Mike Gordon interviews Kelly Hu and local Five-0 cast; other casting news

From Mike Gordon, Honolulu Star Advertiser Reporter:

Casting director Rachel Sutton used 18 people in the first two episodes and plans to use seven more when episode three starts this week. She’s even put 800 people in the background.

Dennis Chun, Taylor Wily and Teilor Grubbs all had featured recurring roles in the first season and were brought back for similar gigs this season: Chun as Sgt. Duke Lukela, Wily as shave ice entrepreneur Kamekona and Grubbs as Grace Williams, the young daughter of Detective Danny “Danno” Williams.

Melissa Puana-Martin and Kelly Mumme are two of the new faces who hope to make an impression.

Puana-Martin was cast in a recurring role as the governor’s assistant in episode two, but technically she’s already done the part. That was her role in an episode last January that focused on the kidnapping of a tsunami expert — the same episode that aired after the NFL’s AFC championship game and drew 19.3 million viewers.

“It is getting me exposure, which always leads to something more,” she said. “Work begets work.”

Puana-Martin started taking acting classes about four years ago with Honolulu acting coach Scott Rogers. She had recently graduated from Leeward Community College and was working “a manini job.” So far, she’s done mostly short films.

“I have been training quite a lot,” said Puana-Martin, a Waipahu resident who also does carpentry in her father’s construction company. “It’s very important. I think it is like anything. If you want to be good at something, you need to train.”

MUMME ALSO worked on episode two, which was her first experience with “Five-0.”

Her path to acting took many turns. The Florida native moved to Hawaii a few years ago to teach eighth-grade English but after two years she took a job as a traffic reporter on “Hawaii News Now.” And last year, acting on her lifelong passion for acting, she started taking classes from Rogers.

Read the rest at the Honolulu Star Advertiser.


Mike interviews Kelly Hu:

The character played by the Honolulu-born actress met an untimely end last May. As Laura Hills, assistant to the governor, Hu was blown to smithereens early in the episode. The evil Wo Fat, who’s played by Hawaii’s Mark Dacascos, had swapped her steering wheel airbag with a claymore mine connected to the ignition.

“It was so sad,” Hu told me the other day. “I would love to have done more on that show.”

Hu was in three episodes of “Five-0.”

“I didn’t know how I was going to die until I got the script,” she said. “It was a surprise to me. They approached me by saying, ‘We just want to bring you back because we want to tie up some loose ends with your character.’ I said OK and the next thing you know, I am getting blown up. But that’s the breaks.”

Read the rest at Honolulu Pulse.


Ew.com reports that Oscar winning actress Patty Duke will guest star in an upcoming Hawaii Five-0 season 2 episode.

Duke will play an Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother of a murder victim. When the Five-0 team go to deliver the notification, they learn her condition has her believing that her adult son is actually still a child. For a while, the team shields her from the news, but ultimately she must confront her devastating loss.


Terry O’Quinn has reportedly been signed to a six episode arc for season 2 (I can’t find the source).


William Baldwin has been tapped to be a guest star as well (TVguide.com).

Baldwin, whose character hasn’t been named yet, will play a former homicide detective who was kicked off the force for corruption. Since then, he’s organized a crime wave with a team of fellow dirty cops.

As we previously reported, the character is a sleazy manipulator who may set his sights on Kono (Grace Park). But Baldwin will also butt heads with his ex-partner, played by guest star Tom Sizemore. Now as head of Internal Affairs, Sizemore’s character will stop at nothing to put his former partner behind bars.


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