Chin Ho storyline update [minor spoilery] reports:

Reiko Aylesworth will return early in the season as Malia, Chin’s ex. I hear the pair might be considering a reconciliation, but Malia’s bad blood with Kono will definitely be an obstacle.

I was discussing this with @lankyguy and @NurseBrak today on twitter… We all agreed that Kono is deservedly upset for Chin keeping her in the dark about their Uncle’s problems.  But her perception of Malia is probably unwarranted since Chin allowed everyone to think that Malia left *him*.  In any case, season 2 should develop Kono and Chin’s story lines significantly.


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4 Responses to Chin Ho storyline update [minor spoilery]

  1. Thanks for this spoiler! I’m looking forward to it in season 2 of H50.

  2. MyMcG says:

    Interesting… In the tsunami episode, they alluded to Chin and Malia being back in touch after they ran into each other at the hospital, so I’m sure it was more than just me curious about where the writers were going to take that.

    Then, in the S1 finale, the writers teased us with flirty hints that Laura Hills could be a love interest for Chin Ho. I didn’t dislike that idea either… for a few minutes until they blew her up into tiny little pieces. Wish they hadn’t done that; I love Kelly Hu! I was just starting to chew on that idea, and starting to wonder, but what happened to Malia? And then ka-boom!

  3. Vivienne says:

    Yes, Kono has no reason to be angry at Malia, but when she finds out that it was Chin who ended the relationship and lied to her, she is going to be as mad as hell!! Look out Chin.

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