Busy shooting day for the Five-0 crew

Filming yesterday happened in multiple areas in Honolulu, including the Wailana Coffee House and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Check out the Facebook page for fan submitted photos from yesterday’s filming, and also of Scott Caan in action!


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5 Responses to Busy shooting day for the Five-0 crew

  1. lainiek66 says:

    just saw the Scott Caan pics and I was very happy :). equal opportunity bts pics. he looks great. very happy. thanks.

  2. lainiek66 says:

    ps- you notice my usual witty and insightful comments on the show go the wayside with the pretty pretty pictures? 😉

  3. Vickyt says:

    Hi there, does anyone know of any filminglocations today for Hawaii 50?
    It’s our last day today in HNL.
    Thanks Vicky

  4. Jenn99 says:

    I am in Honolulu till tuesday late afternoon! The only thing I really want to see is the guys from five-o. I have seen a lot but that is really what I want to see b4 I go! I love the show. I have seen everyone and still dvr the re-running! I am staying in Ewa Beach! Thanks for all you help!

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