attire, maybe. 😀

    Man, it is so *great* to have the show back in production and appetite-whetting pics and videos coming down the pike! 😀

  18. zeva says:

    You know, maybe I’m getting too personal here, but speaking from experience, I wonder if Reggie was Alex’s choice and maybe Dusty was Saxon’s. I got a Samoyed when my kids were teens and I had all sorts of cool names (or so I thought), but my kids insisted on ” Fluffy. ” lol !
    Another observation, about Alex’s hands. Did you notice how huge they were compared to Peter’s? They looked like they were swallowing his whole! ;D

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