More of Alex’s muscles and stuff (Men’s Fitness magazine)

Thanks to for the awesome high resolution scans of Alex O’Loughlin in Men’s Fitness August issue.  Not gonna lie, this dude is ripped.  But he definitely needs to infuse more SPAM into his diet for proper nutritional performance.

Alex O'Loughlin in Men's Fitness magazine

Alex O'Loughlin in Men's Fitness magazine

Update:  Muscles and stuff on VIDEO!  Check out the Men’s Fitness video clip.  9 glorious minutes of muscles and stuff!


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7 Responses to More of Alex’s muscles and stuff (Men’s Fitness magazine)

  1. alavenia says:

    Just got my magazine today!!!!!

    • m. says:

      might i ask WHERE? local b&n still doesnt have it :-/

      • textbook says:

        If they carry it, they’ll have it any minute now. I got mine at Borders on Thursday.

    • Yeah I have a friend who’s sending me a copy she can’t find it anywhere but thanks for the people helping out I’ll let her know where she can find it

      I wonder if it’ll happen in Australia because we sell an Australian version of this here as well

  2. BT says:

    Trust Me!
    The magazine is worth every penny and all the effort to find it., just for the COVER (BTW, I found it in Walgreens.)
    And might I add — Alex, you are my role model. Stay away from the SPAM!
    Dana’s #1 Fan

  3. He looks great. I recall him saying in InStyle he didn’t feel comfortable with his look due to lack of muscle and not being able to work out as much due to filming 16 hour days.

    He looks great it looks like he spent the break working out. It looks like we’ll see Alex doing a lot more stunts than he used to do in Season 1 and more athletic than he was. Perfect look for his character as a Navy Seal Cop on the show

  4. Merry Blue says:

    I just happened to notice that Chapters in Canada has this magazine issue on the shelves, as I was passing by to the travel mag section (looking for mags on Hawaii, of course). Naturally, if I was going to buy this mag, it would be for the recipe section…..

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