Twitter news from the McGarrett family

From Papa McGarrett (William Sadler) on Twitter:

@wm_sadler on twitter, crusing the freeway and enjoying rainbows.

@wm_sadler on twitter, crusing the freeway and enjoying rainbows. Photo: @wm_sadler

From Mary Ann (Taryn Manning) on Twitter:

Taryn Manning on Chelsea Lately's show July 28th.

So it will be cool to eventually see Taryn as little sister Mary Ann back in action, helping Steve unravel the mystery of the McGarrett family, but the interesting thing is what the writers are up to with John McGarrett’s (William Sadler) story? Will we see a memory montage, or we will actually see a lot more of John Mcgarrett investigating the murder of his wife in flashbacks to the past…?


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5 Responses to Twitter news from the McGarrett family

  1. Val says:

    Officer 808 – I would imagine that there would be tons of interesting stories to tell and it sure would be great if we could have a flash back scene about John McGarett’s original investigation. It was never clear to us what he knew about Mom McGarrett’s death and also whether he knew anything about Wofat and the Governor’s peculiar ties to the jakuza’s – I bet that he came very close to uncovering what the Governor was up to which cost him his life and I think Steve was very close to the truth when he confronted her. I can’t wait to see season 2!!!

    Mahalo officer 808 for making H50 so much more fun for me. This show is sooo amazing enough as it is and your undercover work just makes it even more fun and exciting. Can’t wait to have MaryAnn back on the island. Hope she’s home soon!! Thanks for sharing all the awesome news.

  2. Kelly says:

    I am beside myself at the thought that Bill Sadler will be back!!!!! I have met him, I adore him, he is a wonderful wonderful man AND actor!!! YAayyyyyyy!!! Will be happy to see Maryann back as well. Nice to see the family ties for McG. =)

  3. Sharonann says:

    Who in the hell is John McGarrett???? In the original Hawaii Five-o, it’s Stephen McGarrett. I thought that on the New Hawaii Five-o, the young Steve McGarrett was investigating his father’s death. Well, is his father supposed to be the late Steve McGarrett or John McGarrett? Also, what was the name of the original McGarrett’s wife supposed to be? After all, when McGarrett captured Wo-Fat in the last episode of the original, he didn’t have a wife, period. He had quite a few girlfriends and near misses as wives, but no wife.

    • officer808 says:

      The new show is a reboot of the old show, and not a total copy… Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) has no relation to Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) of the original series. The producers mentioned early on that “John” was a tribute to Jack Lord, the original Steve McGarrett. I’m not too familiar with the old show, so I don’t know if Jack lord’s McGarrett had a wife. I don’t think John Mcgarrett’s (played by William Sadler) wife’s name was ever mentioned.

  4. Sharonann says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was and will remain one of the strongest fans of the original Hawaii Five-0 and Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett. No, Steve McGarrett was NOT married ever and like he used to say to those women who did become close to him, “I’m married to my job”. Keep up the good research and again thanks for the clear up over “John McGarrett”.

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