Peter Fonda to guest star on Hawaii Five-0

From William Keck,

Hawaii Five-0 is getting a visit from an Easy Rider. Peter Fonda, star of the 1969 counterculture classic, will appear on the CBS procedural this October as a salty treasure-hunting sea captain.

But he’s quite the unsavory character. Turns out he preys on suckers and bilks them out of millions. His reputation won’t help him when he’s suspected of murder.

Peter, 71, rarely visits the small screen, with recent appearances limited to guest spots on ER and CSI:NY.


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4 Responses to Peter Fonda to guest star on Hawaii Five-0

  1. zeva says:

    Wow. Peter Fonda, Patty Duke, Wm. Baldwin, Tom Sizemore, whatta cast. Tell me though, are Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park, and Daniel Dae Kim still on the show? Maybe as recurring characters? Just asking……..; p

  2. Deanna says:

    Hi, Thanks for all the info, I enjoy hearing the latest news. I can’t wait for HFO to start. Sincerely D.

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