BREAKING NEWS: HPD called to local shave ice stand [BTS SPOILERS]

HPD called to Waiola Shave Ice Stand, photo: Tina Lau.

HPD called to Waiola Shave Ice Stand, photo: Tina Lau.

HONOLULU – HPD was called to the Waiola Shave Ice Stand after a suspicious person was seen loitering on the property. HPD quickly surrounded the local snack stand known for its wonderfully delectable rainbow shave ice with vanilla ice cream.  The Lieutenant Governor as well as a man identified at Navy Lieutenant Commander (RET) Joseph White were spotted. Former Five-0 members Daniel Williams and Chin Ho Kelly were also on scene.


No, I don’t know what happened in the scene, but see the photos on Facebook and come to your own conclusions.  But hey, this is the behind the scenes stuff is what you’ve been waiting for!


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14 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: HPD called to local shave ice stand [BTS SPOILERS]

  1. lainiek66 says:

    McG is on the lam and Kami is protecting him. 😉

  2. cherish4 says:

    Bless Kamekona for trying to help him but oh Steve…

    *huggles McGarrett*

  3. Linda Stein says:

    Could HPD have found out about Kamekona’s gun stach??? I know Steve would never rat him out but Steve did carry an unregistered weapon that was used to kill the Governor. The authorities are going to want to know where that gun came from. Oh I hope I’m wrong here. I don’t want to see Kamekona go to jail for breaking probation by having those guns!

    • Kimmer says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Linda – Unless McG somehow escapes from jail, which I doubt – it would seem as if HPD is looking for good ole Kame. Run, Kamekona, Run!

      • Kimmer says:

        Well, I guess it is McG getting arrested – talk about running into a bad stretch of luck!

  4. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Well, they didn’t take away Danny’s car. I love that car. Those guys in full uniform look like they are hot!
    Love the behind the scenes stuff. Thanks officer!

  5. Deanna says:

    Thanks Officer 808, I love the BTS stuff, plus there are pics of Alex, great to see him. Sincerely Deanna

  6. Monkey says:

    Yes, love BTS photos! I love the car too. I hope Danny gets to drive it more this season, considering it is his car. BTW, seeing that Danny is still there, I’m anxious to find out if Rachel left Hawaii or did she turn around and stay? Hopefully, she stayed. Can’t wait for the season to start to answer all of our questions!

  7. Bert Hayling says:

    Thanks for posting the pics, Bob! 🙂 It’s gonna be fun seeing how many, or which aspects of, the countless scenarios we’ll come up with to try piece together what’s going here at Waiola Shave Ice actually bear any relationship to the aired episode plot. 😀

    One thing’s clear, though — whatever’s going on, Steve has Joe White in tow, and Danny charges in with Chin at his side and the new Governor hard on his heels, so somewhere along the line, Danny and Chin seem to have persuaded the Governor to get personally involved.

    Heh. 🙂 Ain’t it grand to have BTS pics to discuss and debate and yes, revel in, once again? 😀

  8. Kelly says:

    Heh. Ain’t it grand to have BTS pics to discuss and debate and yes, revel in, once again?

    Indeed Bert! And yet I am somehow going to attempt to stay somewhat spoiler free!!! haha (good luck to me!) Seeing the gang together again is kind of irresistable. =)

    • lainiek66 says:

      Do what I do Kelly and check out the pics to se how blue Scott’s eyes look and to oogle Alex’s arms (and visa versa). So mostly only kidding. It is fun to check out the pics and try to put together what is going on and they share each other’s theories. We all know it is not always what it seems except when it is 😉 . Darn D/R pics at hq are proof of that.

  9. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Bert, the fun has definitely begun! The theories are flyin’ already! Since I can’t see how the accused murderer of the state of Hawaii gets released on bail, released into the custody of anyone, or released into house arrest, I’m wondering if somehow this is a sting op to uncover the remaining mole(s) in HPD or WoFat’s stooges. These pictures seem to never be what we think they are!

    BTW, Lainie? Blue eyes + buff arms = happy camper :>

  10. sockie says:

    the pics are interesting… noticed that chin is the only one with a badge, and it doesn’t look liks a 5-0 badge, so he still appears to be with HPD. danny has a gun and no badge (how can that happen? can civilians carry guns in hawaii?) and steve has neither gun or badge. and it also looks like the IA guy, Cage, is there as well.

    my guess is the murder charges got dropped somehow (I also don’t see them letting the suspected murderer of the gov. out on bail), and now steve is being arrested for stealing the ten mil. but that’s just a guess.

    as to why the gov. is there… no idea.

    and as to joe white, maybe he is helping steve investigate and they went to talk to kame. (?) I highly doubt they went because steve had a hankering for a shave ice… 😉

  11. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Sockie! Thank you! I kept trying to figure out why that guy holding the gun on Steve looked so familiar! It’s IA Cage! Oh, my – I know there’s no love lost between IA and 5-0, but I strongly suggest he not tangle with Danny too much!

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