BTS on facebook: Steve learns fashion sense from Danny

Awesome photos on facebook from Tina Lau, who caught some filming on Thursday in Waimanalo.  A few weeks ago, we see Steve in jeans.  Now, Steve is looking sharp and sporting a dress shirt and dress slacks.  They need to complete the Jersey look with a huge gold medallion.

Alex and Scott in Waimanalo

Alex and Scott in Waimanalo, photo: Tina Lau.


Update:  Alex photos added on facebook.


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19 Responses to BTS on facebook: Steve learns fashion sense from Danny

  1. pinkie says:

    I am missing McG’s cargos!!! – I realize it’s good to mix it up a bit, now and then but I get the feeling we are looking at a scene right out of CSI Miami. *arghh* Give McG back his cargos! He rocks those pocketed pants! (Where else is going to keep his duct tape?) Besides… thigh holsters just don’t go with gray flannel slacks! I’m betting Danny is feeling the same way.

    • I agree 100% pinkie, cargo’s must come back & dress pants gotta go. Don’t think u should mess with a good thing by redressing everyone. It would change the casualness of the show & I agree again, more like CSI Miami or sometimes Criminal Minds.McG is McG not the feds. Pretty soon they will have him driving a black SUV

    • I agree with the pinkie: Give McG back his cargos! I am missing McG’s cargos!!!

  2. Rebel says:

    I love the new look! So much better than those God awful ulgy looking cargo pants!!!

  3. jollilou says:

    May be the “new girlfriend” has something to do with it 😉 !

  4. Aargh! Danny lost the ties and Steve gained some kind of polyester mens wear? What the heck is going on there?

  5. Donna says:

    Don’t think I’ve seen Danno rock the tie once in all the BTS pics we’ve seen so far…

  6. Lainie says:

    Hey….us Jersey peeps take offense at the the medallion comment…… 😦
    Trust that Jersey Shore cast is indeed NOT FROM NJ.
    We are very tasteful, classy people …reality tv is far from it.
    (pouting in corner now while looking at pictures of Danno) – ps -did you see the link I sent you with additional pics of Scott?

  7. Yeah I’m missing the cargo pants too. Due to Nathan Fillion with Firefly us fans used to call him Captain tight pants because he wore tight pants all the time that were 2 times smaller than him. I call Alex Commander Tight Pants because he’s cargos were tight as well.

    I don’t know I do like the new look but I don’t know how the female fans are going to react about it all because some are saying the new girl will be the cause of Steve’s new look.

    I would say it looks like Steve has been in Danno’s wardrobe.

  8. elanthra says:

    I think the suit is only temporary? Perhaps he had just been to court? And had been called away without being given a chance to change? I mean, he can’t hardly go formal now after all the ribbing he’s given Danno! I expect there’s a line in there somewhere from Danno: ‘you own a suit?’

    And latest BTS shots show Steve back to jeans. Though yes, I prefer the cargos too. They gave Steve some individualism. But he looks good in anything!

  9. Meg Vondrash says:

    I believe Steve needs to go shirtless more, but he does look good in the danno look. Steve would look good in anything;0

  10. Hawaii5e0girl says:

    I too think that he just got out of court and that’s why he’s in dress pants and shirt. Steve looks hotter in his tee and cargo pant

  11. Lisa says:

    I too miss the cargo pants, but htis new look may be the new bosses rules. Dress Code?

  12. Linda Stein says:

    It’s so funny to me that people on all 5-0 blogs and boards are so worried about Steve’s wardrobe. I agree, I want the cargo pants back too, but a handful of pictures of him in jeans and dress pants has everyone in a tizzy. Everyone is sooooooo bored and crazy waiting for the new season they are obsessing over his pants. I just find that so funny.

    There is NO WAY IN HELL Steve is going to spend one iota of a second longer in dress pants than he has to. First off, that’s Danny’s look and the writers aren’t going to have them look the same. 2nd, within character, Steve has been teasing Danny for a year now about his “this is how a detective dresses in Jersey” wardrobe and he is NOT going to dress the same. And lastly, they are not practical for Steve and all the physical stuff he does.

    As to the jeans…they may or may not stay or they may simply be an alternative to the cargo pants from time to time. Honestly, as much as I love the cargo pants I am NOT going to complain if Alex is walking away from the camera in tight jeans from time to time! Besides my obvious delight at seeing Alex’s bum in tight jeans there is also the practicality that a man usually has more than one type of pants in his closet. Having Steve in cargo pants constantly isn’t very realistic. In real life he’d change around once in a while!

    So Steve is not in a new fashion trend, IMHO, he is just mirroring reality. You are called to a formal meeting, you wear dress pants and a nice jacket. You go horseback riding, you wear jeans. You need to carry every weapon and gadget a SEAL might need, you wear cargo pants. Makes sense to me which means it’s probably all WRONG! LOL

  13. Bert Hayling says:

    We’ve really only seen his wardrobe for scenes from two episodes, too, and that’s consisted of a prison jumpsuit; the jeans, slippahs and mustardy short-sleeve buttondown from the Jul 11th cargument they shot after the blessing; his usual dark tee, green cargos, and desert boots at Kamekona’s; his horseriding (and perp-chasing) getup of jeans, black high-tops, and blue long-sleeve buttondown; his “gone to meetin'” garb of slate blue suit, light blue buttondown and black shoes. Really not enough data to make any long-term wardrobe assumptions on.

    Thinking back on Season 1, we’ve seen Steve in his dress uniform; in variations on the cargos – tee – L/S buttondown – desert boots ‘uniform’; in a dark suit twice, once with tie and once without; in jeans and a white buttondown at Danny’s Christmas party; in jeans and a ‘wifebeater’ while repairing his house; in board-shorts and rashguard; in running gear; in sleep attire.

    I mean, in essence we’re looking at the wardrobe equivalent of “Pilot” and “Ohana” and trying to make assumptions about the broader wardrobe canvas, and it’s really too early to tell. Plus, as Linda pointed out, Steve’s work ‘uniform’ of tee, cargos, desert boots and overshirt is not only immensely practical for him given his occupation and level of activity, it’s also the civvy equivalent of what he’s worn for much of his adult life, so it’s very much a comfort zone thing as well. I’ll be really surprised if we’re not back to that ‘uniform’ for everyday shenanigans before too much longer.

  14. jollilou says:

    Enough with all of the wardrobe fuss. I just want better writing and better storylines in Season 2. I’m hoping these new characters they are introducing really add more depth to the show, but not take away from the main cast.

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